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Most of the credit for the existence of this book is due to the many men who assisted me in various ways, to the writer's of the quotations I used, and to all the men of my Air Materiel Squadron whose interest and co-operation was a constant source of encouragement. In particular I want to thank 1st Lt. NATE WEINSTEIN for permitting me to work on the book when there was no other work for me in the orderly room. To 1st Lt. RALPH E. TINKLE, to S. Sgt. Jeff M. Graham, Cpl. David Chubb, Pfc. Saul J. Kudisch, and other Quartermaster personnel for the use of their equipment and facilities for stencil-cutting. Thanks to S. Sgt. Clarence F. Wheeler and Cpl. David Goldstein for criticizing portions of the manuscript (and to Goldstein special thanks for permitting the use of the word, “yite”--meaning out--on page 91. To Cpl. Armando Santangelo I am indebted for the work of producing the book, and to Pfc. Albert Cancilla I am grateful for the contribution of the maps and the cover.


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