Las Animas County, Colorado
Tercio Cemetery

Located at Tercio, Colorado. GPS coordinates lat: 37.0625, long: -105.0119 - Take hwy 12 west from Trinidad towards Stonewall. Turn left at Purgatory Camp for 3 miles. Cemetery is on the right side of the road. The road is marked with CF7I private property signs but it is open to the cemetery.
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Unknown, Eufita

Abeyta, Billy Orlando born 11-11-1929 died 3-27-1930 (Ruth Blackwell)

Abeyta, Leonarda B. born 1883 died 1914

Abeyta, Leonarda V born 1903 died 1950 Mother"   (Ruth Blackwell)

Aragon, Ascension V. born 10-20-1868 died 11-21-1946

Aragon, Claud born 1900 died 1939 (Ruth Blackwell)

Aragon, Eloisa born 9-21-1908 died 7-30-1915 (Ruth Blackwell)

Aragon, Fares born 1-16-1864 died 1-27-1915 (Ruth Blackwell) photo (Charlene Aragon) Aragon, Jose Epifanio b. Dec. 2, 1875 d. Sep. 12, 1954

Aragon, Joe L born 11-11-1915 died 12-26-1951 Colo Tech 5 Engineers WWII (Ruth Blackwell)

Aragon, Jose Celedonio born 9-21-1923 died 9-16-1943 At Rest - Gone But Not Forgotten (Ruth Blackwell)

Aragon, Jose Epifanio born 12-2-1875 died 9-12-1954

Aragon, Maria De Jesus born 4-14-1883 died 7-12-1951 (Ruth Blackwell)

Aragon, Paublita T born 1875 died 1951 (Ruth Blackwell)

Aragon, Phillip D born 5-18-1917 died 10-18-1948 Tec5 68th Armd WF BN WWII (Ruth Blackwell) 

Aragon, unknown died 1954

Duran, Alfonso born CO died 7-13-1924 Pvt 115 Supply Train   (Ruth Blackwell)

Duran, Jose A. born 8-24-1931 died 1-16-2000

Gallegos, Joseph A born 1884 died 1918 (Ruth Blackwell)

Gutierrez, Elfido born 1876 died 1935 Despidido Pero No Olvidado (Ruth Blackwell)  

Gutierrez, Jose L. De Jesus born 1-28-1901 died 5-30-1920 (Ruth Blackwell)

Jeserna, born 5-6-1861 died 5-23-1939 Note: date of death hard to read-possibly wrong-grave between Elma Trujillo and Claud Aragon (Ruth Blackwell)

Lopez, unknown

Lopez, Jose Reyes born 1887 died 1939

Lopez, L. B. died 1934

Martinez, Adislada Naranjo born 1903 died 10-12-1940 Querida Esposa y Madre   (Ruth Blackwell)

Martinez, Julianita born 12-22-1862 died 7-27-1919 Mother, thou hast from us flown to the regions far above We to thee erect this stone consecrated by our love (Ruth Blackwell)

Padilla, Jose Antonio born 7-10-1894 died 3-1-1970

Padilla, Maria Rebecca died 5-12-1907

Renner, Peter born 1834 Germany Co. D 2 US Art. (Ruth Blackwell) 

Romero, Benedita V died 1-30-1919 aged 16 years 11 months   (Ruth Blackwell)

Salazar, Felice born 1835 NM died 7-1914   Co. B 4th New Mexico Cav.   (Ruth Blackwell)

Santistevan, Maria born 1898 died 1988 Mother - Susie (Ruth Blackwell)

Serna, Fabian born 1-20-1888 CO died 2-14-1931 Pvt US Army   (Ruth Blackwell)

Serna, J. E. born 3-6-1861 died 5-23-1938

Serna, Vicenta born 7-10-1894 died 3-1-1970

Torres, A C metal spear shaped marker with no dates   (Ruth Blackwell)

Torres, Betty Marie born 1933 died 1954

Torres, Epemenia M born 3-22-1873 died 5-4-1931 (Ruth Blackwell)

Torres, Francisquita V born 11-15-1895 died 12-12-1918 (Ruth Blackwell)

Torres, John B born 6-24-1902 died 3-7-1984 (Ruth Blackwell)

Torres, Jose Luis born 1854 died 1936 Birth:   1854 Ranchos de Taos Taos County New Mexico, (Ruth Blackwell)

Torres, Sara A born 1867 died 6-2-1925 wife of J L Torres   (Ruth Blackwell)

Trujillo, Agapito born 1848 died 1928 No llares no muere sino duerme (Ruth Blackwell)

Trujillo, Benito born 8-28-1939 died 8-7-1994 Together Forever (Ruth Blackwell)

Trujillo, Elma A born 1-23-1936 died 7-2-1936 Sister (Ruth Blackwell)

Trujillo, Erma born 4-11-1915 died 4-20-1999 Forever Loved (Ruth Blackwell)

Trujillo, Joe N born 11-29-1908 died 4-15-1973 Husband -- Daddy -- Grandpa (Ruth Blackwell)

Trujillo, Juan M born 2-24-1902 died 10-9-1948 Pvt. 15 Med Tng Regt WWII   (Ruth Blackwell)

Trujillo, M A born 1877 died 1926 wife of D. Trujillo Padre en tus manos encomiendo mi espirita (Ruth Blackwell)

Trujillo, Natividad B born 1855 died 1933 (Ruth Blackwell)

Trujillo, Phillip M, Sr born 9-14-1951 died 9-28-1979 Gone But Not Forgotten (Ruth Blackwell)

Trujillo, Rhonda born 1-23-1959 died 6-29-1994 "Roni"   (Ruth Blackwell)

Trujillo, Severino born 1843 NM Co. B 3rd New Mexico Mtd Inf (Ruth Blackwell)

unknown, Eufita

Valdes, Elena born 10-12-1925 died 7-10-1927

Valdez, Juan Antonio born 2-1-1927 died 8-5-1927 (Ruth Blackwell)

Vallejos, Enrique born 11-16-1874 died 7-31-1905 At Rest (Ruth Blackwell)

Vallejos, Eufemia L. born 1892 died 1950

Vallejos, Gumersinda born 9-21-1881 died 11-28-1918 (Ruth Blackwell)

Vallejos, Jose Inocencio born 1883 died 1924 (Ruth Blackwell)

Vallejos, Juan Andres died 9-24-1912 In my father's house are many mansions (Ruth Blackwell)

Vallejos, Louis E. born 6-18-1912 died 8-17-1950

Vallejos, Luis M born 9-15-1850 died 12-23-1918 (Ruth Blackwell)

Vallejos, Romualdita born 2-24-1856 died 12-4-1918 (Ruth Blackwell)

Vallejos, Salomia Maria Romero born 10-22-1884 died 1939 (Ruth Blackwell) photo (Charlene Aragon)

Vigil, Etilano born 4-24-1899 died 5-24-1925 (Ruth Blackwell)

Vigil, Norbert Joseph born 4-6-1926 died 3-29-1927 (Ruth Blackwell)

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