Huerfano County, Colorado
1918 Draft Registration Index

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In 1917 and 1918, approximately 24 million men, (98% of men present in America), born between 1873 and 1900 completed draft registration cards. During these two years, three registration days were held in each district where the registrant completed the registration card. Information found on these cards generally included, among other information, birth date, birth location, father's birthplace, and the address of next of kin. This civilian registration is often confused with induction into the military; however, only a small percentage of these men were actually called up for military service.
It should be noted that aliens were required to register but were not subject to induction into the American military. Persons already in the military did not register. Recent Italian emigrants wrote their last names first, resulting in some cards being filed under first names. Cards of Hispanics may be filed under their mother's maiden name surname if the registrant gave both parents' surnames. Also, men who resided in British territories sometimes listed themselves simply as British citizens without noting their origin in Canada, Australia, Ireland, Jamaica, etc. Illiterate men were unable to spell their names and birth location, so researchers should be quite flexible in searching for the spelling of names of illiterate men.
NameDate of birthBirthplaceRace
Abdunnur, Assad Simon 11 Sep 1885;1886Doum, Mt Lebanon, SyriaCaucasian
Abercrombie, Walter Lee 13 Jan 1897Cucharas, Co
Abeyta, Jose Eusebio 19-Apr-1900White
Abeyta, Jose Procopio 29 Mar 1899Taos, NMWhite
Abeyta, Jose Rumaldo 18 Feb 1879White
Abeyta, Juan Jose 11 Jun 1896Cucharas, CoCaucasian
Abila, Porfilio 26 Aug 1898White
Acosta, Juan 11 Apr 1893White
Adams, Charles Ezra 15 May 1891Shelbina, MOCaucasian
Adams, Charley 27 May 1895VirginiaBlack
Adams, Sidney Johnson 16 Aug 1898White
Adams, William Ford 26-Sep-1900White
Addington, Charles G 16 May 1889Bradford, CO.Caucasian
Addington, Guss Oder 6 Sep 1881White
Addington, Robert Lee 25 Aug 1883Huerfano, CO.White
Agnes, Nicholas 27 Jun 1887Hondlance, Arlon, LuxembourgCaucasian
Agnes, William 16 Apr 1889Walsenburg, CO.Caucasian
Agoston, Jozsef 21 Aug 1879Aska, Wesz. HungaryWhite
Aguirre, Evaristo 20 Apr 1886White
Aguirre, Feliberto 10 Mar 1893Talpa, CO.Caucasian
Aguirre, Fidel 4 Mar 1894Talpa, CO.Caucasian
Aguirre, Lorenzo 20 Apr 1896Talpa, CO.Mexican;Caucasian
Aguirre, Miguel 3 May 1892Talpa, CO.Mexican;Caucasian
Aguirre, Moses 16 May 1890Talpa, CO.Mexican;Caucasian
Aguirre, Nicholas 25 Aug 1887Talpa, CO.Mexican;Caucasian
Aguirre, Procopio 1879White
Aguirre, Seferino 15 Apr 1889Talpa, CO.Caucasian
