Pueblo County, Colorado
Roselawn Cemetery

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Haas Monument(Floyd Kelling)

Haas, Corp. Chriss H. born 1886 died 1918 Notes: Co F 7th U.S. Engineers killed in Argonne Forest France Oct 14, 1918    

Haas, Geo. M. died Feb 19, 1907 Notes: age 48 years

Haas, George M. died 2-19-1907 Notes: age 48y (Floyd Kelling)

Haas, Henry Notes: buried 08-09-1898 age 45, male, Location 12 53 2, McMahon and Collier

Haas, Mary L. Notes: buried 11-23-1898 age 17, female, Location 28 265 8, McMahon and Collier

Habich, Frank R. Jr. born 5-14-1952 died 9-6-1994 (Sharon McCurry)

Hackett, Mary Ellen born 1878 died 1901 (Sharon McCurry)

Hackett, Michael J. born 1855 died 1898 Notes: buried 09-14-1898 age 43, male, Location 29 4 7, McMahon and Collier (Sharon McCurry)

Hadley, Carrie G. born 2-28-1883 died 7-2-1976 (Sharon McCurry)

Hadley, Doris M. born 9-4-1927 died 4-4-1973 (Sharon McCurry)

Hadley, John O., M.D. born 3-25-1925 died 4-4-1973 (Sharon McCurry)

Hadley, Mildred O. born 8-6-1911 died 4-19-2001 (Sharon McCurry)

Hager, Otto Notes: buried 10-11-1897 age 1, male, Location 14 128 5, T.G. McCarthy

Hager, Rudolph R. died 6-23-1902 Notes: age 2y 10m 20d, son of Chalres Hager McCarthy Funeral Home

Haggerty, infant died 1907 (Floyd Kelling) Also (Kay Medved)

Haggerty, Robert Emmett born 5-14-1910 died 8-26-1910 Notes: son of Patrick F. and Agnes Shanley Haggerty McCarthy Funeral Home

Haigh, Luther Notes: buried 11-17-1897 age 25, male, Location 28 294 4, McMahon and Collier

Haight, Elizabeth H. born 1856 died 1913 (Floyd Kelling)

Haight, George M. born 1846 died 1892 (Floyd Kelling)

Haines, John E. born 1926 died 1927 (Sharon McCurry)

Halbig, Betty L. born 1923 died 1988 (Kay Medved)

Hale, Arthur L. born 1917 died 1970 (Floyd Kelling)

Haley, Eddie died 8-8-1908 (Floyd Kelling)

Hall, G. Lucille born 1916 died 2002 (Kay Medved)

Hall, J. S. died Notes: Corp Co I 91 Ohio Infantry

Hall, Jack B. born 1914 died 1993 (Kay Medved)

Hall, James J. born 1901 died 1965 Notes: Father (Kay Medved)

Hall, Kate E. born 1882 died 1926 (Kay Medved)

Hall, Kenneth L. born 1947 died 1998 (Kay Medved)

Hall, Kenneth L., Burns - Hall Family Stone (Kay Medved)

Hall, Mariette born 1910 died 1911 (Kay Medved)

Hall, Viola V. died 3-19-1899 Notes: age 22y 11m 26d, wife of N.W. Hall, services St. Ignatius Church, McCarthy Funeral Home

Hall, Viola M. Notes: buried 03-20-1899 age 22, female, Location 57 143 3, T.G. McCarthy

Hall, Warren D. born 1876 died 1946 (Kay Medved)

Hall, William S. died 5-9-1911 Notes: age 60y, single, resident of Canon City, died at St. Marys Hospital, paid by D.A. Callaway, McCarthy Funeral Home (Floyd Kelling)

Halligan, Andrew L. born 1910 died 1956 (Sharon McCurry)

Halligan, Andrew L. born 4-9-1910 died 11-5-1956 Notes: Colorado SSgt 1 Finance Disb Sec WWII (Sharon McCurry)

Halligan, Mary A. born 1910 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Halligan, Mary A. born 1910 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Halsey, Asa D. born 1824 died 1914 (Floyd Kelling)

Halsey, Charles E. born 1863 died 1917 (Floyd Kelling)

Halsey, Eleanor born 1827 died 1912 (Floyd Kelling)

Halsey, Elmer W. born 8-1-1892 died 5-5-1893 Notes: age 9m 4d, son of J.H. & L. Halsey (Floyd Kelling)

Halsey, Elmer W. died (Floyd Kelling)

Halter, Mary Lilly born 1926 died 1960 Notes: married 6-19-1935 (Floyd Kelling)

Halter, Paul Leroy born 1924 died no date (Floyd Kelling)

Hambelton, Joseph Leroy died 7-29-1911 Notes: age 43y, born Missouri, resident of Denver, married, son of Ezra Hambelton and Isabell McDonald both born Ohio, McCarthy Funeral Home, disinterred 10-10-1923 moved to Mountain View

Hamilton, Charles S. born 1882 died 1966 (Floyd Kelling)

Hamilton, Florida C. born 6-8-1859 died 8-7-1915 Notes: born Illinois, married, died Pueblo General Hospital, daughter of A.S. Rawley born Illinois and Elizabeth Affack born Tenn., McCarthy Funeral Home

Hamilton, Hugh M. born 1868 died 1899 Notes: buried 08-31-1899 age 35, male, Location 30 264 1, McMahon and Collier (Floyd Kelling)

Hamilton, J.C. Notes: buried 05-11-1898 age 38, male, Location 14 56 7, T.G. McCarthy

Hamilton, Jesse C. born 10-28-1844 died 6-5-1895 (Floyd Kelling)

Hamilton, Jonathon Inigley Notes: buried 11-17-1898 age 0, male, Location 26 60 3, West Brothers

Hamilton, stillborn born 5-25-1902 died 5-25-1902 Notes: child of Edward Henry Hamilton, McCarthy Funeral Home

Hamilton, Maud Alice Notes: buried 02-22-1898 age 25, female, Location 28 267 6, T.G. McCarthy

Hamilton, William Henry died 6-14-1901 Notes: age 44y 2m 27d, informant E.I. Crockett, McCarthy Funeral Home

Hammell, James S. born 8-19-1871 died 10-3-1930 (Floyd Kelling)

Hammer, Della died 2-20-1899 Notes: age 22y, married, daughter of Walter Hammill, buried 02-27-1899 Location 26 72 5, T.G. McCarthy

Hammill, Charles W. died 11-1-1899 Notes: age 8m 20d, son of Richard Hammill, McCarthy Funeral Home

Hammill, Charlie W.H. born 2-11-1898 died 11-1-1900 (Floyd Kelling)

Hammill, Copt. infant Notes: buried 11-01-1899 age 0, male, Location 30 125 3, McMahon and Collier

Hammond (Floyd Kelling)

Hammond, Emma born 1871 died 1958 (Floyd Kelling)

Hammond, Herbert H. born 1864 died 1936 Notes: born in England (Floyd Kelling)

Hamrick, Andrew born 9-18-1907 died 7-18-1918 Also (Kay Medved)

Hamrick, Andrew M. born 8-4-1868 died 9-11-1940 Notes: Father Also (Kay Medved)

Hamrick, George J. born 4-25-1900 died 7-4-1952 Also (Kay Medved)

Hamrick, Joseph P. born 4-4-1902 died can't read Also (Kay Medved)

Hamrick, Mary A. born 5-29-1904 died can't read, buried Also (Kay Medved)

Hamrick, Mary C. born 9-18-1871 died 2-6-1966 Notes: Mother Also (Kay Medved)

Hamrick, Susan L. born 11-14-1906 died can't read, buried Also (Kay Medved)

Hamstead, Lena Notes: buried 03-30-1899 age 18, female, Location 25 75 7, West Brothers

Hand, Amelia L. born 7-10-1901 died 10-3-1997 (Kay Medved)

