Huerfano County, Colorado
1870 Huerfano County Census Index

Contributed by Karen Mitchell.
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AARRINGTON, ALBERT AHuerfano River-Butte V614
AARRINGTON, JOSHUAHuerfano River-Butte V615
AARRINGTON, MARYHuerfano River-Butte V613
AARRINGTON, THOMASHuerfano River-Butte V612
ABEL, PEDROHuerfano River-Butte V834
ABERT, ELINTOCuchara River-Butte Va129
ABERT, FRANCISCOCuchara River-Butte Va127
ABERT, MARIA URSUALCuchara River-Butte Va128
ABIBA, JOSE LORENZOV of Huerfano River-Ba1719
ABIBA, JUAN SALVADORV of Huerfano River-Ba1713
ABIBA, MA BENIGNAV of Huerfano River-Ba1714
ABIBA, MA NICOLASAV of Huerfano River-Ba1718
ABIBA, MA REISINDSV of Huerfano River-Ba1717
ABIBA, MA VEL ROSARIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1715
ABIBA, URSULA DE JESUSV of Huerfano River-Ba1716
ABILA, JUAN SANTOSV of Huerfano River-Ba2030
ABILA, LORENZOV of Huerfano River-Ba2028
ABILA, MA RITAV of Huerfano River-Ba2029
ACHULETA, AGAPITAV of Huerfano River-Ba1423
ACHULETA, DOLORISHuerfano River-Butte V910
ACHULETA, LUCIANOV of Huerfano River-Ba1235
ACHULETA, MANUELAV of Huerfano River-Ba1236
ACHULETA, ROSAV of Huerfano River-Ba1422
AGUERA, ANDRESCuchara River-Butte Va1312
AGUERA, FRANCISCOCuchara River-Butte Va1311
AGUERA, JUANACuchara River-Butte Va1314
AGUERA, MA PABLACuchara River-Butte Va1310
AGUERA, PEDRO NOLASEOCuchara River-Butte Va139
AGUERA, TEODORACuchara River-Butte Va1313
AGUIRE, ABELINOV of Huerfano River-Ba2418
AGUIRE, ANDREAV of Huerfano River-Ba2419
AGUIRE, ASIANAV of Huerfano River-Ba2417
AGUIRE, CATREDADV of Huerfano River-Ba2420
AGULAR, ANTONIOCuchara River-Butte Va1419
AGULAR, DAVIDCuchara River-Butte Va1418
AGULAR, GAUDALUPECuchara River-Butte Va1422
AGULAR, JUARAZ FRANCuchara River-Butte Va1420
AGULAR, PEDROCuchara River-Butte Va1417
AGULAR, RAFAELCuchara River-Butte Va1415
AGULAR, RENINACuchara River-Butte Va1416
AGULAR, SOLEDADACuchara River-Butte Va1421
AGULAR, VICTORCuchara River-Butte Va1423
AGULLAR, RAFAELBadito Colorado Territ135
AHTS, J JOHNV of Huerfano River-Ba1424
AKTS, JOHN JBadito Colorado Territ31
ALBERT, JOHNCuchara River-Butte Va16
ALBERT, JOHN ACuchara River-Butte Va18
ALBERT, JOHN BCuchara River-Butte Va110
ALBERT, MA DOLORESCuchara River-Butte Va111
ALBERT, MANUELACuchara River-Butte Va17
ALBERT, QUEIANOCuchara River-Butte Va19
ALERIA, JOSEFAHeurfano River-d.9/186173
ALEXANDER, CHARLESV of Huerfano River-Ba116
ALEXANDER, HITTYV of Huerfano River-Ba119
ALEXANDER, JOHN MV of Huerfano River-Ba114
ALEXANDER, LAURAV of Huerfano River-Ba117
ALEXANDER, LERINEV of Huerfano River-Ba118
ALEXANDER, LULAV of Huerfano River-Ba1110
ALEXANDER, M ADELINEV of Huerfano River-Ba115
ALOMIS, FRANCISCOCuchara River-Butte Va78
ALOMIS, JOSE ANTONIOCuchara River-Butte Va76
ALOMIS, JOSE SERAFINCuchara River-Butte Va79
ALOMIS, JUANACuchara River-Butte Va77
ALOMIS, MARCELINOCuchara River-Butte Va710
AMADO, ANTONIO YSAECuchara River-Butte Va1938
AMADO, JUAN NCuchara River-Butte Va1936
AMADO, MARIA SARAHCuchara River-Butte Va1939
AMADO, MARY LEONORCuchara River-Butte Va1937
ANALLA, ESTANISLADAV of Huerfano River-Ba2316
ANALLA, JESUS JOSEV of Huerfano River-Ba2314
ANALLA, JOSE DE LUZV of Huerfano River-Ba2312
ANALLA, LIBRADOV of Huerfano River-Ba2315
ANALLA, PATROSONIOV of Huerfano River-Ba2313
ANDERSON, CHARLESHuerfano River-St.Mary319
ANDERSON, FLORENCEHuerfano River-St.Mary322
ANDERSON, JAMESHuerfano River-St.Mary321
ANDERSON, JOHN FRANKYHuerfano River-St.Mary324
ANDERSON, MULLIAHuerfano River-St.Mary320
ANDERSON, VICTORIAHuerfano River-St.Mary323
ANDRADA, MARIANOCuchara River-Butte Va1537
ANDRADA, MICHELACuchara River-Butte Va1538
ANGEL, JOSE DCuchara River-Butte Va1429
ANGEL, M ROSACuchara River-Butte Va1430
APODACA, ANTONIOV of Huerfano River-Ba234
APODACA, BEBIANAV of Huerfano River-Ba235
APODACA, CALLETANAV of Huerfano River-Ba2333
APODACA, CANDALARAHeurfano River-d.5/1871718
APODACA, CONSANSIONV of Huerfano River-Ba2319
APODACA, DOROTEAV of Huerfano River-Ba237
APODACA, ESQUIPULAV of Huerfano River-Ba236
APODACA, FRANCISCOV of Huerfano River-Ba2321
APODACA, JESUSV of Huerfano River-Ba2332
APODACA, JOSE TIMOTESV of Huerfano River-Ba2320
APODACA, LUISV of Huerfano River-Ba2311
APODACA, MA DE LA LUZV of Huerfano River-Ba2328
APODACA, MA ERINEAV of Huerfano River-Ba2330
APODACA, MA FLORENCIAV of Huerfano River-Ba2331
APODACA, PABLOV of Huerfano River-Ba2310
APODACA, PRUDENCIOV of Huerfano River-Ba2329
APODACA, SILVESTREV of Huerfano River-Ba2327
APODACA, YGINIOV of Huerfano River-Ba239
APODACO, LIANDROCuchara River-Butte Va2413
Apodada, Juana M MATILDAV of Huerfano River-Ba238
ARAGON, SANTOSV of Huerfano River-Ba1121
ARCHEBEQUE, JOSEV of Huerfano River-Ba1621
ARCHULATA, ALLAGRACIAHeurfano River-d.5/187179
ARCHULETA, ALBINACuchara River-Butte Va46
ARCHULETA, ANTONIOCuchara River-Butte Va411
ARCHULETA, ANTONIOBadito Colorado Territ324
ARCHULETA, ASEENCIONCuchara River-Butte Va47
ARCHULETA, EDUVIGANCuchara River-Butte Va48
ARCHULETA, ERISEBIACuchara River-Butte Va412
ARCHULETA, JOSE CanutoV of Huerfano River-Ba157
ARCHULETA, JOSE DE JBadito Colorado Territ323
ARCHULETA, Jose DemetrioV of Huerfano River-Ba156
ARCHULETA, JOSE FABIANCuchara River-Butte Va2221
ARCHULETA, JUAN BCuchara River-Butte Va49
ARCHULETA, JUAN de JesusCuchara River-Butte Va2223
ARCHULETA, Juana GertrudeV of Huerfano River-Ba158
ARCHULETA, MA CECILIACuchara River-Butte Va2222
ARCHULETA, MA GuadalupeV of Huerfano River-Ba155
ARCHULETA, MA IGNACIAHuerfano River-Butte V634
ARCHULETA, MA RUMALDACuchara River-Butte Va413
ARCHULETA, MANUELCuchara River-Butte Va2224
ARCHULETA, MIGUELBadito Colorado Territ322
ARCHULETA, PABLACuchara River-Butte Va415
ARCHULETA, POLICARFASV of Huerfano River-Ba148
ARCHULETA, SOLEDADCuchara River-Butte Va410
ARCHULETA, TOMASCuchara River-Butte Va414
ARCHULETA, TOMASV of Huerfano River-Ba154
ARCHULETA, TOMASBadito Colorado Territ35
ARCHULITA, ANTONIAV of Huerfano River-Ba2719
ARCHULITA, ANTONIOV of Huerfano River-Ba1737
ARCHULITA, DOMINGOV of Huerfano River-Ba218
ARCHULITA, DOROTEAV of Huerfano River-Ba2721
ARCHULITA, FRANCISCAV of Huerfano River-Ba2722
ARCHULITA, FRANCISCAV of Huerfano River-Ba2318
ARCHULITA, GUADALUPEV of Huerfano River-Ba181
ARCHULITA, JORGEV of Huerfano River-Ba219
ARCHULITA, JOSEV of Huerfano River-Ba2119
ARCHULITA, JOSEV of Huerfano River-Ba2718
ARCHULITA, JOSE BV of Huerfano River-Ba1734
ARCHULITA, JOSE DemetrisV of Huerfano River-Ba1733
ARCHULITA, JOSE EUSIBIAV of Huerfano River-Ba2122
ARCHULITA, JOSE F MicanorV of Huerfano River-Ba1732
Archulita, JOSE GUADALUPEV of Huerfano River-Ba1740
ARCHULITA, JOSEFAV of Huerfano River-Ba281
ARCHULITA, JUAN ANDRESV of Huerfano River-Ba2740
ARCHULITA, JUANA MARIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1739
ARCHULITA, LOUISV of Huerfano River-Ba2723
ARCHULITA, MA ANTONIAV of Huerfano River-Ba182
Archulita, Ma ENCARMACIONV of Huerfano River-Ba2120
ARCHULITA, MA JNEAV of Huerfano River-Ba1738
ARCHULITA, MA MARINAV of Huerfano River-Ba1735
ARCHULITA, MA PORFIRIAV of Huerfano River-Ba2121
ARCHULITA, MA RAFAELSV of Huerfano River-Ba1736
ARCHULITA, MANUELV of Huerfano River-Ba2110
ARCHULITA, POSMEV of Huerfano River-Ba2317
ARCHULITA, RAFEALV of Huerfano River-Ba1730
ARCHULITA, RAMONV of Huerfano River-Ba2720
ARCHULITA, YUES MARIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1731
ARCHULITE, APOLONIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1723
ARCHULITE, MIGUELV of Huerfano River-Ba1722
ARELLANO, ANTONIO JUANCuchara River-Butte Va1829
ARELLANO, LIBRADACuchara River-Butte Va1831
ARELLANO, RUMUALDACuchara River-Butte Va1830
ARGIL, DESIDANOBadito Colorado Territ137
ARMIJO, ADUVIJENHuerfano River-Butte V933
ARMIJO, DAVIDHuerfano River-Butte V931
ARMIJO, FRANCISCOHuerfano River-Butte V925
ARMIJO, LOUISAHuerfano River-Butte V930
ARMIJO, MA DOLORESHuerfano River-Butte V926
ARMIJO, PABLOHuerfano River-Butte V927
ARMIJO, RAFAELAHuerfano River-Butte V929
ARMIJO, REFIJIAHuerfano River-Butte V932
ARMIJO, SANTOSHuerfano River-Butte V928
ARONIX, WILLIAMCuchara River-d.8/1869128
ARRNYO, FRANCISCOV of Huerfano River-Ba2519
ARRNYO, MA LEANDRAV of Huerfano River-Ba2520
ARTO, DOLORESV of Huerfano River-Ba1425
ARTO, McMARCELINAV of Huerfano River-Ba1426
ATENCIO, A M SANTANACuchara River-Butte Va524
ATENCIO, AGAPITOCuchara River-Butte Va520
ATENCIO, BARBUBAV of Huerfano River-Ba173
ATENCIO, ELIGIOCuchara River-Butte Va523
ATENCIO, JOSE DE LA LUZV of Huerfano River-Ba174
ATENCIO, JUAN BCuchara River-Butte Va522
ATENCIO, LEVINAV of Huerfano River-Ba176
ATENCIO, LUCIANOCuchara River-Butte Va525
ATENCIO, M EPEGMONIACuchara River-Butte Va527
ATENCIO, MA ELIZAV of Huerfano River-Ba177
ATENCIO, MAMICHTOCuchara River-Butte Va526
ATENCIO, REPITOV of Huerfano River-Ba175
ATENCIO, RUMALDOV of Huerfano River-Ba172
ATENCIO, RUMARDOBadito Colorado Territ321
ATENCIO, TOISPTACuchara River-Butte Va521
ATENCIS, ABELINOCuchara River-Butte Va33
ATENCIS, BENITOCuchara River-Butte Va325
ATENCIS, CLETO ACuchara River-Butte Va315
ATENCIS, ELENACuchara River-Butte Va36
ATENCIS, Francisco AntonioCuchara River-Butte Va329
ATENCIS, JOSE URBANCuchara River-Butte Va35
ATENCIS, JUAN BCuchara River-Butte Va314
ATENCIS, JULIANCuchara River-Butte Va323
ATENCIS, JULIANACuchara River-Butte Va37
ATENCIS, LORENZOCuchara River-Butte Va321
ATENCIS, LUISCuchara River-Butte Va316
ATENCIS, MA BANISACuchara River-Butte Va31
ATENCIS, MA DOLORESCuchara River-Butte Va326
ATENCIS, MA ESELSACuchara River-Butte Va318
ATENCIS, MA RUMALDACuchara River-Butte Va330
ATENCIS, MA YISDORACuchara River-Butte Va317
ATENCIS, MACDALENACuchara River-Butte Va322
ATENCIS, MARTIN JULIANCuchara River-Butte Va324
ATENCIS, MIGUELCuchara River-Butte Va310
ATENCIS, PAZCuchara River-Butte Va32
ATENCIS, PRECILIANACuchara River-Butte Va313
ATENCIS, RODARIOCuchara River-Butte Va312
ATENCIS, RUMALDACuchara River-Butte Va311
ATENCIS, SOLEDADCuchara River-Butte Va328
ATENCIS, VICENTECuchara River-Butte Va327
ATENCIS, VICTORCuchara River-Butte Va34
ATENSIA, FELIX M JESUSCuchara River-Butte Va218
ATENSIA, GUADALUPECuchara River-Butte Va216
ATENSIA, MARIZA JULIANACuchara River-Butte Va217
ATENSIO, MA DOLORESCuchara River-d.12/18611
ATONSIO, AGAFETESBadito Colorado Territ127
BACA, ANTONIOCuchara River-Butte Va149
BACA, ATTA GRACIACuchara River-Butte Va1410
BACA, CACTULOV of Huerfano River-Ba1933
BACA, CILVERIACuchara River-Butte Va1411
BACA, CLEAFISCuchara River-Butte Va147
BACA, CRUZV of Huerfano River-Ba1934
BACA, DOMINGACuchara River-Butte Va148
BACA, FELIPAV of Huerfano River-Ba1936
BACA, FRANANDEZCuchara River-Butte Va1412
BACA, JOSE GABRILEV of Huerfano River-Ba185
BACA, JOSE RAFAELV of Huerfano River-Ba183
BACA, JOSE SISTOV of Huerfano River-Ba186
BACA, JOSE URBANV of Huerfano River-Ba187
BACA, JUANHuerfano River-St.Mary218
BACA, JUANV of Huerfano River-Ba1313
BACA, JUANACuchara River-d.5/1870129
BACA, JUANA MARIAV of Huerfano River-Ba188
BACA, LIABRADOCuchara River-Butte Va1414
