Huerfano County, Colorado
Descendants of Hiram Cambell Baker

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Generation No. 1

1. HIRAM CAMBELL1 BAKER was born July 03, 1842 in Lexington, Ky, and died July 10, 1920 in La Veta, Colorado. He married ELIZABETH ANN CHASTAIN Abt 1865 in North Carolina, daughter of Abner Chastain and Susan O'Kelley.

    Children of Hiram Baker and Elizabeth Chastain are:

    i. ABNER2 BAKER.
    2. ii. JAMES POSEY BAKER, b. January 18, 1866, Andrews County, North Carolina; d. June 22, 1932, LaVeta, Co.
    3. iii. WORTH ALLMON BAKER, b. 1868, Murphy, North Carolina; d. 1938, Mancos, Colorado.
    iv. MARY ELLEN BAKER, b. July 26, 1872, Independence, Mo or Kansas City; d. Unknown; m. ANDY DENTON.

Generation No. 2

2. JAMES POSEY2 BAKER (HIRAM CAMBELL1) was born January 18, 1866 in Andrews County, North Carolina, and died June 22, 1932 in LaVeta, Co. He married JANE DUNNING BATES April 11, 1894 in Huerfano County, Colorado, daughter of Edwin Bates and Harriet Ebey.

    Children of James Baker and Jane Bates are:
    i. HARRIET IRENE3 BAKER, b. February 11, 1895; d. December 20, 1895.
    4. ii. WALTER EUGENE BAKER, b. April 21, 1896, La Veta, Colorado; d. February 12, 1964, Kemmerer, Wyoming.
    5. iii. CLARENCE KENYON BAKER, b. November 14, 1898; d. June 1984.
    iv. FREDDY BAKER, b. November 25, 1900; d. Abt 1925.
    6. v. RUTH ELENOR BAKER, b. September 29, 1902; d. April 04, 1925.
    7. vi. KENNETH EDWIN BAKER, b. November 23, 1904; d. October 10, 1958.
    8. vii. JOSEPH WHEELER BAKER, b. January 03, 1907.
    viii. RUBY ELIZABETH BAKER, b. December 31, 1909, Hugatolla, Co; d. April 23, 1998, Pueblo, Co.; m. WARREN HAMILTON FAIRES, April 08, 1928.
    9. ix. ALICE MAE BAKER, b. November 20, 1911; d. August 1985, Albuquerque, New Mexico (87109).
    10. x. EVELYN MARGARET BAKER, b. February 26, 1915; d. October 1994.
    xi. JAMES RAYMOND BAKER, b. July 16, 1917; d. July 17, 1917.

3. WORTH ALLMON2 BAKER (HIRAM CAMBELL1) was born 1868 in Murphy, North Carolina, and died 1938 in Mancos, Colorado. He married EMMA ADALINE PARKS March 17, 1892 in La Veta, Colorado, daughter of Joseph Parks and Alice Gribble.
    Children of Worth Baker and Emma Parks are:
    i. JEFFERSON DAVIS3 BAKER, b. March 03, 1893; d. June 17, 1956; m. NORA ELLEN SHEEK.
    11. ii. HIRAM ENSLEY BAKER, b. 1894, La Veta, Colorado; d. July 10, 1981, Cortez, Colorado.
    iii. JACKSON LEE BAKER, b. July 17, 1898.
    iv. BENJAMIN MATTHEW BAKER, b. February 1900.
    v. BABY GIRL (DIED AT BIRTH) BAKER, b. 1902; d. 1902.
    vi. HUBERT JULIAN BAKER, b. 1904.
    vii. ELSIE ELIZABETH BAKER, b. 1907.
    viii. LILLIAN LOUELLEN, b. 1911.
    ix. TWINS (DIED AT BIRTH) BAKER, b. 1914; d. 1914.
    x. LOIS MAE BAKER, b. 1915.

Generation No. 3

4. WALTER EUGENE3 BAKER (JAMES POSEY2, HIRAM CAMBELL1) was born April 21, 1896 in La Veta, Colorado, and died February 12, 1964 in Kemmerer, Wyoming. He married EDITH GRAHAM, daughter of Eulalia Graham.

    Children of Walter Baker and Edith Graham are:
    12. i. AGNES LAVELLE4 BAKER, b. May 10, 1926; d. May 07, 1989, Chouchilla, California 93610.
    13. ii. BETTY EULALIA BAKER, b. April 18, 1928, Oakview, Colorado.
    14. iii. ALICE MAE BAKER, b. December 16, 1930, La Veta, Colorado.
    15. iv. NANCY DIANNE BAKER, b. September 1934.

5. CLARENCE KENYON3 BAKER (JAMES POSEY2, HIRAM CAMBELL1) was born November 14, 1898, and died June 1984. He married ELIZABETH (LIL) GRADY.

    Child of Clarence Baker and Elizabeth Grady is:
    16. i. JAMES WILLIAM4 BAKER, b. July 25, 1925.

6. RUTH ELENOR3 BAKER (JAMES POSEY2, HIRAM CAMBELL1) was born September 29, 1902, and died April 04, 1925. She married PHILLIP DALLEY June 22, 1922.

