Las Animas County, Colorado
Earl Cemetery

This cemetery is located about 17 miles east of Trinidad on hwy 350.
Anyone with information about burials in this cemetery please notify me Karen Mitchell

Archuleta, Leveta Fern age 4y drowned, daughter of Ruben Archuleta

Armijo, Cynthia Ann Trent born 5-3-1959 died 8-19-1997 We Love Her So Much But God Loves Her More, wife of Eddie Armijo

Duran, Daniel De Jesus born 12-24-1939 died 10-25-2002

Duran, Marcelino born 12-25-1912 died 1-20-1997 "A Man Of Vision And Strength, Your Spirit Continues", on back reads "You Remain In Our Hearts Forever This World For Us Is A Different Place Without You But Please Know That You Took A Piece Of Each One Of Us With You. Your Wife, Children, Grand Children and Great Grand Children

Duran, Vivian L. Abeyta born 1941 died 1985 wife of Daniel Duran

Finn, Joe "Mike" born 9-29-1903 died 7-9-1990 brother of Stella Duran

Garret, Candus Rae born 5-30-1959 died 6-20-2002 Little Turtle

Hernandez, Archie born 9-25-1960 died 9-17-1990 We Will Miss You

Hollingsworth, baby no dates

Mathews, William E. born 1865 died 1936

Minniss, Addie Rachel born 12-24-1903 died 6-14-1994 Daughter Of Jaduthan Minnisss

Montoya, Jasmine G. L. Torres born 1990 died 1990 Our Light

Pacheco, baby born 2-1-1941 died 2-1-1941 son of Mose & Elizabeth Pacheco, lived 2 hours

Phelps, Anne Mae born 1896 died 1968 daughter of William E. Mathews

Phelps, Elsie born 4-9-1900 died 10-15-1984 wife of Enoch Phelps

Phelps, Enoch born 12-1-1895 died 12-20-1989

Phelps, Pauline born 1926 died 1944

R., Janet P. died 7-13-1982

Robertson, Roseanna Torres died 12-1-2000

Sandoval, Joe O. born 6-17-1894 died 4-14-1976 In Loving Memory Father

Sandoval, Marjorie M. born 7-22-1913 died 5-23-1950 In Loving Memory Mother

Shehorn, baby boy died 8-18-1941 infant son of Charles and Lavina

Shehorn, Charley born 1-31-1909 died 2-4-2003

Shehorn, Lavina born 3-10-1918 died 7-2-1994 wife of Charles Shehorn

Torres, Addie Rachel Minniss born 12-24-1903 died 6-14-1994 daughter of Jaduthan Minnisss

Torres, Jose Eugenio born 10-6-1901 died 5-15-1981 son of Jose Benigno Torres

Washington, Audry N. born 1911 died 1924 Two sisters buried in the same grave, died walking home from school in a blinding snow storm

Washington, Leona G. born 1902 died 1924

Young, John Luther born 1869 died 1928 Father

Young, Willard P. born 1859 died 1937

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