Huerfano County, Colorado
Elks Records
Listing by Karen Mitchell

The following list of names comprises an index of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Lodge 1086, in Walsenburg, Huerfano County, Colorado. I copied these records in 1988. The records start in 1907. The records contain various information, some records more than others. Most of them contain a Membership Record, and Application for Membership. The application will give the name, home address, business address, date and place of birth, whether they are Christian, where they were naturalized if foreign born, two references, place of residence for the past 5 years, some will give where the person is buried. Some records will also include a Transfer Dimit showing where the person transferred to. NOTE! Not all records contain all of the mentioned information, but most do.

The records have now been digitalized. To order copies of the record you desire, you must be able to receive a graphics file and be able to print it out. Send your request to Karen Mitchell
Records will be sent as time permits.
NOTICE! The Lodge has asked me to forewarn researchers that these records are NOT available through the Lodge. They do not have the time or staff to answer inquiries or letters. Inquiries will NOT be answered.

Please Note! As of 2011 I am no longer sending these records out. This service has been suspended until we get all of the records online. As each record comes online a link will be added to the name. Please be patient as this may take some time to complete.

Abbott, J.J.
Abe, Richard S.
Adams. Robert S.
Addington, Charles G.
Agnes, Charles H.
Agnes, Nickolas
Agnes, William
Albright, John W.
Aldretti, Louis J.
Aldridge, Charles J.
Allen, George D.
Allen, Harry
Allen, James Alonzo
Allison, Donald E.
Allison, George
Allum, Charles E.
Almquist, Charles
Amedei, Donald
Amiday, Albert B. Jr.
Amiday, Albert Sr.
Amidei, John B.
Anderson, Earle C.
Anderson, Emmett Christian
Anderson, Harold Quillian
Anderson, Marshall S.
Anderson, Michael
Andrain, L.C.
Andreatta, Antonio
Andreatta, Celeste
Andrews, Nelson W.
Andrews, Lloyd B.
Andrews, S.M.
Anson, Alvin H.
Antista, Thomas C.
Antonioni Vernon A.
Apratto, Peter
Arbuckle, F.E.
Ariano, Martin
Ariano, Robert
Arnoldi, August
Aspegren, Robley E.
Atchison, Alfred P.
Autrey J.S.
Babbitt, Floyd H.
Bailey, Neil R.
Bailey, T.C.
Bailey, Walter M.
Bain, Joe
Baione, Peter
Baird, T.D.
Bak, Robert Carl
Baker, Francis M.
Baker, Fred H.
Baker, Kenneth E.
Baker, William E.
Baldwin, B.L.
Ballew, Glenn E.
Bann, J. William
Barbari, Ernest P., Jr.
Barbari, Sam A.
Barcelona, Carmen
Barclay, Thos.
Bard, Ernest H.
Bard, H.H.
Barger, Huntley B.
Barnhart, Fred C.
Barrett, Albert R.
Bartalussi, Angelo
Bartell, Clifford E.
Bartlett, Charles F.
Bartlett, Frank
Bassi, Louis John
Bassi, Mario
Bates, Carl V.
Bates, E.B.
Baudino, Frank L.
Baudino, Gerald A.
Baudino, Robert G.
Bauer, Adam
Bauer, Henry P.
Bauer, Kenneth
Baumert, C.C.
Bayliss, Sam K.
Bayne, H.G.
Beamer, Asa H.
Beasley, Allen
Beaver, Frank
Bechaver, John G.
Becker, Elmer Dean
Bell, C.N.
Bell, Richard O.
Bell, Richard T.
Bellegante, Frence
Belletto, John C.
Bellino, Pete
Bellotti, Ernest Pete
Bellotti, Louie
Belrose, Norman
Bender, Kenneth
Benedetti, John A.
Benedetti, Joseph J.
Benefiel, George R.
Benine, Arthur R.
Benine, James L.
Bennett, Harry E.
Benson, Frederick H.
Benson, Harold U.
Benson, Wallace F.
Bergamo, Joe
Bertagnolli, Carlo
Best, H.G.
Beuchat, John F.
Bevsik, Randal G.
Biernbaum, Moses
Biggi, Harry E.
Bitters, Charles O.
Blake, John E.
Blanton, Clarence B.
Blanton, Donald
Blasť, Angelo A.
Blasi, Andrew
Blickhahn, George H.
Blickhahn, Henry
Blockter, Pete
Bocheitti, Charles J.
Bocim, Thos.M.
