Las Animas County, Colorado
Foster Cemetery
aka Augusta Cemetery
aka Apishipa Cemetery

The following graves are marked but there are some that are not. Anyone with information about burials in this cemetery please notify me Karen Mitchell
Listing contributed by Karen Mitchell. Photos contributed by Bill Tilley.

Aldrich, John A. born 1855 died 1887

Aldrich, Solomon born 1833 died 1889

Bayes, Edna E. born 1901 died 1903

Bayes, Robert born 9-22-1829 died 12-16-1899

Cameron, Chrissie died 8-18-1898 died at Aguilar, age 2 1/2y

Farrell, John born 11-1-1851 died 9-25-1900 We loved him. "A precious one from us has gone; A voice we loved is stilled; A place is vacant in our home; Which never can be filled."

Foster, James Allen born 1-24-1826 WV died 1896 Corp Co L 8th Va Cav CSA

Foster, Margaret Elizabeth Alderson born 1838 died 1-?-1908 wife of J.A. Foster

Foster, Susan Dotson born 1833 died 1889

Foster, Thomas born 1815 died 4-23-1886

Foster, Walsh died 1890

Hart, Ann Eliza Veatch born 12-18-1855 died 12-13-1908 Mother

Hart, James born 1883 died 1883

Hart, Julius Gunter born 1893 died 1894

Hart, Mary Charlotte born 1885 died 1885

Hart, Thomas E. born 2-1886 died 1915

Hart, William born 1892 died 1892

Henderson, John born 7-1-1874 died 10-10-1899 Cavalry insignia

McIntire, Duncan C.born 1817 died 7-8-1882 age 65y

Musgrave, Winnifred born 4-16-1898 died 8-11-1899

Rogers, James A. died 8-27-1890 age 30y 23d

Rogers, Lyman H. died 8-14-1891 age 17y 3m 7d

Salehammer, Nancy V. died 2-10-1883 age 20y 1m 26d "Remember Friends as you pass by; As you are now, so once was I; As I am now, so you must be; Prepare for death and follow me"

Veatch, John Wilson born 9-21-1870 died 6-13-1899

Veatch, Mary H. Elliott born 1-22-1835 died 1-9-1894

Woodward, Katie Margaret born 3-30-? died 9-2-? daughter of Frank & Lizzie Woodward

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