Las Animas County, Colorado
Trujillo Creek Cemetery

Anyone with information about burials in this cemetery, please notify me Karen Mitchell All photos contributed by the Vigil Family.

Trujillo Creek Cemetery
aka Mount Carmel Cemetery

Trujillo Creek cemetery lies near the area which was at the beginning known at the Plazita. Most of the early Spanish pioneers are buried here, but no one knows for certain how old this burial ground is, or who was the first person to be buried here. Salvador Maes and one of his sisters donated the land for this cemetery.

Some of the older graves are marked by wooden crosses or common moss-covered rocks with a few letters and dates, many of which have become weather beaten and can no longer be identified. Some of the older moss covered markers date back to 1883. One of these older stones is of the 22 year old son of Blas Felipe Quintana who was fatally injured as he helped his father clear the trees from their homestead. A few graves have small wooden fences, and the more recent ones have concrete enclosures. Most of the graves are cared for by family members or friends of the deceased.

At one time the community had organized to keep the cemetery clean and the general up-keep well supervised. The late Luis Vigil, Dario Quintana and Frank Passarelli were the caretakers. In 1973, shortly before his death, the late Frank Passarelli designed the gates and entrance to the cemetery.

In early day when people in the Trujillo Creek community passed away, a messenger on horseback went to every home in the community to tell about the death. The chapel bell tolled sadly as the news spread throughout the area. Immediately the neighbors gathered at the home where the death had occured to offer help and comfort. Seldom were the coroner or embalmer called to verify the cause of death or embalm the body. The neighbors helped in the construction of the crude wooden coffins and covered them with blue, black, or white cloth. White ribbon crosses were sewn to the sides and top of the coffin. The women bathed and prepared the body for burial. All the neighbors gathered for an all night wake. Many prayers were said and the singing of Alabados continued through the night. This praying and singing continued until around midnight when food was served, then most people went home. A few people remained to console the grieving families. Occasionaly they went to view the body, as it lay in the coffin on benches or tables. As soon as daylight dawned, a team of black horses hitched to a spring wagon was ready to take the deceased to the cemetery for burial. The entire community of neighbors and friends gathered for the funeral.

Each year on Memorial Day relatives and friends come to the Trujillo Creek cemetery to pay tribute to their dead. Beautiful wreaths and plants are left on graves, as people meet and visit, talking about old times. They look around at the graves - some heaping mounds of new dirt, others sunken by age and neglect. Quite a few elaborate markers are seen, but many are the small moss covered rocks with a few letters and a date. These simple and perhaps crude stones mark the burial site of our early pioneers who toiled to build this community. Among these markers are also those of soldiers of World War I, World War II, and one or two of the Civil War. - Written by Anne Lucero in "Trujillo Creek - the Early Days".

Abeyta, Adam born 1906 died 1960 Father

Abeyta, Bernadel born 6-11-1896 died 3-31-1963

Abeyta, Connie no dates Mother

Abeyta, Feliciana born 2-21-1874 died 6-7-1946

Abeyta, Francisco born 10-4-1862 died 1-28-1929

Abeyta, Frank born 1931 baby

Abeyta, Isidoro born 4-4-1898 died 6-10-1954

Ailey, Melissa Ann born 1975 died 1976

Andreatta, John S. born 12-11-1922 died 11-19-2001

Anutardia, Cynthia born 1951 died 1951 Mullare Mortuary

Apodaca, Beatrice born 1856 died 1931

Apodaca, Jose Ignacio died 1905 Son of Pablo Apodaca and Cleofes Romero, husband of Leonor Castro.

Archuleta, Eufelia born 1-9-1915 died 12-23-1918 Also

Archuleta, Eufracia Mary Abeyta born 3-15-1908 died 9-10-2008

Ariela, Martha born 7-12-1938 died 6-7-1964

Armijo, Adutio died 5-30-1930 age 76y, one of the original settlers of Trujillo Creek.

Armijo, Clotilde Vigil born 1874 died 1912 wife of Julio Armijo

Armijo, Julio died 8-10-1936 age 55y, son of Adutio Armijo. Husband of Clotilde Vigil.

