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Boarding house somewhere in the vicinity of Walsenburg, My Aunt Leoda Simpson Smith (born 9 April 1909) loaned me this photo to scan. Her mother, Laura Trembath Simpson, ran this boarding house somewhere in the vicinity of Walsenburg, although Aunt Leoda couldn't tell me exactly where. Aunt Leoda worked there as a child. The miners would leave their lunch buckets on the porch when they came back from work at night, and Aunt Leoda would gather them up and wash them, then help her mother fill them with the lunches the next day. If anybody sees this picture and can help locate the boarding house more precisely, I'd sure appreciate it. What I'm hoping, of course, is that someone related to the Simpsons or the Trembaths will get in touch with me. (Bobbalee and Ed Hughes)

John and Laura Simpson (Bobbalee and Ed Hughes)

John and Leoda Simpson (Bobbalee and Ed Hughes)

Eusebio Sandoval (Norma Eisenman)

Emmitt G. Miller 1841-1925 (Donna Ross)

Emmit Miller & Family (Donna Ross)

Agnes, Abraham & Benjamin Miller(Donna Ross)

1917-1919 Four Generations (Betty Anderson)

1909 Hill Family Home (Betty Anderson)

Robinson's Mine August 23, 1889 (Betty Anderson)

St. Charles Hotel (Karen Mitchell)

May Sophia Doss (Donna Ross)

May Sophia Doss Miller (Donna Ross)

May Sophia Doss Miller (Donna Ross)

Commissioner Benjamin J. Doss (Donna Ross)

Claude Cordova (Cheryl Cordova Brennan)

Certificate of Honor (Cheryl Cordova Brennan)

James Hill Family (Betty Anderson)

Hill Home (Betty Anderson)

James Hill Family Home (Betty Anderson)

Henry Snedden Homestead (Betty Anderson)

Henry Snedden (Betty Anderson)

Jessie Reid Snedden (Betty Anderson)

Elizabeth Hill Snedden (Betty Anderson)

Mary Hellen Hill (Betty Anderson)

Friend of Mary Hill (Betty Anderson)

Asa Arnold and family (Betty Anderson)

Wagon train of Asa Arnold (Betty Anderson)

Emmit G. Miller (Donna Ross)

May Sophia (Doss) Miller (Donna Ross)

Emmit G. Miller (Donna Ross)

Cordova Home (Cheryl Cordova Brennan)

Grandma Toni (Cheryl Cordova Brennan)

Mr.& Mrs Jose Manuel Cordova (Cheryl Cordova Brennan)

Jose, Maria & Celina Benavidez (Cheryl Cordova Brennan)

Mr & Mrs Claude Cordova (Cheryl Cordova Brennan)

Lincoln Miller/ Rose Landis (Donna Ross)

Old Miller Home (Donna Ross)

Miller Property (Donna Ross)

Miller Family Cemetery (Donna Ross)

Celina Benavidez (Cheryl Cordova Brennan)

1910 Huerfano County High School Graduation Class (Betty Anderson)

Patterson Bell Family with children (Zale Bell Nagler)

Patterson Family Photo (Zale Bell Nagler)

Claude Cordova (Cheryl Cordova Brennan)

Ramon Sanchez (Kristina Quintana)

Maria Francesca Pacheco (Kristina Quintana)

The generations photo (Kristina Quintana)

Pacheco wedding photo (Kristina Quintana)

Desis - Romaro (Rebecca Herzig)

Cordova - Romaro (Rebecca Herzig)

Patterson Family abt. 1898 (Zale Bell Nagler)

Wilhelmina Hundhausen (Cecilia S. Weber)

Juanita Gallegos (Cecelia S. Weber)

Captain Deus (Cecelia S. Weber)

Carl Ludwig Hundhausen (Cecelia S. Weber)

Juan Pedro Deus (Cecelia S. Weber)

AT Manzanares and Nellie Alice Deus-Manzanares (Cecelia S. Weber)

Walsenburg school children (Bev Kissell Harris)

Walsenburg Children (Bev Kissell Harris)

Old Badito Photo (Debra Gonzales Behery)

Walsenburg School Photo (Bev Kissell Harris)

La Veta Masonic Hall (Karen Mitchell)

