Las Animas County, Colorado
Bloom Cemetery

This one half acre cemetery was owned by Riley Dunton, then people named Taylor and DeBusk filed a claim notice for the property in 1869 and later sold it to Michael Beshoar, who retained ownership until 1883. The Thatcher Brothers took it over, making the property the site of the Bloom Cattle Company. The property is currently owned by Joe and Mary Lee DiGarbo. The following graves are marked but there are some that are not. Anyone with information about burials in this cemetery please notify me Karen Mitchell

Beshoar, Amy E. born 10 May 1879 died 26 April 1881 Daughter of C.W. and M. J. Beshoar

Ferri, (unknown)

Gibbons, Bert W. born 28 January 1881 died 11 March 1902 Son of W. J. and M. F. Gibbons

Gregory, Asa born 1848 died 1913

Gregory, Nancy Murphy born 1845 died 1929

Gregory, Dianna G born 13 September 1880 died 8 October 1896 Daughter of Asa and Nancy

Perry, Allen born 6 August 1900 died age 11 mos Son of J. A. and M. A. Perry

Powell, Captolia E. born 26 September 1896 died 5 February 1908 Daughter of B. F. and Terry Powell

Ready, Mary M born 5 January 1865 died 29 October 1893 Wife of M. F

Ready, Moss F born 3 February 1853 died 29 November 1928

Richardson, Dennie born 18?? died 24 June 18?9 Daughter of H. and M. E

Richardson, Harvey born 1831 died 1900 Father

Richardson, Mary E born 1841 died 1901 Mother

Robinson, Edward died 25 September 1878 - age 29

Slaughter, William Fenton born 3-23-1847 died 12-27-1900

Slaughter, Naomi Frazier born 1848 died 1896 his wife

Waggoner, Thomas S. born 1850 died 30 November 1916

Weaver, Thomas born 1846 died 26 September 1920

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