Baca, Nestor born 1885 died 1915

Barajas, Louis Cardenas no dates

Borrego, Ernestine Louise born 1950 died 1951

Borrego, Evista born 2-6-1936

Borrego, Geronima born 1875 died 1949

Borrego, J.R. __97

Borrego, Jesus C. born 5-21-1918 died 3-5-1957 Colorado S Sgt 19 Food Svc Sq AF WWII Korea

Borrego, Leandro born 8-1-1864 died 5-30-1952 89y 8m 14d Also

Borrego, M. F. born 11-2-1841

Borrego, Narcisco born 1905 died 1973 Father

Borrego, Ricardo born 4-4-1892 died 2-3-1965 Colorado Pvt Infanty WWI

Borrego, Roberto born 10-13-1899 died 6-15-1917 on stone with Evista

Borrego, Serafina born 1875 died 1949

Borrego, Teofila died 5-14-1956

Borrego, Tony born 1-5-1920 died 12-18-1949 Colorado Sgt 218 General Hosp WWII

Borrego, Victoriano born 10-10-1891 died 1976

Borrego, Vivian born 11-2-1885 died 12-23-1918 Also

Brunelli, Charles M. born 2-19-1903 died 6-11-1973

Brunelli, Nona M. born 12-27-1909 died 9-8-1993

Bustos, Jose T. died 5-3-1905

Bustos, Maria Dolores born 1840 died 1931

Cardenas, Cila T. born 6-18-1905 died 10-26-1981 Also

Cardenas, Domingo born 1923 died 1973

Cardenas, Elizabeth born 5-11-1883 died 11-18-1976 Also

Cardenas, Elvira C. born 1896 died 1943

Cardenas, Emilio born 3-27-1897 died 7-10-1926

Cardenas, Florencia born 1-1851 died 7-19-1902

Cardenas, Frances R. born 9-19-1928 died 7-13-1991

Cardenas, Fred born 1928 died 1973

Cardenas, Gerald Adrian born 11-27-1956 died 3-6-2011 in Denver, Colorado, Son of Joe M Cardenas and Tomasita E. Vigil Cardenas

Cardenas, Joe M. born 8-25-1925 in Trujillo Creek died 7-14-2003 in Aguilar Husband of Tomasita E. Vigil. Father of Gerald Adrian Cardenas

Cardenas, Juan no dates died on the 15th day

Cardenas, Juan B. born 1876 died 1967

Cardenas, Juanita Louise born 9-30-1954 died 9-27-1955

Cardenas, Luis born 1898 died 1963

Cardenas, Nazario born 7-28-1921 died 9-27-1981

Cardenas, Samuel born 4-5-1896 died 6-18-1972

Cardenas, Thomasita E. born 7-25-1926 in Trujillo Creek died 5-18-2005 in Aguilar. Daughter of Luis Vigil and Bersabe Lopez. Wife of Joe M. Cardenas

Castro, Ascencion V. de born 5-12-1873 died 7-10-1903 Wife of Donaciano Castro, daughter of Jose Maria Vigil and Guadalupe Maes.

Castro, Lizzie Date of Death: 03/10/1943 Place of Death: Rouse Age: 7y-11m-9d Cemetery: Trujillo, Aguilar Source: Huerfano County Burial Permit

Cobo, Romana born 7-4-1894 died 5-3-1950

Conway, Aurelia born 5-11-1916 died 6-19-2001

Cordero, Josefa V. de died 1-5-1904

Cordova, Adelaida V. born 1879 died 1941

Cordova, Elena A. born 11-6-1860 died 4-4-1927 Also

Cordova, Eloy Tomas born 1901 died 1936 Erected by Margaret

Cordova, Jose I. born 1876 died 1950 Father

Cordova, Jose J. born 12-18-1855 died 1-14-1929 age 73y 27d Father

Cozzie, Carlos born 1917 died 1959

Cozzie, John died 1900

Cozzie, Joseph died 1896

Cozzie, Ruth died 1898

Cruz, Cornelio born 9-16-1884 died 10-8-1934

Cruz, Manuel T. born 3-10-1922 died 10-30-2003

Davis, Antonio A. died 4-17-1909 age 65y

Davis, Maria Ignacia G. died 3-27-1908 age 56y

DeAguero, Margarito born 1-22-1895 died 11-13-1956 Colorado Pvt Provost Guard Co WWI