Hanlin, P.H. died 7-6-1899 Notes: age 65y, informant wife & sons, buried 07-09-1899 age 65, male, Location 29 379 7, T.G. McCarthy

Hanna, Charlotte died 12-16-1911 Notes: born April 2 age 43y, married born KY., wife of Lewis Hanna, daughter of ? Horton both parents born Ky., McCarthy Funeral Home

Hanna, Charlotte N. born 1868 died 1911 Notes: buried 12-18-1911 (Sharon McCurry)

Hanna, Lewis N. born 1861 died 1940 Notes: buried 7-22-1940 (Sharon McCurry)

Hansbrough, Martha Notes: buried 02-03-1898 age 31, female, Location 25 83 5, McMahon and Collier

Hanson, Delbert M. born 1908 died 1962 (Floyd Kelling)

Hanson, Maxine B. born 1909 died 1985 (Floyd Kelling)

Hanson, N.R. Notes: buried 09-28-1897 age 38, male, Location 14 39 7, McMahon and Collier

Hansoozke, James Notes: buried 05-05-1899 age 0, male, Location 57 243 2, McMahon and Collier

Harbour Monument (Sharon McCurry)

Harbour, Augusta M. born 1865 died 1908 (Floyd Kelling)

Harbour, Frances M. born 1921 died 2001 (Sharon McCurry)

Harbour, George E. born 1871 died 1971 Notes: born in Belknap, Iowa (Floyd Kelling)

Harbour, infant born 2-7-1906 died 2-13-1906 (Floyd Kelling)

Harbour, James P. born 3-2-1868 died 8-23-1956 (Floyd Kelling)

Harbour, John Ross born 1915 died 1989 (Sharon McCurry)

Harbour, Maude C. born 9-1-1887 died 8-10-1973 (Floyd Kelling)

Hardcase, Nannie died 6-29-1912 Notes: born at Tennessee age, 55y, married, black, date of death not given, date is burial, paid by Will Hardcase and Western zLife & Accident Co. McCarthy Funeral Home

Hargen, Dollie May born 3-18-1912 died 3-21-1912 Notes: born at Pueblo daughter of George Hargen and Anna Sutton both born Ohio McCarthy Funeral Home

Hargis, Anna M. born 1913 died 1987 (Dennis Reed)

Hargis, John V. born 1891 died 1967 (Dennis Reed)

Hargrave, Susan B. born 1900 died 1973 (Sharon McCurry)

Harold Monument (Kay Medved)

Harold Monument (Kay Medved)

Harold, Donald born 1862 died 5-1-1916 Notes: died age 64 buried 4-30-1916 Block, Lot, Space: 14 81 7 Also T.G. McCarthy (Kay Medved)

Harold, Edward Notes: died age 65 buried 8-9-1920 Block, Lot, Space: 27 23 7 Whiton

Harold, Hedley born 8-27-1886 died 3-14-1891 Notes: died age 5 buried 4-8-1901 Block, Lot, Space: 14 81 4 T.G. McCarthy Also, Also, Also, Also, Also, Also, Also, (Kay Medved)

Harold, James Notes: died age 40 buried 2-1-1898 Block, Lot, Space: 57 136 1 T.G. McCarthy (Kay Medved)

Harold, Margaret A. born 10-9-1856 died 3-8-1901 Notes: born at Pueblo age 44y 5m, wife of Donald Harold Also McCarthy Funeral Home (Kay Medved)

Harold, Stanley born 1884 died 1916 Notes: died age 32 buried 5-31-1916 Block, Lot, Space: 14 81 8 T.G. McCarthy (Kay Medved)

Harpel, Philip R. born 1842 died 1925 Notes: Co G 27 Ohio Infantry

Harper, Sherman died 2-20-1912 Notes: born at Illinois age 60y, born November, married, resident of Vinelandson of Lafayette Harper born Tennessee and Martha Smith born Illinois McCarthy Funeral Home

Harpster, Albertine S. born no date died 7-30-1913 (Sharon McCurry)

Harpster, George F. born no date died 2-11-1935 (Sharon McCurry)

Harr, Clara May born 1899 died 1985 (Sharon McCurry)

Harr, Edward T. born 1893 died 1960 (Sharon McCurry)

Harr, Frank P. born 1894 died 1920 (Sharon McCurry)

Harr, Margaret born 1870 died 1934 (Sharon McCurry)

Harr, Margaret J. born 1931 died 2001 (Sharon McCurry)

Harr, Patrick B. born 1864 died 1938 (Sharon McCurry)

Harr, Virginia born 1928 died 2001 (Sharon McCurry)

Harr, William A. born 1900 died 1974 (Sharon McCurry)

Harries, Emma B. died 9-4-1902 Notes: age 55y 4m 24d, Sons Edward and Robert Harris, services at hoem McCarthy Funeral Home

Harries, George H. died 9-17-1900 Notes: age 65y 6m 3d McCarthy Funeral Home

Harris Monument (Floyd Kelling)

Harris, A.J. born 1-25-1827 died 10-2-1901 (Floyd Kelling)

Harris, Andrew Jackson died 10-2-1901 Notes: age 74y 7m 7d, informant son C.H. Harris McCarthy Funeral Home

Harris, Cecelia M. born 1914 died 2001 (Sharon McCurry)

Harris, Cecil C. born 1911 died 2003 (Floyd Kelling)

Harris, Celestine J. born 1918 died 1998 (Floyd Kelling)

Harris, Charles died 4-27-1900 Notes: age 58y McCarthy Funeral Home

Harris, Charles A. born 1887 died 1961 (Floyd Kelling)

Harris, Charles Edward died 4-15-1911 Notes: born at Missouri age 40y, husband of Victoria Harris, son of Frank Harris, informant Pueblo County McCarthy Funeral Home

Harris, Charles Francis died 8-28-1901 Notes: age 1y 28d, son of Wilbur E. Harris, buried by family, service from residence, McCarthy Funeral Home, listed as Hair

Harris, Elizabeth died 9-27-1906 Notes: age 45y, black, sold to Charles Harris, LaJunta, Co. McCarthy Funeral Home

Harris, Emily B. born 6-15-1879 died 12-25-1912 Notes: born at England daughter of William M. Harris and Annie Mathews both born England, paid by William M. Harris of Erie, Co. McCarthy Funeral Home

Harris, Lewis C. born 1-15-1889 died 8-24-1965 (Floyd Kelling)

Harris, Lucretia born 1824 died 1891 (Floyd Kelling)

Harris, Mahala E. born 10-28-1872 died 5-1-1939 (Floyd Kelling)

Harris, Malcolm W. died 11-25-1902 Notes: age 17y 8m 8d, informant Aunt Willifred S. Day McCarthy Funeral Home

Harris, Margaret born 8-11-1851 died 12-21-1916 (Floyd Kelling)

Harris, Mollie born 9-20-1886 died 9-30-1911 Notes: born at NM wife of L.P. Harris, daughter of Robert Stepp born Va and Seviena Gutterros born NM McCarthy Funeral Home

Harris, Norman P. born 1909 died 1955 (Sharon McCurry)

Harris, Olive E. born 1900 died 1975 (Floyd Kelling)

Harris, Preston died 11-14-1909 Notes: age 58y, sold to Morton J. Harris and Ashley Lodge #2 McCarthy Funeral Home

Harris, Preston died Notes: Sgt Co B 47 US Colored Infantry

Harris, Raymond Edward born 3-15-1914 died 1-20-1915 Notes: son of Edward & Maude Harris (Floyd Kelling)

Harris, Richard J. born 4-15-1848 died 6-4-1917 (Floyd Kelling)

Harrison, Joseph James died 10-24-1911 Notes: born at Pueblo born 12-4, 9y old, son of M.H. Harrison born England and Elizabeth H. Haycock McCarthy Funeral Home

Harstorm, Peter Notes: buried 08-19-1899 age 26, male, Location 26 84 3, T.G. McCarthy

