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Contributed by: Betty Anderson
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I found this Souvenir 1906 booklet that belonged to my grandmother, Mary H. Hill, who lived in Walsenburg and thought I would share it with you. There is a picture of a woman on the cover. It may be the teacher but I’m not sure.

Class No. 2

Jessie L. Thompson, Teacher
Caroline Sporleder
Mary Hill
Ada Windsor
Maud Windsor
Bessie Caddell
Maggie Graham
Vina Goodwin
Flossie Wilson
Josie Lewis
Maggie White
Sarah Dick

Rev. Jos. H. Gaston, Supt.
Rev. Jos. H. Gaston, Pastor

Contributed by: Betty Anderson

This is a dance card/program that belonged to my grandmother, Mary H. Hill, that lived in Walsenburg. I thought I would share it with you. The young men signed up for the Two Steps and Waltzes. I wonder what the Schottische and the Chicago Glide were?

1908 DANCE CARD (with pencil attached) OF MARY HILL
Sigma Dance, April 24, 1908, Mazzone’s Hall

Virginia Agnes, Mathilde Krier, Mary Hill, Lena Mazzone, Caroline Sporleder, Marguerite Hendershot, Clara Caywin, Mary Smith, Leila Chatin, Jean Caddell, Marie Patchen, Vernie Unfug, Mary Unfug, Margaret Krier, Annie Wilson

Mrs. Cagwin, Mrs. Britton, Mrs. Sporleder

Two Step, Schottische, Waltz, Chicago Glide

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