DeBueno, Rufina Crus born 10-11-1911 died 1923

Duran, Antonio no dates

Duran, Cension born 10-26-1917 died 5-30-1997 Wife of Pete Duran, daughter of Jose Pablo Martinez and Maria Ecarnacion Castro

Duran, Eulogia born 2-13-1913 in Penasco, Taos, New Mexico died 5-29-1990 in Colorado Springs, Colorado Daughter of Severo Duran and Evangelina Vigil. Wife of Theodore Duran.

Duran, Evangelina V. born 1880 in NM died 1918 in Trujillo Creek Daughter of Juan Bautista Vigil and Maria Eulogia De Jesus Sanchez. Wife of Severo Duran

Duran, Flavio born 9-20-1909 died 6-29-2000

Duran, Flavio Lonicio born 6-14-1943 died 6-28-1977 A1C US Air Force Vietnam, son of Flavio Duran

Duran, Furensio bor January, rest of stone underground

Duran, Helen (Elena) born 1-14-1951 in Aguilar died 3-4-2005 in Aguilar Daughter of Delfino Vigil and Isabel Garcia

Duran, James R. born 5-1-1945 died 3-15-1995

Duran, Jeannette born 1-31-1982 in Denver, Colorado died 1-31-1982 in Denver, Colorado Daughter of James Duran and Elena (Helen Vigil) Duran.

Duran, Jerry A. born 7-24-1940 died 3-29-1998

Duran, Jimmy N. born 4-23-1970 in Denver died 4-23-1970 in Denver. Son of James Duran and Elena (Helen Vigil) Duran, Jimmy was a stillborn baby

Duran, Josefita S. born 11-4-1852 died 8-9-1899

Duran, Juanita died 1927

Duran, Leandro died 1926

Duran, Maria Jesus died 1-1904 age 6m

Duran, Mary A. born 6-13-1921 died 4-1-1938

Duran, Pete born 10-26-1910 died 4-26-1984

Duran, Severo born 1867 died 1953

Duran, Theodore born 1-15-1909 died 9-25-1987 in Trujillo Creek Husband of Eulogia Vigil.

Fallistia, Mario died 1917

Garcia, Ben no dates Husband of Maria Felicita Vigil

Garcia, Diego born 3-26-1924 died 2-20-1926 Son of Jose Diego Garcia and Rosa Trujillo.

Garcia, Erenia (Irenia) born 1889 in Colorado died 1955 in Colorado

Garcia, Eusabio born 4 Jul 1889 in Las Animas died 1955 Son of Juan M. Garcia and unknown and sibling of Jose Malaquias and Jose Diego Garcia

Garcia, Henry Anthony J. born 9-6-1962 died 11-14-2004

Garcia, Henry Joe born 5-31-1928 died 12-8-1988 in Trinidad Pv2 US Army Son of Jose Malaquias Garcia

Garcia, Irenea born 1900 died 1993 in Trujillo Creek

Garcia, Joe M. born 2-18-1885 died 1974 in Denver. Jose Malaquias Garcia was the son of Juan M. Garcia and unknown and sibling of Eusabio and Jose Diego

Garcia, Jose Diego born 1891 died 1923 son of Juan M. Garcia and Unknown and sibling of Eusabio and Jose Malaquias

Garcia, Juan Diego born 12-25-1918 in Delagua, Colorado died 8-21-1939 in Delagua, Colorado Son of Jose Diego Garcia and Rosa Trujillo. He drown when a bridge washed out and his car was sweept down stream

Garcia, Juan M. born 1-?-1857 in New Mexico Territory died 1933 in Trujillo Creek. Father of Jose Malaquias, Eusabio and Jose Diego Garcia

Garcia, Maria Felicita born 9-25-1905 in Trujillo Creek died 5-9-1994 in Walsenburg, daughter of Luis Vigil and Bersabe (Lopez) Vigil. Married Benjamin Garcia 11-19-1928 and Charles Lee Garcia Also (Debbie Vigil)

Garcia, Nastaeits born 7-30-1922 died 4-15-1923 Daughter of Jose Diego Garcia and Rosa Trujillo.