Harstrom, Peter died 8-18-1899 Notes: age 26y, informant Miss Anna Harstrom McCarthy Funeral Home

Harter, Carrie L. born 5-20-1876 died 10-13-1893 (Floyd Kelling)

Hartigan, James Notes: buried 11-25-1899 age 57, male, Location 29 457 5, T.G. McCarthy

Hartman, Earl Notes: buried 07-31-1898 age 11, male, Location 13 419 2, McMahon and Collier

Hartman, Winifred Esther Howarth born 1-18-1911 died 6-15-1998 (Floyd Kelling)

Hartsoe, D.B. born 1848 died 1900 (Floyd Kelling)

Hartsoe, Fannie S. born 1855 died 1929 (Floyd Kelling)

Hartsoe, Mollie C. born no date died 8-9-1881 Notes: age 34y 9m 14d, wife of D.B. Hartsoe (Floyd Kelling)

Hartsoe, Mollie C. born no date died 8-9-1882 Notes: age 34y 9m 14d, wife of D.B. Hartsoe (Floyd Kelling)

Hartsoe, Mollie C. died 8-9-1881 Notes: age 34y 9m 14d, wife of D.B. Hartsoe (Floyd Kelling)

Haruff, Georgiana Notes: buried 01-12-1899 age 22, female, Location 30 294 4, McMahon and Collier

Haruff, Oscar A. T., Dr. born 9-30-1880 died 7-26-1911 Notes: born at Chico, Co married, son of John Haruff born Va and Mary B. Tolle born Ky, auto hit by train near Pinon McCarthy Funeral Home

Harvey, Albert infant of Notes: buried 06-16-1898 age 0, male, Location 25 36 2, McMahon and Collier

Hasch, James Notes: buried 09-10-1898 age 0, male, Location 57 246 6, McMahon and Collier

Haskell, Charles Notes: buried 08-28-1898 age 49, male, Location 26 83 4, West-Whiton

Haskins, Robert Vincent died 3-2-1900 Notes: age 4y, single, informant father, Thomas Haskins McCarthy Funeral Home

Haskins, William J. died 1-19-1899 Notes: age 20y, informant Thomas Haskins buried 01-21-1899 Location 26 84 6, T.G. McCarthy

Hassays, Cecelia died 10-28-1907 Notes: born at Pueblo age 2y 9m 28d, daughter of Matt Hassays, Austrian McCarthy Funeral Home

Hassays, Johanna born 11-23-1902 died 11-23-1902 Notes: born at Pueblo daughter of Matt Hassays McCarthy Funeral Home

Hasselman, Cornelius born 10-1-1893 died 3-31-1917 (Sharon McCurry)

Hasselman, Herman born 12-31-1871 died 9-4-1931 (Sharon McCurry)

Hasselman, Margaret Avalon born 12-14-1925 died 12-14-1925 (Sharon McCurry)

Hasselman, Richard born 3-31-1895 died 3-31-1917 (Sharon McCurry)

Hassler plot marker (Floyd Kelling)

Hassler, Clarence E. II born 1893 died 1960 (Floyd Kelling)

Hassler, Della M. born 1895 died 1971 (Floyd Kelling)

Hastings, Susan E. born 1857 died 1905 (Floyd Kelling)

Hatcher, Eliza died 2-12-1912 Notes: born at Tennessee born Feb 1842, black, died at 3152 State St., Chicago, Ill, maiden name Williams, paid by Mrs. Mary B. Hatcher McCarthy Funeral Home

Hatcher, infant daughter born 9-11-1909 died 9-11-1909 Notes: born at Pueblo daughter of Ben Hatcher McCarthy Funeral Home

Hatcher, William died 10-29-1909 Notes: age 50y, black, married, sold to wife McCarthy Funeral Home

Hathaway, H.D. Notes: buried 08-09-1899 age 52, male, Location 13 150 7, West Brothers

Hawkins, J. Wayne born 1908 died 1973 (Floyd Kelling)

Hay, Charles W. Notes: buried 02-16-1899 age 57, male, Location 25 67 7, West Brothers

Hayashi, T. died 1918 (Floyd Kelling)

Hayden, John Scott born 6-8-1906 died 1-20-1910 Notes: born at Pueblo son of W. Scott Hayden born England and Lillian Churchhill? Bron Hault Canada McCarthy Funeral Home

Hayes, D.J. born no date died no date Notes: Corpl Co I 1st USCS (Floyd Kelling)

Hayes, Michael A. born 1864 died 1907 Notes: age 43y (Floyd Kelling)

Hayes, Michael A. (Floyd Kelling)

Hayes, Randall died 8-7-1911 Notes: born at Columbus, Georgia age 45y, married, colored, son of Samuel Hayes nad Chiney both born Georgia McCarthy Funeral Home

Hayes, Ray Lordean born 1897 died 1942 (Floyd Kelling)

Hayes, Rose L. born 1870 died 1953 (Floyd Kelling)

Hayhurst, Marion S. born 1874 died 1948 (Floyd Kelling)

Hayhurst, Shelby F. born 1877 died 1949 (Floyd Kelling)

Haynes, Arthur M. born 1878 died 1923 (Floyd Kelling)

Haywood, Jane died 4-1-1911 Notes: born at England age 26y, married, daughter of Thomas Cotton Watts and Lola Eliz. Watts both born England, paid by Alfred Haywood and sister Mrs. C.C. McDuffy of San Diego McCarthy Funeral Home

Hazelfett, infant died 8-7-1904 age 0 buried 8-23-1904 location 26 51 4 McMahon and Collier Eden Train Wreck Victim

Hazlett, Dorothy born 1899 died 1972 (Floyd Kelling)

Hazlett, Harry F. Dr. born 1866 died 1900 (Floyd Kelling)

Hazlett, Harry F., Dr. died 3-4-1900 Notes: age 34y 4m 11d McCarthy Funeral Home

Hazlett, Regina L. died 5-5-1899 Notes: age 8m, daughter of H.F. Hazlett McCarthy Funeral Home

Hazlett, Regina L. born 1898 died 1899 (Floyd Kelling)

Hazlitt, Regina D. Notes: buried 05-06-1899 age 0, female, Location 30 147 4, T.G. McCarthy

Heath, C.H. Notes: buried 06-15-1899 age 22, male, Location 25 75 3, McMahon and Collier

Heaton, Lois E. born 1868 died 1960 (Floyd Kelling)

Hebert, Marjorie Hurst born 1908 died 1963 (Floyd Kelling)

Heckenlively, Jacob born 1839 died 1916 (Floyd Kelling)

Hedges, James H. born 7-3-1847 died 6-23-1916 (Floyd Kelling)

Hedlund, Andrew born 1832 died 1920 (Floyd Kelling)

Hedlund, Lena born 1829 died 1926 (Floyd Kelling)

Hegler, Anton J. born 1911 died 1995 (Sharon McCurry)

Hegler, Herman born 3-22-1908 died 3-30-1910 Notes: born at Pueblo son of Frank Hegler and Mary Blatnik both born Austria, resident 5 miles east of Pueblo McCarthy Funeral Home

Hegler, John born 8-15-1901 died 7-8-1910 Notes: born at Pueblo son of John Heglar and Rosa Mohar both born Austria McCarthy Funeral Home

Hegler, Mary born 1910 died 1992 (Sharon McCurry)

Heil, Florence May born 1884 died 1903 (Joy Trout)

Heil, stillborn born 1-2-1901 died 1-2-1901 Notes: born at Pueblo child of J.H. Heil McCarthy Funeral Home

Heilbronner, Jennie born 1850 died 1930 Temple Emanuel (Floyd Kelling)

Heilbronner, Moses born 1841 died 1925 Temple Emanuel (Floyd Kelling)

Heilbronner, Simon H. born 1883 died 1927 Temple Emanuel (Floyd Kelling)

Heisinger, Margaret Notes: buried 08-27-1899 age 57, female, Location 29 401 E4, McMahon and Collier

