Las Animas County, Colorado
Starkville Cemetery

There are two cemeteries here. Anyone with information about burials in these cemetery, please notify me Karen Mitchell

Cemetery #1

Cemetery #1 is at the extreme south end of Starkville, in a pasture on the west side of I-25 and the west side of the Santa Fe railroad tracks. It is small abandoned cemetery. The cemetery has not been protected and cattle have grazed it. Many mortuary markers are thrown around. Approximately 75 graves. The earlist identifiable grave is 1910.

Armijo, unknown died 1910

Mestas, unknown

Romero, Jose Roy Eloy born 1933 died 1935

Tapia, Miguel born 1835 NM Co a 1st NM Infantry

Valdez, James E. born 7-1940 died 1-1941 Mullare Funeral Home

Valdez, Jose B. born 1878 died 1942

Cemetery #2

On a hill above Starkville, directions: go into Starkcille via the overpass at I-25, go to 2nd railroad crossing, make a sharp right, go through the gate. Although there is a gate here it is a County road. Go to the top of the hill. You will see 2 cemeteries, Cemetery #2 is the southern one and the largest of the 2. The earliest identifiable grave in 1876.

Alvarez, Maria Dolores born 1894 died 1954

Archuleta, Mebas born 8-1895 died 12-1900

Arguello, Roverto Noverta died 4-19-1945

Baca, Agapita born 1875 died 1953

Baca, Angela M. died 3-21-1921

Baca, Joe M. born 1913 died 1944

Baca, Matilde born 1907 died 1942

Baca, Theodora born 1919 died 1946

Bargas, C.

Carrillo, Joseph James born 9-19-1937

Chavez, Necolas died 3-8-1901 age 66y

Crespin, Manita

Duran, Antonio M died 7-8-1940 age 55y 5m 22d

Falagrady, Barney Ben born 4-3-1907 died 9-2-1996

Falagrady, Minnie M. born 12-19-1905 died 5-11-1997

Fernandez, Lucianita Ester born 3-29-1913 died 2-6-1914

Fernandez, Maria Margarita born 6-11-1921 died 6-30-1921

Fernandez, Pabuta born 6-11-1921 died 6-30-1921

Fransua, Benita born 1940 died 1942 Daughter

Fransua, Eloisa A. born 5-16-1910 died 6-2-1933

Fransua, Jose born 5-6-1917? died 10-29-1929 age 12y

Fransua, Stella born 1910 died 1943 Mother

Fresquez, Josie died 4-7-1922

Gallegos, Dave born 1908 died 1982

Gomez, Pete died 2-12-1928

Gonzales, Andrez born in Mexico siws 10-28-1929 at Morley, CO

Gonzales, Henry born 1891 died 1952

Gonzales, Hilario died 1-5-1915 age 60y

Gonzales, Jennie

Gonzales, Jose D. Co L NM Mtd Infantry

Gonzales, Manuel born 1890 died 1922

Gutierrez, Alfredo born 8-29-1905 died 10-7-1976 Colo PFC Med Det 3861 WWII SOn

Gutierrez, Benifacio born 1902 died 1972

Gutierrez, Eulalia born 1885 died 1948

Gutierrez, Joes Andres born 3-16-1867 died 8-27-1938

Gutierriez, Juanita died 11-12-???? age 51y

Herrera, Abe died 1941 age 60y

Herrera, Rebecca born 5-1894 died 11-4-1953

Leyba, Casimira

Leyba, Manuel

Lopez, Santos born 11-1921 died 11-2-1945 Colo Cpl 115 Engrs 40 Dev

Lujan, Eulalio, Cpl born 1884 died 1928

Malinora, Franciscita

Martinez, J. N. born 11-2-1901 died 9-10-1903

Martinez, Joe R.

Martinez, Role born 1871 died 1956

Medina, Vidal born 1879 died 1952

Mestas, Pedro

Moya, Clarina born 4-14-1898 died 6-15-1925

Moya, Elias born 5-25-1889 died 12-26-1916

Moya, Santos died 5-20-1920 Father

Moya, Virginia G. Mother

Moya, Willie died 1876

Navaretta, Lucille Shannon died 7-2-1942 Mullare Funeral Home

Oside, Mrs

Ramirez, R.

Rapolia, unknown

Romero, Dolores died 1904

Romero, Maria Dolaritas

Sanchez, Meregildo born 1-25-1899

Sandoval, unknown

Sandoval, Felipe 1st Battalion NM Inf

Santos, Sam baby died 1943 age 4m

Sena, unknown Campbell Lesi Mortuary

Sena, Louis

Sena, Manuel died 4-16-1930

Suaso, Francisco born Taos, NM Father

Suaso, Riolita

Suazo, Francisco Gilbert born 9-18-1946 died 12-2-2000

Torres, N. Buglar 1st NM Cav

Turpin, Fioda Gonzales born 1-19-1896 died 4-13-1971 wife of Guillermo Turpin

Urbano, John died 2-1937 age 47y

Vigil, Abaristo

Vigil, Feliberto born 2-15-1901 died 8-?

Vigil, Josie died 4-7-1922

Villegas, Bruno

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