Huerfano County, Colorado
Francisco Land Claim

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Spanish Peaks, Huerfano Co, Col. Terr.
March the 28th, 1874

The citizens of Huerfano Co. to the COMMISIONER OF THE General Land Office, Washington D.C.

Dear Sir, Your petitioners occupants on the derivative claim of John Francisco & Henry Dagre understand that the award made to the aforesaid Claimants of (1720) acres of Land made at the Land Office of Pueblo, is not satisfactory, and from which they demur and will attempt to obtain more land. Having through their lawyers, or Agents sent a plea to your office, asking for about twelve (12) sections more, and representing it as being unoccupied Land. Now while we don't wish to interfere so as to complicate the adjustment of these claims, not to detract one iota from the legitimate rights of the contesting party, we would respectfully represent that every quarter section of the twelve (12) sections which they wish to claim in addition to the award of (1720) acres are claimed and occupied by squatters who have been in possession of it from two (2) to eight (8) years and have made extensive and valuable improvements upon the Land. That justice may be done to all parties we invite your attention to the above fact and remonstrate against any and all attempts to misrepresent the case so as to misguide you in your judicial deliberations. We hope this memorial may be beneficial in meting the demands of justice, and assist you in making an early adjustment of these claims for which your subscribers will ever pray.
Spanish Peaks, Col Terr.
March the 28th, 1874
James A. Erwin, M.D.
H. Barnard
John McClure
John M. Brown
J.L. Ezell
J.P. Denton
J.J. McLane
Saml. Patterson
J.P. Kerby
B.F. Harris
Wm. P. Erwin
John Erwin
David Hart
Wm. Baker
C.L. Dodgin
P.N. Tiger
George Ritchen
Jo. Westmorland
T.F. Worthington
J.R. Garren
J.M. Alexander
H.M. Dempsey
Henry Steven
Amos Hayse
Anna Garren, widow
Jasper Bruce
J. England
Thomas Modill
Albert Phillips
R. Patterson
B. Patterson
John E. Earl
A.J. McClure
G.W. Sitton
William Carver
T.J. Erwin
Jesee Walker
B.F. Chastain
Thomas Erwin
E. Gribble, Esq.
J. Gribble
Jas. Berry
Smith Crumley
Wm. Prater
Shelton Prater
S. Dyer
J. Dyer
Joseph Carver
Jesse Garren
Chapel Crumly
T. Crumly
The above subscribers names were transcribed from an original of their own signatures.
Beside the above subscribers there are about (30) thirty families living on the original claim of Francisco & Dagre, whose signatures are not on this memorial.

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