Heitler, Alois born 1846 died 1915 Temple Emanuel (Floyd Kelling)

Heitler, Ethel born 1885 died 1891 Temple Emanuel (Floyd Kelling)

Heitler, Lee born 1882 died 9-11-1958 Temple Emanuel (Floyd Kelling)

Heitler, Rachel born 1859 died 1934 Temple Emanuel (Floyd Kelling)

Hellstern, Frances M. died 8-27-1899 Notes: age 3y, daughter of Henry C. Hellstern McCarthy Funeral Home

Hellstirn, Francis M. Notes: buried 08-28-1899 age 3, female, Location 57 28 15, T.G. McCarthy

Helmsing, Jack C. born 8-10-1925 died 6-29-1990 Cpl US Marine Corps WWII (Dennis Reed)

Hemrick, Catherine born 1884 died 1983 Notes: Mother (Kay Medved)

Henderson, Bruce Duane born 4-5-1922 died 12-15-2004 Notes: married 1-1-1957 (Kay Medved)

Henderson, Holger P. born 4-5-1922 died 12-15-2004 Notes: Tec5 US Army WWII (Kay Medved)

Henderson, Holger Peter born 1894 died 19981 Notes: Father Also (Kay Medved)

Henderson, H. Notes: buried 12-08-1897 age 55, male, Location 25 83 8, McMahon and Collier

Henderson, Harriet Louise Felton born 9-27-1930 died 9-13-2007 Notes: married 1-1-1957 (Kay Medved

Henderson, Ida Mae Sanders born 1894 died 1973 Notes: Mother Also (Kay Medved)

Hendricks, Jonas died 1-4-1912 Notes: resident of Meeker. Co. McCarthy Funeral Home

Hendrickson, infant died 6-23-1911 Notes: age 3 weeks, child of Charles Hendrickson born Indiana and Anne Malroy born Ireland McCarthy Funeral Home

Henkel, Elizabeth born 12-16-1847 died 12-23-1910 Notes: born at Burlington, Iowa married, daughter of Phillip Leppert and Mary E. Bergen both born Germany McCarthy Funeral Home

Henkle, James Isaac died 7-6-1912 Notes: born at Missouri age 53y, married McCarthy Funeral Home

Hennessy, Thomas Joseph born 1-8-1879 died 1-21-1910 Notes: born at Chivington, Co. single, son of Thomas Hennessy and Mary O'Brien both born Ireland McCarthy Funeral Home

Hennesy, Patrick W. Notes: buried 09-20-1899 age 31, male, Location 25 69 4, McMahon and Collier

Henry, Clara born 6-31-1878 died 10-17-1912 Notes: born at Germany single, daughter of August Henry and Dina Mont both born Germany McCarthy Funeral Home

Henry, Eliza died 12-15-1900 Notes: age 63y 7m, single, informant nephew William Henry of Pueblo McCarthy Funeral Home

Henry, John W. born 7-30-1820 died 11-9-1903

Henry, Mabel S. born 1-15-1880 died 2-20-1932 (Floyd Kelling)

Henry, Norma born 1884 died 1891 Notes: daughter of N.B & L.T. Henry (Floyd Kelling)

Henry, Thomas Notes: buried 01-29-1898 age 58, male, Location 29 393 6, T.G. McCarthy

Hensel, Levi born 2-29-1832 died 3-11-1911 Notes: born at Ohio married, son of John Hensel born PA. and Rachel Barton born Ohio McCarthy Funeral Home

Henson, Martin died 11-17-1911 Notes: born at Denmark age 39y, informant Pueblo County McCarthy Funeral Home

Herbrand, Ralph H. born 1911 died no date Notes: married 10-7-1936 (Sharon McCurry)

Herbrand, Wilberta A. born 1913 died 2002 (Sharon McCurry)

Herman Monument (Floyd Kelling)

Herman, A. Alfred born 1882 died 1928 Temple Emanuel (Floyd Kelling)

Herman, Adolph W. born 6-1-1920 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Herman, Charles died 3-14-1911 Notes: age 6m, informant Pueblo County McCarthy Funeral Home

Herman, Florence S. born 1882 died 1914 Temple Emanuel

Herman, Hyman born 1847 died 1914 (Floyd Kelling)

Herman, Jack born 1-?-1911 died 6-?-1911 Temple Emanuel (Floyd Kelling)

Herman, Jennie born 1850 died 1933 (Floyd Kelling)

Herman, Marylyn D. born 1-28-1928 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Hermond, Frances Marion born 1899 died 1914(Dennis Reed)

Hernandez, Concepcion born 1873 died 1922 (Sharon McCurry)

Hernandez, Delevina born 3-0-1875 died 5-25-1911 Notes: born at Colorado married, daughter of Jose Garcia and Francis Chavez both born NM McCarthy Funeral Home

Hernandez, Louis born 10-25-1908 died 11-12-1910 Notes: born at Phoenix, Az son of Fernen Hernandez and ? Castro both born Mexico McCarthy Funeral Home

Hernandez, Rumaldita died 4-18-1911 Notes: resident of Salt Creek, daughter of Concepcion Hernandez born Mexico and Delevina Mestas born Colorado McCarthy Funeral Home

Hernandez, W. died 11-15-1910 Notes: born at Texas son of Marsico Hernandez McCarthy Funeral Home

Herrick, Marion E. born 1907 died 2004 (Floyd Kelling)

Herring, Earl born 1883 died 1909 (Floyd Kelling)

Herring, Edmund G. born 1889 died no date (Floyd Kelling)

Herring, Laura M. born 1896 died 1971 (Floyd Kelling)

Herrington, Edgar O. born 1874 died 1933 (Dennis Reed)

Herrington, Mary H. born 1880 died 1965 (Dennis Reed)

Herrington, R.E. born 1836 died 1903 (Dennis Reed)

Herron, Mary born 11-17-1830 died 1-27-1910 Notes: born at Canada widow, daughter of John Harrigan and Martha ? Both born Ireland McCarthy Funeral Home

Herzinger, Adam G. born 1843 died 1891 (Floyd Kelling)

Hewitt, Alvin D. born 1-19-1912 died 2-7-1991 (Sharon McCurry)

Hewitt, George W. Notes: buried 01-21-1899 age 48, male, Location 25 78 3, West Brothers

Hewitt, JoAnn born 3-2-1918 died 1-2-2002 (Sharon McCurry)

Hewitt, stillborn born 9-16-1901 died 9-16-1901 Notes: born at Pueblo child of B.L. Hewitt McCarthy Funeral Home

Hick, Samuel died 12-5-1910 Notes: born at China age 55y, single, parents both born in China McCarthy Funeral Home

Hicks, James M. family monument (Kay Medved)

Hickey, Edward died 2-19-1908 Notes: age 54y McCarthy Funeral Home

Hilbert, Byrd born 3-14-1880 died 5-17-1926 (Floyd Kelling)

Hilbert, Mary C. born 12-30-1856 died 3-8-1932 (Floyd Kelling)

Hilbert, Mary J. born 8-1-1836 died 3-1-1905 (Floyd Kelling)

Hilbert, Thomas R. born 6-30-1860 died 10-18-1907 (Floyd Kelling)

Hildenbrand, Charlie born 1876 died 1935 (Kay Medved)

Hildenbrand, Frank Anton born 1879 died 1956 (Kay Medved)

Hildenbrand, Julius Otto born 1845 died 1917 (Kay Medved)

Hildenbrand, Julius Family monument (Kay Medved)

Hildenbrand, Otto Julius born 1877 died 1880 (Kay Medved)

Hildenbrand, Theresa born 1846 died 1930 (Kay Medved)

Hill, Addie B. born 1859 died 1934 (Floyd Kelling)

Hill, Alice L. born 1895 died 1996 (Sharon McCurry)

Hill, Arch born 1900 died 1966 Notes: son of John Hill and Roxie Ann Helton

Hill, Arch B. born 1900 died 1966 (Floyd Kelling)