BACA, MA IGNACIAHuerfano River-St.Mary219
BACA, MARIANAV of Huerfano River-Ba184
BACA, RAMONAV of Huerfano River-Ba1935
BACA, RITACuchara River-Butte Va1413
BACA, SALOMEV of Huerfano River-Ba1932
BACA, SISTAV of Huerfano River-Ba1513
BACA, TABIANV of Huerfano River-Ba1512
BACA, TRINDADCuchara River-Butte Va146
BACA, TRINIDADBadito Colorado Territ133
BACA, TRINIDADBadito Colorado Territ134
BARELA, ASCONCIONHuerfano River-Butte V816
BARELA, JOSE CISTOV of Huerfano River-Ba265
BARELA, JUANV of Huerfano River-Ba262
BARELA, MA LOUISAV of Huerfano River-Ba266
BARELA, RAMONAV of Huerfano River-Ba263
BARELA, YEABELV of Huerfano River-Ba264
BARELO, JUAN JOSEV of Huerfano River-Ba1214
BARELO, MA IGNACIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1215
BARGAS, MANUELV of Huerfano River-Ba1925
BARGAS, MANUELAV of Huerfano River-Ba1927
BARGAS, MARGARITAV of Huerfano River-Ba1926
BARNARD, FELIPITAHuerfano River-Butte V84
BARNARD, HENRYHuerfano River-Butte V86
BARNARD, JOSEFAHuerfano River-Butte V85
BARNARD, NORBERTHuerfano River-Butte V83
BARRERAS, MIGUELCuchara River-Trinidad2634
BARROS, EMELIAHuerfano River-Butte V63
BARROS, FRANCISCAHuerfano River-Butte V62
BARROS, JOSEHuerfano River-Butte V61
BASSTOS, MARIA ANTONIACuchara River-Butte Va27
BASSTOS, REYESCuchara River-Butte Va26
BASSTOS, SOLEDADCuchara River-Butte Va25
BAVIERAS, MA RUFUGIOCuchara River-Trinidad2635
BAXTER, S P BV of Huerfano River-Ba1427
BAXTOR, S D PBadito Colorado Territ32
BENNETT, JESSYHuerfano River-St.Mary49
BENNETT, OLIVEHuerfano River-St.Mary410
BERN, M EHuerfano River-St.Mary416
BERNARD, JOHNHuerfano River-Butte V810
BERRY, EDWARDCuchara River-Butte Va2215
BLEA, ANTONIOHuerfano River-Butte V838
BLEA, ANTONIOCuchara River-Trinidad2810
BLEA, FERNANDOCuchara River-Trinidad289
BLEA, IGNACIACuchara River-Trinidad288
BLEA, MIGUELCuchara River-Trinidad287
BLEA, TIMOTEOCuchara River-Trinidad2811
BONEVIDAS, JOSEHuerfano River-Butte V919
BONEVIDAS, SIMONAHuerfano River-Butte V920
BOON, & BENNETTEBadito Colorado Territ12
BORSCY, GUADALUPECuchara River-Butte Va211
BORSCY, JOSEPHCuchara River-Butte Va28
BORSCY, MA AGUSTINACuchara River-Butte Va29
BORSCY, VICTORCuchara River-Butte Va210
BOTHWELL, C EHuerfano River-Butte V938
BOTHWELL, GEORGE WHuerfano River-Butte V939
BOWENS, JHuerfano River-Butte V101
BRAGG, BURTHuerfano River-Butte V721
BRAGG, ELLENHuerfano River-Butte V718
BRAGG, GEORGEHuerfano River-Butte V717
BRAGG, GEORGINAHuerfano River-Butte V715
BRAGG, MARYHuerfano River-Butte V719
BRAGG, NATHANHuerfano River-Butte V714
BRAGG, SAMUELHuerfano River-Butte V720
BRAGG, THOMASHuerfano River-Butte V716
BROWN, ELIZABETHHuerfano River-St.Mary512
BROWN, ESTERHuerfano River-St.Mary57
BROWN, GEORGEHuerfano River-St.Mary59
BROWN, JOHNHuerfano River-St.Mary510
BROWN, JOHN HHuerfano River-Butte V635
BROWN, JOHN HBadito Colorado Territ17
BROWN, JOHN MHuerfano River-Butte V628
BROWN, JOHN WHuerfano River-Butte V630
BROWN, JOHN WHuerfano River-St.Mary56
BROWN, JOHN WBadito Colorado Territ15
BROWN, JULIA AHuerfano River-Butte V631
BROWN, MARGARET LHuerfano River-Butte V632
BROWN, MARTIN T BV of Huerfano River-Ba1410
BROWN, MARYHuerfano River-St.Mary58
BROWN, ROBERT LEEHuerfano River-St.Mary511
BROWN, SARAHHuerfano River-Butte V629
BROWN, YOEDROHuerfano River-St.Mary513
BURNS, JOHNV of Huerfano River-Ba1923
BURNS, MA IGNACIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1924
BUSTOS, ANDREACuchara River-Butte Va818
BUSTOS, DIEGOCuchara River-Butte Va817
BUSTOS, J ELIGISCuchara River-Butte Va812
BUSTOS, JAVIANCuchara River-Butte Va815
BUSTOS, JOSE ABUNDIOCuchara River-Butte Va816
BUSTOS, JOSE DE GRACIACuchara River-Butte Va99
BUSTOS, JOSE MCuchara River-Butte Va915
BUSTOS, JOSE RAMONCuchara River-Butte Va93
BUSTOS, JUAN GerominoCuchara River-Butte Va820
BUSTOS, MA CORLIACuchara River-Butte Va94
BUSTOS, MA DOLORESCuchara River-Butte Va911
BUSTOS, MA EMELIANACuchara River-Butte Va96
BUSTOS, MA FEODORACuchara River-Butte Va814
BUSTOS, MA FRANCISCACuchara River-Butte Va95
BUSTOS, MA ISIDORACuchara River-Butte Va819
BUSTOS, MA MATIANACuchara River-Butte Va813
BUSTOS, MA PASQUALCuchara River-Butte Va910
BUSTOS, MANUELACuchara River-Butte Va913
BUSTOS, MARCELOSCuchara River-Butte Va912
BUSTOS, MARIACuchara River-Butte Va914
CABEZA, DE BACA Louis MCuchara River-Butte Va145
CANDELARIA, JOSE BernbilV of Huerfano River-Ba288
CANDELRINN, ANASTACIOV of Huerfano River-Ba2337
Candelrinn, Candebina JuanV of Huerfano River-Ba2334
CANDELRINN, MANUELV of Huerfano River-Ba2336
CANDELRINN, MARYV of Huerfano River-Ba2335
CANDELRINN, RAFAELV of Huerfano River-Ba2338
CANDELRINN, SALOMEV of Huerfano River-Ba2339
CAPLETT, PETERBadito Colorado Territ330
CARABAJAL, M MAGDALINACuchara River-d.12/18614
CARABAJAL, MA MANUELACuchara River-Butte Va98
CARABAJAL, YORDROCuchara River-Butte Va97
CARDENOZ, ANTONIOV of Huerfano River-Ba244
CARDENS, JOSE MicbardesV of Huerfano River-Ba2816
CARDENS, JOSE RAMONV of Huerfano River-Ba2818
CARDENS, JOSE VICENTEV of Huerfano River-Ba2814
CARDENS, MA EduvigenV of Huerfano River-Ba2817
CARDENS, MA RUFINAV of Huerfano River-Ba2815
CARK, WILLIAMCuchara River-Butte Va2138
CARMON, MAESCuchara River-Butte Va1810
CARRIA, ALVINAV of Huerfano River-Ba2732
CARRIA, DOLORESV of Huerfano River-Ba2734
CARRIA, MA FRANCISCAV of Huerfano River-Ba2735
CARRIA, RETRAV of Huerfano River-Ba2733
CARRIA, SALVADORV of Huerfano River-Ba2731
CARROLL, C NHuerfano River-St.Mary433
CARROLL, FLORENCEHuerfano River-St.Mary434
GARACIA, FLOOMENIAV of Huerfano River-Ba129
GARACIA, FRANCISCOV of Huerfano River-Ba1210
GARACIA, GUADALUPEV of Huerfano River-Ba127
GARCIA, ADELAV of Huerfano River-Ba2412
GARCIA, ALCADIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1227
GARCIA, ANDREAV of Huerfano River-Ba2411
GARCIA, ANTONIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1229
GARCIA, ANTONIOCuchara River-Butte Va727
GARCIA, ANTONIOV of Huerfano River-Ba1440
GARCIA, BEATRIZV of Huerfano River-Ba2414
GARCIA, CANDIDOV of Huerfano River-Ba2413
GARCIA, CAYEBANSV of Huerfano River-Ba1129
GARCIA, CELESTRINOV of Huerfano River-Ba1128
GARCIA, CORNELIAHuerfano River-St.Mary527
GARCIA, DOMRACISV of Huerfano River-Ba248
GARCIA, EEQUEFULAV of Huerfano River-Ba1529
GARCIA, FELOSFOREV of Huerfano River-Ba2410
GARCIA, FERNANDEZV of Huerfano River-Ba1226
GARCIA, JESUSHuerfano River-St.Mary338
GARCIA, JOSEV of Huerfano River-Ba1930
GARCIA, JOSE IGNACIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1530
GARCIA, JOSE IGNACIOCuchara River-Butte Va728
GARCIA, JUANV of Huerfano River-Ba1211
GARCIA, JUANV of Huerfano River-Ba2010
GARCIA, JUAN RAFAELV of Huerfano River-Ba249
GARCIA, JUANACuchara River-Butte Va726
GARCIA, JULIANAV of Huerfano River-Ba1528
GARCIA, LEONORCuchara River-Butte Va725
GARCIA, LOLEROV of Huerfano River-Ba1213
GARCIA, LUCIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1212
GARCIA, LUZV of Huerfano River-Ba1228
GARCIA, M ANTONIOV of Huerfano River-Ba151
GARCIA, MA ANTONIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1531
GARCIA, MA D JUANV of Huerfano River-Ba246
GARCIA, MA FELIPAV of Huerfano River-Ba1931
GARCIA, MA GABRIELAV of Huerfano River-Ba2416
GARCIA, MA LUZV of Huerfano River-Ba152
GARCIA, MA PLACIDAV of Huerfano River-Ba1127
GARCIA, MANUELV of Huerfano River-Ba153
GARCIA, MANUEL ANTONIOV of Huerfano River-Ba247
GARCIA, MARIANAHuerfano River-St.Mary337
GARCIA, PEDROV of Huerfano River-Ba245
GARCIA, PEDROBadito Colorado Territ326
GARCIA, PEDRO JUANV of Huerfano River-Ba2415
GARCIA, PEDRO JUANBadito Colorado Territ327
GARCIA, TEODORIAHuerfano River-St.Mary336
GARDEAS, ANASTACIOHuerfano River-Butte V633
GAUNA, JOSEV of Huerfano River-Ba1928
GAUNA, MA DE JESUSV of Huerfano River-Ba1929
GERNAND, MONTIGUEV of Huerfano River-Ba277
GERNAND, ROSAV of Huerfano River-Ba278
GLAZNER, J JHuerfano River-St.Mary54
GLAZNER, LOUISAHuerfano River-St.Mary55
GOMES, APOLONIOCuchara River-Butte Va1129
GOMES, DAMIANCuchara River-Butte Va1030
GOMES, DELIVINACuchara River-Butte Va1012
GOMES, FRANCISCOCuchara River-Butte Va1021
GOMES, FRANCISCOCuchara River-Butte Va1010
GOMES, FRANCISCOCuchara River-Butte Va1014
GOMES, ISABELHuerfano River-Butte V65
GOMES, JESUSCuchara River-Butte Va1125
GOMES, JOSE IGNACIACuchara River-Butte Va1120
GOMES, JOSEFACuchara River-Butte Va1127
GOMES, JUAN DCuchara River-Butte Va1437
GOMES, JUANAHuerfano River-Butte V68
GOMES, LEANDROSCuchara River-Butte Va1029
GOMES, M DOLORESCuchara River-Butte Va1438
GOMES, MA ASCINCIONCuchara River-Butte Va1019
GOMES, MA RITACuchara River-Butte Va1121
GOMES, MA VICTORIACuchara River-Butte Va1015
GOMES, MA YORINEACuchara River-Butte Va1017
GOMES, MARGARITAHuerfano River-Butte V67
GOMES, MICAELACuchara River-Butte Va1020
GOMES, PEDRO JOSEHuerfano River-Butte V64
GOMES, ROMONCuchara River-Butte Va1128
GOMES, RUBELCuchara River-Butte Va1130
GOMES, RUFINACuchara River-Butte Va1126
GOMES, SANTIAGOCuchara River-Butte Va1016
GOMES, SOLEDADCuchara River-Butte Va1011
GOMES, SOLOMECuchara River-Butte Va1013
GOMES, TEODORAHuerfano River-Butte V66
GOMES, TOMASCuchara River-Butte Va1018
GOMEZ, ALIJANDROCuchara River-Butte Va296
GOMEZ, ANTONIOCuchara River-Trinidad2837
GOMEZ, ANTONIO JOSECuchara River-Trinidad2739
GOMEZ, DOLORESCuchara River-Trinidad2735
GOMEZ, FRANCISCACuchara River-Trinidad2724
GOMEZ, FRANCISCOCuchara River-Trinidad2839
GOMEZ, FRANCISCOCuchara River-Trinidad2840
GOMEZ, FRANCISCOCuchara River-Butte Va297
GOMEZ, FRANCISCOBadito Colorado Territ119
GOMEZ, JUAN DOMINGOBadito Colorado Territ138
GOMEZ, M PAHOCINIACuchara River-Trinidad282
GOMEZ, MA FRANCISCACuchara River-Butte Va113
GOMEZ, MA FRANCISCOCuchara River-Trinidad2737
GOMEZ, MA ROSACuchara River-Trinidad2738
GOMEZ, MANUELCuchara River-Trinidad2734
GOMEZ, MANUELBadito Colorado Territ117
GOMEZ, MANUEL ACuchara River-Trinidad2740
GOMEZ, MARIA ACuchara River-Trinidad281
GOMEZ, MARIA CRUZCuchara River-Trinidad2838
GOMEZ, MATILDECuchara River-Trinidad2723
GOMEZ, PEDROCuchara River-Trinidad2736
GOMEZ, PETRORILACuchara River-Butte Va292
GOMEZ, RAMONCuchara River-Trinidad2722
GOMEZ, RAMONACuchara River-Butte Va293
GOMEZ, ROBERTOCuchara River-Butte Va295
GOMEZ, ROSAHeurfano River-d.7/186172
GOMEZ, TRINIDADCuchara River-Butte Va294
GOMEZ, VICENTEBadito Colorado Territ118
GOMEZ, VICENTOCuchara River-Butte Va291
GONDEZ, CISTOHuerfano River-St.Mary44
GONDEZ, JEDIAIANHuerfano River-St.Mary43
GONDEZ, JUANITAHuerfano River-St.Mary42
GONDEZ, VEDALHuerfano River-St.Mary41
GONDEZ, VENTURAHuerfano River-St.Mary45
GONSALES, DE MARIACuchara River-Butte Va1622
GONSALES, JUANA PCuchara River-Butte Va1621
GONSALES, RITA MARIACuchara River-Butte Va1623
GONZAGA, CIRILDACuchara River-Butte Va639
GONZAGA, LUISCuchara River-Butte Va633
GONZAGA, M FRANCISCACuchara River-Butte Va634
GONZAGA, MANUELCuchara River-Butte Va637
GONZAGA, MARTINACuchara River-Butte Va636
GONZAGA, NATIVIDADCuchara River-Butte Va635
GONZAGA, RAMONACuchara River-Butte Va638
GONZALES, ADELAIDACuchara River-Trinidad2510