Bocim, Edsel George
Bocim, William T.
Boddy, Samuel T., Jr.
Bodycomb, John
Bogard, James C.
Boles, George D.
Boling, Paul
Bonham, Orval D.
Boothe, Cyrus B.
Boston, Floyd Richard
Bowen, David William
Boyd, Charles A.
Boyd, Norman J.
Boyle, Arthur Martin
Boyle, James Clarkson
Boyle, Orville Butler
Braden, Daryl E.
Bradford, Ora L.
Brady, Cornelius
Brady, James
Breen, John H.
Breen, John P.
Brennan, John
Brennan, Martin
Brennan, William
Bright, Claude W.
Britt, Patrick
Britt, R.J.
Britton, T.S.
Brown, H. Tom
Brown, James Thomas
Brown, Leonard B.
Brown, Robert E.
Brown, Roger J.
Brown, Wm. B.
Bruce, Arthur
Bruce, George
Brunelli, Charles Anthony
Brunelli, Lawrence Manuel
Brunet, Leonce
Buchanan, Robert
Bujacich, Pete
Bunk, Rudolph F.
Bunk, Rudolph J.
Burns, John H.
Burns, Patrick Leo
Burress, Howard E.
Burt, William M.
Busch, Earlin L.
Bush, E. Joe
Butler, H. Lee
Cairns, Edmund A.
Caldwell, George R.
Callender, Mathew
Cameron, D.B.
Cameron, James R.
Campbell, Alex
Campbell, Andrew
Campbell, Thomas H.
Capps, Harry J.
Cardinal, Frank D.
Cardinal, Joe
Carlile, George F.
Carlson, Henry
Carmichael, William McDonald
Carrette, Louis A.
Carson, J. Bascom
Carter, John D.
Cartlier, F.
Carver, Percy C.
Case, John D.
Case, Reese
Cash, Philip
Cavenah, Andrew H.
Chadwell, Med C.
Chambers, C. Raymond
Chambers, Charles C.
Chambers, Fred H.
Chambers, Joel L.
Chapman, Walter S.
Chitty, Ray H.
Christensen George P.
Christianson, Carl
Clark, Wm.
Cleary, John B.
Clemens, Luther E.
Coan, Edward P.
Cocetti, David T.
Cole, Earl R.
Coleman, George E.
Conder, Thomas George
Cook, Charles Robert
Copley, Oscar E.
Cormer, E.L.
Cornali, John L.
Corsentino, Brett Joseph
Corsentino, Joe C.
Cory, Leon
Costello, Charles March
Costello, Daniel B.
Costephens, Lester
Countryman, Charles
Cowing, M.E.
Cowing, Maurice Jr.
Craig, James
Cramer, George W.
Crank, Elijah T.
Crawford, Frank Garfield
Cross, Rufus Y.
Crowell, Woodard N.
Crowley, John R.
Cruse, Tony J.
Currie, Andrew
Curtis, James S.
Curtis, William P.
Cutler, Roy Vern
Dabney, Harold Thomas
Dalby, James R.
Dallafior, Louis D.
Dalley, Phil
Davidson, Robert
Davinskey, Goodman T.
Davis, Charles S.
Davis, George Edward
Davis, J. Scott
Davis, Marvin J.
Davis, John
Davis, Oscar Carl
Davis, T.B.
Davis, William J.
Dawe, S.E.
Dawson, Edward C.
DeBruno, Sam
Deighton, Jno.
DeLancey, Charles J.
Dennison, William K.
Devaney, Emmett J.
Dice, Parker C.
Dick, Andrew Charles
Dick, Edward L.
Dick, George B.
Dick, James
Dick, James A.
Dick, James B., Jr.
Dick, James B., Sr.
Dick, John R.
Dick, Orman
Dick, Wm.
Dickson, John
Diez, Albert K.
Diez, Fred A.
Diez, Joseph E.
Dissler, A.J.
Dix, Paul
Donovan, William H.
Douglass, Walter Henry
Dow, E.T.
Drysdale, George
Duffy, H.A.
Dunavon, J.H.
Dunford, Sam
Dunievitz, Alexander Henry
Dunn, Bernard M.
Dunn, John Harris
Durnell, Aubert
Dussart, Louis F.
Dyer, Ben
Easton, John E.
Eccher, Pete F.
Edmonston, George A.
Edson, William
Edwards, Walter L.
Eichorn, F.W.
Elberson, Albert R.
Elliott, Charles L.
