Las Animas County, Colorado
El Ojito Cemetery

The following graves are marked but there are some that are not. Anyone with information about burials in this cemetery please notify me Karen Mitchell

El Ojito is the Spanish phrase for "little spring of water." The name was given to the area because of an actual spring that runs through the properties. The El Ojito Cemetery a.k.a. Lo Jito was the original cemetery for the Francisco Montoya family, descendents and community located on the Homestead Land Grants of Francisco Montoya, his son, Jose Crespin Montoya, and son-in-law, Juan Sanchez, who was married to Francisco's daughter, Salome Montoya. The cemetery is now on private property and is located at the end of Las Animas County Road 91.2, off CR 38. The cemetery is approximately 2.5 miles southeast of the Las Animas County Airport. About a quarter mile of off road travel is encountered once you turn right off CR 91.2. The cemetery is located on a barren bluff that overlooks the surrounding properties. It is encircled by a barbed wire fence with gate access that is shared by the adjoining properties. There are a few discernible gravestones and some weathered and deteriorated markers highlighted by two prominent bed frames used as markers. Genealogical documents and research has been used and will continue to be used to verify additional unmarked burials that have taken place. Listing contributed by Orlando Mestas.

Barela, Nicanor born May 27, 1860 died December 15, 1906 Son of Julio Barela and Francisca Gallegos "Esposo de Luz Montoya Barela"

Duran, Doroteo born June 18, 1889 died 1929 Son of Catalino Duran and Perfecta Sanchez

Gallegos, Marcelino born June 1881 died November 1, 1908

Gallegos, Gertrude no dates

Griego, Jose Daniel born June 26, 1884 died April 22, 1926 Husband of Natividad Martinez and son of Jose Ignacio Griego and Maria del Refugio Paiz

Herrera, Benjamin born April 5, 1902 died August 9, 1937 Son of Eugenio Herrera and Francisquita Moya

Herrera, Eugenio born 1877 died February 1955 Husband of Francisquita Moya and son of Pascual Herrera and Manuela Garcia

Herrera, Francisquita Moya born 1872 died November 1954 Wife of Eugenio Herrera and daughter of Juan Cristobal Moya and Maria Nabora Lobato

Martinez, Jose Trinidad born September 22, 1846 died June 21, 1924 Son of Rafael Martinez and Maria Ascencion Apodaca

Martinez, Juan born November 24, 1869 died November 24, 1936 Son of Rafael Martinez and Anastacia Madrid

Mestas, Celina born April 23, 1922 died December 2, 1927 Daughter of Silverio Mestas and Fructosa Montoya

Montoya, Jose Crespin born October 26, 1851 died July 27, 1906 Husband of Maria Gertrudes Salazar and son of Francisco Montoya and Maria de la Natividad Bueno

Montoya, Maria Gertrudes died April 17, 1915 Wife of Jose Florencio Montoya son of Francisco Montoya and Maria de la Natividad Bueno

Montoya, Maria Pablita Griego born abt 1874 Wife of Jose Florencio Montoya and daughter of Jose Ignacio Griego and Maria del Refugio Paiz

Salazar, Maria Gertrudes born 1865 died April 17, 1915 Wife of Jose Crespin Montoya and daughter of Guadalupe Salazar and Maria del Refugio Paiz

Samora, Francisco Co. A. Inf.

Sanchez, Juan born abt 1853 died November 3, 1940 Husband of Salome Montoya and son of Jose Antonio Sanchez and Rafaela Gallegos

Sanchez, Pedro born Abt. 1880 Son of Antonio Sanchez and Matilde Romero

Sanchez, Salome Montoya born May 1, 1848 Wife of Juan Sanchez and daughter of Francisco Montoya and Maria de la Natividad Bueno

Torres, Vicentita Griego born Jan 1878 Wife of Leandro Torres and daughter of Jose Ignacio Griego and Maria del Refugio Paiz

Trujillo, Francisco born 1861 died 1946 Son of Jose Maximo Trujillo and Juana Maria Lucero

Watson, Catarina Moya born April 20, 1872 died November 15, 1918 Wife of Samuel Watson and daughter of Juan Nepomuceno Moya and Maria Juana Josefa Montoya

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