GONZALES, ANA MARIACuchara River-Butte Va822
GONZALES, ANTONIOCuchara River-Trinidad257
GONZALES, CALLETANOV of Huerfano River-Ba1536
GONZALES, chaves GavinoCuchara River-Trinidad2829
GONZALES, CULASAV of Huerfano River-Ba1538
GONZALES, DONACIANACuchara River-Trinidad259
GONZALES, FELIPEV of Huerfano River-Ba1835
GONZALES, FLORENTINOCuchara River-Trinidad2828
GONZALES, FRANCISCOCuchara River-Trinidad2827
GONZALES, IGNACIOCuchara River-Trinidad2514
GONZALES, JACINTOV of Huerfano River-Ba1535
GONZALES, JUANV of Huerfano River-Ba1837
GONZALES, JUANA MARIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1838
GONZALES, LORENSOV of Huerfano River-Ba159
GONZALES, MA DOLORESV of Huerfano River-Ba1836
GONZALES, MA LUCIACuchara River-Trinidad2511
GONZALES, MA MarcelinaV of Huerfano River-Ba1510
GONZALES, MA RITACuchara River-Trinidad2825
GONZALES, Ma SeferinaV of Huerfano River-Ba1511
GONZALES, MANUELCuchara River-Butte Va821
GONZALES, MANUELCuchara River-Trinidad2823
GONZALES, MARCOCuchara River-Trinidad2512
GONZALES, MARIA ANTIONACuchara River-Trinidad2826
GONZALES, MARIA BENGNACuchara River-Trinidad258
GONZALES, MARIA ManuelaCuchara River-Trinidad2515
GONZALES, MARIA ROSACuchara River-Trinidad2824
GONZALES, MARIA YEABELCuchara River-Trinidad2513
GONZALES, PANTALIONV of Huerfano River-Ba1537
GONZALEZ, ABARISTOCuchara River-Butte Va2915
GONZALEZ, ALISTOBadito Colorado Territ120
GONZALEZ, ANA MACuchara River-Butte Va2919
GONZALEZ, BEUNA VentaraCuchara River-Butte Va2920
GONZALEZ, CANDELARIOCuchara River-d.7/1869124
GONZALEZ, CELISTINAHeurfano River-d.2/187175
GONZALEZ, DOLORESCuchara River-Butte Va2918
GONZALEZ, FRANCISCOHuerfano River-St.Mary33
GONZALEZ, GREGORIAHuerfano River-St.Mary34
GONZALEZ, HEGINIOCuchara River-Butte Va2921
GONZALEZ, Jose Alta GraciaCuchara River-Butte Va2922
GONZALEZ, JOSE LUZCuchara River-Butte Va2917
GONZALEZ, JUANA MCuchara River-Butte Va155
GONZALEZ, M AGUSTINACuchara River-Butte Va153
GONZALEZ, M FRANCISCACuchara River-Butte Va156
GONZALEZ, MA LENORCuchara River-d.9/1869133
GONZALEZ, MA LEONORCuchara River-d.4/187019
GONZALEZ, MANUELBadito Colorado Territ116
GONZALEZ, MARIANAHeurfano River-d.12/18174
GONZALEZ, URSULACuchara River-Butte Va2916
GONZALEZ, VEDALHuerfano River-St.Mary35
GONZALEZ, VICINTECuchara River-Butte Va154
GONZALEZ, VICINTEBadito Colorado Territ139
GORDON, HIRAMHuerfano River-St.Mary415
GRACIA, TRAGIDACuchara River-d.4/1870132
GRASON, GEORGIANAHuerfano River-St.Mary440
GRASON, JHuerfano River-St.Mary439
GRON, BARTOLSCuchara River-Butte Va221
GRON, MA DOLORESCuchara River-Butte Va220
GRON, MARIANACuchara River-Butte Va223
GRON, TOMASCuchara River-Butte Va219
GRON, VICTORCuchara River-Butte Va222
GUELLEN, DREGOCuchara River-Butte Va298
GUELLEN, MANUELCuchara River-Butte Va2910
GUELLEN, NESTORACuchara River-Butte Va299
GUILLEN, ARCADIACuchara River-Trinidad2836
GUILLEN, M JUANACuchara River-Trinidad2834
GUILLEN, M LORENZOCuchara River-Trinidad2835
GUILLEN, MANUELCuchara River-Trinidad2833
GUILLEN, SOLEDADCuchara River-Trinidad2832
GULVIG, FILOMENAV of Huerfano River-Ba2021
GULVIG, MA CLARAV of Huerfano River-Ba2020
GULVIG, MAGINIANEV of Huerfano River-Ba2022
GULVIG, MARCIALV of Huerfano River-Ba2019
GURELE, PASQUALHuerfano River-Butte V728
GURULE, MANUEL AHuerfano River-Butte V729
HAMILTON & BrotherBadito Colorado Territ113
HAMILTON, JAMESCuchara River-Butte Va2216
HAMILTON, LOUISACuchara River-Butte Va2218
HAMILTON, W DCuchara River-Butte Va2217
HAMLET, ADELA MV of Huerfano River-Ba192
HAMLET, F MV of Huerfano River-Ba191
HAMLET, HADET HV of Huerfano River-Ba195
HAMLET, JACKSON LEEV of Huerfano River-Ba196
HAMLET, JAMES CV of Huerfano River-Ba194
HAMLET, JOHN TV of Huerfano River-Ba193
HAMLET, L MAYV of Huerfano River-Ba197
HAMLIT, T MBadito Colorado Territ314
HAMPTON, ABRAR HHuerfano River-St.Mary233
HAMPTON, CHuerfano River-St.Mary234
HAMPTON, G CHuerfano River-St.Mary230
HAMPTON, M MHuerfano River-St.Mary231
HAMPTON, MARY CatherineHuerfano River-St.Mary232
HARRAVA, ANTONIOCuchara River-Butte Va436
HARRAVA, Ma Antone GraciaCuchara River-Butte Va437
HARRAVA, MA CLIOFESCuchara River-Butte Va438
HARRAVA, MA MargaretaCuchara River-Butte Va439
HARRAVA, MA PERFECTOCuchara River-Butte Va440
HARTADS, GUADALUPEHuerfano River-Butte V936
HARTADS, MANUELHuerfano River-Butte V934
HARTADS, RAFAELAHuerfano River-Butte V937
HARTADS, TERESAHuerfano River-Butte V935
HAYDEN, D JBadito Colorado Territ336
HAYDON, DAVIDV of Huerfano River-Ba1112
HAYDON, DORAV of Huerfano River-Ba1114
HAYDON, MARY EV of Huerfano River-Ba1113
HENDRICKS, J LHuerfano River-Butte V1018
HENDRIN, C DBadito Colorado Territ19
HENDTON, C DCuchara River-Butte Va2411
HENDTON, C DCuchara River-Butte Va248
HENDTON, DAMIANACuchara River-Butte Va249
HENDTON, GERTUDESCuchara River-Butte Va2410
HENDTON, SIVA ROMULOCuchara River-Butte Va2412
HERRERA, FRANCISCOV of Huerfano River-Ba1729
HERRERA, JESUSV of Huerfano River-Ba1727
HERRERA, JESUS MCuchara River-d.3/187012
HERRERA, M MARTINACuchara River-Butte Va2436
HERRERA, MA CAMILIEV of Huerfano River-Ba1728
HERRERA, MA JESUSCuchara River-Butte Va176
HERRERA, PEDROCuchara River-Butte Va2435
HERRERA, PEDROCuchara River-Butte Va175
HERRERA, SILVERTROCuchara River-Butte Va114
HESSERS, BERNRIACuchara River-Butte Va215
HESSERS, FRANCISCOCuchara River-Butte Va212
HESSERS, JULISA JESUSCuchara River-Butte Va214
HESSERS, MANUELCuchara River-Butte Va213
HINTADY, GUADALUPEHuerfano River-Butte V734
HINTADY, MANUELHuerfano River-Butte V731
HINTADY, PABLOHuerfano River-Butte V733
HINTADY, TERESAHuerfano River-Butte V732
HOWARD, BENJAMINV of Huerfano River-Ba1111
HUDSON, CHARLOTA F AV of Huerfano River-Ba1917
HUDSON, HETTYV of Huerfano River-Ba1919
HUDSON, HUDSON J FV of Huerfano River-Ba1920
HUDSON, ISAAC WALTERV of Huerfano River-Ba1918
HUDSON, J BV of Huerfano River-Ba1916
HUDSON, J BBadito Colorado Territ316
ISABEL, PURANCuchara River-Butte Va183
JACKS, SAMUELBadito Colorado Territ311
JAQUES, JOE YNISV of Huerfano River-Ba2724
JAQUES, JOSEV of Huerfano River-Ba2728
JAQUES, JOSE MABadito Colorado Territ335
JAQUES, JOSE VNARIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1125
JAQUES, JUAN YCuchara River-Butte Va932
JAQUES, MA DE LAZ AngelsV of Huerfano River-Ba2725
JAQUES, MA YNNEAV of Huerfano River-Ba1126
JAQUES, MARIAV of Huerfano River-Ba2727
JAQUES, MIGUELCuchara River-Butte Va933
JAQUES, REYSV of Huerfano River-Ba2726
JARAMILLO, EUSEBIOV of Huerfano River-Ba2421
JARAMILLO, IGNACIOV of Huerfano River-Ba2427
JARAMILLO, LEANDROV of Huerfano River-Ba2426
JARAMILLO, MA ANTONIAV of Huerfano River-Ba2422
JARAMILLO, MARCELINAV of Huerfano River-Ba2424
JARAMILLO, SEVEROV of Huerfano River-Ba2423
JARAMILLO, YERMARV of Huerfano River-Ba2425
JOHNSON, A BHuerfano River-St.Mary36
JOHNSON, A WILEYHuerfano River-Butte V616
JOHNSON, ANNIE WHuerfano River-Butte V621
JOHNSON, EARNESTHuerfano River-Butte V620
JOHNSON, FELIXHuerfano River-Butte V622
JOHNSON, HELENHuerfano River-Butte V617
JOHNSON, IDAHuerfano River-Butte V618
JOHNSON, JOHNHuerfano River-Butte V723
JOHNSON, LUCY ANNHuerfano River-St.Mary37
JOHNSON, NOELHuerfano River-Butte V619
JOSE, ANTONIOCuchara River-Butte Va1827
JOSE, DONACIANOCuchara River-Butte Va1834
JOSE, MANUELCuchara River-Butte Va1824
JUAZERA, SILVERIOCuchara River-Butte Va185
JULIAN, RUVALHeurfano River-d.4/1871713
KELLY, JULIA AHuerfano River-St.Mary52
KELLY, SAMUELHuerfano River-St.Mary51
KELLY, VIRGILHuerfano River-St.Mary53
KEMBREL, PERRYHuerfano River-St.Mary229
KING, FREDERICHuerfano River-St.Mary325
KING, MARY JANEHuerfano River-St.Mary326
KNOTT, EDWARDCuchara River-Butte Va143
KNOTT, JUANA MACuchara River-Butte Va144
LEGURA, EULOGIOCuchara River-Butte Va738
LEGURA, MA VICTORIACuchara River-Butte Va739
LEGURA, MIGUELCuchara River-Butte Va740
LEON, BERNARDOCuchara River-Butte Va53
LEON, MIGUELCuchara River-Butte Va51
LEON, YERDORACuchara River-Butte Va52
LEONOR, MARIACuchara River-Butte Va1823
LESNERO, GUADULUPEV of Huerfano River-Ba2630
LESNERO, JOSE VICTORV of Huerfano River-Ba2629
LESNERO, MANUELV of Huerfano River-Ba2627
LESNERO, NATIVIDADV of Huerfano River-Ba2628
LEVER, DOLORESV of Huerfano River-Ba2024
LEVER, MA DE LA LUZV of Huerfano River-Ba2027
LEVER, MA JESUSV of Huerfano River-Ba2025
LEVER, MANUEL ANTONIOV of Huerfano River-Ba2026
LIBRE, ANTONIOCuchara River-Butte Va1435
LIBRE, LIONCuchara River-Butte Va1436
LIOBATO, JUAN BCuchara River-Butte Va1440
LIVERMAN, JOSEPHHuerfano River-St.Mary528
LOBATO, BARBARACuchara River-Butte Va1618
LOBATO, DELEFINACuchara River-Butte Va1620
LOBATO, GREGORIACuchara River-Butte Va151
LOBATO, JERONIMOHuerfano River-Butte V92
LOBATO, JOSE FELIZCuchara River-Butte Va1617
LOBATO, JOSE FRANCuchara River-Butte Va1614
LOBATO, LOUSACuchara River-Butte Va1616
LOBATO, LUCASHuerfano River-Butte V93
LOBATO, M CATELINACuchara River-Butte Va152
LOBATO, MA JESUSCuchara River-Butte Va1615
LOBATO, SANTA ANACuchara River-Butte Va1619
LONSY, CATHARINEHuerfano River-Butte V79
LONSY, MA VIRGINAHuerfano River-Butte V78
LONSY, MARGARETHuerfano River-Butte V77
LOPEZ, ALTA GRACIUOCuchara River-Butte Va2233
LOPEZ, ASCENCIONCuchara River-Butte Va2316
LOPEZ, AVAN DE DIOSCuchara River-Butte Va2315
LOPEZ, DOLORESCuchara River-Butte Va85
LOPEZ, EUGENIOCuchara River-Butte Va1626
LOPEZ, GUADALUPEHuerfano River-St.Mary334
LOPEZ, JOSE ANICETOCuchara River-Butte Va2322
LOPEZ, JOSE DOLORESHuerfano River-St.Mary333
LOPEZ, JOSE SANTOSCuchara River-Butte Va2317
LOPEZ, JUAN MARIACuchara River-Butte Va1835
LOPEZ, JUAN ROSALIOCuchara River-Trinidad2612
LOPEZ, JULIANCuchara River-Butte Va1627
LOPEZ, MA DE DOLORESCuchara River-Butte Va2323
LOPEZ, MARCOSCuchara River-Trinidad2610
LOPEZ, MARIA RITACuchara River-Trinidad2611
LOPEZ, MARIA SOLEDADCuchara River-Butte Va2321
LOPEZ, MASEDONIACuchara River-Butte Va2318
LOPEZ, MIGUELV of Huerfano River-Ba2117
LOPEZ, NICOLASACuchara River-Butte Va2320
LOPEZ, PACHECO JUANCuchara River-Trinidad2613
LOPEZ, RAMONCuchara River-Butte Va2319
LOPEZ, REYSCuchara River-d.7/1869126
LOPEZ, SOLEDADV of Huerfano River-Ba2118
LOPEZ, TOMASCuchara River-Butte Va2313
LOPEZ, TOMASBadito Colorado Territ132
LOPEZ, VICENTACuchara River-Butte Va2314
LOVATO, ANASTACIOCuchara River-Butte Va734
LOVATO, MA DE LA CRUZCuchara River-Butte Va735
LOVATO, MA DE LA LUZCuchara River-Butte Va736
LOVATO, MA JUANITACuchara River-Butte Va737
LUARO, FELIZ DEVOEHuerfano River-St.Mary126
LUARO, JOSE ANLOMEHuerfano River-St.Mary124
LUARO, JOSE JAEINTOHuerfano River-St.Mary127
LUARO, MA ABRANAHuerfano River-St.Mary128
LUARO, MA MANUELAHuerfano River-St.Mary125
LUCERO, ANTONIACuchara River-Trinidad2538
LUCERO, ANTONIO MCuchara River-Trinidad2718
LUCERO, BENIGNACuchara River-Trinidad2640
LUCERO, CANDELARIACuchara River-Trinidad274
LUCERO, CORNELISCuchara River-Trinidad2636
LUCERO, DOROTEOCuchara River-Trinidad2639
LUCERO, ENCARMACION MCuchara River-Butte Va1633
LUCERO, EPIGMENISCuchara River-Trinidad2638
LUCERO, EUGENIOCuchara River-Trinidad2537
