Las Animas County, Colorado
Mestas Cemetery

Anyone with information about burials in this cemetery please notify me. Karen Mitchell Donated by: Orlando Mestas

(SEC 13, T32S, R63W) The Mestas Cemetery was the original cemetery for the Mestas family located on the 1877 Homestead Land Grant of Salvador Mestas who brought his family from the Chama Valley in New Mexico to live in Las Animas County, Colorado at Chililicito near Hoehne, Colorado on April 15, 1866.

The cemetery, located on private property, is approximately 2.5 miles north of the junction of US Highway 350 and US Highway 160. Then approximately 1 mile west to the Purgatory "Las Animas" River which is a prominent landmark just west of the cemetery.

The cemetery is covered by sagebrush, cactus and yucca plants. There are no discernible grave markers only artifact remnants of some wood and stone markers and multiple standard metal memorial markers. Any form of personal identification markings have been destroyed by vandalism and weathered away. Since there is no evidence or information that can be used from the remaining markers to identify the graves, I have used genealogical research and documents to verify and authenticate the actual burials that have taken place in the Mestas Cemetery. Over time, as I research more family history, I will continue to update and make new additions to the cemetery log as they are found.

Blanch, Teofila Pacheco (Mestas) born 1851 died September 1, 1928 * Wife of Felipe Nerio Mestas (son of Salvador Mestas) and Albino Blanch

Elkins, Alex born 1865 died December 5, 1937

J.T.B. Unknown Person *Small white stone (marble) marker

Mestas, Elloy born August 18, 1918 died June 26, 1924 * Son of Juan Maria Mestas and A. H. Hernandez

Mestas, Juan Maria born September 15, 1854 died June 8, 1927 * Son of Salvador Mestas and Antonia Rosa Viterba De Valdes

Montoya, Crespin born 1908 died February 18, 1928 * Son of Leonardo Montoya and Altagracia Mestas * Grandson of Juan Maria Mestas

Montoya, Jose N. born 1906 died February 2, 1931 * Son of Leonardo Montoya and Altagracia Mestas * Grandson of Juan Maria Mestas

Musselwhite, William S. born March 19, 1941 died February 12, 2004 * PO2 US Navy, Vietnam

Watson, Maria Dorotea Mestas born March 29, 1849 died August 16, 1919 *Wife of John Watson, daughter of Salvador Mestas and Maria Antonia Rosa Viterba de Valdes

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