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John Andrew Jackson Wilson

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John Andrew Jackson Wilson was born 8 October, 1828 (Year President Andrew Jackson was placed in office), in Loudon, Virginia, and married Ann Cockran (AKA Annie Cochran lived from 1838-1940). They wed on June 23, 1861 in Shelby County, Misouri where Annie was from.

Robert Wilson was born in Missouri about 1866.

The parents and children, Robert, Edward, Maggie, and Walter, migrated by wagon train herding cattle to Colorado to join up with a man named Tom Sharp (associates from Missouri). I am pretty sure, in the summer of 1872. They moved next to the Rumaldo Atencio and Barbara Martinez-Valdez family in Walsenburg. The daughter Jennie was born in Colorado in 1874. John A.J. Wilson died 12 April, 1910 and is buried in the Gardner Protestant Cemetary with the other family members after they died also. John A.J. Wilson was was a Corporal on the Union Side in the Enrolled Missouri Militia, Company B then Company I, 70th regiment E.M.M. during the Civil War. His occupation in Missouri was Tailor. John A. J. Wilson's parents were Edward Wilson born about 1780 in Hunterdon, New Jersey, married at Upper Farquier County, Virginia on 12 January, 1811 (died 18 March 1853 in Missouri) married Mary Ann Francis who was born on 2 May, 1792, Pennsylvania, died 6 September, 1881. The Wilson Family originated in Yorkshire, England, Quakers who arrived in New Jersey during the colonial years, migrated to Virginia, and here is the interesting part, owned 4 Slaves in Virgina. I thought that Quakers could not own slaves and since the family was pro-union what was the relationship to them? Were they abolitionists and protected the 4 "Slaves" (during the underground railroad?) that were listed in the Virginia Census?

The Wilson Family migrated to Misouri early on and then John A.J. Wilson took his family to Colorado. On 1 June, 1882, Rumaldo Atencio obtained the 160 acre Homestead grant, and on 15th January, 1884, John A.J. Wilson obtained the Homestead grant also. The family was listed in the 1885 special census as Ranchers/Cowboys. Annie Wilson lived to 102 years old and the family basically follows the Path of American Expansion history Westward.
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