LUCERO, EULALIACuchara River-Trinidad273
LUCERO, FELIXCuchara River-Trinidad278
LUCERO, FRANCISCOCuchara River-Trinidad272
LUCERO, GUADALUPECuchara River-Trinidad2539
LUCERO, ISABELCuchara River-Butte Va1721
LUCERO, JESUSCuchara River-Butte Va1631
LUCERO, JESUS MACuchara River-Trinidad2710
LUCERO, JOSEV of Huerfano River-Ba2133
LUCERO, JOSE ACuchara River-Trinidad2716
LUCERO, JOSE APOLONIOCuchara River-Trinidad271
LUCERO, JOSE FranciscoCuchara River-Trinidad275
LUCERO, JUANCuchara River-d.7/1869116
LUCERO, JUAN MARIACuchara River-d.7/1869115
LUCERO, JUANA MARIACuchara River-Butte Va616
LUCERO, JUANA MARIACuchara River-Trinidad2717
LUCERO, JUANO MARIAV of Huerfano River-Ba2132
LUCERO, MA ANTONIACuchara River-Trinidad2540
LUCERO, MA NORBERTACuchara River-Trinidad2637
LUCERO, MANUELCuchara River-Butte Va1720
LUCERO, MANUELV of Huerfano River-Ba2131
LUCERO, MANUEL ACuchara River-Trinidad277
LUCERO, MARGARITACuchara River-Trinidad276
LUCERO, MARIA RUMNALDACuchara River-Butte Va2040
LUCERO, NARRISCIOCuchara River-Butte Va2039
LUCERO, VICTORCuchara River-Trinidad279
LUCERO, VICTOR MCuchara River-Butte Va1632
LUIS, NARANJOV of Huerfano River-Ba216
LUIS, PAULAV of Huerfano River-Ba217
LUJAN, ANA MACuchara River-Butte Va1730
LUJAN, ANTONIOV of Huerfano River-Ba267
LUJAN, FELIPECuchara River-Butte Va1729
LUJAN, FRANCISCAV of Huerfano River-Ba268
LUJAN, FRANCISCOCuchara River-Butte Va112
LUJAN, JOSE MANUELV of Huerfano River-Ba2819
LUJAN, LOUISAV of Huerfano River-Ba2613
LUJAN, MA DE LA LUZV of Huerfano River-Ba2612
LUJAN, MANUELV of Huerfano River-Ba2614
LUJAN, MANUELCuchara River-Butte Va1439
LUJAN, MARGARITAV of Huerfano River-Ba269
LUJAN, PLACIDOV of Huerfano River-Ba2611
LUJAN, VICENTEV of Huerfano River-Ba2610
LYNN, ELLENCuchara River-Butte Va1433
LYNN, MARYCuchara River-Butte Va1434
LYNN, MICHAELCuchara River-Butte Va1432
LYNN, MICHAELBadito Colorado Territ140
LYON, EMILIANAV of Huerfano River-Ba1637
LYON, JAMES HV of Huerfano River-Ba1636
MADRID, DOMINGOV of Huerfano River-Ba272
MADRIEL, JUAN PCuchara River-Butte Va2234
MADRIEL, JUANA MARIACuchara River-Butte Va2235
MADRIEL, RAMONCuchara River-Butte Va2236
MADRIL, DESEDERIACuchara River-Butte Va1033
MADRIL, JUAN RECORDOCuchara River-Butte Va1135
MADRIL, JUANACuchara River-Butte Va1136
MADRIL, MA VEDALCuchara River-Butte Va1032
MADRIL, MA VIDULCuchara River-Butte Va2240
MADRIL, MASENIOCuchara River-Butte Va1034
MADRIL, PADROCuchara River-Butte Va2239
MADRIL, PEDROCuchara River-Butte Va1031
MAES, AGUSTINCuchara River-Butte Va921
MAES, ANTONIO JOSEHuerfano River-Butte V916
MAES, ANTONIO TCuchara River-Butte Va919
MAES, CRESTINOCuchara River-Butte Va926
MAES, DAMASOCuchara River-Butte Va923
MAES, ENCARMACION MACuchara River-Butte Va1816
MAES, JOSECuchara River-Butte Va1524
MAES, JOSE EDWARDOCuchara River-Butte Va838
MAES, JOSE GREGORIOCuchara River-Butte Va920
MAES, JOSE IGNACIOCuchara River-Butte Va1523
MAES, JOSE MIGUELCuchara River-Butte Va92
MAES, JUAN ANDRESCuchara River-Butte Va836
MAES, JUAN BARILIOCuchara River-Butte Va917
MAES, JUAN CLAUDISCuchara River-Butte Va1522
MAES, JULIANHuerfano River-Butte V91
MAES, M IGNACIACuchara River-Butte Va1520
MAES, M ROSALIACuchara River-Butte Va1521
MAES, MA ESTEFANACuchara River-Butte Va837
MAES, MA JESUSCuchara River-Butte Va91
MAES, MA LA LUZV of Huerfano River-Ba2620
MAES, MA LEONORDACuchara River-Butte Va922
MAES, MA NICOLASACuchara River-Butte Va925
MAES, MA PABLAV of Huerfano River-Ba2621
MAES, MA RAMONACuchara River-Butte Va918
MAES, MA URSULACuchara River-Butte Va839
MAES, MAES BONIFACIOCuchara River-Butte Va1817
MAES, MAES PABLACuchara River-Butte Va1814
MAES, MANUEL JOSECuchara River-Butte Va1818
MAES, MANULACuchara River-Butte Va916
MAES, MARCITNNIAHuerfano River-Butte V917
MAES, MAXMILLIANOCuchara River-d.8/186915
MAES, NICHOLASV of Huerfano River-Ba2619
MAES, PEDROCuchara River-Butte Va1811
MAES, REYES MARIACuchara River-Butte Va1812
MAES, SANTIAGOCuchara River-Butte Va834
MAES, SANTOS JOSECuchara River-Butte Va1815
MAES, SOMORAHuerfano River-Butte V918
MAES, TERESACuchara River-Butte Va927
MAES, VICENTECuchara River-Butte Va924
MAES, VICONTECuchara River-Butte Va840
MAES, VILLANUEVA TomasCuchara River-Butte Va1813
MAES, VIVIANACuchara River-Butte Va535
MAEZ, BENITOV of Huerfano River-Ba1231
MAEZ, Jose ENCARMACIONV of Huerfano River-Ba1438
MAEZ, JUANA MARIEV of Huerfano River-Ba1524
MAEZ, MA BENERANDAV of Huerfano River-Ba1439
Maez, MA ENCARMACIONV of Huerfano River-Ba1437
MAEZ, MIGUELV of Huerfano River-Ba1436
MAHAN, DANIELHuerfano River-St.Mary335
MAIDRID, MA YGONICICAV of Huerfano River-Ba273
MALDONADO, ESLIFANACuchara River-Butte Va2119
MALDONADO, JUAN JOSECuchara River-Butte Va2118
MALDONADO, M CrecenciaCuchara River-Butte Va2120
MALDONADO, AVANCuchara River-Butte Va2338
MALDONADO, GANDALUPECuchara River-Butte Va2114
MALDONADO, JOSECuchara River-Butte Va2339
MALDONADO, JOSECuchara River-Butte Va2336
MALDONADO, Jose de JesusCuchara River-Butte Va2115
MALDONADO, Juan de DiosCuchara River-Butte Va2117
MALDONADO, LIBRADACuchara River-Butte Va2340
MALDONADO, MANUELCuchara River-Butte Va2116
MALDONADO, POLITACuchara River-Butte Va2337
MALDONADO, VICTORCuchara River-Butte Va2113
MAMANAREZ, JOSE GV of Huerfano River-Ba1525
MAMANAREZ, MA PiedadV of Huerfano River-Ba1526
MAMANAREZ, MA VICTORIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1527
MANNULA DE ATOCHEHuerfano River-Butte V737
MANSANAREZ, F ANTONIOBadito Colorado Territ325
MANSANARG, FRANCISCOV of Huerfano River-Ba1817
MANSANARG, JOSEV of Huerfano River-Ba1826
MANSANARG, Jose EnwigueV of Huerfano River-Ba1822
MANSANARG, Jose FranciscoV of Huerfano River-Ba1823
MANSANARG, JUAN AndrizV of Huerfano River-Ba1820
MANSANARG, MA ANTONIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1825
MANSANARG, MA JOSEFAV of Huerfano River-Ba1818
MANSANARG, MA LORETAV of Huerfano River-Ba1821
MANSANARG, MA LORITAV of Huerfano River-Ba1819
MANSANARG, MARCELINEV of Huerfano River-Ba1827
MANSANARG, SALVADORV of Huerfano River-Ba1824
MANSANARY, ANTONIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1411
MANSANARZ, JOSE MANUELV of Huerfano River-Ba1711
MANSANARZ, JUAN AV of Huerfano River-Ba2035
MANSANARZ, MA DE LA LUZV of Huerfano River-Ba1712
MANSANARZ, MA RITAV of Huerfano River-Ba2036
MANSENCORAS, JESUSCuchara River-Butte Va1213
MANSENCORAS, JUANITACuchara River-Butte Va1215
Mansencoras, Ma AdelaideCuchara River-Butte Va1216
Mansencoras, Ma FranciscaCuchara River-Butte Va1217
MANSENCORAS, MA RITACuchara River-Butte Va1214
MANZANAR, J ANTONIOBadito Colorado Territ320
MARAFIS, JOSE EncamasonHuerfano River-St.Mary118
MARAFIS, MA JUANAHuerfano River-St.Mary116
MARAFIS, MA SOLEDOREHuerfano River-St.Mary115
MARAFIS, MA TRINIDADHuerfano River-St.Mary117
MARAFIS, QUERINOHuerfano River-St.Mary119
MARCOS, JESUSHuerfano River-Butte V832
MARES, CARMELHuerfano River-Butte V818
MARES, MA RAFAELAHuerfano River-Butte V820
MARES, MIGUELHuerfano River-Butte V817
MARES, PERFECTOHuerfano River-Butte V819
MARIA, ANASTACIACuchara River-Butte Va1828
MARIA, BONERANDACuchara River-Butte Va1825
MARIA, CANDELARIACuchara River-Butte Va1837
MARIA, CARMENCuchara River-Trinidad262
MARIA, LUCIACuchara River-Trinidad261
MARIA, PETRACuchara River-Butte Va1826
MARIA, SOLEDADCuchara River-Butte Va2010
MARQUES, APOLONIACuchara River-Butte Va2021
MARQUES, Jose DE LAS LUZHuerfano River-Butte V913
MARQUES, JOSE FAUSTINCuchara River-Butte Va2022
MARQUES, JOSE MIGUELIV of Huerfano River-Ba164
MARQUES, JOSE PATRICIOV of Huerfano River-Ba167
MARQUES, JUAN MHuerfano River-Butte V911
MARQUES, LRUZ MARIAV of Huerfano River-Ba168
MARQUES, LUCASCuchara River-Butte Va2018
MARQUES, MA JULIANAV of Huerfano River-Ba165
MARQUES, MA RAMONAV of Huerfano River-Ba166
MARQUES, MAGDELINEHuerfano River-Butte V912
MARQUES, MARIA ROSARIOCuchara River-Butte Va2019
MARQUES, NICOLASACuchara River-Butte Va2020
MARQUEZ, CRISEMIOHuerfano River-St.Mary213
MARQUEZ, JOSE DARIOHuerfano River-St.Mary217
MARQUEZ, JUANHuerfano River-St.Mary26
MARQUEZ, MA ANTONIAHuerfano River-St.Mary27
MARQUEZ, MA FETIZHuerfano River-St.Mary215
MARQUEZ, MA GREGORIAHuerfano River-St.Mary214
MARQUEZ, MADE LA LUZHuerfano River-St.Mary216
MARTENZ, ENCARMACIONV of Huerfano River-Ba162
MARTENZ, MAGADALINAV of Huerfano River-Ba163
MARTIN, ANASTACIOHuerfano River-Butte V831
MARTIN, ANTONIAHuerfano River-Butte V99
MARTIN, ANTONIOHuerfano River-Butte V826
MARTIN, ANTONIOCuchara River-Butte Va319
MARTIN, ANTONIO FHuerfano River-St.Mary21
MARTIN, ASENCIONV of Huerfano River-Ba1331
MARTIN, ATANACIOCuchara River-Butte Va827
MARTIN, BARBARAV of Huerfano River-Ba283
MARTIN, BRIGIDACuchara River-Butte Va226
MARTIN, CANDELARIACuchara River-Butte Va119
MARTIN, CARMELCuchara River-Butte Va118
MARTIN, DAVIDCuchara River-Butte Va1035
MARTIN, DESUTUOHuerfano River-Butte V822
MARTIN, DOLORESHuerfano River-Butte V824
MARTIN, DOROTESHuerfano River-Butte V923
MARTIN, ENCARMACIONHuerfano River-Butte V739
MARTIN, ENCARMACIONHuerfano River-Butte V98
MARTIN, ESTEFANACuchara River-Butte Va1038
MARTIN, EULOGIOCuchara River-Butte Va829
MARTIN, FELIPEV of Huerfano River-Ba1417
MARTIN, FRANCISCACuchara River-Butte Va140
MARTIN, FRANCISCACuchara River-Butte Va320
MARTIN, FRANCISCAHuerfano River-St.Mary48
MARTIN, FRANCISCOCuchara River-Butte Va21
MARTIN, FRANCISCOCuchara River-Butte Va935
MARTIN, FRANCISCOCuchara River-Butte Va1139
MARTIN, GABINAV of Huerfano River-Ba1334
MARTIN, GEROMINOCuchara River-Butte Va823
MARTIN, GERTRUDISCuchara River-Butte Va830
MARTIN, HENNGZV of Huerfano River-Ba1418
MARTIN, JORNICENDOHuerfano River-Butte V839
MARTIN, JOSEV of Huerfano River-Ba1420
MARTIN, JOSE ACuchara River-Trinidad2614
MARTIN, JOSE DE LA LUZCuchara River-Butte Va826
MARTIN, JOSE FCuchara River-Butte Va139
MARTIN, JOSE FELIACuchara River-Butte Va833
MARTIN, JOSE LIBRADOCuchara River-Butte Va1515
MARTIN, JOSE LIBRADOSCuchara River-Butte Va1427
MARTIN, JOSE MAV of Huerfano River-Ba282
MARTIN, JOSE RAFAELCuchara River-Butte Va831
MARTIN, JOSE SINOBIOV of Huerfano River-Ba2829
MARTIN, JOSEFAHuerfano River-Butte V823
MARTIN, JUANV of Huerfano River-Ba1416
MARTIN, JUAN ALAROHuerfano River-St.Mary139
MARTIN, JUAN ANDRESV of Huerfano River-Ba1335
MARTIN, JUAN AUGUSTV of Huerfano River-Ba1330
MARTIN, JUAN YCuchara River-Butte Va1425
MARTIN, JUAN YCuchara River-Butte Va1513
MARTIN, JUANAHuerfano River-Butte V827
MARTIN, M BASELIACuchara River-Butte Va1428
MARTIN, M BASILIACuchara River-Butte Va1516
MARTIN, M DOLORESCuchara River-Butte Va1426
MARTIN, M DOLORESCuchara River-Butte Va1514
MARTIN, MA CEFERINACuchara River-Butte Va832
MARTIN, MA de LA LUZCuchara River-Butte Va1140
MARTIN, MA DE LOS ReyesCuchara River-Butte Va824
MARTIN, MA DOLORESV of Huerfano River-Ba1337
MARTIN, MA IGNACIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1415
MARTIN, MA JOSEFAHuerfano River-St.Mary140
MARTIN, MA LORENZACuchara River-Butte Va828
MARTIN, MA MANUELACuchara River-Butte Va1036
MARTIN, MA MArcelinaCuchara River-Butte Va825