Agurres, Flavio 1883Talpa, CO.White
Ahlich, Frederick Henry 8 Nov 1889Midway, MNCaucasian
Aibner, Charles 4 Nov 1898White
Aiken, Robert Arthur 10 Dec 1883White
Aimar, William Robert 16 Dec 1878Black
Alanker, Tony 6 Jan 1879White
Alared, Mateo 27 Oct 1896Santa Fe, NM
Alberguaci, Guiseppe 12 Feb 1896Pian=so, Modeno, ItalyCaucasian
Alberici, Celestino 12 Mar 1881White
Albert, Ernest 10 Mar 1899White
Albert, John 14 Dec 1881White
Alberto, Antonio 2 Apr 1879Sera Mesoui, ItalyWhite
Alcala, Severino 9 Feb 1883MexicoWhite
Aldana, Estevan Espetie 31 Nov 1884White
Aldretti, Frank 15 May 1887Ccenbra, Tyrol AustriaCaucasian
Alexakis, Tom 11 Apr 1889Agelona, GreeceCaucasian
Alexander, Garnet Will 7 Dec 1888Hazel, NCCaucasian
Alexander, George Edward 14 May 1889Canton, OhioCaucasian
Alexander, Thomas Henry 13 Jun 1894La Veta, COCaucasian
Alexandros, Spiros May 1890Cade, Greece
Algortia, Vicente 2 Apr 1885SpainWhite
Allander, Alexander 3 Aug 1878Naturalized citizenWhite
Allebach, Charles Sylvester 10 Aug 1880White
Allee, Andrew Layfayette 30 Aug 1889Mineral Wells, TexasCaucasian
Allen, George Duez 6 Dec 1898White
Allen, Lewis Charles 22 Mar 1879Black
Allison, James Reid 7 Mar 1888Mosend, Midlothianshire, ScotlandCaucasian
Allison, Robert 14 Oct 1882Naturalized citizenWhite
Almond, John Douglas 9 Sep 1887Graysville, TNTennesseeCaucasian
Alsbury, Wyatt 4 Dec 1873White
Alt, Jack Valentine 7 Jan 1881AustriaWhite
Alvarado, Nicolas 10 Aug 1886San Luis Potosi, MexicoWhite
Alvillar, Conrado 11 Jun 1890Morenzi, AZ
Alvillar, Urbano 31 Dec 1886Juarez, Chihuahua, MexicoCaucasian
Amargiotes, Aritiades 14 Dec 1895Castelli Crete, GreeceCaucasian
Ambriz, Luis 21 Jun 1892Puruandiro, MexicoCaucasian
Amedei, John 2 Apr 1883Naturalized citizenWhite
Amidei, Ferdinando 13 Jul 1897Fiumalbo Modena, ItalyCaucasian
Amidei, Frank 28 Feb 1887Fiumalbo Modena, ItalyCaucasian
Amidei, Guiseppe 19 Sep 1894Fiumalbo Modena, ItalyCaucasian
Amidei, Joe 18 Feb 1890Fiumalbo Modena, ItalyCaucasian
Amidei, Vic 28 Jun 1882ItalyWhite
Amon, John 14 May 1880Celli, AustriaWhite
Anagnos, George1875Caltice, GreeceWhite
Analla, Jose 3 Jan 1885Hagam, NMWhite
Anaya, Miguel Guerras 15 Feb 1885White
Anberchon, John David 24 Sep 1880White
Anderson, George Robert 22 Feb 1898White
Anderson, Harold Quillian 9 Jun 1892Walsenburg, COCaucasian
Anderson, Harry Albert 16 Aug 1880White
Anderson, Marshall Sylvester 6 Jul 1880White
Anderson, William Hastings 24 Feb 1885White
Andreakis, Antonios 26 Dec 1892Canea Crete, GreeceCaucasian
Andreatta, Attiglio 7 Feb 1891Segonzano, AustriaCaucasian
Andreatta, Candido 5 Nov 1887Segonzano, AustriaCaucasian
Andreatta, Emilio 2 Aug 1885AustriaWhite
Andreatta, Guerino B 8 Mar 1894Sopris, COCaucasian
