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St. Mary's School - This penny postcard says "Memoral School, Welsenberg, Colorado. Notice the spelling. There is no date of the card.

St. Mary's High School
Unknown year,
Omer Ohrel

1926 St. Mary's
Graduation invitation for the Class of 1926.
The Senior Class of St. Mary's School requests the honor of your presence at its Commencement Exercises Friday, May twenty-eighth Nineteen hundred twenty-six at eight o'clock Star Theatre Walsenburg, Colorado.

Commencement program, Class of 1926. St. Mary's High School, Friday Evening, May 28, 1926 At 8:00 Star Theatre.
1. Music…High School Orchestra;
2. Song, "Leafy June Is Here in Beauty"…Graduating Class;
3. Music…Hig School Orchestra;
4. Salutatory…John R. O'Hagan;
5. Music…High School Orchestra;
6. Valedictory…Santos J. Sanchez;
7. Music…High School Orchestra;
8. Commencement Address…Rev. Hugh L. McMenamin;
9. Presentation of Diploms…Rev. J.B. Liciotti;
10. Music…High School Orchestra;
Ida Bustos
Anna Marie Zgut
John R. O'Neill
Josephine Martinez
Fredeline Trujillo
Harold R. Zinko
Elena M. Cisneros
Robert Valdez
Dionysius J. Guerrero
John R. O'Hagan
Frank Emilio
Helen Jean Pauloski
Joseph Richard Ariano
Horace Abedon Lucero
Freda Claire Daher
Mary Ignatia Medina
Joseph Salas
Santos Joseph Sanchez
Edith Mary Marchiori
David T. Valdez
Ernest J. Lenzini
Anthony M. Martinez
Class motto…Honor Lies at Labor's Gate
Class Flower…Lily of the Valley
Class Colors…Green and white
Printed by Independent Publishing Co., Walsenburg, Colorado.

1927 St. Mary's
School Program dated 12-22-1927. Saint Mary's School, 8pm.
1. Home Town Band…March…St. Mary's Band;
2. Song…Up On The House Top…Primary grades;
3. Christmas Pudding…16 boys;
4. Song…Sol de Belen…Girls of Junior High;
5. Operetta…The Witch of Dairy Dell;
Marguerite, Daughter of Countess…Josephine Dalpiaz;
Countess…Margaret O'Rourke;
Attendants…Victoria Atencio, Ernestina Guerrero;
Nanette, Foster Mother of Marguerite…Ida Price;
Witch…Susie Medina;
Fairy Queen…Helen Turner;
Village Maidens & Flower Girls…High School Girls;
At the Piano…Dorothy Krier; (Music between scenes)
6. Santa Claus at The Bar of Justice.
Santa Claus…James Smith;
Fussbudget…Nicholas Kalmes;
Judge…George Turner;
Eloquentor Attorney…James Harrison;
Prevaricator Attorney…James Mosco;
John Jenkins, Witness…Victor Fini;
Pat Mulvahey, Witness…Alfred Milton;
Jury…12 High School boys;
7. Song…Glory To God…High School;
8. Battle of Life…March…St. Mary's Band.

Commencement program for class of 1927. Saint Mary's High School, Friday evening May 29 at 8:00, St. Mary's Audotorium.
Program: Music…High School Orchestra;
Song, "One Fleeting Hour"…Graduating Class;
"A Literary Coronol"
Modern Progress…Mary Joseph;
True Advancement…Robert Callahan;
Literature…Anna Mosco;
Poetry of the Past…John Kirkpatrick;
Music of the Lyre…Georgina McNally; Della Daher, Rose Marchiori;
The Epic and the Drama…Nickolas Sudar, William Bressan;
Forgotten Names…Alice Klikus;
Historical Writers…Charles Krier;
Scientific Writers…Thomas Barrett;
The Power of Oratory…Lilia Velasquez;
American Writers…Otto Zinko, Adolph Patrone;
Women's Pen…Mary Jansa;
Aesthetic Writers…Julian Bustos;
Philosophical Writers…Hurbert Lewis, John Espinoza;
Religious Writers…Stella Atencio, Margaret Furphy;
Music…High School Orchestra;
Valedictory…John Kirkpatrick;
Song, "Kind Words"…Graduating Class;
Commencement Address…Very Rev. Francis X. McCabe;
Presentation of Diplomas…Very Rev. John B. Liciotti;
Music…High School Orchestra;
At the Piano…Miss Helen O'Rourke;
Class Roll…Stella Atencio
William Bressan
Robert Callahan
John Espinoza
Mary Jansa
Alice klikus
John Kirkpatrick
Hurbert Lewis
Anna Mosco
Nicholas Sudar
Thomas Barrett
Julian Bustos
Della Daher
Margaret Furphy
Mary Joseph
Adolph Patrone
Charles Krier
Rose Marchiori
Georgina McNally
Lilia Velasquez
Otto Zinko
Class Motto..Ad Summum Nitimur
Class Flower..The American Beauty
Class Colors..Delf Blue and Gold

1928 St. Mary'sAnnouncement of the play "Mother Mine" at St. Mary's High School, 4-24-1928.
Presented by the students of St. Mary's High school.
Esperanza Guerrero
Ida Price
Margaret O'Rourke
Susie Medina
Elizabeth McKenna
Josie Gould
James Pacheco
Philip Mauro
George Turner
Nickolas Kalmes
Alfred Cruz
Thomas Hobeika
Reception to his Excellancy The Most Rev. Peter Fumasoni-Biondi, Apostolic Delegate.

1941 St. Mary's (slide bar to the right to see all the photos)

1941 Class Photo

Rev. J.B. Liciotti
List of Graduates:
Helen Wilson
William Oswerk
George Habig
Lillian Swagel
Barbara Bellotti
Fred Maes
Pete Fini
Emma Cornelli
? Vigil
Frank Wilkens
Helen Macias
Orlando Vallejos
Lillian Lenich
Max Garcia
Ambrose Garcia
Mercy Martinez
Alfonso Chavez
Eva Martinez
Anthony Cordova
William Lessar
Josephine Felice
Dorothy Lenzeni
Geraldine Amedie
Alice Hobeika
Nadine Sanchez
Cyril Vigil
Stella Espinoza
Margarete Hobeika
Tom Komoraski
Christine Yourick
Manuel Wilkens
Oris Valdez
Ray E. Martinez
Dan Coco
Mary Meneghini
Bob Krier
Ann Salazar
Bill Zanon
Elsie Lenzeni
Mario Batuello

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