MARTIN, MA NIEANORACuchara River-Butte Va120
MARTIN, MA SOLEDADCuchara River-Butte Va721
MARTIN, MANUELV of Huerfano River-Ba1333
MARTIN, MANUELACuchara River-Butte Va22
MARTIN, MARIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1421
MARTIN, MARYILDOV of Huerfano River-Ba231
MARTIN, MEREGILDACuchara River-Butte Va23
MARTIN, MIGUELCuchara River-Butte Va142
MARTIN, MIGUELV of Huerfano River-Ba232
MARTIN, MIGUEL AHuerfano River-St.Mary46
MARTIN, NICELASASCuchara River-Butte Va225
MARTIN, NIXTORV of Huerfano River-Ba1332
MARTIN, PABLACuchara River-Butte Va24
MARTIN, PEDROV of Huerfano River-Ba1336
MARTIN, PRICILIANAV of Huerfano River-Ba1419
MARTIN, QUIRINOV of Huerfano River-Ba233
MARTIN, RAFAELNCuchara River-Butte Va1037
MARTIN, ROEANNAHuerfano River-Butte V740
MARTIN, ROSANHuerfano River-St.Mary47
MARTIN, SANTIAGOV of Huerfano River-Ba1414
MARTIN, SEBVERISHuerfano River-Butte V825
MARTIN, SOLEDADHuerfano River-Butte V840
MARTIN, VEDALHuerfano River-Butte V97
MARTIN, VICENTECuchara River-Butte Va224
MARTINES, ANDRESCuchara River-Trinidad2617
MARTINES, ANTONIOCuchara River-Trinidad2629
MARTINES, ENSEBIOCuchara River-Trinidad2616
MARTINES, ISIDORACuchara River-Trinidad2632
MARTINES, JOSEFACuchara River-Trinidad2630
MARTINES, LEBRADOCuchara River-Trinidad2618
MARTINES, MARGARITACuchara River-Trinidad2620
MARTINES, MARIA DE JANSCuchara River-Trinidad2633
MARTINES, Martines VivianaCuchara River-Trinidad2615
MARTINES, RUMUALDACuchara River-Trinidad2619
MARTINES, TOMASCuchara River-Trinidad2631
MARTINEZ, ALBINACuchara River-Butte Va239
MARTINEZ, ANDRESCuchara River-Butte Va2230
MARTINEZ, ANNETACIOCuchara River-Butte Va2310
MARTINEZ, ANTONIACuchara River-Trinidad2815
MARTINEZ, BENITOCuchara River-Butte Va75
MARTINEZ, BERSABELCuchara River-Butte Va216
MARTINEZ, CANDELARIACuchara River-Butte Va214
MARTINEZ, CARLOS SIMONV of Huerfano River-Ba2513
MARTINEZ, CORNELIOCuchara River-d.9/1869112
MARTINEZ, ENCARMACIONCuchara River-Butte Va2312
MARTINEZ, FELICIANACuchara River-Butte Va72
MARTINEZ, FELIPECuchara River-Butte Va338
MARTINEZ, FELIPE DE JuanV of Huerfano River-Ba259
MARTINEZ, FRANBadito Colorado Territ124
MARTINEZ, FRANCISCACuchara River-Butte Va74
MARTINEZ, FRANCISCACuchara River-d.5/1870114
MARTINEZ, FRANCISCOV of Huerfano River-Ba221
MARTINEZ, FRANCISCOCuchara River-Butte Va234
MARTINEZ, GREGORIOCuchara River-Butte Va2228
MARTINEZ, GUADALUPECuchara River-Butte Va2229
MARTINEZ, J IGNACIOCuchara River-Butte Va71
MARTINEZ, JESUSCuchara River-Butte Va219
MARTINEZ, JOSECuchara River-Butte Va1233
MARTINEZ, JOSECuchara River-Butte Va215
MARTINEZ, JOSECuchara River-Trinidad2816
MARTINEZ, JOSE ANTONIOV of Huerfano River-Ba2134
MARTINEZ, JOSE ANTONIOBadito Colorado Territ111
MARTINEZ, JOSE DCuchara River-Butte Va237
MARTINEZ, JOSE EenemecioV of Huerfano River-Ba2511
MARTINEZ, JOSE IGNACIOCuchara River-Butte Va336
MARTINEZ, JOSE MV of Huerfano River-Ba224
MARTINEZ, Juan DE JesusCuchara River-Butte Va213
MARTINEZ, JUAN DE La CruzV of Huerfano River-Ba2517
MARTINEZ, JUAN JULIANCuchara River-Butte Va1118
MARTINEZ, JUAN PEDROHeurfano River-d.8/1861712
MARTINEZ, JUANACuchara River-Trinidad2817
MARTINEZ, JUANA GAUDCuchara River-d.1/1870135
MARTINEZ, JUANA MAV of Huerfano River-Ba2514
MARTINEZ, LEONORCuchara River-Butte Va73
MARTINEZ, MA APOLONIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1710
MARTINEZ, MA CATARINAV of Huerfano River-Ba222
MARTINEZ, Ma Del RosoniaV of Huerfano River-Ba2512
MARTINEZ, MA DOLORESCuchara River-Butte Va337
MARTINEZ, MA DOLORESCuchara River-Butte Va1119
MARTINEZ, MA DOLORESCuchara River-Butte Va1232
MARTINEZ, MA DOLORESCuchara River-d.12/186113
MARTINEZ, MA DOLOROSV of Huerfano River-Ba179
Martinez, Ma ENCARMACIONV of Huerfano River-Ba2518
MARTINEZ, MA IGNACIAV of Huerfano River-Ba2515
MARTINEZ, MA LOZAROCuchara River-Butte Va1234
MARTINEZ, MA LUZCuchara River-Butte Va236
MARTINEZ, MA MANUELAV of Huerfano River-Ba2135
MARTINEZ, MA VICTORIAV of Huerfano River-Ba2516
MARTINEZ, MANICOCuchara River-Butte Va1231
MARTINEZ, MANUELCuchara River-Butte Va2311
MARTINEZ, MARIA DE JesusV of Huerfano River-Ba2510
MARTINEZ, MARIA NCuchara River-Butte Va218
MARTINEZ, RAFAELCuchara River-Butte Va217
MARTINEZ, RAFAELACuchara River-Trinidad2813
MARTINEZ, RAMONV of Huerfano River-Ba178
MARTINEZ, SANTOSCuchara River-Trinidad2812
MARTINEZ, SISNEROV of Huerfano River-Ba223
MARTINEZ, SUBRANACuchara River-Butte Va238
MARTINEZ, TEOFILACuchara River-Butte Va2231
MARTINEZ, TOMASACuchara River-Butte Va235
MARTINEZ, VIDALCuchara River-Trinidad2814
MARTINS, PETRACuchara River-Butte Va1838
MARUFES, RAMONHuerfano River-St.Mary113
MARUS, CARLOSCuchara River-Butte Va212
MARUS, TEODORACuchara River-Butte Va211
MAS, JOSE MARIACuchara River-Butte Va122
MAS, MA RITACuchara River-Butte Va121
MATZ, JUAN YADROV of Huerfano River-Ba1233
MATZ, VEMECISV of Huerfano River-Ba1234
MATZ, VONOCIANAV of Huerfano River-Ba1232
MAY & BrotherBadito Colorado Territ319
MAY, G BV of Huerfano River-Ba2032
MAY, RICHARD HV of Huerfano River-Ba2034
MAY, WILLIAM MV of Huerfano River-Ba2033
McCLURE, ADELINECuchara River-Butte Va2139
McCLURE, ANDREWHuerfano River-Butte V624
McCLURE, CHARLESCuchara River-Butte Va2140
McCLURE, IOWAHuerfano River-Butte V626
McCLURE, JASONHuerfano River-Butte V627
McCLURE, JOHNCuchara River-Butte Va2135
McCLURE, MARGARETCuchara River-Butte Va2136
McCLURE, MARYCuchara River-Butte Va2137
McCLURE, REBECCAHuerfano River-Butte V625
MEDINA, CANDALANAHeurfano River-d.3/187171
MEDINA, CARLOSHuerfano River-St.Mary133
MEDINA, CUADALUPEHuerfano River-St.Mary134
MEDINA, FRANCISCAV of Huerfano River-Ba207
MEDINA, JOSEHuerfano River-Butte V636
MEDINA, JOSE DOLORESHuerfano River-St.Mary138
MEDINA, JOSE PV of Huerfano River-Ba1515
MEDINA, JOSE PABLOHuerfano River-St.Mary136
MEDINA, JOSEFAHuerfano River-Butte V637
MEDINA, JUANHuerfano River-Butte V638
MEDINA, JUAN MANUELV of Huerfano River-Ba2012
MEDINA, JUANA MARIAV of Huerfano River-Ba205
MEDINA, JUANA RV of Huerfano River-Ba169
MEDINA, MA ARCADIAV of Huerfano River-Ba208
MEDINA, MA DE LA CRUZV of Huerfano River-Ba2014
MEDINA, MA MANUELAV of Huerfano River-Ba2013
MEDINA, MA PAULAV of Huerfano River-Ba1517
MEDINA, MADEL LORARAHuerfano River-St.Mary137
MEDINA, MAGDALENAV of Huerfano River-Ba209
MEDINA, MARIANAV of Huerfano River-Ba204
MEDINA, PATROCINIAHuerfano River-St.Mary135
MEDINA, PEDRO ANTONIOV of Huerfano River-Ba1516
MEDINA, VICTORV of Huerfano River-Ba206
MESTAS, ANTONIAV of Huerfano River-Ba2112
MESTAS, DAVIDCuchara River-Trinidad2626
MESTAS, EUSRBROCuchara River-Trinidad2624
MESTAS, FRANCISCAV of Huerfano River-Ba2113
MESTAS, FRANCISCOCuchara River-Trinidad2628
MESTAS, FRANCISCOV of Huerfano River-Ba2111
MESTAS, GRACIACuchara River-Trinidad2621
MESTAS, GUADALUPEV of Huerfano River-Ba275
MESTAS, LEONORV of Huerfano River-Ba2114
MESTAS, LUIRORIOV of Huerfano River-Ba2116
MESTAS, MA REFRGIOV of Huerfano River-Ba276
MESTAS, MARCELINAV of Huerfano River-Ba2115
MESTAS, RAMONACuchara River-Trinidad2625
MESTAS, RUPERTACuchara River-Trinidad2622
MESTAS, SARAHCuchara River-Trinidad2627
MESTAS, TRINIDADCuchara River-Trinidad2623
MESTAS, YONESV of Huerfano River-Ba274
MESTERO, MIGUELCuchara River-Butte Va936
MESTERO, PEDROCuchara River-Butte Va934
MILLS, WILLIAM TCuchara River-Butte Va2219
MISTAS, BERNAVECuchara River-Butte Va189
MISTERO, CRUZHuerfano River-Butte V924
MISTVES, GUADALUPEV of Huerfano River-Ba2523
MISTVES, MA TRINIDADV of Huerfano River-Ba2525
MISTVES, YRUSV of Huerfano River-Ba2524
MONARAGON, JOSE TOMASV of Huerfano River-Ba1720
MONARAGON, MA FELIPEV of Huerfano River-Ba1721
MONTANA, JUANCuchara River-Butte Va123
MONTANA, JUANA ANTONIACuchara River-Butte Va122
MONTANA, PABLOCuchara River-Butte Va121
MONTANA, VIRGINIACuchara River-Butte Va124
MONTES, JESUSV of Huerfano River-Ba2821
MONTES, JOSE SIMONV of Huerfano River-Ba2828
MONTES, JUAN DE DIOSV of Huerfano River-Ba2823
MONTES, MA DLOGIOV of Huerfano River-Ba2824
MONTES, MA FLORENCIOV of Huerfano River-Ba2825
MONTES, MA JUANAV of Huerfano River-Ba2822
MONTES, MA SINFOROSAV of Huerfano River-Ba2827
MONTES, MANUELCuchara River-Trinidad251
MONTES, TEODOROCuchara River-Trinidad252
MONTES, TOMASV of Huerfano River-Ba2826
MONTILLA, CRUZV of Huerfano River-Ba1539
MONTILLA, PEDROV of Huerfano River-Ba161
MONTILLA, RAMONAV of Huerfano River-Ba1540
MONTOYA, DAVIDCuchara River-Butte Va229
MONTOYA, FLORENCIOCuchara River-Trinidad2714
MONTOYA, FRANCISCAV of Huerfano River-Ba256
MONTOYA, GABRIELCuchara River-Butte Va227
MONTOYA, GREGORIACuchara River-Butte Va232
MONTOYA, JESUSCuchara River-Butte Va233
MONTOYA, JOSEV of Huerfano River-Ba1239
MONTOYA, JUANV of Huerfano River-Ba257
MONTOYA, JUANV of Huerfano River-Ba1237
MONTOYA, LORENZACuchara River-Butte Va228
MONTOYA, MA DE JESUSCuchara River-Trinidad2715
MONTOYA, MA JOSEFACuchara River-d.4/1870117
MONTOYA, MANUALCuchara River-Trinidad2713
MONTOYA, MANUELCuchara River-Butte Va1822
MONTOYA, MIGUELV of Huerfano River-Ba255
MONTOYA, MONTOYA ACuchara River-Trinidad2711
MONTOYA, PABLOV of Huerfano River-Ba1119
MONTOYA, PABLOV of Huerfano River-Ba1238
MONTOYA, POLITOCuchara River-Butte Va230
MONTOYA, RUFINACuchara River-Butte Va231
MONTOYA, SANTIAGOV of Huerfano River-Ba258
MONTOYA, SEREFINAV of Huerfano River-Ba1120
MONTOYA, TEODORACuchara River-Trinidad2712
MOOR, JAMES AV of Huerfano River-Ba1631
MOOR, JAMES ABadito Colorado Territ310
MORALES, CANDELARIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1124
MORALES, JOSEV of Huerfano River-Ba1122
MORALES, REYSV of Huerfano River-Ba1123
MORAN, JUAN JOSEV of Huerfano River-Ba2239
MORAN, MA BENIGNEV of Huerfano River-Ba2240
MORGAN, RECARDOHuerfano River-Butte V922
MORTEZ, ENRIQUEZCuchara River-Butte Va2439
MORTEZ, JUAN ANTONIOCuchara River-Butte Va2437
MORTEZ, RUFINACuchara River-Butte Va2438
MYARD, WILLIAMHuerfano River-Butte V1017
NARANGO, CRUZBadito Colorado Territ317
NARANJO, ALVINOV of Huerfano River-Ba1830
NARANJO, CLEAFESV of Huerfano River-Ba1834
NARANJO, CRUZV of Huerfano River-Ba1938
NARANJO, GUADLUPEV of Huerfano River-Ba1831
NARANJO, MA ANTONIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1829
NARANJO, MA JOSEFAV of Huerfano River-Ba1940
NARANJO, MA YLANAV of Huerfano River-Ba1832
NARANJO, MANUELV of Huerfano River-Ba1828
NARANJO, MANUELAV of Huerfano River-Ba1833
NARANJO, PATROCINIOV of Huerfano River-Ba1939
NARARJO, ISABELV of Huerfano River-Ba202
NARARJO, MATILDAV of Huerfano River-Ba201
NARARJO, PASCUALAV of Huerfano River-Ba203
NATIEN & BRIGGBadito Colorado Territ328
NATION, MARGARETHuerfano River-Butte V712
NATION, W CHuerfano River-Butte V711
NATION, WILLIAMHuerfano River-Butte V713
NICKOLS, ABITHAHuerfano River-Butte V1035
NICKOLS, CATHARINEHuerfano River-Butte V1038
NICKOLS, D CHuerfano River-St.Mary436
NICKOLS, DAVIDHuerfano River-Butte V1034
NICKOLS, DAVID CHuerfano River-Butte V1039
NICKOLS, JOELHuerfano River-Butte V1036
NICKOLS, LEVADAHuerfano River-Butte V1040
NICKOLS, MORGANV of Huerfano River-Ba111