Elliott, H.J.
Ellis, Eugene
Ellis, James H.
Eman, Chas. J.
Endress, Arthur John
Erskine, Ernest
Erwin, Paul
Espe, P.A.
Estes, Clarence J.
Estes, Clyde D.
Estes, P.L.
Fabry, William
Farr, Charles Jefferson
Farr, D.E.
Farr, J.B.
Farr, James D.
Farr, M.Y.
Farr, Thomas S.
Fellows, Andrew R.
Ferkovich, Leonard E.
Ferrick, Henry E.
Fimple, C.C.
Fini, Donald A.
Firm, James P.
Firm, Walter S.
Fisk, James H.P.
Fleming, Joe
Fleming, Robert L.
Foley, John R.
Fosdick, Floyd C.
Foster, L. Russell
Fowler, James Raymond
Fowler, William
Fox, Lewis C.
Frampton, Richard Byron
Frasher, Robert M.
Freeland, W.H.
Freeman, William J.
French, Clyde
French, H.J.
Friel, Edward
Fruth, George
Furman, Joseph P.
Furphy, Frank
Furphy, Herbert J.
Furphy, John
Furphy, Gabe
Galassini, Charles
Gardner, F.R.
Gardner, J.S.
Gardner, Plummer J.
Gardner, Thomas
Garritson, W.P.
Gaymay, Joseph E.
Geiger, George
Geiser, John V.
George, Norman
George, Richard J.
Gerres, Henry
Getchell, Joseph L.
Ghiardi, Paul
Gibbs, James R.
Gilbert, David L.
Gillespie, Henry D.
Gilmore, Richard E.
Giro, Paul F.
Gittings, J.B.
Goemmer, Charles
Goemmer, George Adolph
Goemmer, Gustavas A.
Goemmer, Julius
Goemmer, Peter John
Goodnight, T.A.
Goodrich, William E.
Gordon, Henry
Graham, Robert K.
Grant, James
Graves, H.M., Jr.
Graves, H.M., Sr.
Green, M.R.
Gregory, Arthur
Gross, Peter E.
Gross, Peter R.
Gwinn, Ralf D.
Haddow, John
Haines, Charles
Hale, Hal H.
Hale, James R.
Hall, Wm. B.
Halliday, Geo.M.
Hamilton, A.K.
Hammond, Walter W.
Hanahan, Albert
Handwright, James
Haney, A.P.
Harnish, E.Lee
Harris, John
Harris, Thos. B.
Harris, W.G.
Harrison, John Jr.
Harrison, John Sr.
Harron, John Edward
Harron, Thomas Joseph
Harron, William Charles
Harshbarger, Glenn Rudy
Hart, Claudius S.
Hart, Henry Newton
Haske, Donald A.
Hayden, Charles
Hayes, Thomas W.
Hearn, D.H.
Hearn, Lonye
Hector, Charles F.
Hendershot, Charles L.
Henderson, F.L.
Herbert, Clifford
Hicks, Frank
Hill, A.C.
Hill, Edward Ray
Hill, Josiah M.
Hill, Roy V.
Hindes, Charles Frederick
Holmes, Henry B.
Holt, Richard
Holt, Walter
Hood, R.S.
Hooper, Richard
House, Dick
Houser, Walter N.
Houston, Amos P.
Howe, I.H.
Howlett, Oliver Dewitt
Hudson, Joshua B.
Hudson, Timothy M.
Hughes, J.S.
Humble, Adam
Humiston, Henry
Hunt, W.C.
Hunter, Chas.
Hunter, Clarence B.
Hunter, Ralph T.
Hurley, J.E.
Hutchinson, Tom
Ingles, William
Ingraham, George J.
Inman, R.G.
Jacobs, Alex
James, Harry M.
Jenkins, John
Jennings, John
Jerant, Joseph A.
Jesse, Chester C.
Johnson, Arthur S.
Johnson, Charles A.
Johnson, Clyde M.
Johnson, Judson B.
Johnston, Clyde B.
Jones, Brynley
Jones, Homer H.
Jones, John E.
Jones, Milton R.
Jones, W.H.
Jones, Gwilym D.
Jones, David L. Sr.
Joseph, Michael
Joseph, Norman
Kaiser, Charles A.
Kalmes, Michael
Karst, J.F.
Kastner, Norman F.
Katttens, Jack
Katz, Marcus
Keeler, Robert W.
Keeler, Walter E.
Kelley, Robert W.
