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A manuscript written by CPL Crist S. Lovdjieff, Serial No. 37354220, in the closing days of WW II, "A Sketch of the Marianas" was provided to David F. Rich, Class of 1978, Secretary, West Point Society of Tallahassee, for review, preservation, and disposition.

The copy was discovered in another veteranís post-mortem effects. There are no details about how the manuscript was acquired, and no connection between this veteran and CPL Lovdjieff has been established. The purpose of passing it to Mr. Rich was for his review and, ultimately, finding a suitable archive into which it might be placed.

This is a well-written recap of the history, background, people, vegetation, and geography of the islands as well as the campaign that secured them for use as airbases. Along with factual narrative, there are frequent interesting and amusing anecdotes.

The original manuscript has been placed with the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio which has world-class preservation and display capabilities.

In the quest for disposition, beginning with a contact in September 2007, this valuable piece of World War II history was ultimately photocopied and sent to Louise Adams for transcription and inclusion in the Huerfano County Veteran's database.

To our veterans everywhere, this database is in honor of your service and dedication to keep our country free!

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