    Child of Ruth Baker and Phillip Dalley is:
    17. i. PHYLLIS WINEFRED4 DALLEY, b. August 29, 1922.

7. KENNETH EDWIN3 BAKER (JAMES POSEY2, HIRAM CAMBELL1) was born November 23, 1904, and died October 10, 1958. He married DORIS C. WEBSTER March 1929.

    Children of Kenneth Baker and Doris Webster are:
    i. KENNETH CHARLES BAKER4 (ADOPTED), b. December 04, 1936; Adopted child.
    18. ii. JOHN DAVID BAKER, b. November 06, 1941.

8. JOSEPH WHEELER3 BAKER (JAMES POSEY2, HIRAM CAMBELL1) was born January 03, 1907. He married CLARA 1942.

    Child of Joseph Baker and Clara is:

9. ALICE MAE3 BAKER (JAMES POSEY2, HIRAM CAMBELL1) was born November 20, 1911, and died August 1985 in Albuquerque, New Mexico (87109). She married CLARENCE ERVIN June 1936.

    Child of Alice Baker and Clarence Ervin is:
    19. i. NONA GAY4 ERVIN.

10. EVELYN MARGARET3 BAKER (JAMES POSEY2, HIRAM CAMBELL1) was born February 26, 1915, and died October 1994. She married GLENN ALEXANDER MILBERGER July 29, 1935.

    Children of Evelyn Baker and Glenn Milberger are:
    i. JULIANA4 MILBERGER, b. 1935; d. 1935.
11. HIRAM ENSLEY3 BAKER (WORTH ALLMON2, HIRAM CAMBELL1) was born 1894 in La Veta, Colorado, and died July 10, 1981 in Cortez, Colorado. He married EASTER HAZEL NELSON October 04, 1925 in Cortez, Colorado.

Generation No. 4

12. AGNES LAVELLE4 BAKER (WALTER EUGENE3, JAMES POSEY2, HIRAM CAMBELL1) was born May 10, 1926, and died May 07, 1989 in Chouchilla, California 93610. She married (1) ROBERT ELMER CHOIN, son of William Choin. She married (2) CLARENCE A. HARVEY.

    Child of Agnes Baker and Robert Choin is:
    i. ROBERT HARVEY5 CHOIN, b. March 28, 1944, La Veta, Colorado; d. March 1974, ca.
13. BETTY EULALIA4 BAKER (WALTER EUGENE3, JAMES POSEY2, HIRAM CAMBELL1) was born April 18, 1928 in Oakview, Colorado. She married (1) ROBERT SHINN. She married (2) LOU WALKER.

    Child of Betty Baker and Robert Shinn is:

    Children of Betty Baker and Lou Walker are:
    ii. JAMES ARTHUR5 WALKER, d. Unknown.

14. ALICE MAE4 BAKER (WALTER EUGENE3, JAMES POSEY2, HIRAM CAMBELL1) was born December 16, 1930 in La Veta, Colorado. She married (1) GEORGE SCHOUX. She married (2) FRANK JOSEPH GARCIA 1947 in Reno, Nevada. She married (3) LEWIS JOHN SKAVLAN February 19, 1957 in Minden, Nevada, son of John Skavlan and Ellen Vandegrift.

    Child of Alice Baker and Frank Garcia is:
    i. CHERYL ANN5 GARCIA, Santa Clara, California.

    Children of Alice Baker and Lewis Skavlan are:
    ii. BRIAN DAVID5 SKAVLAN, , San Jose, California; m. PAMELA RUTH CAMPBELL, Richardson, Texas.
    iii. DEBORAH LOU SKAVLAN, , U.S.Army Hospital, Camp Kue, Okinawa; m. RONALD MANSEL VANSICKLE, Richardson, Texas.
    iv. JON PAUL SKAVLAN, US Navy Hospital, Memphis, Tennesse; m. DONETA GAIL SANDERS, Amarillo, Texas.
15. NANCY DIANNE4 BAKER (WALTER EUGENE3, JAMES POSEY2, HIRAM CAMBELL1) was born September 1934. She married (1) JACK COCHREN in California. She married (2) JAMES A. BRASHER 1957 in Nevada.


17. PHYLLIS WINEFRED4 DALLEY (RUTH ELENOR3 BAKER, JAMES POSEY2, HIRAM CAMBELL1) was born August 29, 1922. She married (1) STEVE LAKE. She married (2) KARL RUSSELL.

18. JOHN DAVID4 BAKER (KENNETH EDWIN3, JAMES POSEY2, HIRAM CAMBELL1) was born November 06, 1941. He married MARILYN MCGEE 1963.


20. EUGENE EDWARD4 MILBERGER (EVELYN MARGARET3 BAKER, JAMES POSEY2, HIRAM CAMBELL1) was born March 22, 1937. He married (1) JESSICA LAMONT. He married (2) BARBARA ANN BROWN March 21, 1966.

21. CHARLOTTE MAE4 BAKER (HIRAM ENSLEY3, WORTH ALLMON2, HIRAM CAMBELL1) was born May 11, 1928 in Mancos, Colorado. She married MERVIN BAXTROM 1945.

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