Huerfano County, Colorado
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Clementine Overand Garcia born 1897 in Huerfano, Co died 1921, Soloman Garcia born 1890 in New Mexico died 1973, Older boy Juan F Garcia born 1912 in Rouse, Younger boy Jose A Garcia born 1916 Rouse, Baby ( my mother) Sarah Garcia born 1919, Contributed by Sharon Karras.

Rachel Matilda McClure Gribble, daughter of John McClure, wife of John William Gribble. The photo was taken about the time her husband died in Walsenburg, Colorado.

Left to Right: Jennie Gribble Harris, standing, Rachel McClure Gribble, Charles Harris: Photo was taken in Durango. Rachel is holding her grandchild, Charles Harris, Born 1892. The young woman is Jennie Gribble Harris, Rachel's daughter.

Kathryn B. Mason. Photographer, Bunker, Walsenburg, Colorado. On back of photo it says "For Marry Hill from Kathryn B. Mason". Contributed by Betty Anderson.

Samantha Lillie Arnold Hill Contributed by Betty Anderson. Photographer Stone & Needles, Holden Block, Pueblo, Colorado.

James Hill , circa 1890 Contributed by Betty Anderson. Photographer Stone & Needles, Holden Block, Pueblo, Colorado.

James Hill and Samantha Lillie Arnold Hill and Mary Hill, circa 1892. Photographer Elite Gallery, O.B. Benson, Traveling Photographer.

Hill - Arnold - Woodruff family photo, 1908. Contributed by Betty Anderson.

Herman and Inasita Gallegos, married April 26, 1936, Walsenburg, Colorado. Contributed by Jamie Abad.

Joseph Alexander Montoya Contributed by Judy Montoya-Vogel

Presumed to be Wilhelmina Hartmann who married Fred HOLTZ and later Charles MOELLER of Muscatine, Iowa (Photographer-A P Doolittle, Front Street, Columbus Junction, Iowa) Contributed by Joyce Bryant

Presumed to be the two daughters of Wilhelmina & Fred HOLTZ of Muscatine, Iowa - Lena Lucy HOLTZ born 1860 & Lucy Rebecca HOLTZ born 1862 (J P Phelps & Co, Muscatine, Iowa)Contributed by Joyce Bryant

Four ladies thought to be the daughters of Wilhelmina HOLTZ/MOELLER. Contributed by Joyce Bryant
Reverse side of photo reads
" Sitting near the house Maggie GRIBBLE, next to her Lydia CLARK (Canada), with spectacles Lucy MOCKMORE, with lace collar Lizzie GRIFFITH. These are four 4 cousins. Lena ROCHE is not there"
I know these to be the daughters of Wilhelmina. "Maggie" GRIBBLE is Margarete Emma MOELLER born 1867 Muscatine; Lydia CLARK is Lydia R. MOELLER born 1870 Muscatine; Lucy MOCKMORE is Lucy Rebecca HOLTZ, born 1862, Muscatine; Lizzie GRIFFITH is Elizabeth L. MOELLER born 1876, Muscatine; Lena ROCHE is Lena Lucy HOLTZ born 1860, Muscatine, died 1881.

Joe Marcellino and Rita Maria (Tafoya) Wilkins. Contributed by Frank Wilkens

Wedding photo Identified! Wynelle Turner says "Betty Jo Schmidt Cordova, was raised in Gardner. I had her look at the photo and she immediately recognized the bride and groom. They are Della Martinez and Frank Velarde. She didn't hesitate. She knows these people and is good friends with Frank's brother Tony who lives in Walsenburg and is a retired State Patrol. Frank and Della still live in the Gardner area. She didn't recognize the younger girls and boys, but they are probable brothers and sisters or best friends of the bride and groom. Johnny Vallejos has also been in this county all his life and his family for 3 generations. He agrees that the bride and groom are Della Martinez and Frank Velarde. Standing next to Frank is Tony Martinez, and next to Della is his wife, Ernestine Salazar. Ernestine is from the Salazar family that lived at the Toltec Mines. They still live in Walsenburg on Pennsylvania. The man next to Tony could be his brother, they have the same facial structure. Neither Betty or Johnny know who the other young woman is, or who the children are." This photo is available to anyone that has a family connection. To claim the photo contact Arleen Aguirre at: or the Huerfano County List.
From Karen Cordova: The two unidentified adults in the picture are: William Velarde and Pearl Velarde. They are the groom's brother and sister, and the maid of honor and best man are my other aunt and uncle, Ernestine and Tony Martinez. Della and Tony are brother and sister. The 2 children are their niece and nephew, the former Andrea Hurtado and Wayne Hurtado, children of their sister, Helen Hurtado, of Walsenburg.

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