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The Gardner High School started in 1940 in the 2 story building on the south side of the road where Dr. Knight eventually lived. The building still stands today (2008). Prior to 1940 the students were bussed to Walsenburg. When the school closed in 1945 the students were once again bussed to Walsenburg.

During and after World War II a teacher shortage existed. For a time St George's Catholic School was shut down and the nuns taught in the public school.

1944 Teachers:

Principal, J.S. McNutt

Miss Helen Foust

Bruce Schecter

Bruce was drafted into the military, and Miss Foust became ill. A substitute was hired but she also got sick, so two students taught two courses each. Mr. Knoll taught a freshman Science class and a math class that he himself was also taking. A Science teacher came out to Gardner from Walsenburg on Saturdays and taught Physics.

Only one School Annual was ever produced which was for the 1941 - 1942 academic year, which was called "Cuerno Verde". The Annual was put together by hand, with students gathering the photos. The photos were individually glued into each Annual.

Class of 1944:

Lola Johnson

Consuelo Espinoza

Stephanie Bravo

Jack Knoll (Charles J. Knoll)

La Voy Schmidt (La Voy was given a diploma but had left for the Navy before the school year ended. He lived in La Veta after military service and died in 2007)

There were 33 members of the Class of 1944 in their Sophomore year, but there were only 5 members left by their Senior year.

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