Kelley, W.D.
Kelsoy, A.K.
Kemp, W.E.
Kemper, James Edward
Kessinger, Harry Jr.
Kilker, M.J.
Killian, James J.
Kilmurray, Matthew J.
Kilpatrick, James Craig
Kimbrel, Albert T.
Kincaid, John H.
Kingberg, Walter F.
Kingery, Walter F.
Kipling, Thomas B.
Kirkpatrick, John
Kirkpatrick, L.H.
Kistler, R.C.
Klein, Fred E.
Klein, George Charles
Klein, Harrison S.
Klein, Harry William
Klein, Henry
Klein, Otto Geo.
Kohn, Danial L.
Kotzman, Joseph S.
Kountz, Howard J.
Krier, E.P.
Krier, Edward J.
Krier, Edward W.
Krier, Joseph
Krier, N. Lucian
Krier, Paul
Lahmer, Ira B.
Lake, Carl H.
Lamme, James M.
Lamme, S. Julian
Laney, Walton E.
Lankford, B.Y.
Lantzy, Wilfred A.
Laster, Raymond E.
Lawrence, Less
Lee, L.W.
Lencz, Daniel
Lenzini, A.S.
Lenzini, Arthur
Lenzini, Hugo J.
Lenzini, J.A. Jr
Lepkovitz, Max
Lesher, C.D.
Lester, P.P.
Levy, Archie
Levy, Ralph
Levy, Walter
Lewis, Charles Edward
Lewis, Edwin A.
Liddle, William
Lindquist, Andrew
Lindsey, Alva E.
Livingood, Frederick L.
Livingood, Otis Charles
Lloyd, William
Lo Presto, Frank Jr.
Locke, A.D.
Locke, Emmett
Lombardi, Ernest A.
Lorett, J. George
Lowe, David
Lucerna, George
Lumpkin, A.W.
Lynch, James
Lynch, Leonard
Mac Quarrie, John
MacDonald, Malcolm
Machetta, John
Mack, Joseph T.
Maffoni, John
Maghee, Griffith Holme
Magnone, Charles
Mallett, Gavin R.
Mann, J. George
Marchiori, Ben
Marcon, Louis
Markham, George W.
Marlar, Ben F.
Marley, Harry
Marshall, Robert A.
Marshall, William
Martinez, Manuel
Mason, Robert Arthur
Mathew, R.A.
Mathews, D.W.
Mathews, E.M.
Mathews, J.G.
Mathews, Paul G.
Mathews, Thomas Baird
Matioda, Michael
Matioda, Peter R.
Matteroli, John
Matteroli, Joseph
Mauley, Ward
Mauro, Frank S.
Maxiner, Carl T.
Maxwell, H.B.
Maxwell, Mike
Mayo, C.P.
Mazzone, C. Victor
Mazzone, Herman F.
McBean, James A.
McBean, James R.
McClain, Clent L.
McCord, Bert W.
McDermott, Frank
McDermott, George H.
McDowell, James G.
McDowell, John
McElhone, Frank P.
McEvoy, William G.
McFadden, E.A.
McGill, Ernest C.
McGowan, Edward F.
McGowan, James B.
McGowan, L.H.
McHugh, Joseph D.
McIntire, A.S.
McIntire, Fremont W.
McIntosh, Mathew
McKeoun, Patrick
McKeown, John J.
McKlem, Robert A.
McNabb, John E.
McNalley, George
McPhail, Thomas P.
McPhail, William G.
McQuade J.P.
McQuade John Sr.
McQuade, John A.
Mead, Frank
Medley, L.R.
Melonas, James G.
Meredith, Harry G.
Meredith, Paul
Meredith, William M.
Merritt, A.J.
Merritt, Edward J.
Merritt, William A.
Merwin, W.H.
Metherill, William
Meyer, Henry
Meyers, Daniel
Meyers, H.C.
Micheli, Francis
Micheli, James
Miller, David H.
Miller, Eben, Jr.
Miller, Harold C.
Miller, Irvin J.
Miller, Kenneth M.
Miller, Louis Edwards
Miller, Peter G.
Miller, Robert Finley
Miller, Wilfrid R.L.
Milstein, Henry
Moore, George Robert
Moore, Walter A.
Moore, Walter G.
Morehouse, Archie
Morris, L.H.
Morris, Richard B.
Morrison, Edward
Morrison, George Edward
Morrison, John Harvey
Morrison, Thomas J.
Mosco, Joseph Jr.