Garcia, Tony died 8-29-1959

Garduno, Benito born 1885 died 1949 Brother

Garduno, Todasio died 1-19-1929 age 81y

Gomez, infant born 1960 died 1960

Hamlin, A. D. died 1875

Hamlin, Alvis D. (Jr) died 1898

Hamlin, Annie Frances died 1893

Hamlin, William Mathew died 1882

Heney, J. D. died 12-27-1906

Herrera, Albino de born 1907

Herrera, Jose S. no dates NM Cavalry

Herrera, Leonor born 5-10-1895 died 7-12-1912

Herzog, Carl Robert born 9-22-1958 died 2-7-1959

Huberta, Juana died 1910

J.D.V. M.N. 1899 died 1906

Jaksoneak, Andrew born 1863 died 1947

Jaksoneak, Marianne born 1865 died 1908

J.B. 23_8

Jersin, Joe died 1900

Johnson, Birgidu born 1871 died 1939

Johnson, Rufina died 1955 age 74y

Johnson, Sammy L. died 5-21-1945

Johnson, Samuel died 5-23-1935

J.V. died 6-25-1906

Lopez, Barbara born 2-20-1894 died 6-21-1973

Lovato, Manuelita Perra born 1829 died 5-16-1924

Luceros, Carlos died 10-12-1905

Lucero, Conception born 1878 died 1960

Luceros, Pablo Simpson's Co. NM Guides

Lucio, Pablo died 12-21-1909

Maes, Baby born and died 15 Jul 1938 Daughter of Benjamin Maes and Clotilde Vigil

Maes, Clotilde V. born 4-23-1916 died 7-15-1938 Also Daughter of Luis Vigil and Bersabe Lopez Vigil. Wife of Benjamin Maes.

Maes, Leandro born 1911 died 1970

Maes, Rafaelita Chavez born 12 Dec 1864 at Conejos County, CO. died 14 Dec 1932 at Trujillos Creek, CO. Wife of Salvador Maes, daughter of Juan Ignacio Chavez and Rafaelita Chavez. Buried 16 Dec 1932.

Maes, Salvador born 1853 died 1940 Son of Quirino Crescencio Maese and Maria Concepcion Couprion Suazo.

Maes, Santiago born 12-23-1857 in New Mexico Territory died 8-7-1941in Trujillo Creek Son of Quirino Crescencio Maese and Maria Concepcion Couprion Suazo.

Maez, Benito died 1909

Maez, Celia born 1908 died 1921

Maez, Elena born 1906 died 1922

Mallo, Luz Gurule died 7-20-?

Marozzo, Jim (Santo) born 9-8-1892 in Cosenza, Calabria, Italy died 2-4-1978 in Aguilar. Santo (James/Jim) Marozza was the husband of Rose Trujillo Garcia. He migrated from Cosenza, Calabria, Italy in 1911 in search of work to support his family in Italy. He worked in the coal mines.

Marozzo, Rose born 2-25-1897 in Hastings died 3-9-1992 in Aguilar Rosa Trujillo Garcia Marozzo was the daughter of Florentino Trujillo and Quirino Archuletta and was adopted by Cordova's of Hoehne. She was married to Jose Diego Garcia and then Santo (James/Jim) Marozzo. Survivor of the Ludlow Massacre.

Martinez, Amelia born 1933 died 1953 Daughter & Sister

Martinez, Andres born 1862 died 3-24-1906

Martinez, Dolores born 4-8-1937 died 1-25-1939

Martinez, Encarnacion Castro born 3-25-1898 died 8-13-1985 Maria Encarnacion Castro, wife of Jose Pablo Martinez, daughter of Donaciano Castro and Maria Encarnacion Vigil.