Hill, Benona Joseph, Sr born 1931 died 1979 Notes: son of Arch Hill and Iva Fay Mantle Hill

Hill, Frank Notes: buried 07-14-1899 age 0, male, Location 25 75 2, McMahon and Collier

Hill, Henry Herman born 11-8-1889 died 11-20-1964 (Sharon McCurry)

Hill, Isaac died 11-1-1910 Notes: age 35y McCarthy Funeral Home

Hill, Iva Fay born 1896 died 1957 (Floyd Kelling)

Hill, Iva Fay Mantle born 1896 died 1957 Notes: daughter of John Edward Mantle and Ida Beatrice Clark

Hill, Jennie H. born 9-10-1899 died 7-23-1988 (Sharon McCurry)

Hill, M.W. infant of Notes: buried 10-14-1899 age 0, male, Location 25 54 9, McMahon and Collier

Hill, William A.J. born no dates Notes: Co D 24 Ia Vol Inf (Floyd Kelling)

Hill, William S. born 8-21-1860 died 7-12-1911 Notes: born at Iowa died at Avondale, married, farmer, son of Frederick B. Hill and Sophia Treadwell both born Pa McCarthy Funeral Home

Hilliard, Edward died 11-4-1910 Notes: age 48y, widower McCarthy Funeral Home

Hilliard, John Notes: buried 05-16-1898 age 50, male, Location 25 64 10, T.G. McCarthy

Hilton, John J. Notes: buried 09-27-1899 age 76, male, Location 25 69 3, McMahon and Collier

Hilvitz, baby girl born no date died 7-12-1966 Temple Emanuel (Floyd Kelling)

Hilvitz, Pauline I. born 7-4-1909 died no date Notes: married 6-12-1932 (Floyd Kelling)

Hilvitz, Samuel born 4-14-1906 died 5-10-2000 Notes: married 6-12-1932 Temple Emanuel (Floyd Kelling)

Hines, Letetia Pearl died 2-5-1909 Notes: age 23y, single, sold to William Hines of Pueblo and Val Hines Davidson of Oklahoma McCarthy Funeral Home

Hinesman, Caroline died 5-12-1900 Notes: age 62y, informant Arapahoe County McCarthy Funeral Home

Hinshaw, Cyrenius E. born 1846 died 1924 Notes: Corp Co K 33 Ind Inf (Floyd Kelling)

Hinshaw, Susanna M. born 3-31-1853 died 12-10-1925 (Floyd Kelling)

Hippensteel, Christopher born 12-5-1838 died 3-24-1913 (Floyd Kelling)

Hirsh, Albert born 1880 died 1923 Temple Emanuel (Floyd Kelling)

Hirsh, Esther born 1848 died 1936 Temple Emanuel (Floyd Kelling)

Hirsh, Moses born 1847 died 1892 Temple Emanuel (Floyd Kelling)

Hirsh, Yetta born 1878 died 1889 Temple Emanuel (Floyd Kelling)

Hitchock Notes: buried 12-10-1898 age 55, male, Location 25 67 11, McMahon and Collier

Hitchins, Joseph born 12-22-1838 died 1-16-1893 (Floyd Kelling)

Hite, J. Harvill Jr., M.D. born 1921 died 1995 (Sharon McCurry)

Hite, Nancy Jones born 1933 died 2001 (Sharon McCurry)

Hitzing, William V. born 3-7-1870 died 8-11-1910 Notes: born at Ohio married, resident of Avondale, son of William Hitzing and Catherine Listerman both born Ohio, sold to wife McCarthy Funeral Home

Hiza, John born 11-7-1903 died 6-13-1910 Notes: born at Pueblo son of Cypnan? Hiza and Cach? Seftovich both born Austria McCarthy Funeral Home

Hoag, Frank S. born 9-23-1871 died 3-16-1963 (Dennis Reed)

Hoag, Frank S. Jr. born 1908 died 1989 (Dennis Reed)

Hoag, Levert W. born 1912 died 2000 (Dennis Reed)

Hoag, Louise M. born 11-18-1872 died 2-12-1963 (Dennis Reed)

Hoag, Walter born 1908 died 1936 (Kay Medved)

Hoard, Oscar died 4-9-1900 Notes: age 21y, resident of Idaho Springs, son of Snow Hoard McCarthy Funeral Home

Hobbs, Oneal M. Jr. born 6-8-1922 died 9-8-1977 Notes: Major US Army WWII (Floyd Kelling)

Hobson, George H. born 5-29-1841 died 10-3-1900 Notes: born at Henry Co., Ind wife Sella J. Arbuthnot, father Stephen Hobson born NC, nother Jemima Hobson born Indiana McCarthy Funeral Home

Hochevar, Al A. born 1917 died 1992 Notes: Alfonso A. died 12-1-1992 age 0 buried 12-4-1992 Block, Lot, Space: 70 200 5 McCarthy-Almont Pueblo, Co (Sharon McCurry)

Hochevar, Alfonz Notes: died age 67 buried 7-2-1957 Block, Lot, Space: 67a 30 2 Davis

Hochevar, Annie Notes: died age 0 buried 7-18-1908 Block, Lot, Space: 57 223 15 T.G. McCarthy

Hochevar, Anton Notes: died age 0 buried 6-16-1951 Block, Lot, Space: 21 14 8 Davis

Hochevar, baby Notes: female died age 0 buried 6-14-1908 Block, Lot, Space: 57 212 8 T.G. McCarthy

Hochevar, Ethel M. Notes: died 8-17-2009 age 86 buried 8-22-2009 Block, Lot, Space: 21 136 8 T.G. McCarthy Pueblo, Co

Hochevar, Frances born 2-12-1923 died 5-4-2012 Notes: died 5-4-2012 age 89 buried 5-11-2012 Block, Lot, Space: 72 120a 1 Roselawn Pueblo, Co (Sharon McCurry)

Hochevar, Frances M. born 1906 died 1960 Notes: died age 53 buried 9-10-1960 Block, Lot, Space: 72 32 1 George F. McCarthy (Sharon McCurry)

Hochevar, Frank A. Notes: died age 63 buried 1-31-1959 Block, Lot, Space: 21 136 5 Geo. McCarthy

Hochevar, Frank P. born 1904 died 1960 Notes: died age 56 buried 7-21-1960 Block, Lot, Space: 72 32 2 George F. McCarthy (Sharon McCurry)

Hochevar, Henry born 6-23-1911 died 11-1-1986 Notes: died 11-1-1986 age 75 buried 11-4-1986 Block, Lot, Space: 72 120a 2 McCarthy-Almont (Sharon McCurry)

Hochevar, Henry Frank born 1921 died 5-11-2006 Notes: died 5-11-2006 age 84 buried 5-15-2006 Block, Lot, Space: 72 1a 2 TG McCarthy Pueblo, Co (Sharon McCurry)

Hochevar, Jeanne born 1925 died 1994 Notes: died 2-15-1994 age 68 buried 2-23-1994 Block, Lot, Space: 70 200 5 McCarthy-Almont Pueblo, Co (Sharon McCurry)

Hochevar, Jennie Notes: died 10-17-1967 age 95 buried 10-20-1967 Block, Lot, Space: 21 136 6 T.G. McCarthy

Hochevar, Jennie Dorothy born 1920 died 1973 Notes: died 4-8-1973 age 53 buried 4-11-1973 Block, Lot, Space: 70 200 6 Geo. McCarthy (Sharon McCurry)

Hochevar, John Notes: died 4-18-2000 age 76 buried 4-25-2000 Block, Lot, Space: 21 136 8 T.G. McCarthy Pueblo, Co

Hochevar, John A. Notes: died age 26 buried 10-24-1925 Block, Lot, Space: 21 136 7 T.G. McCarthy

Hochevar, Joseph Notes: died age 14 buried 7-30-1913 Block, Lot, Space: 21 207 8 T.G. McCarthy