Andreatta, Joe 21 Apr 1892Glenwood Springs, COCaucasian
Andreatta, John 28 Aug 1881AustriaWhite
Andreatta, Joseph F 26 Aug 1895Rouse, COCaucasian
Andreatta, Louis 17 Jun 1894Gulch, COCaucasian
Andreatta, Louis P 22 Oct 1888Segonzano, AustriaCaucasian
Andreatta, Salvatore Joe 9 Nov 1875Ccembra, Trent, AustriaWhite
Andreolli, Frank 2 Jul 1884Copistrell Abruzzi, ItalyWhite
Andrew, Lloyd Bevely 17 Mar 1896Springfield, ILCaucasian
Andrews, Samuel 7 Oct 1875White
Andrews, Sterling Myron 29 Sep 1880White
Andriale, Luige 21 Mar 1882Modena, ItalyWhite
Angeli, Alex 18 Sep 1895Acquaviva Marche Pesaro, ItalyCaucasian
Anost, Bill 1896Corinth, GreeceCaucasian
Anselmo, Thomas 16 Apr 1874Naturalized citizenWhite
Antich, Stive 15 Mar 1882Peseva, SerbiaWhite
Antisch, Karlo 4 Jan 1883Peseva, SerbiaWhite
Antonelli, August 3 Aug 1887Segonzano, Tyrol AustriaCaucasian
Apodaca, Cornelio 7 Aug 1885Mexican;White
Apodaca, Daniel 6 Oct 1886White
Apodaca, Edward 13 Oct 1896Boone, CO
Apodaca, George 12 Aug 1899White
Apodaca, Hermilendo 16 Apr 1884White
Apodaca, Jose Clemente 23 Nov 1878White
Apodaca, Prudencio 14-May-1900White
Apostloe, John Oct 1887Octonia Evi, GreeceCaucasian
Applegate, George Everett 20 Aug 1892Berryville, ARCaucasian
Aragon, Adolph 22 Oct 1883White
Aragon, Alexandro 28 Oct 1892Mora, NMCaucasian
Aragon, Dick 6 Mar 1893Aguilar, COCaucasian
Aragon, Elfido 16 Oct 1888Durango, COCaucasian
Aragon, Esteban4 Sep 1884White
Aragon, Fredrico 27 Jun 1895Tioga, COCaucasian
Aragon, Monico 16 Aug 1885White
Aragon, Pedro17 Feb 1888Huerfano Co., CO
Aragon, Theodore Jun 1897Aguilar, COWhite
Archuleta, Adolfo Apr 1893Redwing, COCaucasian
Archuleta, Albert May 1895Redwing, COCaucasian
Archuleta, Aniceto 10 Jan 1879White
Archuleta, Anuto10 Jan 1879White
Archuleta, Celestino 5 Apr 1899White
Archuleta, Ciriaco 8 Aug 1888Las Vegas, NMCaucasian
Archuleta, Eligio 1880White
Archuleta, Eloy 17 Jul 1887Raton, NMCaucasian
Archuleta, Emilio 5 Feb 1896Cucharas, COCaucasian
Archuleta, Esaiah3 Feb 1878White
Archuleta, Eusebio 20 Aug 1882White
Archuleta, Gabriel c 18 Mar 1880White
Archuleta, Joe24 Sep 1892Pueblo, CO
Archuleta, Jose Andres 18 Feb 1885White
Archuleta, Jose Benigno 14 Jan 1874White
Archuleta, Jose Fabian 15 May 1884Chametia, NMWhite
Archuleta, Jose Francisco 4 Oct 1876White
Archuleta, Juan B Apr 1884White
Archuleta, Juan Francisco 30 Nov 1884White
Archuleta, Juan Jose 19 Jul 1879White
Archuleta, Juan P Jun 1887Redwing, COCaucasian
Archuleta, Melacquias 1900White
Archuleta, Miguel Perea 1882White
Archuleta, Moses 16 Aug 1891Gardner, COCaucasian
Archuleta, Peter 20 Dec 1888Malachite, COCaucasian
Archuleta, Preciliano 3 Apr 1899White
Archuleta, Ramon 30 Sep 1885White
Archuleta, Ramon E 22 Oct 1894Gardner, COCaucasian