Martinez, Guillermo born 4-17-1897 died 9-25-1931

Martinez, Jose Pablo born 4-7-1890 died 1-27-1957 Husband & Father Son of Narciso Martinez and Benina ?. Husband of Maria Encarnacion Castro

Martinez, Juan de died 4-5-1905

Martinez, Roberto died 9-2-1936

Martinez, Tiodorita died 7-18-1926 age 86y

Mestas, Joe N. born 1871 died 1957

Mestas, Jose born 1871 died 1957

Mestas, Maria Inez born 1879 died 1951

Montoya, Antonia born 1906 died 1959 surname spelled Montaia on stone

Montoya, Paul born 12-14-1914 died 6-20-1968

Montez, Polito died 12-21-1908

Morales, Petrita D. born 1889 died 1958

Munoz, Jesse G. born 1952 died 1969 Son

Ortiz, Adella L. born 1882 died 1951 Mother

Ortiz, Cabel born 1-8-1941 died 6-6-1941

Ortiz, Gabel born 5-17-1935 died 7-11-1939

Ortiz, Joseph died 1952 baby

Ortiz, Lucas born 1912 died 1963 Father

Ortiz, Lucas Co H 3rd Colo Cav

Ortiz, Maria Acapitr-a born 3-24-1915 died 1-22-1941

Ortiz, Maria L. born 1883 died 1964

Ortiz, Toribio born 10-12-1918 died 4-65-2001

Ortiz, Torvio died 12-10-1918 age 42y

Paiz, Felix born 4-30-1931 died 2-17-2010 Also

Paiz, Juanita L. born 3-22-1937 died no date

Passarelli, Albina M. born 12-21-1884 in Tularosa, New Mexico died 1-15-1966 in Walsenburg Wife

Passarelli, Doloritas born 1895 died 1970

Passarelli, Francisco no dates

Passarelli, Frank born 4-8-1888 in Gulnare died 8-15-1974 in Aguilar. Oberto Frank Passarelli, son of Michel (Michael) Passarelli and Carmelita Quintana. Husband of Albina Maes.

Passarelli, Lupita Vigil born 7-12-1922 in Trujillo Creek died 1-28-2009 in Aguilar. Guadalupe (Lupita) Passarelli was the daughter of Luis Vigil and Bersabe Lopez. She was the wife of Francisco Rubel (Frank) Passarelli

Passarelli, Michele born 4-27-1850 died 3-12-1930 Husband of Carmelita Quintana

Pagan, Mary Jane Romero born 2-14-1927 died 5-20-1987

Quintana, Blas born 1826 died 1903

Quintana, Dario born 1884 died 1969

Quintana, Desideria born 2-11-1921 died 12-30-1927

Quintana, Estella C. died 3-22-1906

Quintana, Fidelia born 1883 died 1971

Quintana, Isidor Cordova born 1902 died 1988

Quintana, Joe D. born 12-5-1928 died 3-20-1974

Quintana, Jose S. died 5-27-1934

Quintana, Quirino born 1873 died 1959

Reggio, Deluvia Erera born 1910 died 1936 wife of Frank Reggio

Reggio, Frank no dates

Ribble, Tillie Duran born 1940 died 1979

Rodosevich, Berniece born 6-27-1931 died 9-29-2005 Also

Rodosevich, Debra Ann born 4-13-1951 died 8-24-2004 Also

Rodosevich, Netto Ernie born 3-21-1925 died 7-19-1988 Also

Rodosevich, Renee Nicole born 11-24-1985 died 6-26-1986

Romero, A. Eloy no dates

Romero, Aron died 1910

Romero, Beatrice born 1931 died 1954 Daughter

Romero, Eloy Sr. born 1906 died 1932

Romero, Emilio born 5-1903

Romero, Estefana died 1925

Romero, Jeronimo E. born 1888 died 1969 Father

Romero, Manuel born 2-6-1890 died 11-15-1906

Romero, Maria Manuella born 1917 died 1918

Romero, Robert born 1921 died 1970 Son

Romero, Virginia born 1895 died 1967 Mother

Salazar, Antonio D. died 3-18-1905 age 66y

Sambrano, Makalia Anne born 11-12-1972 died 6-25-1986 Daughter of Joseph Anthony Sambrano and Maria Gloria Vigil. Died in a car accident.