NICKOLS, NANCYHuerfano River-St.Mary438
NICKOLS, THOMASHuerfano River-St.Mary435
NICKOLS, THOMASHuerfano River-Butte V1037
NICKOLS, W NHuerfano River-St.Mary437
NOLACS, DECIDERIOV of Huerfano River-Ba215
NOLACS, FELIPEV of Huerfano River-Ba214
NOLACS, PEDROV of Huerfano River-Ba212
NOLACS, TOMASAV of Huerfano River-Ba213
NOLASCA, JOSECuchara River-Butte Va1133
NOLASCA, JUANCuchara River-Butte Va1131
NOLASCA, MA PELARCuchara River-Butte Va1134
NOLASCA, QUIRINACuchara River-Butte Va1132
NOLASCO, PEDROBadito Colorado Territ136
OLGAIN, JOE TCuchara River-Butte Va2110
OLGAIN, M ISABELCuchara River-Butte Va2112
OLGAIN, M REFUGIOCuchara River-Butte Va2111
ORETGA, JOSE VICTORCuchara River-Butte Va64
ORETGA, MA COENSLIACuchara River-Butte Va65
ORETGA, MA SISETACuchara River-Butte Va66
ORETGA, MARIA NICOLASACuchara River-Butte Va63
ORGE, MANUELCuchara River-Butte Va931
ORTEGA, JESUSCuchara River-Butte Va62
ORTEGO, JOSE MHuerfano River-d.8/186123
ORTIZ, ANTONIO MHuerfano River-St.Mary110
ORTIZ, ESQUFUHIAHuerfano River-St.Mary529
ORTIZ, JOSE GREGORIOHuerfano River-St.Mary532
ORTIZ, JUANHuerfano River-St.Mary531
ORTIZ, MA CRISONCIAHuerfano River-St.Mary111
ORTIZ, PABLAHuerfano River-St.Mary530
OSBOURN, ANNHuerfano River-St.Mary31
OSBOURN, BRIDGETTHuerfano River-St.Mary236
OSBOURN, BRIDGETTHuerfano River-St.Mary239
OSBOURN, JOHNHuerfano River-St.Mary235
OSBOURN, JOHNHuerfano River-St.Mary240
OSBOURN, MARGARETHuerfano River-St.Mary32
OSBOURN, MARYHuerfano River-St.Mary238
OSBOURN, THOMASHuerfano River-St.Mary237
PACHECO, ANDREAHuerfano River-Butte V95
PACHECO, ANTONIOCuchara River-Butte Va1624
PACHECO, Asconcion MACuchara River-Butte Va188
PACHECO, BENDICTOCuchara River-Butte Va640
PACHECO, CERELIAHuerfano River-Butte V96
PACHECO, CRUZV of Huerfano River-Ba2233
PACHECO, CRUZ JOSECuchara River-Butte Va187
PACHECO, DONACIANACuchara River-Butte Va1629
PACHECO, JOSEV of Huerfano River-Ba2236
PACHECO, JOSE ADALHeurfano River-d.3/1871719
PACHECO, JOSE IGNACIOHuerfano River-Butte V94
PACHECO, JOSE IGNACIOV of Huerfano River-Ba2633
PACHECO, JUANCuchara River-Butte Va1628
PACHECO, MA LUZCuchara River-Butte Va1639
PACHECO, MARCELINOV of Huerfano River-Ba2234
PACHECO, PEDROV of Huerfano River-Ba2235
PACHECO, RAFAELV of Huerfano River-Ba2635
PACHECO, RAMONCuchara River-Butte Va1638
PACHECO, RUFINA MCuchara River-Butte Va1625
PACHECO, VICTORIAV of Huerfano River-Ba2634
PADILLA, ALVINACuchara River-Butte Va1731
PADILLA, CRESENCIACuchara River-Butte Va730
PADILLA, JOSE de DOLORISCuchara River-Butte Va2225
PADILLA, JOSE DE JESUSCuchara River-Butte Va2914
PADILLA, JUAN MARIACuchara River-Butte Va729
PADILLA, JUANA MCuchara River-Butte Va2912
PADILLA, M LUZCuchara River-Butte Va2913
PADILLA, PEDROCuchara River-Butte Va2911
PADILLA, PLACIDACuchara River-Butte Va2227
PADILLA, REFUGISCuchara River-Butte Va1732
PADILLA, SANTOSHuerfano River-Butte V833
PADILLA, TERESACuchara River-Butte Va2226
PAIS, JOSE BENITOHuerfano River-St.Mary539
PAIS, JUANHuerfano River-St.Mary537
PAIS, MA ALVINOHuerfano River-St.Mary540
PAIS, RAFAELAHuerfano River-St.Mary538
PALMER & SonBadito Colorado Territ312
PALMER, GILBERTV of Huerfano River-Ba1635
PALMER, JOHNV of Huerfano River-Ba1634
PAPILLAS, ANTONIACuchara River-Butte Va1138
PAPILLAS, MELCEADESCuchara River-Butte Va1137
PATTERSON, DECATURBadito Colorado Territ11
PATTERSON, DECAUTERHuerfano River-St.Mary312
PATTERSON, EMMAHuerfano River-St.Mary314
PATTERSON, JAMESV of Huerfano River-Ba113
PATTERSON, JASON MHuerfano River-Butte V76
PATTERSON, MARGARET AHuerfano River-Butte V75
PATTERSON, MARY NHuerfano River-Butte V73
PATTERSON, MINERVAHuerfano River-St.Mary313
PATTERSON, POLLYV of Huerfano River-Ba112
PATTERSON, WILLIAM BHuerfano River-Butte V74
PENA, JOSE MABadito Colorado Territ123
PINCDA, J DONACIANOCuchara River-Butte Va714
PINEDA, HERMANCuchara River-Butte Va711
PINEDA, JUAN DE DIOSCuchara River-Butte Va717
PINEDA, JUAN DE LA CRUZCuchara River-Butte Va719
PINEDA, JUAN NCuchara River-Butte Va713
PINEDA, MA ANTONIACuchara River-Butte Va715
PINEDA, MA FRANCISCACuchara River-Butte Va716
PINEDA, MA MANUELACuchara River-Butte Va712
PINEDA, MA MANUELACuchara River-Butte Va718
PINEDA, POLICARPIOCuchara River-Butte Va720
PINO, ALOINETAHuerfano River-St.Mary19
PINO, ANTONIO SOLDOHuerfano River-St.Mary11
PINO, CAROLIDOHuerfano River-St.Mary16
PINO, EDUOYONHuerfano River-St.Mary17
PINO, JOSE DE LA CRUZHuerfano River-St.Mary18
PINO, JOSE MARSELINOHuerfano River-St.Mary15
PINO, JUAN NIFOMSIAHuerfano River-St.Mary14
PINO, MA CORNEFIOHuerfano River-St.Mary114
PINO, MADE LA LUZHuerfano River-St.Mary12
PINO, MANUELITOHuerfano River-St.Mary13
PONO, FRANCISCOHuerfano River-St.Mary112
PORTUES, FRANCISCOV of Huerfano River-Ba143
POTTS, MALINDAHuerfano River-St.Mary316
POTTS, MATILDAHuerfano River-St.Mary317
POTTS, MILLICIAHuerfano River-St.Mary315
POTTS, SAMUELHuerfano River-St.Mary318
PROFFITT, ALFREDHuerfano River-St.Mary421
PROFFITT, DAVIDHuerfano River-St.Mary424
PROFFITT, JOHNHuerfano River-St.Mary419
PROFFITT, MARYHuerfano River-St.Mary418
PROFFITT, MARY FRANCISHuerfano River-St.Mary420
PROFFITT, REBECCA ANNHuerfano River-St.Mary423
PROFFITT, SARAHHuerfano River-St.Mary422
PROFFITT, WILLIAMHuerfano River-St.Mary417
QUINTANA, BIBIANAV of Huerfano River-Ba1514
QUINTANA, EZTANESLADOCuchara River-Butte Va1329
QUINTANA, GREGORIACuchara River-Butte Va1330
QUINTANA, JESUS MACuchara River-Butte Va1318
QUINTANA, JOSEV of Huerfano River-Ba1839
QUINTANA, JOSE YGV of Huerfano River-Ba2615
QUINTANA, Jose Ygn FroncisV of Huerfano River-Ba2617
QUINTANA, JUANV of Huerfano River-Ba2618
QUINTANA, JUAN NCuchara River-Butte Va1325
QUINTANA, M CLEOFISCuchara River-Butte Va1322
QUINTANA, M FRANCISCACuchara River-Butte Va1321
QUINTANA, M GREGORIACuchara River-Butte Va1324
QUINTANA, M GUADALUPECuchara River-Butte Va1326
QUINTANA, M PABLACuchara River-Butte Va1323
QUINTANA, MA ANGELCuchara River-Butte Va1328
QUINTANA, MA FRANCISCAV of Huerfano River-Ba2616
QUINTANA, MA LORENZACuchara River-Butte Va1320
QUINTANA, MA PABLACuchara River-Butte Va1335
QUINTANA, MA RITACuchara River-Butte Va1319
QUINTANA, MANUELCuchara River-Butte Va1327
QUINTANA, MANUELV of Huerfano River-Ba211
QUINTANA, ROSARIEV of Huerfano River-Ba1840
RAEL, FRANCISOCuchara River-Trinidad2830
RAEL, M ANTONIACuchara River-Trinidad2831
RAMON, ANASTACIACuchara River-Butte Va2326
RAMON, EJCEDROCuchara River-Butte Va2327
RAMON, FRANCISCACuchara River-Butte Va2328
RAMON, LAZAROCuchara River-Butte Va2329
RAMON, LORENZACuchara River-Butte Va2325
RAMON, PADROCuchara River-Butte Va2324
RAMOS, BARTOTOCuchara River-Trinidad2521
RAMOS, GIBELACuchara River-Trinidad2524
RAMOS, JUAN DELA CRUZCuchara River-Trinidad2523
RAMOS, TOMASACuchara River-Trinidad2522
RANN, JOSEFAV of Huerfano River-Ba2730
RANN, JUANV of Huerfano River-Ba2729
REED, AMBELINEV of Huerfano River-Ba1912
REED, BENJAMINV of Huerfano River-Ba198
REED, ELIZABETHHeurfano River-d.2/187176
REED, JERRYV of Huerfano River-Ba1915
REED, JESSY FV of Huerfano River-Ba1910
REED, JOHN LHeurfano River-d.7/186177
REED, LEONEDES TV of Huerfano River-Ba199
REED, MANSONV of Huerfano River-Ba1911
REED, SARAH ANNV of Huerfano River-Ba1914
REED, TABETHYV of Huerfano River-Ba1913
REEL, ESQUEFULAV of Huerfano River-Ba2711
REEL, FRANCISCOV of Huerfano River-Ba279
REEL, JUANV of Huerfano River-Ba2714
REEL, PRIFECTAV of Huerfano River-Ba2710
REEL, RAFAELV of Huerfano River-Ba2713
REEL, RAMONV of Huerfano River-Ba2712
REID, BENJAMINEBadito Colorado Territ315
RICE, DOLORESHuerfano River-Butte V814
RICE, JUAN NHuerfano River-Butte V829
RICE, PEDROHuerfano River-Butte V830
RICE, ROBERTHuerfano River-Butte V813
RICE, THOMASHuerfano River-Butte V815
RITTER, JOHNHuerfano River-Butte V722
RIVERA, ARCADIOCuchara River-Butte Va539
RIVERA, FRANCISCACuchara River-Butte Va61
RIVERA, MA JOSIPACuchara River-Butte Va540
RIVERA, ROMUALDACuchara River-Butte Va537
RIVERA, TOMASCuchara River-Butte Va536
RIVERA, TOMAS DCuchara River-Butte Va538
ROBISON, HARRIETCuchara River-Butte Va2220
RODRIGUEZ, CATALINACuchara River-Trinidad255
RODRIGUEZ, FRANCISCACuchara River-Trinidad254
RODRIGUEZ, PASCUALCuchara River-Trinidad253
RODRIGUEZ, SANTIAGOCuchara River-Trinidad256
ROMAS, JOSE MIGUELCuchara River-Butte Va2013
ROMAS, JUAN DE JESUSCuchara River-Butte Va2011
ROMAS, MARIA GREGORIACuchara River-Butte Va2012
ROMAS, MARIA PAULACuchara River-Butte Va2014
ROMERA, MA BARBAROHuerfano River-St.Mary132
ROMERO, ANNA MARIACuchara River-Trinidad2727
ROMERO, ARNADOHuerfano River-St.Mary332
ROMERO, CORNELISCuchara River-Trinidad2733
ROMERO, FELICIANAHuerfano River-St.Mary328
ROMERO, FRANCISCACuchara River-Butte Va2331
ROMERO, GREGORIACuchara River-Butte Va2335
ROMERO, JESUSCuchara River-Butte Va2330
ROMERO, JOSE ABRAMHuerfano River-St.Mary329
ROMERO, JOSE FELIXCuchara River-Trinidad2731
ROMERO, JOSE PLACIDOCuchara River-d.10/186111
ROMERO, JOSE RAFAELCuchara River-Butte Va2332
ROMERO, JUAN BAUTISTACuchara River-Butte Va2333
ROMERO, JUANA MARIACuchara River-Butte Va2334
ROMERO, M DOLORESCuchara River-Trinidad2729
ROMERO, M ROSARIACuchara River-Trinidad2728
ROMERO, MA ANDREAHuerfano River-St.Mary330
ROMERO, MANUELCuchara River-Trinidad2725
ROMERO, MARIA FranciscaCuchara River-Trinidad2730
ROMERO, MARIA MCuchara River-Trinidad2726
ROMERO, MARIA TERESACuchara River-Trinidad2732
ROMERO, PABLAHuerfano River-St.Mary331
ROMERO, SATARNINOHuerfano River-St.Mary327
ROMIRES, CRUZ JUANCuchara River-Butte Va1819
ROMIRES, JUANA MARIACuchara River-Butte Va1820
ROMONO, ANTONIO JOSEHuerfano River-St.Mary129
ROMONO, MA GRACIAHuerfano River-St.Mary130
ROMONO, MACEDONAHuerfano River-St.Mary131
RONIS, ANTONIOHuerfano River-Butte V921
ROUCE, ROBERTBadito Colorado Territ331
ROY, ALEXANDERV of Huerfano River-Ba1628
ROY, LUBINAV of Huerfano River-Ba1627
ROY, NATHANIELV of Huerfano River-Ba1626
ROY, NATHANIELBadito Colorado Territ39
RUEBAL, ENCARMACIONV of Huerfano River-Ba1216
RUEBAL, ESQUIPULACuchara River-Butte Va107
RUEBAL, FELIPECuchara River-Butte Va106
RUEBAL, GABINOCuchara River-Butte Va108
RUEBAL, MARGARITACuchara River-Butte Va109
RUEBAL, RAMONCuchara River-d.3/187016
RUEBALM, MA NIFACIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1217
RULE, EMELINECuchara River-Butte Va2211
RULL, DAVIDV of Huerfano River-Ba2237
RULL, MA DOLORESV of Huerfano River-Ba2238
SAFISDA, FRANCISCOCuchara River-Butte Va339
SAFISDA, MA MANUDACuchara River-Butte Va41
SAFISDA, MA PETRACuchara River-Butte Va42
SAFISDA, MA YEABELCuchara River-Butte Va43
SAFISDA, MA YGNARIACuchara River-Butte Va340
SAGRICBEL, COREZCuchara River-Butte Va234
SAGRICBEL, DOLORESCuchara River-Butte Va235
SAGRICBEL, MIGUELCuchara River-Butte Va236
SALEZ, ANDRESV of Huerfano River-Ba1225
SALEZ, ANTONIO MCuchara River-Butte Va168
SALEZ, ATOEHACuchara River-Butte Va1612
SALEZ, FELICIANACuchara River-Butte Va1613
SALEZ, JOSEV of Huerfano River-Ba1223
SALEZ, JOSE RAFAELV of Huerfano River-Ba1220
SALEZ, JUAN DE JESUSV of Huerfano River-Ba1130
