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Face Forward Photography

Hello! My name is Diane Hammerland and welcome to my world. I've been a photographer for the past seven years and have discovered a niche I'd like to share with each of you. Although I love photographing anything and everything, I absolutely love renovating damaged vintage photographs through my computer programs.

I have worked on such challenging pieces such as water damage, cracked, bleached or torn photos bringing back a photograph that was once thought lost. As time goes by I continue to evolve in my abilities and have brought back photographs that others have not been able to conquer. Along the way I've discovered ways to keep vintage photos preserved and restored.

What tugs at my heart the most is the appreciation that people have shown when tears come to their eyes when I return a beautiful new picture of a loved one so precious. That in itself is a great reward for my hours of work. I seek to improve day by day and have had the gift of other people's experiences in photo preservation knowledge, I thank them. I've met so many good friends long the way in this field of work.

I hope someday to meet you also. Until then, keep me in mind and remember, "I love what I do and so will you".

Please take a look at my web site for a more indepth explanation of what I do and to see my portfolio. Contact me for any restoration needs you may have, and I will be happy to quote you a price.

Diane Hammerland
Face Forward Photography
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