Samora, Leonor born 4-9-1913 died 3-30-1914

Sanches, Dolores V. died 7-15-1938

Sanchez, Alfonso born 1901 died 1945

Sanchez, Eulogia born 2-13-1913 died 3-20-1990

Sanchez, Manuel died 2-1933

Sanchez, Susie born 9-20-1910 died 3-7-2008

Sanchez, Theodore born 1-15-1909 died 9-25-1987

Sandoval, Francisquita V. born 10-4-1872 died 6-9-1940

Silva, Prospera C. born 1893 died 1941

Simpson, Ercilia born 5-6-1921 died 12-11-2007

Tollas, F. A. died 7-24-1903

Trujillo, unknown born 5-8-1848 died 3-14-1926

Trujillo, Dionicia died 6-2-1913

Unknown, concrete base and cross with metal crucifix

Valdes, Dora Mary

Valdes, Isidora born 1815 died 1942 Also

Valdes, Jose A. born 1880 died 1963

Valdes, Juanita no dates

Valdez, Jose no dates

Valdez, Maxie V. born 1-26-1902 died 12-12-1918

Vigil, Alberto born 1900 died 1959 Son of Jose Manuel Vigil and Perfillia Martinez

Vigil, Amarante born 4-5-1899 died 3-6-1911

Vigil, Anthony born 1962 died 1974

Vigil, Antonio Avaristo (Tony) - son of Luis Vigil and Bersabe (Lopez) Vigil. He was born on 26 Dec 1924 in Trujillo Creek, Colorado and died on 15 Jul 1987 in Aguilar, Colorado. (Debbie Vigil) Also Also

Vigil, Antonio D. baby, no dates

Vigil, Arsenio born 1-4-1923 died 3-13-1995 Cpl US Army WWII Purple Heart

Vigil, baby died 1938 baby of Clotilde V.

Vigil, Ben born 1892 died 1914

Vigil, Bersabe Lopez daughter of Joaquin Lopez and Maxima ?. She was born on 17 Aug 1887 in Walsenburg, Colorado and died on 2 Mar 1971 in Walsenburg, Colorado. Married Luis Vigil 11-11-1901. (Debbie Vigil) Also

Vigil, Carmel L. baby, no dates

Vigil, Celedon born 4-14-1858 died 5-17-1932

Vigil, Clarence Mestas born 3-?-1914 died 10-?-1948

Vigil, Clodovea E. born 6-2-1918 died 5-3-1928

Vigil, Clotilde V. Maes born 4-28-1916 died 7-15-1938 Wife & baby

Vigil, Cristoval born 12-1925

Vigil, Delfino - son of Luis Vigil and Bersabe (Lopez) Vigil. He was born on 25 Nov 1907 in Trujillo Creek, Colorado and died in Feb 1972 in Denver, Colorado. He died from complication black lung he got while working in the coal mines. Married Isabel Garcia 1-9-1933. (Debbie Vigil) Also Husband & Daddy

Vigil, Encarnacion D. born 3-25-1872 died 5-?-1973 Daughter of Jesus Maria De Herrera and Maria Cornelia de Jesus Valdes. Wife of Jose Hilario Vigil.

Vigil, Ernest Patrick born 8-18-1944 died 11-21-1999 SP4 US Army Vietnam

Vigil, Faith Rosalie born 3-12-1958 died 7-13-1958

Vigil, Fernando F.born 5-10-1891 in Martinez, Colorado died 1-19-1990 in Trujillo Creek

Vigil, Filberto no dates

Vigil, Gabriel M. born 2-14-1947 died 4-5-2010 EMC US Navy Vietnam Also

Vigil, George A. born 11-11-1925 died 12-19-2002 Sgt US Army WWII Korea

Vigil, Guadalupe de died 12-15-___3

Vigil, Guadalupe M. born 1849 died 1916 Maria Guadalupe Maes was the daughter of Quirino Crescencio Maese and Maria Concepcion Couprion Suazo. Wife of Jose Maria Vigil

Vigil, Isabel Garcia born 6-20-1913 in Delagua died 5-8-2006 in Aguilar Isabel Vigil was the daughter of Jose Diego Garcia and Rosa Trujillo and the wife of Delfino Vigil.