SALEZ, M ANTONIACuchara River-Butte Va169
SALEZ, M ARCADIACuchara River-Butte Va1611
SALEZ, MA CONCEPCIONV of Huerfano River-Ba1222
SALEZ, MA YNISV of Huerfano River-Ba1221
SALEZ, MANUEL ANLCuchara River-Butte Va1610
SALEZ, PANFILOV of Huerfano River-Ba1224
SALEZ, SOLEDADV of Huerfano River-Ba1131
SALOME, MARIACuchara River-Butte Va186
SAMBRANO, PAPIASV of Huerfano River-Ba2430
SAMUEL, JACKV of Huerfano River-Ba1632
SAMUEL, MARIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1633
SANCHES, JOSE GUADLOPEV of Huerfano River-Ba171
SANCHES, JOSE MARIAV of Huerfano River-Ba2221
SANCHES, MA BENITAV of Huerfano River-Ba2224
SANCHES, MA DOLORESV of Huerfano River-Ba2222
SANCHES, MOSE ALBINAV of Huerfano River-Ba2223
SANCHES, RUFINOV of Huerfano River-Ba2225
SANCHEZ, AFGNACIACuchara River-d.9/1869127
SANCHEZ, ANTONIOCuchara River-Butte Va103
SANCHEZ, CRISTOVAL JCuchara River-Butte Va2030
SANCHEZ, FEODOCIACuchara River-Butte Va2033
SANCHEZ, FRANCISOHuerfano River-St.Mary311
SANCHEZ, JOSE DOMINGOCuchara River-Butte Va1334
SANCHEZ, JOSE LAURIANCuchara River-Butte Va1333
SANCHEZ, JUANCuchara River-Butte Va102
SANCHEZ, JUAN SOTELOCuchara River-Butte Va2032
SANCHEZ, JUANA MARIAV of Huerfano River-Ba2040
SANCHEZ, MA BITALIAV of Huerfano River-Ba2038
SANCHEZ, MA JUANA NCuchara River-Butte Va1332
SANCHEZ, MA SEFARINACuchara River-d.6/1869125
SANCHEZ, MAGDELINACuchara River-Butte Va101
SANCHEZ, MANUELCuchara River-Butte Va940
SANCHEZ, MANUELCuchara River-Butte Va104
SANCHEZ, MANUELV of Huerfano River-Ba2037
SANCHEZ, MANUELACuchara River-Butte Va731
SANCHEZ, MARIA MESTASCuchara River-Butte Va2031
SANCHEZ, PABLESCuchara River-Butte Va105
SANCHEZ, RAFAEL TCuchara River-Butte Va1331
SANCHEZ, UNDRIZ CORSINOV of Huerfano River-Ba2039
SANDOBAL, JOSE ELERIOCuchara River-Butte Va166
SANDOBAL, JUANCuchara River-Butte Va164
SANDOBAL, JUAN ANTONIAV of Huerfano River-Ba2526
SANDOBAL, JUAN De JesusCuchara River-Butte Va1337
SANDOBAL, LIBRADAV of Huerfano River-Ba2529
SANDOBAL, M FRANCISCACuchara River-Butte Va167
SANDOBAL, M YNIZCuchara River-Butte Va165
SANDOBAL, MA ESQUIPULAV of Huerfano River-Ba2527
SANDOBAL, MA ESTEFANAV of Huerfano River-Ba2528
SANDOBAL, MA JESUSV of Huerfano River-Ba2820
SANDOBEL, EVERISTYV of Huerfano River-Ba1412
SANDOBEL, SARAHV of Huerfano River-Ba1413
SANDOVAL, ASCENCIONCuchara River-Butte Va58
SANDOVAL, BLASCuchara River-Butte Va54
SANDOVAL, FRANCISCOV of Huerfano River-Ba2023
SANDOVAL, INESCuchara River-Butte Va511
SANDOVAL, JESUSATACuchara River-Butte Va59
SANDOVAL, JOSE CiprianoCuchara River-Butte Va510
SANDOVAL, JUAN MCuchara River-d.5/1870130
SANDOVAL, JUANAV of Huerfano River-Ba1630
SANDOVAL, M FALICITESCuchara River-Butte Va57
SANDOVAL, MA BARNARDACuchara River-Butte Va55
SANDOVAL, MANUELV of Huerfano River-Ba1629
SANDOVAL, MARCELINOCuchara River-Butte Va56
Santustann, JOSE NATIVIDAV of Huerfano River-Ba1521
Santustann, LANTERISV of Huerfano River-Ba1518
Santustann, MA FranciscaV of Huerfano River-Ba1522
Santustann, MA LIBRACTAV of Huerfano River-Ba1523
Santustann, MA RAFAELAV of Huerfano River-Ba1520
Santustann, PEREGRINAV of Huerfano River-Ba1519
SAQUES, JOSE YNESBadito Colorado Territ18
SEABRING, ANDREW TV of Huerfano River-Ba149
SEABRONG, PABLOV of Huerfano River-Ba146
SEDILLO, HILARIOHuerfano River-Butte V727
SEGURA, FRANCISCAV of Huerfano River-Ba2429
SEGURA, VICENTEV of Huerfano River-Ba2428
SELF, NANCY AHuerfano River-Butte V1033
SELF, THOMASHuerfano River-Butte V1032
SENA, JOSE MANUALV of Huerfano River-Ba139
SENA, JOSE TOMATESV of Huerfano River-Ba1311
SENA, JUAN BANTISTISV of Huerfano River-Ba1312
SENA, MA DE LA PAZV of Huerfano River-Ba1310
SERNA, CRUZ MCuchara River-Butte Va1630
SFROVILL, RUFINAV of Huerfano River-Ba1315
SFROVILL, THOMASV of Huerfano River-Ba1314
SHARP, THOMASV of Huerfano River-Ba2031
SISNEROS, JOSE ANTONIOCuchara River-Butte Va531
SISNEROS, JOSE ConsepcionCuchara River-Butte Va532
SISNEROS, JOSE RAMONCuchara River-Butte Va530
SISNEROS, JUAN SIMONCuchara River-Butte Va528
SISNEROS, JUANA MCuchara River-Butte Va529
SISNEROS, JUANA MARIACuchara River-Butte Va533
SISNEROS, MA JOSEPTACuchara River-Butte Va534
SISNEROS, MA ROSACuchara River-Butte Va68
SLARA, EMMA AHuerfano River-St.Mary413
SLARA, JOHN DHuerfano River-St.Mary412
SLARA, VIRGINIAHuerfano River-St.Mary414
SLARA, WILLIAM HHuerfano River-St.Mary411
SOLOMAN, ENCARMACIONV of Huerfano River-Ba1725
SOLOMAN, GEORGEV of Huerfano River-Ba1726
SOLOMAN, P MV of Huerfano River-Ba1724
SPENCER, CORNELIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1639
SPENCER, G WV of Huerfano River-Ba1638
SPENCER, GEORGE SV of Huerfano River-Ba1640
SPENCER, GEORGE WBadito Colorado Territ313
SSIMON, AVELINOCuchara River-Butte Va835
ST.FARAM, MA ANTONIACuchara River-Butte Va2238
ST.FARAM, MILQUIADESCuchara River-Butte Va2237
ST.VARANE, DESDERIOCuchara River-Butte Va231
ST.VARANE, MAXIMOCuchara River-Butte Va232
ST.VARANE, REFUGIOCuchara River-Butte Va233
ST.VRAIN, FELDBadito Colorado Territ16
ST.VRUIN, FELIXHuerfano River-St.Mary526
STABRING, A TBadito Colorado Territ338
STEVENSON, RHuerfano River-Butte V1016
STEVENSON, RBadito Colorado Territ333
STRANGE, AMELIAHuerfano River-Butte V1010
STRANGE, EDWARD HHuerfano River-Butte V1013
STRANGE, EMMAHuerfano River-Butte V1012
STRANGE, GEORGE THuerfano River-Butte V1014
STRANGE, HENRYHuerfano River-Butte V108
STRANGE, HENRYBadito Colorado Territ332
STRANGE, RACHAELHuerfano River-Butte V1011
STRANGE, SUSANA AHuerfano River-Butte V109
Taffottes, ANTONIO RAFAELV of Huerfano River-Ba2228
TAFFOTTES, BERNABILV of Huerfano River-Ba2226
TAFFOTTES, JUAN GABRIELV of Huerfano River-Ba2230
TAFFOTTES, MARGARITAV of Huerfano River-Ba2227
TAFFOTTES, YSIDROV of Huerfano River-Ba2229
TAFOYA, ANTONIOHuerfano River-St.Mary519
TAFOYA, JESUSHuerfano River-St.Mary518
TAFOYA, JOSE IRIESHuerfano River-St.Mary520
TAFOYA, LUZHuerfano River-Butte V640
TAFOYA, MACDONIAHuerfano River-Butte V639
TAFOYA, RAFAELHuerfano River-St.Mary522
TAFOYA, RUMALDAHuerfano River-St.Mary521
THOMPSON, J EHuerfano River-Butte V940
TOBIN, DAVIDV of Huerfano River-Ba1619
TOBIN, MA AGUSTINAV of Huerfano River-Ba1620
TORES, ANTONIOV of Huerfano River-Ba136
TORES, ROSALIAV of Huerfano River-Ba137
TORES, SIDVORISHuerfano River-St.Mary533
TORES, YRADOREV of Huerfano River-Ba138
TOUCH, BENJAMINE BHuerfano River-St.Mary431
TOUCH, CLARAHuerfano River-St.Mary428
TOUCH, FRANCIS SHuerfano River-St.Mary430
TOUCH, LILLY BHuerfano River-St.Mary429
TOUCH, MILTONHuerfano River-St.Mary432
TOUCH, RACHAELHuerfano River-St.Mary426
TOUCH, TILASBadito Colorado Territ14
TOUCH, TITUS WHuerfano River-St.Mary425
TOUCH, WALTER SHuerfano River-St.Mary427
TRUJILLO, ABILINACuchara River-Butte Va431
TRUJILLO, AGAPINV of Huerfano River-Ba132
TRUJILLO, AGUSTINV of Huerfano River-Ba2534
TRUJILLO, AGUSTINACuchara River-Butte Va335
TRUJILLO, ANDRESCuchara River-Butte Va432
TRUJILLO, ANTONIAV of Huerfano River-Ba135
TRUJILLO, ANTONIAHuerfano River-St.Mary535
TRUJILLO, ANTONIA BenignaCuchara River-Butte Va1917
TRUJILLO, ANTONIA MARIACuchara River-Butte Va1918
TRUJILLO, ANTONIO DOMINGV of Huerfano River-Ba1431
TRUJILLO, ARNADOROBadito Colorado Territ125
TRUJILLO, ASCENCIONCuchara River-Trinidad2536
TRUJILLO, ATANACIALEOV of Huerfano River-Ba1435
TRUJILLO, BARBARACuchara River-Trinidad2720
TRUJILLO, CARMELV of Huerfano River-Ba2632
TRUJILLO, CORNELISCuchara River-Butte Va334
TRUJILLO, CRUZCuchara River-Butte Va14
TRUJILLO, DIONICIOCuchara River-Trinidad2532
TRUJILLO, DONACIANOCuchara River-Trinidad2721
TRUJILLO, ENCARMACIONV of Huerfano River-Ba1218
TRUJILLO, FIBURCIOCuchara River-Butte Va2034
TRUJILLO, FRANCISCOHuerfano River-St.Mary534
TRUJILLO, FRANCISCOV of Huerfano River-Ba2736
TRUJILLO, GABRIELACuchara River-Trinidad2533
TRUJILLO, GUADALUPEV of Huerfano River-Ba1429
TRUJILLO, IGNACIAHuerfano River-Butte V610
TRUJILLO, JESUSHuerfano River-St.Mary28
TRUJILLO, JESUS MARIACuchara River-Butte Va1932
TRUJILLO, JOSEV of Huerfano River-Ba2625
TRUJILLO, JOSEV of Huerfano River-Ba2811
TRUJILLO, JOSECuchara River-Butte Va11
TRUJILLO, JOSE VICENTECuchara River-Butte Va2037
TRUJILLO, JOSE ACUCIOCuchara River-Butte Va435
TRUJILLO, JOSE ANTONIOHuerfano River-St.Mary210
TRUJILLO, JOSE CASTULOCuchara River-Butte Va1921
TRUJILLO, JOSE DE LA REYSV of Huerfano River-Ba287
TRUJILLO, JOSE FrancisoV of Huerfano River-Ba2738
TRUJILLO, JOSE GARCIACuchara River-Butte Va1832
TRUJILLO, JOSE IGNACIAHuerfano River-St.Mary536
TRUJILLO, JOSE LINOV of Huerfano River-Ba134
TRUJILLO, JOSE MABadito Colorado Territ33
TRUJILLO, JOSE MARIAV of Huerfano River-Ba2812
TRUJILLO, JOSE MARIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1428
TRUJILLO, JOSE VICTORCuchara River-Butte Va1933
TRUJILLO, JUANCuchara River-Butte Va114
TRUJILLO, JUANV of Huerfano River-Ba2622
TRUJILLO, JUAN BANTISTAV of Huerfano River-Ba1432
TRUJILLO, JUAN DE JESUSCuchara River-Butte Va1916
TRUJILLO, JUAN De JesusV of Huerfano River-Ba284
TRUJILLO, JUAN FELIPEHuerfano River-Butte V81
TRUJILLO, JUAN ROSALIAV of Huerfano River-Ba2810
TRUJILLO, JUANAV of Huerfano River-Ba2624
TRUJILLO, JUANA MACuchara River-Butte Va117
TRUJILLO, JULIANCuchara River-Butte Va332
TRUJILLO, LEBRADOV of Huerfano River-Ba2626
TRUJILLO, MA AGUSTINACuchara River-Butte Va15
TRUJILLO, MA ANTONIAHuerfano River-St.Mary211
TRUJILLO, MA ANTONIAHuerfano River-Butte V82
TRUJILLO, MA ANTONIACuchara River-Trinidad2534
TRUJILLO, MA BERNARDACuchara River-Butte Va434
TRUJILLO, MA BONIFACIAV of Huerfano River-Ba2623
TRUJILLO, MA CASISNIRACuchara River-Butte Va116
TRUJILLO, MA CORNELIACuchara River-Butte Va1922
TRUJILLO, MA DE LA LUZV of Huerfano River-Ba133
TRUJILLO, MA ESTEFANACuchara River-Butte Va430
TRUJILLO, MA INESCuchara River-Butte Va12
TRUJILLO, MA IRENCACuchara River-Butte Va1919
TRUJILLO, MA JULIANV of Huerfano River-Ba2737
TRUJILLO, MA LARONZOV of Huerfano River-Ba131
TRUJILLO, MA LIBRADACuchara River-Trinidad2535
TRUJILLO, MA MARGARITACuchara River-Butte Va1833
TRUJILLO, MA PAULACuchara River-Butte Va1920
TRUJILLO, MA PERFECTAV of Huerfano River-Ba1430
TRUJILLO, MA RITAV of Huerfano River-Ba285
TRUJILLO, MA SUSANAHuerfano River-St.Mary212
TRUJILLO, MA VEOIANAHuerfano River-St.Mary29
TRUJILLO, MA YEATORAV of Huerfano River-Ba2813
TRUJILLO, MARELINOHuerfano River-Butte V69
TRUJILLO, MARIA DE JESUSCuchara River-Butte Va1931
TRUJILLO, MARIA DOLORESCuchara River-Butte Va2035
TRUJILLO, MARIA JOSEFACuchara River-Butte Va115
TRUJILLO, MARIA JOSEFACuchara River-Butte Va2036
TRUJILLO, MARIA REFUGEOCuchara River-Butte Va1935
TRUJILLO, MARTINV of Huerfano River-Ba2631
TRUJILLO, MARTINACuchara River-Butte Va433
TRUJILLO, MATIASHuerfano River-Butte V611
TRUJILLO, MAURICIOCuchara River-Butte Va1930
TRUJILLO, MEDEL CANNELV of Huerfano River-Ba286
TRUJILLO, MIGUELCuchara River-Butte Va331
TRUJILLO, PEDRO ANTONIOCuchara River-Butte Va1934
TRUJILLO, POLITOCuchara River-Butte Va429
TRUJILLO, RAMONCuchara River-Butte Va13
TRUJILLO, RAMONV of Huerfano River-Ba1240
TRUJILLO, REYESV of Huerfano River-Ba1219