Muir, Alex
Muir, David H.
Muir, John T.
Mulkey, James Samuel
Mulkin, Ben H.
Munn, James J.
Murray, James S.
Murray, Jos. M.
Murray, Richard D.
Musgrave, E.W.
Musso, Aug.
Mustain, Hedgeman D.
Myers, Bert J.
Nallon, John P.
Nallon, Patrick J.
Neal, Ernest N.
Neeman, William Joseph
Neesham, Wm. T.
Neish, John G.
Nelson, Edwin T.
Nesbitt, E.
Newman, Alfred Kalb
Niccoli, Frank
Nickolds, George C.
Nicolas, William B.
Niebuhr, Geo. S.
Nigro, Dino A.
Nigro, John
Noonan, George M.
Nuttall, Walter
Oblander, Harry
O'Brien Sylvester F.
O'Byrne, Joseph
O'Hara W.J.
Oldham, Edward
Olsafsky, John
O'Neil, Chas. H.
O'Neil, James A.
Orahood, C.K.
O'Rourke, John J.
O'Rourke, Peter Jr.
Ortega, Ted
Osborn, Hugh I.
Ouderkirk, Darwin
Owen, Charles Payton
Owens, F.M.
Owens, Frederick Richard
Owens, Louis
Packard, Willard
Padfield, Myron W.
Palmer, Carman N.
Palmer, H.D.
Parker, Earl E.
Parks, Albert B.
Passero, D.J.
Patchen, F.W.
Patchen, W.L.
Patras, Alfred
Patterson, Joseph
Pavlick, Peter
Pazar, Albert
Peachey, Wm.
Pearl, Clancy W.
Peet, Charles H.
Peffer, Thomas D.
Perrin, Clarence Albert
Perterson, Theodore
Petrie, J.B.
Phepps, James
Phillips, James H.
Phillips, Thomas Garland
Phipps, Charles
Phipps, Geo. Jr.
Phipps, James C.
Phipps, Milson
Phipps, George Sr.
Pierson, Charles O.
Pindleton, Joseph
Pinney, J.M.
Pleasants, George E.
Pole, Alpheria
Poli, Leandre
Poli, Leon
Poli, Raphael F.
Pope, Clarence Arthur
Pospahala, Ralph
Potts, A.M.
Potts, Homer
Powell, William E.
Prator, Frank
Prator, Robert Bruce
Price, David
Price, H.A.
Price, J.E.
Price, James Carl
Price, John L.
Pridemore, C.M.
Pritchard, David O.
Pritchard, James G.
Raeder, Frank N.
Rawalt, Frank Whitman
Ray, Joseph
Read, James Lewis
Reaume, Harvey W.
Reed, Clarence Allen
Reeder, W.C.H.
Renzelman, Chris August
Reuss, Albert Jack
Reviglio, Mike F.
Reynolds, J.O.
Richards, Evan
Richardson, John R.
Richeson, Charlie F.
Rick, Charles E. Jr.
Ricketts, Joe Sr.
Riley, Robert C.
Rilinger, Harry J.
Rinker, Edgar C.
Rinker, Edward C.
Roberts, David G.
Roberts, Ralph H.
Roche, Jesse
Rodriguez, Fred
Roof, Fred O.
Rosenbaum, Harmon
Rosenberge, B.
Roush, Allen J.
Ruffini, Joseph O.
Russell, Duncan M.
Russell, Jesse C.
Russell, William B.
Ryan, William F.
Sabec, Edward
Sale, J.W.
Salen, Louis E.
Saliba, George
Sallee, Ray Wayne
Salvage, Mike
Samples, Arthur
Sanchez, Jose Secundino
Sanchez, Lucas
Sanchez, P.L.
Sandoval, Leroy
Santi, Gaston
Sarti, Gene
Saunders, Lee. B.
Scavarda, Harry Joseph
Schachet, J.E.
Schafer, Andrew Chester Jr.
Schafer, Fred W.
Schafer, William B.
Schenkeir, Leo W.
Schrodt, William P.
Schults, W.W.
Schuyler, Lee Holt
Schwab, John S.
Schwanbeck, Carl
Schweitzer, Eugene J.
Scott, Alfred Otis
Scott, Alvin R.
Scott, H.F.
Scott, Michael
Sears, Everett Lee
Sears, William
Sears, James Waller
Sedmek, John
Seward, Franklin A. III
Sharp, Walter C.
Shaw, Angus G.