Vigil, Isidoro C. born 10-31-1941 died 1-1-1966

Vigil, J. D. J. died 1899

Vigil, J. de J. no dates Ind. C NM Mtd & Scouts

Vigil, Jenny born 1-3-1943 in Delagua died 1-5-1943 in Delagua. Daughter of Delfino Vigil and Isabel Garcia Vigil

Vigil, Joe S. no dates

Vigil, Jose H. Luis born 6-23-1932 died 7-10-1940

Vigil, Jose Hilario born 1-18-1852 died 3-23-1939 Son of Juan Felipe De Jesus Vigil and Maria Romana Cruz del Carmen Bustos. Husband of Encarnacion De Herrera Vigil

Vigil, Jose Isidoro died 12-17-1934 age 90y 10m

Vigil, J.M. (Jose Maria) born 1837 died 1917 Son of Francisco Estevan Vigil and Maria Arcadia Salazar. Husband of Maria Guadalupe Maes. He and his wife were one of the original settlers of Trujillo Creek.

Vigil, Jose Merced born 1892 died 1965

Vigil, Jose Patricio born 10-19-1906 died 3-28-1973

Vigil, Josephine born 1934 died 1959 Wife

Vigil, Juan de Jesus born 12-24-1813 in Santa Cruz de La Canada, New Mexico died 6-27-1887 in Trujillo Creek Ind Co N.M. Mt'd Spies & Scts Son of Juan Bautista Montes Vigil II and Maria Pasquala Romero. Husband Maria Romana Cruz del Carmen Bustos.

Vigil, Juanita (Jenny) - daughter of Delfino Vigil and Isabel (Garcia) Vigil. She was born on 3 Jan 1943 in Delagua, Colorado and died 5 Jan in Delagua, Colorado. (Debbie Vigil)

Vigil, Julian Charles died 8-24-1943 in Walsenburg, age 1m-20d Cemetery: Trujillos Crk, Las Animas County Source: County Burial Permit

Vigil, Leopoldo born 1923 died 1977 RM2 US Navy WWII Also

Vigil, Louis born 1871 died 1947 Father

Vigil, Lucio born 3-4-1902 died 12-18-1973 Son of Manuel Vigil and Perfilla Martinez

Vigil, Luis I. - son of Jose Maria Vigil and Guadalupe (Maes) Vigil. He was born in Aug 1871 in New Mexico Territory and died in 1947 in Trujillo Creek, Colorado. Married Bersabe Lopez 11-11-1901. (Debbie Vigil) Also

Vigil, Luis born 1928 died 12-28-1928 son of Luis Vigil and Bersabe Lopez

Vigil, Manuel born 1-?-1853 died 4-17-1930 Son of Juan De Jesus Vigil and Maria Romana Cruz del Carmen Bustos and husband of Perfillia Martinez

Vigil, Manuelita M. born 1864 died 1944

Vigil, Maria Felicita born 9-25-1905 in Trujillo Creek died 5-9-1994 in Walsenburg

Vigil, Maria "Ray" born 8-20-1922 died 8-7-2009

Vigil, Maria Romano B. died 5-22-1887

Vigil, Perfilia S. born 8-?-1866 died 9-26-1935 Wife of Manuel Vigil

Vigil, Rita B. born 5-22-1880 died 1-1-1919 Wife of Celedon Vigil

Vigil, Robert born 5-12-1934 died 7-13-1934

Vigil, Rudolfo born 10-3-1933 died 11-13-1965

Vigil, Rumalda T. born 2-15-1870 died 7-31-1940 Wife of Celedon (Celedonio) Vigil.

Vigil, Sinforosa P. born 12-9-1897 died 5-2-1980 Daughter of Michel (Michael) Passarelli and Carmelita Quintana. Wife of Fernando (Fred) Vigil.

Vigil, Teresina born 10-15-1889 died 8-28-1904

Vigil, Theresa C. born 1901 died 1971

Vigil, Valerie Jay born 4-20-1959 died 4-20-1959 daughter of Pantaleon Vigil and Betty ?. She was a stillborn child.

Wilson, Bertha died 1929

Wilson, Richard born 1902 died 1973

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