Las Animas County, Colorado

Additional Deaths

Unknown Cemetery

Albertson Cemetery 371631N 1044057W - Delagua

Andrix Cemetery 371642 N1031040W - Andrix

Bannister Cemetery

Barela Cemetery 370637N 1041543W - Barela

Bloom Cemetery 371724N 1042137W Earl

Branson Cemetery See Mountain View

Burro Canyon Cemetery 371109N 1044218W - Madrid

Carpios Cemetery 370847N 1043352W Trinidad West

Cedar Hill Cemetery 372612N 1031517W Robbers Roost Canyon - Andrix

Cejita Cemetery 370148N 1035445W - Branson

Chicosa Cemetery 371814N 1042528W - Hoehne

Chilillicito Cemetery

Congregation Aaron Cemetery 1878 - Trinidad

Cordova Cemetery 371012N 1042542W - Trinidad East

Crane Cemetery 1892

Crespin Cemetery 370024N 1034142W Pine Canyon

Dolores Mission Cemetery Picketwire Canyonlands

Earl Cemetery - Earl

Edenview Cemetery 372007N 1032121W - Kim North

Engleville Cemetery aka Montoya Cemetery

Esperensa Cemetery

Foster Cemetery aka August Cemetery, aka Apishipa Cemetery

Frizzell Ranch Cemetery

Gallegos Cemetery 371511N 1042912W - Hoehne

Garcia Cemetery 371100N 1042850W - Trinidad East

Gulnare Cemetery aka St. Joseph Cemetery - Gulnare

Hicks Cemetery 371557N 1045807W Herlick Canyon

Hoehne Community Cemetery - Hoehne

Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery - Trinidad

Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery - Trinidad

Jansen Cemetery 370934N 1043247W 1901- Trinidad West

Jaroso Cemetery 371836N 1044757W - Gulnare

Johnson Cemetery 372823N 1034022W Johnson Canyon - Villegreen

Kim Cemetery - Kim

Knights of Pythias Cemetery Aguilar

Leyba Cemetery 370006N 1040926W - Trinchera

Long's Canyon Cemetery 1908 - Rito

Los Hermanos Penitentes Cemetery 371229N 1040311W - Trinchera Cave

Lucero Cemetery 370147N 1041119W - Abeyta

Martinez Cemetery 371544N 1042257W - Hoehne

Masonic Cemetery 371116N 1043037W - Trinidad West

Medina Cemetery aka Guadalupe Cemetery. 10 to 12 miles west of Trinidad on Rt. 12 across the road from an old abandoned church. Data provided by Jerry Gates. 1901

Mestas Cemetery 371459N 1040121W - Trinchera Cave

Moltrer Family Cemetery

Mountain View Cemetery 370147N 1035327W 1916 - Branson

Nola Cemetery 370449N 1040713W Trinchera - Abeyta

Ojito Cemetery

Parker Cemetery See Tobe Cemetery

Pleasant View Cemetery aka Palmer Cemetery 371704N 1035159W Doss Canyon South - Walt's Corner

Plum Valley Cemetery 371448N 1033107W - Villegreen

Prince Cemetery 371743N 1045326W - Herlick Canyon

Riley Canon Cemetery 1908 - Cokedale

Rivera Cemetery 371400N 1042527W - Trinidad East

Robb Cemetery 372346N 1030636W Table Mesa - Andrix

Rocha Cemetery

Romero Cemetery 370016N 1025954W Big Hole Canyon - Trinchera

Saint Anthony Cemetery 372403N 1043751W - Aguilar

San Juan Plaza Cemetery 370736N 1044417W 1896 - Madrid

San Juan Cemetery 370724N 1044436W - Valdez

San Pedro Cemetery 1900 - Starkville

Scott Cemetery 371734N 1045519W - Herlick Canyon

Segundo Cemetery - Segundo

Sheltering Pines Cemetery - Trinidad

Simpson Cemetery 372958N 1040929W - Tyrone

Sopris Cemetery 1876 - Sopris

Spencer Cemetery

Starkville Cemetery aka San Pedro Cemetery 370717N 1043128W 1910 - Starkville

St. Joseph Cemetery 1888

Stonewall Cemetery 1888 - Stonewall

Tapia Cemetery 370319N 1041152W - Abeyta

Tercio Cemetery 370345N 1050043W 1905 - Torres

Thatcher Cemetery

Thorp Cemetery 373534N 1041507W - Hidden Valley Ranch

Tijeras Cemetery 370726N 1043911W - Valdez

Tobe Cemetery aka Parker Cemetery 371402N 1033551W - Tobe

Trinchera Plaza Cemetery 370139N 1040525W - Trinchera

Trujillo Creek Cemetery aka Mt. Carmel Cemetery 372123N 1044412W 1887 - Delagua

Unnamed Cemetery Weston

Valdea Cemetery 372425N 1042730W - Vega Corral

Valdez Cemetery 371214N 1052747W - San Luis

Vigil Cemetery 370847N 1043227W - Trinidad West

Vigil Cemetery 371046N 1041754W - Mooney Hills

Weston Cemetery aka Pacheca Cemetery 370809N 1045223W -Weston

Wilcox Cemetery 371609N 1041541W - Earl

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