Antonio Sotelo Pino & Maria De La Luz Medina (Theresa L. Pino)

Oakdale Coal Mine about 1910, Oakdale coal mine and tipple located at Oakview (also called Tropic), Huerfano county, Colorado; shows coal car tracks on platforms, smokestacks, a power house, sign "The Standard... scale" log buildings on hillside, and Denver & Rio Grande Railroad freight box cars. (Denver Public Library)

D & RG engines #99 & #46 on La Veta Pass (Denver Public Library)

Lizard Head Mountain (Denver Public Library)

Ravenwood Coal Camp (Denver Public Library)

Oakview store and post office (Denver Public Library)

Oakview Coal Camp (Denver Public Library)

Oakdale Coal Company Office (Denver Public Library)

Pinon Supply (Denver Public Library)

Maitland Coal Camp (Denver Public Library)

Walsenburg, CO. (Denver Public Library)

Ravenwood Coal Mine Tipple (Denver Public Library)

Lake Miriam & The Spanish Peaks (Denver Public Library)

The Spanish Peaks (Denver Public Library)

Spanish Peaks from Veta Mountain (Denver Public Library)

Spanish Peaks from Munda's (Denver Public Library)

Mount Mestas (Denver Public Library)

Spanish Peaks (Denver Public Library)

Seven Lakes and Spanish Peaks (Denver Public Library)

The Sierra Blanca (Denver Public Library)

First National Bank (Denver Public Library)

Bradford, CO. (Denver Public Library)

Farasita Cemetery, A gravestone in the cemetery at Farisita (Huerfano County), Colorado features a crucifix engraved with the raised image of Christ, atop a rectangular stone. The inscription reads: "Faris Asperdon Born Dec. 1884 (?) Died ??." Fresh flowers are at the site, which is surrounded by broken fencing and open range. (Denver Public Library)

Francisco Plaza (Denver Public Library)

View of Francisco Plaza (later the Francisco Fort Museum), formerly a fort; shows two adobe brick buildings with gabled roofs in La Veta (Huerfano County), Colorado. A house has a screened porch with a hipped roof and chimneys. (Denver Public Library)

La Veta Bank Building about 1912 (Denver Public Library)

La Veta train depot (Denver Public Library)

Francisco Plaza about 1870 (Denver Public Library)

Sager School in La Veta, 1900 (Denver Public Library)

Francisco Plaza, 1890 Shows a "U" shaped, one-story adobe brick building with a shingled and wooden slat roof, a timber fence and a dirt field in front of the building. (Denver Public Library)

Home of Captain Charles Deus, Malachite (Denver Public Library)

Oakview, CO. about 1920 (Denver Public Library)

Decker Hotel A woman, men, and children pose by the Decker Hotel, Sierra Blanco, possibly Huerfano County, Colorado; one hoists a whiskey jug, others carry lunch buckets and drinking cups; hats include a bowler and a sombrero.(Denver Public Library)

View from Russell Street, north to Capitol Hill and schoolhouse, Walsenburg, shows residences and a street lamp. (Denver Public Library)

View North on Main (Denver Public Library)

Rotary International Club (Denver Public Library)

Home of Fred Walsen (Denver Public Library)

Band in front of Sporleder Hotel (Denver Public Library)

1907 Cucharas River flood, Walsenburg, Huerfano County, Colorado. Men row a boat on Main Street; signs read: "Klein's Bakery, Confectionery" and "Owl Cigars." (Denver Public Library)

1886 flood of Cucharas (Denver Public Library)

Fred Walsen Gen. Mercantile shows men (one wears an apron) and a woman on boardwalk, windows, and a horse-drawn wagon. About 1880. (Denver Public Library)

Alex Levi, Gen. Merchandise, between 1880 and 1890, Exterior view of Alex Levy's store, Walsenburg, Huerfano County, Colorado. Men pose by storefront windows; ornate lettering reads: "A. Levy, Whole-Sale, and Retail Dealer in Dry Goods Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Carpets, Glass and Queensware, Groceries, Hay and Grain, Highest Market Price Paid For Wool, Hides, Pelts & Grain." (Denver Public Library)

