Las Animas County, Colorado
Wilcox Cemetery

Anyone with information about family members that are buried in this cemetery, please notify me Karen Mitchell

Hargrove, Harry E. born 1888 1937

Hargrove, William L. born 1929 1929

Hargrove, Perry M. born 1912 1928

Hargrove, Winston H. born 1916 1921

Hargrove, Wayne W. born 1920 1921

Perry, W.H. born 1861 1932 husband of Laura A. Wilcox

Perry, Laura A. Wilcox

Perry, ?

Perry, ?

Perry, ?

Riggs, Narcissus Benton born 1840 1870 In Memory of Wife of James Monroe Riggs First person buried in Wilcox Cemetery

Salazar, Louis L. born Sep 15 1901 Nov 15 1940

Salazar, Bersa born 1926 eldia de mario 193?

Salazar, Mabel born July 2 1915 Apr 14 1995

Salazar, Daniel born Feb 4 1925 Nov 28 1958 At Rest

Salazar, Sinforina born Feb 20 1876 May 2 1958 At Rest

Salazar, Blas born Feb 3 1873 Oct 30 1957

Salazar, Timoteo born July 15 1876 Dec 11 1950

Wilcox, daughter Daughter of J & A.E. Wilcox

Wilcox, James Son of James & Nancy Wilcox Husband of A.E. Wilcox, born Marion County Alabama Nov 16 1832, We hope to meet on yonder shore where souls unite to part no more

Wilcox, Jinkie died Aug 30 1888 age 15 years son of J & A.E. Wilcox, A precious one from us has gone a voice we loved is stilled, a place is vacant in our home which never can be filled

Wilcox, James Monroe

Wilcox, Roy died Apr 13 1876 age 9 months 9 days son of J & A.E. Wilcox, Little Roy has gone to sleep on the saviors loving breast, o fond parents do not weep for he there will sweetly rest


Wilcox, ?

Wilcox, ?


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