TRUJILLO, ROMON MV of Huerfano River-Ba2739
TRUJILLO, ROSAV of Huerfano River-Ba2533
TRUJILLO, VICENTECuchara River-Trinidad2719
TRUJILLO, VINCSESLADOCuchara River-Butte Va333
TURSE, JOHANNAHuerfano River-Butte V1031
TURSE, RYANIERHuerfano River-Butte V1030
UNGUG, CHARLES OBadito Colorado Territ337
URFRIG, CHA OV of Huerfano River-Ba145
VAGELLOR, ESTEFANACuchara River-Butte Va1024
VAGELLOR, MA ANTONIACuchara River-Butte Va1023
VAGELLOR, PEDROCuchara River-Butte Va1022
VALDEZ, ALEJANDROCuchara River-Butte Va1223
VALDEZ, ALYANDROCuchara River-Butte Va1539
VALDEZ, ANASTACIOCuchara River-Butte Va612
VALDEZ, ANTONIOHuerfano River-St.Mary39
VALDEZ, CARLOTACuchara River-Butte Va162
VALDEZ, CATILONACuchara River-Butte Va1225
VALDEZ, DAVIDCuchara River-Butte Va82
VALDEZ, EPIFANIOV of Huerfano River-Ba1810
VALDEZ, ESQUIPULACuchara River-Butte Va2038
VALDEZ, FELIZV of Huerfano River-Ba1815
VALDEZ, FLORENCIOCuchara River-Butte Va1218
VALDEZ, FRANCISCOCuchara River-Butte Va420
VALDEZ, FRANCISCOCuchara River-Butte Va1226
VALDEZ, FRANCISCOV of Huerfano River-Ba1813
VALDEZ, GERONIMOCuchara River-Butte Va423
VALDEZ, GUADALUPECuchara River-Butte Va422
VALDEZ, GUADALUPECuchara River-Butte Va1222
VALDEZ, JESUS MARIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1610
VALDEZ, JOSECuchara River-Butte Va938
VALDEZ, JOSE AMBROSECuchara River-Butte Va163
VALDEZ, JOSE CAMILIOV of Huerfano River-Ba1812
VALDEZ, JOSE CANDELANOCuchara River-Butte Va614
VALDEZ, JOSE GUADLUPEV of Huerfano River-Ba1816
VALDEZ, JOSE JUNIOCuchara River-Butte Va1230
VALDEZ, JOSE RAFAELCuchara River-Butte Va1840
VALDEZ, JOSE RAFERTOCuchara River-Butte Va1221
VALDEZ, JOSEFACuchara River-Butte Va83
VALDEZ, JOSEFACuchara River-Butte Va1728
VALDEZ, JUAN ANTONIOCuchara River-Butte Va939
VALDEZ, JUAN BANTISTACuchara River-Butte Va615
VALDEZ, JUAN BENITOCuchara River-Butte Va937
VALDEZ, JUAN FCuchara River-Butte Va1228
VALDEZ, JUAN MANUELCuchara River-Trinidad2820
VALDEZ, JUAN MARIACuchara River-Butte Va193
VALDEZ, JUAN PEDROCuchara River-Butte Va613
VALDEZ, JUANA MARIACuchara River-Butte Va195
VALDEZ, LEONADISBadito Colorado Territ112
VALDEZ, LEONIDESCuchara River-Trinidad2818
VALDEZ, LORGONOSCuchara River-Butte Va1224
VALDEZ, LUCIANOHuerfano River-Butte V828
VALDEZ, M DOLORESCuchara River-Trinidad2822
VALDEZ, M FRANCISCACuchara River-Butte Va419
VALDEZ, M INESCuchara River-Butte Va418
VALDEZ, M INESCuchara River-Trinidad2821
VALDEZ, M MARTINACuchara River-Trinidad2819
VALDEZ, M ROSENACuchara River-Butte Va161
VALDEZ, M YNEZCuchara River-Butte Va1540
VALDEZ, MA ADELAIDAV of Huerfano River-Ba1611
VALDEZ, MA ADELIADECuchara River-Butte Va1220
VALDEZ, MA DE LA LUZV of Huerfano River-Ba1811
VALDEZ, MA FELICIANACuchara River-Butte Va84
VALDEZ, MA JABRANACuchara River-Butte Va611
VALDEZ, MA JOSEFAHuerfano River-St.Mary310
VALDEZ, MA JOSEFACuchara River-Butte Va191
VALDEZ, MA LaS NIEVESCuchara River-Butte Va1219
VALDEZ, MA MANUELACuchara River-Butte Va1227
VALDEZ, MA MANUELAV of Huerfano River-Ba1814
VALDEZ, MAGDELINACuchara River-Butte Va421
VALDEZ, MARIA RAFAELACuchara River-Butte Va192
VALDEZ, MARIA TRINIDADCuchara River-Butte Va197
VALDEZ, MARIANABadito Colorado Territ129
VALDEZ, MARIANOCuchara River-Butte Va610
VALDEZ, MARTINACuchara River-Butte Va1229
VALDEZ, RAMONCuchara River-Butte Va184
VALDEZ, RAMONCuchara River-Butte Va194
VALDEZ, ROMOLACuchara River-Butte Va417
VALDEZ, ROMONCuchara River-Butte Va416
VALDEZ, SANTANACuchara River-Butte Va81
VALDEZ, YRENEOCuchara River-Butte Va196
VALLEGO, ANAMARIAV of Huerfano River-Ba2433
VALLEGO, JOSE LEONV of Huerfano River-Ba2435
VALLEGO, JOSE MAV of Huerfano River-Ba2431
VALLEGO, LOUISAV of Huerfano River-Ba2432
VALLEGO, MA MAMELAV of Huerfano River-Ba2434
VALLEGOS, DOLORESCuchara River-Butte Va1114
VALLEGOS, FELIPECuchara River-Butte Va1116
VALLEGOS, GABINOCuchara River-Butte Va1124
VALLEGOS, JACOBSCuchara River-Butte Va1110
VALLEGOS, JOSEFACuchara River-Butte Va1115
VALLEGOS, JUAN De La CruzCuchara River-Butte Va119
VALLEGOS, LAZAROCuchara River-Butte Va118
VALLEGOS, LOUISCuchara River-Butte Va117
VALLEGOS, MA MATIANACuchara River-Butte Va1113
VALLEGOS, MA PABLACuchara River-Butte Va116
VALLEGOS, MAGARITACuchara River-Butte Va1112
VALLEGOS, MIGUELCuchara River-Butte Va115
VALLEGOS, MIGUEL AntonioCuchara River-Butte Va1123
VALLEGOS, NESTORCuchara River-Butte Va1117
VALLEGOS, PABLACuchara River-Butte Va1122
VALLEGOS, TANISLADOCuchara River-Butte Va1111
VALLEJOS, ANTONIO JOSEBadito Colorado Territ110
VALLEJOS, JOSE MBadito Colorado Territ121
VALLEJOS, JUAN CRUEZBadito Colorado Territ122
VALLIGOS, MIGUILCuchara River-d.5/187018
VALLIJOS, CARLOSCuchara River-Butte Va1027
VALLIJOS, JUAN FELIPECuchara River-Butte Va1025
VALLIJOS, MA DE JESUSCuchara River-Butte Va1026
VALLIJOS, MA RAMONACuchara River-Butte Va1028
VALLJOS, ESTEVANV of Huerfano River-Ba2439
VALLJOS, GERTRUDESV of Huerfano River-Ba2440
VALLJOS, JUAN CRUZV of Huerfano River-Ba2437
VALLJOS, RUFUSTAV of Huerfano River-Ba2438
VANCE, JOSE MARIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1625
VANCE, MILDREDV of Huerfano River-Ba1623
VANCE, SCOTT ELIZABETHV of Huerfano River-Ba1624
VANCE, WILLIAMV of Huerfano River-Ba1622
VANCE, WILLIAMBadito Colorado Territ38
VASQUEZ, HIARAMCuchara River-Butte Va1338
VASQUEZ, JUAN LOUISACuchara River-Butte Va141
VASQUEZ, MA ASENCIONCuchara River-Butte Va1339
VASQUEZ, MA LEVASACuchara River-Butte Va1340
VEIGIL, AGUSTINACuchara River-Butte Va2423
VEIGIL, ALEXANDROCuchara River-Butte Va2430
VEIGIL, CASMECuchara River-Butte Va2431
VEIGIL, FRANCISCACuchara River-Butte Va2432
VEIGIL, GARGOBINOCuchara River-Butte Va2425
VEIGIL, GERTUDUECuchara River-Butte Va2426
VEIGIL, JUAN DE LA CRUZCuchara River-Butte Va2422
VEIGIL, JUAN PADROCuchara River-Butte Va2424
VEIGIL, MA ROSARIOSCuchara River-Butte Va2427
VEIGIL, NICOLASCuchara River-Butte Va2434
VEIGIL, PABLOCuchara River-Butte Va2440
VEIGIL, ROSENDACuchara River-Butte Va2429
VEIGIL, SALOMECuchara River-Butte Va2433
VEIGIL, VETALIA PABLOCuchara River-Butte Va2428
VELESQUES, MIGUILHeurfano River-d.3/187178
VENAVEDEZ, JOSEV of Huerfano River-Ba2340
VENAVEDEZ, Ma CruzV of Huerfano River-Ba243
VENAVEDEZ, Ma SenforosanV of Huerfano River-Ba242
VENAVEDEZ, MARGARITAV of Huerfano River-Ba241
VIDAL, KENRIQUECuchara River-Butte Va930
VIGIL, AGAFITACuchara River-Butte Va158
VIGIL, ANTONIO ABADV of Huerfano River-Ba1316
VIGIL, BENITOV of Huerfano River-Ba2530
VIGIL, CARMENCuchara River-Trinidad2526
VIGIL, DAMACIOCuchara River-Butte Va1926
VIGIL, DERIO DE JESUSV of Huerfano River-Ba1328
VIGIL, DONACIANOCuchara River-Trinidad2519
VIGIL, DONACIANOCuchara River-Butte Va157
VIGIL, EPIMENIOCuchara River-Butte Va518
VIGIL, ESTEVEN SORTENEV of Huerfano River-Ba2139
VIGIL, GABRIELCuchara River-Trinidad2516
VIGIL, IRENCACuchara River-Trinidad284
VIGIL, IRENCOCuchara River-Trinidad2527
VIGIL, J FRANCISCOCuchara River-Butte Va198
VIGIL, JOSE DIONICIOCuchara River-Butte Va159
VIGIL, JOSE FRANCISCOV of Huerfano River-Ba1322
VIGIL, JOSE MACuchara River-Butte Va44
VIGIL, JOSE PERFILIOV of Huerfano River-Ba1326
VIGIL, JOSE RAMONCuchara River-Butte Va2017
VIGIL, JOSE RAMONCuchara River-Trinidad283
VIGIL, JOSE VINCENTECuchara River-Butte Va519
VIGIL, JUAN BCuchara River-Butte Va512
VIGIL, JUAN BBadito Colorado Territ126
VIGIL, JUAN CLIMANCuchara River-Trinidad2518
VIGIL, JUAN De DIOSCuchara River-Butte Va516
VIGIL, JUAN DE DIOSCuchara River-Butte Va2015
VIGIL, JUAN DE JESUSCuchara River-Butte Va1923
VIGIL, JUANA MCuchara River-Butte Va513
VIGIL, LUCASCuchara River-Butte Va1929
VIGIL, M FRANCISCACuchara River-Butte Va515
VIGIL, M HIGINIACuchara River-Trinidad285
VIGIL, M PEREGRINACuchara River-Trinidad286
VIGIL, MA ANASTACIAV of Huerfano River-Ba2532
VIGIL, MA ANDREAV of Huerfano River-Ba1323
VIGIL, MA ANTONIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1118
VIGIL, MA ANTONIAHeurfano River-d.10/181714
VIGIL, MA ANTONIOCuchara River-d.11/186118
VIGIL, MA ATANACIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1318
VIGIL, MA DE LA LUZCuchara River-Butte Va69
VIGIL, MA DOLORESCuchara River-Butte Va1336
VIGIL, MA DOLOREZV of Huerfano River-Ba2138
VIGIL, MA FRANCISCAV of Huerfano River-Ba1320
VIGIL, MA ISABELCuchara River-Trinidad2517
VIGIL, MA LIONICIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1117
VIGIL, MA LOUISAV of Huerfano River-Ba1321
VIGIL, MA LOUISAV of Huerfano River-Ba1324
VIGIL, MA LUCIACuchara River-Trinidad2520
VIGIL, MA MANUELACuchara River-Butte Va45
VIGIL, MA MANUELAV of Huerfano River-Ba1325
VIGIL, MA PABLAV of Huerfano River-Ba1317
VIGIL, MA PLACIDAV of Huerfano River-Ba1319
VIGIL, MA ROSALIAV of Huerfano River-Ba1329
VIGIL, MA ROSALIAV of Huerfano River-Ba2137
VIGIL, MA ROSARIOV of Huerfano River-Ba2140
VIGIL, MA ROSARIOCuchara River-Trinidad2528
VIGIL, MA SUSANAV of Huerfano River-Ba2531
VIGIL, MANUELHuerfano River-Butte V107
VIGIL, MANUELETCuchara River-Trinidad2525
VIGIL, MARIA ANDREACuchara River-Butte Va1925
VIGIL, MARIA APOLOMACuchara River-Butte Va1913
Vigil, Maria ENCARMACIONCuchara River-Butte Va2016
VIGIL, MARIA FOMASACuchara River-Butte Va1928
VIGIL, MARIA GENOVEVACuchara River-Butte Va517
VIGIL, MARIA INESCuchara River-Butte Va1910
VIGIL, MARIA LIBRADACuchara River-Butte Va1911
VIGIL, MARIA MANUELACuchara River-Butte Va1924
VIGIL, MARIA PAZCuchara River-Butte Va1927
VIGIL, MARIA ROSARIOCuchara River-Butte Va199
VIGIL, MARTINHeurfano River-d.5/1871711
VIGIL, MIGUEL ACuchara River-Butte Va514
VIGIL, MIGUEL ACuchara River-Butte Va67
VIGIL, PEDROV of Huerfano River-Ba2136
VIGIL, RICARDOCuchara River-Butte Va1912
VIGIL, RUFINOCuchara River-Butte Va1914
VIGIL, TERCIODE JESUSV of Huerfano River-Ba1327
VIGIL, VICENTECuchara River-Butte Va1915
VIGIL, VIGIL, JUAN DE REYSV of Huerfano River-Ba1116
VITERUS, JOSECuchara River-Butte Va1821
VOOS, APOLONIAHuerfano River-St.Mary23
VOOS, BENJAMINEHuerfano River-St.Mary22
VOOS, JOSE SIMONHuerfano River-St.Mary24
VOOS, JOSE VELARDOHuerfano River-St.Mary25
VULENCIA, ANTONIOHuerfano River-St.Mary525
VULENCIA, JUANHuerfano River-St.Mary523
VULENCIA, NUVESHuerfano River-St.Mary524
WELLES, ROBERTBadito Colorado Territ114
WILBURN, CATHERINE FV of Huerfano River-Ba252
WILBURN, JOSEPHV of Huerfano River-Ba253
WILBURN, ROBERT KV of Huerfano River-Ba254
WILBURN, S DV of Huerfano River-Ba251
WILBURN, E TBadito Colorado Territ339
WILLIAMS, HENRYHuerfano River-Butte V623
WILLIS, MARYCuchara River-Butte Va229
WILLIS, MARY HCuchara River-Butte Va2210
WILLIS, ROBERT BCuchara River-Butte Va228
WILSON, WILLISHuerfano River-Butte V1015
WITHINGTON, KATEV of Huerfano River-Ba1115
WORTH, JCuchara River-Butte Va2134
WRIGHTER, LORENZOHuerfano River-Butte V821
WRIGHTS, PABLOHuerfano River-Butte V812
WYMAN, CHARLESCuchara River-Butte Va2125
WYMAN, MALINDACuchara River-Butte Va2129
WYMAN, MARTHA JANECuchara River-Butte Va2126
WYMAN, SAMUELCuchara River-Butte Va2128
WYMAN, WILLIAM WCuchara River-Butte Va2127

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