Hochevar, Joseph born 1892 died 1963 Notes: (Kochevar) died age 70 buried 10-1-1963 Block, Lot, Space: 72 7 1 George F. McCarthy (Sharon McCurry)

Hochevar, Louisa Notes: died age 0 buried 9-20-1916 Block, Lot, Space: 27 96 24 Whiton

Hochevar, Louisa Notes: died age 0 buried 1-7-1956 Block, Lot, Space: 67a 30 1 Davis

Hochevar, Mary born 1886 died 1959 Notes: died age 72 buried 6-30-1959 Block, Lot, Space: 72 7 2 George F. McCarthy (Sharon McCurry)

Hochevar, Scarlett Kelly Notes: died 7-5-2007 age 0buried 9-11-2007 Block, Lot, Space: 21 136 7 Montgomery Steward Pueblo, Co

Hochevar, Theodore Henry Notes: died 9-15-2009 age 52 buried 9-23-2011 Block, Lot, Space: 72 1a 1 T.G. McCarthy Greeley, Co

Hochevar, Theresa Notes: died age 18 buried 6-14-1908 Block, Lot, Space: 57 212 8 T.G. McCarthy

Hochevar, Vivian M. born 1928 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Hoeglund, Grace L. born 1910 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Hoeglund, Harold A. born 1905 died 1979 (Sharon McCurry)

Hoel, Isaac D. born 10-15-1856 died 11-16-1907 (Floyd Kelling)

Hoel, Isaac D. died (Floyd Kelling)

Hoey, Thomas Notes: buried 07-11-1899 age 71, male, Location 57 134 2, McMahon and Collier

Hoff, Sarah M. born 10-28-1832 died 1-22-1910 Notes: born at Ohio resident of San Miguel Village, Telleride, Co., married daughter of James McFarlin and Melessa Hard both born Vermont, sold to Hershel M. Hogg of Telluride McCarthy Funeral Home

Hoffman, Adolph Notes: buried 05-05-1897 age 35, male, Location 25 85 2, Bustin and Fritz

Hofmaster, Henry Notes: buried 06-09-1898 age 55, male, Location 13 375 6, West-Whiton

Hogan, June Mrs. died 1-27-1901 Notes: age 84y 8m 9d, McCarthy Funeral Home

Hogan, Maggie Notes: buried 03-30-1898 age 5, female, Location 57 252 5, McMahon and Collier

Hohenknott, Amanda Notes: buried 04-02-1898 age 49, female, Location 25 81 7, T.G. McCarthy

Holcomb, infant born 11-4-1911 died 11-4-1911 Notes: born at Pueblo child of Frank C. Holcomb born Ks. And Lenore Smith born Missouri, no services, taken out in buggy McCarthy Funeral Home

Holdea, infant died 8-2-1912 (Floyd Kelling)

Holden, Frank died 1-3-1901 Notes: age 21y 4m 17d, son of John O. Holden McCarthy Funeral Home

Holden, George Kenneth died 10-25-1906 Notes: age 3m 19d, son of George O. Holden, works at post office McCarthy Funeral Home

Holden, Hiram Notes: buried 11-09-1897 age 27, male, Location 14 118 5, West Brothers

Holden, infant daughter born 4-11-1911 died 4-11-1911 Notes: born at Pueblo child of George O. Holden born Waterloo, Iowa and Alma Green born Denver McCarthy Funeral Home

Holden, infant daughter born 7-31-1912 died 7-31-1912 Notes: born at Pueblo child of George O. Holden born Waterloo, Iowa and Alma Green born Denver McCarthy Funeral Home

Holden, John O. III born 1957 died 1976 (Kay Medved)

Holland, Catherine Gertrude born 1882 died 1921 (Sharon McCurry)

Holland, Shirley Jean born 4-1-1934 died no date Notes: Only child (Sharon McCurry)

Holley, Carrie Cecelia Clark born 1915 died 1997 (Floyd Kelling)

Hollon, Earl L. born 1905 died 1973 (Floyd Kelling)

Hollon, Freda L. born 1910 died 1984 (Floyd Kelling)

Hollywood, Mary Thelma born 4-10-1912 died 4-11-1912 Notes: born at Pueblo daughter of James Hollywood born England and Teresa Kirch born Missouri McCarthy Funeral Home

Holm, John Notes: buried 09-25-1898 age 58, male, Location 13 620 1, McMahon and Collier

Holman, Joe D. born 1862 died 1919 (Floyd Kelling)

Holmes, Florence Kellett born 11-18-1903 died 10-21-1966 (Floyd Kelling)

Holmes, Jasper W. died Notes: Sgt Co D 32 Iowa Infantry

Holmes, Jasper William born 10-27-1839 died 5-5-1910 Notes: born at Iowa married, son of William Holmes born Iowa and Elly Abett born Illinois, sold to sife and Pueblo GAR McCarthy Funeral Home

Holmes, John M. born 3-25-1897 died 7-29-1963 (Floyd Kelling)

Holmes, Leila Cockrell born 12-31-1884 died 6-28-1931 (Floyd Kelling)

Holmes, Malan died 2-13-1901 Notes: age 1m 7d, father Clay Holmes McCarthy Funeral Home

Holmes, Sally Downey born 8-25-1886 died 1-10-1919 (Floyd Kelling)

Holst, Roberta Ann born no date died 8-3-1967 (Sharon McCurry)

Holston, Eveleen born 1876 died 1941 (Floyd Kelling)

Holt, J.H. born 1878 died 1908 (Floyd Kelling)

Holton, Lee died 3-31-1912 Notes: born at Indiana age 48y, groceryman, died at Colorado City, Co. son of Henry Holton and Elizabeth Addie McCarthy Funeral Home

Holtz, Louis Notes: buried 07-15-1899 age 83, male, Location 26 73 4, McMahon and Collier

Honig, Bertha born 9-16-1877 died 4-26-1912 Notes: born at Shelbyville, Tenn., died at Ballinger, Texas (Floyd Kelling)

Honig, Betha died 4-23-1912 Notes: age 27y, resident of Ballenger, TX., married, death date not given, buried 4-24-1912 McCarthy Funeral Home

Honig, William born 3-5-1864 died 3-11-1914 (Floyd Kelling)

Honnen, Ed born 4-25-1863 died no date Notes: buried 3-14-1920 (Floyd Kelling)

Honnen, infant no dates Notes: infant of E.D. & M. Honnen, buried 03-11-1898 age 0, female, Location 30 264 2, McMahon and Collier (Floyd Kelling)

Honnen, Margaret S. born 3-14-1867 died 12-20-1944 (Floyd Kelling)

Honsouzk, George Notes: buried 06-30-1897 age 0, male, Location 57 251 4, Bustin and Fritz

Hoody, Albert R. born 1905 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Hoody, Bertha J. born 1905 died 1982 (Sharon McCurry)

Hoover, Anna D. born 1883 died 1973 (Sharon McCurry)

Hoover, Frank J. born 1888 died 1956 (Sharon McCurry)

Hoover, Mrs. infant of Notes: buried 10-23-1899 age 0, male, Location 25 53 15, West Brothers

Hopkins, Emlen born no dates Notes: buried 12-31-1906 (Floyd Kelling)

Hopkins, Josephine Garnier born 1901 died 1959 (Sharon McCurry)

Hopkins, Lottie B. died 2-11-1900 Notes: age 24y 10m 21d, wife of Herbert S. Hopkins McCarthy Funeral Home

Horan, John died 6-26-1902 Notes: age 33y, informant Pueblo County McCarthy Funeral Home

Horan, Margaret died 2-4-1901 Notes: age 55y 8m 19d, widow, McCarthy Funeral Home

Horeish, Annie G. born 1878 died 1967 (Dennis Reed)

Horeish, Louis A. born 1876 died 1927 (Dennis Reed)

Horn, Collins Notes: buried 03-15-1898 age 52, male, Location 25 83 2, T.G. McCarthy