1913 Elks Convention Fisheye view of Main Street in Walsenburg, Huerfano County, Colorado, shows stone commercial buildings draped in bunting and United States flags. Pedestrians, bicycles, a barber pole, and an oversized pocketwatch advertisement are on the sidewalk. Signs read: "Established Geo. Dick Abstractor Titles Real Estate Insurance Loans, Conveyancing & Notary Public" "Dentist" "No. 1086 B.P.O.E." "Geo M. Nally Bar" "J. B. Johnson Clothing" and "The First National Bank." (Denver Public Library)

1913 Elks Convention Fisheye view of Main Street in Walsenburg, Huerfano County, Colorado, shows stone commercial buildings draped in bunting and United States flags. Pedestrians, bicycles, a barber pole, and an oversized pocketwatch advertisement are on the sidewalk. Signs read: "Agnes Kalnes Wholesale & Retail Furniture Store" "The Independent The Paper with a Backbone" "Walsenburg B.P.O.E. No. 1086 Colorado" "The Spanish Peaks Merc. Co." "Wholesale Liquor Dealers" "Garage Free Rides to All Parts of City" "Leader" "Furniture New and Second Hand Goods A. S. McIntire" "Klein's Bakery" and "Monte Carlo Saloon." (Denver Public Library)

Hezron, Co. View of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company coal mining camp of Hezron in Huerfano County. Shows company houses with hipped-roofs, probably a company store, privies (outhouses), and a barn. About 1910 (Denver Public Library)

Huerfano slope packtrain Blanca Camp - Men pose on horseback and near burros on a packtrain at a camp in Huerfano County, between 1870 and 1880. Handwritten on back of print: "Blanca mining camp Head of Huerfano river by way of Gardiner & Red Wing. Supplies brought to camp on wagons. Other points of surrounding prospectors supplied by packtrain." (Denver Public Library)

Father Gabriel Ussel, pastor of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Walsenburg, from 1876 to 1909. (Denver Public Library)

Oxford Hotel (Denver Public Library)

Walsen Levy Store (Denver Public Library)

Walsenburg 1895 (Denver Public Library)

Walsenburg with Spanish Peaks (Denver Public Library)

Walsenburg, 1895 (Denver Public Library)

Main Street Walsenburg, 1879 Brick, stone, and frame commercial buildings and dwellings line Main Street in Walsenburg, Huerfano County, Colorado. Barber poles, a fire hydrant and trees edge the boardwalk; a canvas tent is in the foreground. Buggies and pedestrians are in the thoroughfare. Penciled on back of photoprint: "#12 Main Street in old Walsenburg "looking south." (Denver Public Library)

Building owned by United Mine Workers (Denver Public Library)

UMWA strikers on strike against CF&I, in Tioga , Colorado; they are 1- Mahoney, 2 - Bubba, 3 - Uyado, 4 - Matsumoto, 5 - East, and 6 - Jeff Graham. Sign on frame building reads: "Savoy." Date 1915 July 20 (Denver Public Library)

Children at Tioga Coal Camp (Denver Public Library)

UMWA strikers at Tioga (Denver Public Library)

Engine 163 (Denver Public Library)

Erinero Romero and 3 unknown men (Rebecca Herzig)

Anna Barron Graduation (Gloria Cordova)

William Baker and Nancy Gribble (Louise Adams)

The Perley Farm at Bradford, Huerfano County (Denver Public Library)

Spanish Peaks (Denver Public Library)

Cuchara Chapel (Denver Public Library)

Loaded coal car at Pryor Mine, 1910 (Denver Public Library)

Pryor Mine (Denver Public Library)

75th anniversary of St. Mary's Church,St. Mary's auditorium, during the church's 75th anniversary celebration; shows people at tables set with program cards, silverware, coffee cups, vases of flowers and taper candles. (Denver Public Library)

Donaciano Aguirre (Theresa L. Pino)

Nicolas and Candelaria Luna (Theresa L. Pino)

Nicolas and Rachel Aguirre (Theresa L. Pino)

Sacred Heart Church (Arleen Aguirre)

Chonita Cisneros-Deus and Children (Cecelia Weber)

Charles,Richard,Tony,Oscar Deus (Cecelia Weber)

Simona, Maria, Tomasita & Pablita Romero (Rebecca Herzig)