Shaw, Herbert
Shaw, John
Shaw, John Jr.
Sheeley, J.J.
Shepherd, Ernest Raymond
Shoemaker, Ray
Shosky, Alex
Shosky, John
Shroads, Chas. A.
Shull, Guy R.
Sickafoose, Harry R.
Simons, William Adam
Slates, Edward
Smith, C.E.
Smith, C.H.W.
Smith, C.N.
Smith, Frank K.
Smith, O.C.
Smith, Ronald J.
Smith, Samuel B.
Smolarek, Frank
Smylie, R.S. Jr.
Snodgrass, Ralph L.
Soland, L.W.
Spector, J.E.
Sporleder, Carl S.
Sporleder, Fred C.
Sporleder, Louis B. Jr.
Sporleder, Louis B. Sr.
Stacy, Owen Leo
Stanley, Albert D.
Stanley, George L.
Starbuck, Harvey
Steele, T.P.
Stephens, R.A.
Stephenson, John Archibald
Stevens, Alfred S.
Stevens, Edward L.
Stevens, S.M.
Stewart, Chas. C.
Stewart, Jess F.
Stockdale, C.P.
Stockwell, H.M.
Stone, B.G.
Stout, A.G.
Stout, Charles E.
Stout, R.B.
Stracy, George W.
Strang, Andrew Y.
Strauss, Fred W.
Stripling, Charles Vernon
Stroman, P.A.
Sullivan, E.J.
Summers, Daniel B.
Summers, Henry C.
Sumner, Welling A.
Supansic, Valentine
Swanson, C.H.
Swanson, Frank A. Gus
Sweet, Delbert James
Sweet, Fred J.
Switzer, W.H.
Taylor, Sam Tesitor
Taylor, W.S.
Temple, Norman James
Temple, S.S.
Templeman, Robert
Tesitor, Anthony
Thomas, B.F.
Thomas, Charles A.
Thomas, James Elmer
Thomas, W.L.
Thompson, Donald
Thompson, S.M.
Thornberry, Elmer
Thorne, Joseph Taylor
Thorne, Wallace Edwin
Tiedeman, Henry F.C.
Tirey, Bruce
Todd, C.C.
Tombling, Edward James
Tombling, William Francis
Totten, Carl A.
Trembath, Hugh Raymond
Tressell, James T.
Trezise, John H.
Tronnstine, Edward L.
Turner, Adam
Turner, Dave
Turner, Elmer
Turner, James
Turner, Robert
Ulery, William
Underwood, W.H.
Unfug, Adolph A.
Unfug, August T.
Unfug, August T. Jr.
Unfug, Charles O.
Unfug, Dan
Unfug, F. William
Unfug, Fred A.H.
Unfug, Fred P.
Unfug, Frederick H.
Unger, John
Van Etten Wm. O.
VanDerslice Howard J.
Vaughn, Robert B.
Vest, Fred
Vincent, William L.
Wadhams, Ernest C.
Waggoner, Joe H.
Wagoner, Marion Roy
Wagstaff, John
Wakely, Thomas
Wallace, George W.
Wallace, J. Grant
Walls, C.J.
Walsen, Fred G.
Walsh, J.J.
Ward, Cecil
Warnen, William L.
Watson, Joe Jr.
Wayt, Paul A.
Wayt, Ralph Gordon
Wegher, Chas. S.
Weil, Harry A.
Welch, W.R.
Werden, Chas. H.
Wiener, August
Wilcox, Van
Willburn, Aaron Sidney Jr.
Willey, Abe
Williams, Clarence James
Williams, Clarence M.
Williams, Ellis
Williams, H.C.
Williams, J.M.
Williams, John H.
Williams, R.B.
Williams, Thomas Lewis
Willson, E.O.
Wilson, Harry L.
Wilson, J.H.
Wilson, Thomas M.
Wilson, William Edward
Wistover, C.N.
Wolter, Herbert
Wolverton, Wm.H.
Woodruff, William Ray
Woods, Wm.
Woodward, Frank P.
Workman, Fred C.
Wright, Harry
Wright, John J.
Wright, M.D.
Wynne, Charles
Yano, Frank
Yeager, Francis Russell
Young, Charles A.
Young, Robert Alexander Jr.
Young, Thomas S.
Young, William Scott
Yourick, George
Yourick, Joseph
Zarr, John A.
Zerbe, Stanley E.
Zgut, Eddie F.
Zgut, Joe
Zupancic, Joseph Jr.

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