Archuleta, Ricardo 25 Jun 1897Redwing, CO
Archuleta, Romolo 17 Jan 1899White
Archuleta, Sabino 30 Dec 1892Redwing, COCaucasian
Archuleta, Samuel 20 Apr 1892Walsenburg, COCaucasian
Arellano, Albert 5 Jun 1887San Luis, NMCaucasian
Arellano, Felix 21 Apr 1891North Veta, COMexican
Arellano, Jim 5 Aug 1877White
Arellano, Jose Abenicio 11 Dec 1884White
Arellano, Nick 25 Jan 1889Walsenburg, COCaucasian
Argiletti, Andrew 1 Feb 1887Treviglio Bergamo, ItalyCaucasian
Arguello, Abran 17 Sep 1887Pueblo, CO
Ariano, Antonio Jr.29 Jun 1899White
Armenta, Patrick15 Nov 1892Pueblo Co., COwhite
Armijo, Ben 22 Dec 1896Malachite, CO
Armijo, Carlos 5 Jun 1897Huerfano Co., CO
Armijo, Higinio 1891Strong, COCaucasian
Armijo, John Lorenso11 Apr 1885White
Armijo, Jose Maria 15 Oct 1892Walsenburg, COCaucasian
Armijo, Noverto 11 Mar 1891Walsenburg, COCaucasian
Armstrong, Richard Frederick 6 Jan 1882White
Arnold, Arthur J 5 Oct 1886Huerfano Co., COCaucasian
Arnold, Chester Walter 14 Oct 1888Rouse, COCaucasian
Arnold, Earl 17 Mar 1879White
Arnold, Frank C 9 Aug 1895La Veta, COCaucasian
Arnold, James Monroe 28 Aug 1884White
Arnold, Ray 23 Dec 1898White
Arnoldi, Victor 4 Apr 1894Bonzmo, ItalyCaucasian
Arrigon, Steven 4 Sep 1884White
Arrioga, Florencio 8 Jan 1881MexicoWhite
Arruijo, John Lorenco 11 Apr 1885White
Asaoka, Fred Isaburo 11 Jun 1881JapanOriental
Ashbrook, William Garnet 20 Feb 1885White
Ashby, Chester M 12 Apr 1885White
Ashby, Harold Hessick 16 Oct 1887Placer, COCaucasian
Atchison, Alfred Perry 22 Feb 1885White
Atchison, Carl Clifford 26 Mar 1892Ft Morgan, COCaucasian
Atchison, Herbert Wellington 19 Feb 1896Ft Morgan, CO
Atchison, Phillip Ellsworth 22 Aug 1894Ft Morgan, COCaucasian
Atencio, Abileno 2 Nov 1886Gardner, COCaucasian
Atencio, Agapito 7 Feb 1892Pictou, COCaucasian
Atencio, Albert 14-Apr-1900White
Atencio, Brigido 9 Oct 1872White
Atencio, Elias 10 Oct 1895Pictou, COCaucasian
Atencio, Felix 1 Aug 1891Chama, COCaucasian
Atencio, Fidel 14 Jul 1885White
Atencio, Florencio 1882White
Atencio, Guillermo 7 Aug 1891Walsenburg, COCaucasian
Atencio, Joe 19 Mar 1891Walsenburg, COCaucasian
Atencio, Jose David 14 May 1885White
Atencio, Juan Pablo 1889Gardner, COCaucasian
Atencio, Julian Jr.21-Apr-1900White
Atencio, Lenardo 10 Jun 1893Chama, COCaucasian
Atencio, Levi 9 Aug 1885White
Atencio, Louis 1 Jun 1898White
Atencio, Luis 23 Dec 1894Chama, COCaucasian
Atencio, Miguel 8 Mar 1892Walsenburg, COCaucasian
Atencio, Silvano 28-Feb-1900White
Atess, John William 24 Oct 1877Heron, ILWhite
Atz, John A 13 Jun 1888Badito, COCaucasian
Aupic, George 12 Feb 1887AustriaCaucasian
Avila, Thomas Q 18 Sep 1894Redwing, COCaucasian
Azby, Will 14 Feb 1879AustriaWhite

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