Horvat, Eunice born 1897 died 1960 Notes: Wife (Kay Medved)

Horvat, Frank born 1867 died 1918 Notes: Father (Kay Medved)

Horvat, Frank Family Monument (Kay Medved)

Horvat, Frank born 1892 died 1961 Notes: Husband (Kay Medved)

Horvat, Joseph died 3-4-1912 Notes: steel worker, died at Minnequa hospital, parents born in Austria, McCarthy Funeral Home

Horvat, Mary born 1871 died 1937 Notes: Mother (Kay Medved)

Hosler, Edna Notes: buried 02-11-1899 age 3, male, Location 12 79 1, West-Whiton

Hosmer, Henry Notes: buried 01-02-1898 age 30, male, Location 25 83 6, West Brothers

Hosnovski, Kate Notes: buried 06-25-1898 age 0, female, Location 57 243 10, McMahon and Collier

Hostetter, Joseph F. born no dates died Notes: buried 8-4-1921 age 59y (Floyd Kelling)

Hostetter, Sarah S. born 1833 died 1912 Notes: age 78y, died 9-16-1912 at Denver, widow, paid by Mrs. Frank Ream, McCarthy Funerl Home (Floyd Kelling)

Hostetter, Sarah S. died 9-16-1912 Notes: age 78y, widow, resident of Denver, paid by Mrs. Frank Ream, Denver McCarthy Funeral Home

Houdyshell, Fannie C. died 1-29-1902 Notes: age 23y, married, daughter of Charles Drew, informants Frank Freel & W.E. Barr, T.G. McCarthy Funeral Home. Roselawn records show Hondyshell. Buried 1-31-1902.

Hovey, Lois M. born 1849 died 1924 Notes: buried 3-22-1924 (Sharon McCurry)

Hovey, Lois M. born 1849 died 1924 (Sharon McCurry)

Hovey, Louis M. born 1837 died 1917 Notes: buried 2-12-1917 (Sharon McCurry)

Hovey, Louis M. born 1837 died 1917 (Sharon McCurry)

Howard, Elizabeth Ogden born 3-1-1908 died 7-16-1979 (Floyd Kelling)

Howard, Georgia Anne born 1859 died 1936 (Dennis Reed)

Howard, Henry born 2-2-1914 died 6-10-1914 Notes: son of Ray Howard born Pueblo, black, McCarthy Funeral Home

Howard, J.G.W. died 1-11-1899 Notes: age 63y, informant estate buried 01-15-1899 male, Location 30 123 7, T.G. McCarthy

Howard, Minnie died 6-26-1915 Notes: born at Liberty, Missouri age 50y, divorced, black, daughter of John Higgins born Liberty, Mo. And Anna ?, killed by fall from wagon in front of home McCarthy Funeral Home

Howarth, Carra E. Potter born no dates Notes: wife of J.W.H. Howarth (Floyd Kelling)

Howarth, Kenneth P. born 5-28-1908 died 4-3-1953 Notes: Colorado Sgt 1770 Svc Comd Unit WWII (Floyd Kelling)

Howe, Anna C. Notes: died age 45 buried 4-29-1946 Block, Lot, Space: 29 326 5 George F. McCarthy

Howe, Bridget Notes: died age 52 buried 6-26-1914 Block, Lot, Space: 29 388 6 Udv

Howe, Charles E. Notes: died age 0 buried 4-25-1942 Block, Lot, Space: 24 42 6 Rouch

Howe, Dorothy Lee Notes: died age 11 buried 1-29-1959 Block, Lot, Space: 32 136 4 Rouch

Howe, Edmond A. Notes: died age 0 buried 12-29-1902 Block, Lot, Space: 29 388 B4 McMahon and Collier

Howe, Eliza Archer Notes: died age 71 buried 5-4-1927 Block, Lot, Space: 18 8 6 Davis

Howe, Elizabeth M. Notes: died age 44 buried 8-17-1910 Block, Lot, Space: 28 274 6 McMahon and Collier

Howe, Elsa E. born 4-22-1904 died 1-22-1976 Also (Dennis Reed)

Howe, Herbert C. born 1896 died 1975 Also Notes: Pvt US Amry WWI (Dennis Reed)

Howe, J.E. Notes: died age 84 buried 3-20-1918 Block, Lot, Space: 12 259 5 Udv

Howe, J.E. Mrs.

Howe, Jack Herbert Notes: died age 0 buried 11-12-1928 Block, Lot, Space: 28 6 5 7 T.G. McCarthy

Howe, Lizzie King Notes: died age 68 buried 4-23-1932 Block, Lot, Space: 24 42 5 T.G. McCarthy

Howe, Marie Lillian Notes: died age 71 buried 10-18-1957 Block, Lot, Space: 18 8 8 Davis

Howe, Patrick Notes: died age 38 buried 12-31-1901 Block, Lot, Space: 29 388 5 McMahon and Collier

Howe, Patrick J. Notes: died age 48 buried 1-21-1950 Block, Lot, Space: 28 326 1 George F. McCarthy

Howe, Rebecca A. Notes: died age 65 buried 6-15-1903 Block, Lot, Space: 24 42 8 J.H. Loor

Howe, Thomas Henry Notes: died age 75 buried 11-30-1914 Block, Lot, Space: 27 103 13 Whiton

Howe, Wilford Earl III Notes: died 9-20-1969 age 52 buried 9-25-1969 Block, Lot, Space: 18 43 8 Rouch

Howe, Wilfred E. Notes: died age 88 buried 6-23-1943 Block, Lot, Space: 18 8 5 Davis

Howe, Wilfred Earl Notes: died age 72 buried 5-18-1951 Block, Lot, Space: 18 8 7 Davis

Howell, Charles E. born 1906 died 1997 (Sharon McCurry)

Howell, Doyle born 10-14-1922 died 4-10-1979 (family)

Howell, Doyle Craft born 1922 died 1979 Notes: TEC 5 USArmy WWII (family)

Howell, Duane G. born 9-6-1950 died 3-16-1971 Notes: Co. Cpl Co B 52 Inf 23 Inf Div Vietnam & OLC - PH (Sharon McCurry)

Howell, Duane G. born 1950 died 1971 (Sharon McCurry)

Howell, Evelyn born 4-21-1926 died (family)

Howells, Marie E. born 8-4-1922 died 10-4-1994 (Kay Medved)

Howells, Thomas R. born 3-15-1928 died 2-14-1996 Notes: US Navy 1948 - 1952 (Kay Medved)

Hoy, Master John born 3-3-1910 died 3-3-1910 Notes: born at Pueblo son of John Hoy born Illinois and Elizabeth Baldron born Texas McCarthy Funeral Home

Hoyt, M. V. B. died Notes: Corpl Co D 5 Mass Mil Infantry

Hren, Albert L. born 1917 died 1996 (Sharon McCurry)

Hren, John died 7-23-1910 Notes: born at Austria father John Hren, both parents born Austria, sold to John Gern & friends of deceased McCarthy Funeral Home

Hren, Lucile born 1921 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Hrovat, Jacob died 8-21-1898 Notes:age 2y 1m 16d, son of Frank Hervot, Roselawn records shows Hervet. buried 08-21-1898 Location 57 242 10, T.G. McCarthy

Hrovat, Joseph died 3-4-1912 Notes: age unknown, parents born Austria, died at Minnequa Hospital, paid by Eagles McCarthy Funeral Home

Hrubesky, Walter M. born 5-25-1898 died 1-17-1905 (Floyd Kelling)

Hrutkay, Fabi born 1905 died 1974 Notes: Husband (Kay Medved)

Hrutkay, Helen born 1908 died 1992 Notes: Wife (Kay Medved)

Hubbard, Edward Cleo born 1909 died 1990 (Sharon McCurry)

Hubbard, Lola B. born 1905 died 1979 (Sharon McCurry)

