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Friends of Huerfano County
Why do genealogy?

Representative Women of Colorado
The Many Lives of Red St. Vrain Bransford Contributed by Priscilla Shannon Gutierrez
Farr, Edward J. Contributed by Jean Griesan
Pollock, Irving J. Contributed by Jean Griesan
Wilson, John Andrew Jackson Contributed by Ted Lopez

Huerfano County St. Mary's Baptisms (Partial)
Huerfano County Additional Baptisms (Partial)
Huerfano County Lamme Hospital Birth Records
Huerfano County Births

Huerfano County Cemeteries
St. Mary's Cemetery Clean-up

1861 Territorial Election Returns for Huerfano County
Huerfano County Partial Census
1870 Huerfano County Mortality Schedule
1870 Huerfano County Census Index
1880 Huerfano County Census Images
1880 Huerfano County Census Index A - Bus , Bust - Dod , Dono - Gon , Gonz - Mad , Mader - McA
McCaw - Pat , Pat - San , Sant - Val , Vali - Zim
1880 Huerfano County Census Transcription
1880 Huerfano County Mortality Schedule
1885 Huerfano County Mortality Schedule
1910 Huerfano County Census, Head of Household Index
1920 Huerfano County Census Transcription of Oakview by Shalane-Sheley Cruz
US GenWeb Census Project

Bethel Baptist Church

Colorado Fuel & Iron Mines
Huerfano County Miners
Coal Mines by Nancy Christopherson
Mine Management
1913 Killings
1913 Strike
La Veta Massacre
The Ludlow Tragedy by Nancy Christopherson
Coal Mines Death Toll
Bowen Mine Explosion
Cokedale Mine Explosion
Delagua Mine Explosion
Hastings Mine Explosions
Primero Mine
Sopris Mine Explosion
Southwestern Mine Explosion
Starkville Mine Disaster
Tercio Mine Explosion


Conejos County, Colorado
Custer County, Colorado
Huerfano County, Colorado
Las Animas County, Colorado
Pueblo County, Colorado
Taos County, New Mexico

Tri-County Obituaries
Huerfano County Obituary Card Index
Huerfano County Memorial Cards
Huerfano County Death Certificates
Huerfano County Burial Permits 1942
Huerfano County Burial Permits 1943
Huerfano County Burial Permits 1944
Huerfano County Vitals
Diseases and Illness

Huerfano County Conservation Corps
Huerfano County Post Offices and Postmasters
1917 Officers of Huerfano County

Huerfano County Family Group Sheets

Ory T. Davis Debra Davis Trautmann
The Family Tree of Nancy Godfrey-Kozoriz with Huerfano County Roots
Alicia Olivas and Allied Families by Jennifer V. Smith
Maurilio Martinez and Allied Families by Jennifer V. Smith
Juan Matias Sanchez and Allied Families by Dara Jones. Juan Matias' oldest son Tomas homesteaded in Huerfano Co. but returned to California and gave his homestead to his cousin Pablo Sanchez.
Descendants of Hiram Campbell Baker Contributed by the Skavlan Family
The Cruz and Galvan Families Contributed by Shalane Sheley-Cruz
The Romero Family Contributed by Rebecca Herzig
Janet's Web Pages Including research on: Ahrendt, Bergosh, Brgoc, Brgoch, Davis, Disert, Duzenack, Freed, Gelwicks, McFerren, Newton, Oberkirsh, Overcash, Prevosinack, Selan & Sheehan by Janet Wasson
The John Shank Story Contributed by Jim Unti
Samuel Fielden Contributed by Debbie Kearns

Huerfano County Social Events
The Dante Alighieri Society
Huerfano County Elks Records This is a very large file, please give it time to load.
Huerfano County Gen-Con 2001

Colorado Time Line
Conquistadores by Ida Foraci
Mt. Mestas
St. Mary's Church
Unfug Hardware Store
The La Veta Train Depot
Georgia Colony History Page
Georgia Colony, Letter of James A. Erwin, M.D.
Report of Lt. G.L. Shoup concerning the capture of the Greene Russell party.
Huerfano County Historic Buildings
Hispanic Heritage in Huerfano County by Nasario Garcia
History of Huerfano County by Nancy Christopherson
More History of Huerfano County
History of Huerfano County by Blanche Unfug
Looking Back To 1889
Wonderful Walsenburg
Huerfano Familial Ties to State by Nancy Christopherson
Honor Pioneers of Huerfano County by Nancy Christopherson
Mosca Pass by Tom Macedo
Huerfano County Mountain Passes
La Veta Celebrated 125 Years
Walsen Dishes Donated
Huerfano Hospitals
Aguilar Centennial
I Remember
The First National Bank by Nancy Christopherson
Immigrants in Huerfano County by Joseph Velikonja
Bleakness on The Land
Bootlegging Days
Grandma and the Ute Indians
The Undeveloped West Contributed by Ted Lopez
The 20th Century by Nancy Christopherson
The Black Diamond Jubilee by Nancy Christopherson

1873 Tax List
Huerfano County Book 1 Index
Huerfano County Book 2 Index
Letter pertaining to the Francisco Land Claim
Fort Stevens Orders
Huerfano County Inheritance Tax Records 1910 - 1946
Loss of Historical Records
Huerfano County Naturalizations
Huerfano County Land Patents
Huerfano County Poor Records
Colorado State Penitentiary Records

Colorado 1860 Map
Colorado 1862 Map
Colorado 1866 Map
Colorado 1872 map
Huerfano County 1885 Map
Huerfano County 1887 Map
Huerfano County 1889 Railroad Map
Huerfano County 1895 Map
Huerfano County 1899 Map
Huerfano County 1920 Map
Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, 1895 Also
Huerfano County Marriages
Huerfano County Divorces
Other Marriages

Huerfano County GAR
1918 Huerfano County Draft Registration Index
Huerfano County Veterans
The Lovdjieff Collection
Colorado Volunteers in the Spanish War
Tri-County Korean War Deaths
1871 Surgeon General's Report
Report of Lieutenant George L. Shoup

Mining Museum
Francisco Fort Museum

Huerfano County News of the Day

Huerfano County Oral Histories and Profiles
Reminiscing with Jack

Walsenburg, Main Street, 1891
Huerfano County Orphan Photos Page
Huerfano County Photos
Huerfano County Family Photos
Huerfano County More Photos


Huerfano High's Coronation of 1940
School Districts and School Enrollments
Huerfano County High School
1912 Huerfano County High School Yearbook
La Veta Schools
St. Mary's Schools
Alamo School
Alexander - Sager School
Bear Creek School
Chama School
Clover School
Cucharas School
Gardner High School
Hill School
Malachite School
Pictou School
Redwing School
Rouse School
St. George School


Huerfano County Towns and Villages
Cordova Pass

Researching in Huerfano County
Photo Restoration
Huerfano County Surnames
Huerfano County Directory

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