Tom Sharpe and Captain Deus (Cecelia Weber)

Lem Family (Gwen Boucher)

Deputy Sheriff and Men (Joe Lavigne)

Juanita, Joe and Samuel Devine (Joe Lavigne)

CF&I supply store (Joe Lavigne)

Colorado Supply Store 1892 (Joe Lavigne)

Colorado Supply Store (Joe Lavigne)

CF&I camp 1885 (Joe Lavigne)

A team of six mules pull coal carts out of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company Rouse Mine at Rouse (Huerfano County), Colorado. The animals are harnessed single-file and pull the carts down a narrow gauge track. A few miners are on the tracks in the distance. A corrugated tin building sits near the tracks. (Denver Public Library)

Rouse, Colo. 1907 (Joe Lavigne)

Rouse, Colo. 1907 Winter (Joe Lavigne)

Red Cross Parade, April, 1918 (Joe Lavigne)

Catholic Church (Joe Lavigne)

Russel Patterson's Garage (Joe Lavigne)

CF&I camp 1909 (Joe Lavigne)

Lester Colo. 1908 (Joe Lavigne)

Midway Colo. (Joe Lavigne)

The Pryor Mine, 1910 (Joe Lavigne)

Pryor late 1800's (Joe Lavigne)

Miners with pack mules (Karen Mitchell)

Alamo School (Karen Mitchell)

Carmel Bustos (Karen Mitchell)

Bear Creek School (Karen Mitchell)

Cameron Coal Camp store ruins (Karen Mitchell)

Cameron Coal Camp store ruins (Karen Mitchell)

Cameron Coal Camp housing ruins (Karen Mitchell)

Cameron Coal Mine (Karen Mitchell)

Chama Church Our Lady of Guadalupe (Karen Mitchell)

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church inside during renovation (Karen Mitchell)

Chama School (Karen Mitchell)

Chavez School (Karen Mitchell)

Cucharas School (Karen Mitchell)

Cucharas Store ruins (Karen Mitchell)

Deer at Oakview (Karen Mitchell)

Deer at Oakview (Karen Mitchell)

Deer at Oakview (Karen Mitchell)

Ideal Coal Camp ruins (Karen Mitchell)

Ideal Coal Camp ruins (Karen Mitchell)

Malachite School (Karen Mitchell)

West Gun turret (Karen Mitchell)

West Gun turret (Karen Mitchell)

Inscription inside the West gun turret (Karen Mitchell)

East Gun turret (Karen Mitchell)

Rouse dance hall and saloon (Karen Mitchell)

Yellowstone Church (Karen Mitchell)

Turkey Creek Church (Karen Mitchell)

Abandoned cabin in Turkey Creek (Karen Mitchell)

Redwing School (Karen Mitchell)

A man stands beside Denver and Rio Grande railroad tracks on a grade cut into a hillside on Dump Mountain, on Veta Pass (La Veta Pass) in Huerfano County, Colorado. Shows rocky slopes and trees nearby. (Denver Public Library)

Three miners pose outside a mine at either the Berwind Mine in Las Animas County or the Rugby Mine in Huerfano County, Colorado. Between 1910 and 1925. The men wear overalls and work boots. Electric mine lamps are attached to their caps and battery packs are at their waists. Each worker carries a enamelware lunch bucket (pail). Scrub and grass grows on the low slopes in the distance. (Denver Public Library)

Alex Cobsky has a beard, wears a cap and overalls, holds a rifle and poses beside two burros in La Veta, Colorado. Burros carry packs and stand beside a frame building. (Denver Public Library)

Wilhelmine Hartmann Holtz Moeller, Presumed to be Wilhelmina Hartmann who married Fred Holtz and later Charles Moeller of Muscatine, Iowa (Photographer-A P Doolittle, Front Street, Columbus Junction, Iowa) (Joyce Bryant)

Holtz Sisters, Presumed to be the two daughters of Wilhelmina & Fred Holtz of Muscatine, Iowa - Lena Lucy Holtz born 1860 & Lucy Rebecca Holtz born 1862. (Joyce Bryant)

Daughters of Wilhelmine Hartmann Holtz Moeller (Joyce Bryant)

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