Hubbard, Minnie born 5-8-1857 died 9-8-1912 Notes: born at Berlin, Germany married, father Henry Strotman born Germany paid by W.H. Hubbard McCarthy Funeral Home

Hubbard, Wallace W. born 1865 died 1907 (Floyd Kelling)

Huber, Anna died 1-20-1905 Notes: age 2y 9m 20d, daughter of John Huber McCarthy Funeral Home

Huber, Mabel born 1891 died 1961 (Floyd Kelling)

Huddleston, Jennie died 8-7-1904 age 30 buried 8-15-1904 location 12 342 3 McMahon and Collier Eden Train Wreck Victim

Hudson, Otto born 10-10-1884 died 5-20-1912 Notes: born at Austria parents Frank Hudson and Maria Marco both born Austria, committed suicide, escaped from State Hospital, paid by Mrs. Clarence N. Hoover McCarthy Funeral Home

Hudspeth, Lester L. died 7-6-1902 Notes: age 7m 2d, father P.K. Hudspeth, private service McCarthy Funeral Home

Hueter, Elizabeth died 8-7-1904 age 0 buried 8-25-1904 location 57 15 17 T.G. Mc Carthy Eden Train Wreck Victim

Huff, Elsie Pearl Notes: buried 06-27-1898 age 0, female, Location 25 36 1, West Brothers

Hughes, Alwyn G. born 1895 died 1956 (Floyd Kelling)

Hughes, Annie born 2-22-1854 died 4-3-1927 (Floyd Kelling)

Hughes, Dorcas born 1883 died 1908 (Floyd Kelling)

Hughes, Ellen Notes: buried 02-26-1899 age 56, female, Location 29 448 6, McMahon and Collier

Hughes, Eva H. born 1893 died 1961 (Floyd Kelling)

Hughes, Hayden born 1-6-1897 died 7-8-1898 Notes: buried 07-05-1898 age 1, male, Location 30 288 8, McMahon and Collier (Floyd Kelling)

Hughes, Helen V. born 1896 died 1966 (Floyd Kelling)

Hughes, infant born 10-8-1900 died 10-8-1900 Notes: child of W. J. Hughes, stillborn, McCarthy Funeral Home

Hughes, J.F. Jack born 1-9-1897 died 1-14-1979 (Dennis Reed)

Hughes, James born 8-23-1902 died 12-24-1941 (Dennis Reed)

Hughes, James born 8-23-1902 died 12-24-1941 (Dennis Reed)

Hughes, John F. born 1-9-1897 died 1-14-1979 (Dennis Reed)

Hughes, Margaret born 2-4-1872 died 9-30-1942 (Dennis Reed)

Hughes, Margaret born 7-4-1911 died 7-4-1911 Notes: born at Pueblo age 5 minutes, daughter of Peter Hughes and Margaret Ryan both born Ireland McCarthy Funeral Home

Hughes, Mary Agnes born 2-28-1905 died 12-21-1955 (Dennis Reed)

Hughes, Peter born 4-16-1898 died 11-25-1972 Notes:Colorado E1 US Navy WWI (Dennis Reed)

Hughes, Peter born 3-4-1868 died 3-20-1922 (Dennis Reed)

Hughes, Richard J. born 12-20-1859 died 5-30-1941 (Floyd Kelling)

Hughes, Rose E. born 10-24-1896 died 12-26-1965 (Dennis Reed)

Hughes, Rose E. born 10-24-1896 died 12-26-1966 (Dennis Reed)

Hughes, Samuel S. died Notes: Hosp Steward 11 Ohio Infantry

Hughes, stillborn died 10-8-1900 Notes: child of W.J. Hughes McCarthy Funeral Home

Hughes, Thomas J. born 1893 died 1918 Notes:Lieut. 508th Engrs AFF (Dennis Reed)

Hughes, Thomas J. born 1891 died 1968 (Floyd Kelling)

Hughes, William E. died 8-7-1904 age 34 buried 8-9-1904 location 13 400 7 West-Whiton Eden Train Wreck Victim

Hughes, William J. born 7-29-1899 died 6-5-1952 (Dennis Reed)

Hughlitt, Paul died 8-31-1901 Notes: age 5m 5d, died at Victor, Co. child of Frances Hughlitt McCarthy Funeral Home

Hulit, Lillian V. born 11-22-1909 died 11-22-1909 Notes: born at Pueblo father A.B. Hulit, resident Main Hotel McCarthy Funeral Home

Hummel, Rodney C. born 12-21-1901 died 7-9-1902 (Floyd Kelling)

Hummil, Robert R. died 5-27-1907 Notes: born at Pueblo age 4m 16d, son of William E. Hummel McCarthy Funeral Home

Humphrey, Robert Guy born 5-11-1861 died no date Notes: buried 11-23-1918, age 57y (Floyd Kelling)

Humphry, Joseph H. Notes: buried 09-24-1899 age 71, male, Location 13 79 7, West Brothers

Hund, Albert P. born 9-26-1911 died 3-29-1987 Notes: Pvt US Army WWII (Sharon McCurry)

Hund, Anthony L. born 1931 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Hund, Betty M. born 1925 died no date (Floyd Kelling)

Hund, Betty R. born 1941 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Hund, Cecilia F. born 1913 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Hund, Joseph C. born 1916 died 1969 (Floyd Kelling)

Hund, Joseph Carl born 12-21-1916 died 1-3-1969 Notes: Colorado Tec 5 70 Recon Trp WWII (Floyd Kelling)

Hund, Millicent V. born 1922 died 1994 (Sharon McCurry)

Hund, Raymond J. born 1914 died 1986 (Sharon McCurry)

Hund, William A. born 1922 died 1982 (Sharon McCurry)

Hunsaker Monument (Floyd Kelling)

Hunsaker, Floyd M. born 9-8-1893 died 4-8-1969 (Floyd Kelling)

Hunsaker, James M. born 7-3-1866 died 3-12-1937 (Floyd Kelling)

Hunsaker, Leona born no dates died (Floyd Kelling)

Hunsaker, Rose M. born 9-6-1904 died 4-25-1988 (Floyd Kelling)

Hunsaker, Sophia E. born 8-25-1875 died 3-24-1909 (Floyd Kelling)

Hunsaker, Wallace M. born 6-24-1908 died 4-6-1988 (Floyd Kelling)

Hunter, Laura Beth born 1-6-1957 died 5-26-1958 (Sharon McCurry)

Hunter, William Herbert died 5-5-1902 Notes: age 43y 10m 5d, wife Anna McCarthy Funeral Home

Hunyadi, Stephanie died 11-5-1900 Notes: age 2y 5m, father Joseph Hunyadi McCarthy Funeral Home

Hupp, A.A. died 1954 (Floyd Kelling)

Hupp, A.A. infant of Notes: buried 04-22-1898 age 0, female, Location 30 226 8, West Brothers

Hupp, Mae died 1949 (Floyd Kelling)

Hupp, Mae Justice born 1898 died 1898 (Floyd Kelling)

Hurd, Gladys born 11-14-1910 died 11-23-1910 Notes: born at Pueblo daughter of Martin Hurd born Texas and Ella Bohanna born Tennessee, black McCarthy Funeral Home

Hurferd, Thomas J. Notes: buried 01-08-1899 age 71, male, Location 28 276 7, McMahon and Collier

Hurley, Mable Notes: buried 10-27-1898 age 2, female, Location 26 60 12, T.G. McCarthy

Hurst, Belle Jane born 1849 died 1933 (Floyd Kelling)

Hurst, William G. born 1850 died 1910 (Floyd Kelling)

Hurt, Harry Notes: buried 01-25-1898 age 40, male, Location 57 137 4, McMahon and Collier

Huth, Gregory Notes: buried 09-19-1898 age 10, male, Location 29 410 T5, McMahon and Collier

Huth, Josephine Notes: buried 09-19-1898 age 30, female, Location 29 410 6, McMahon and Collier

Hutt, Susan died 9-27-1902 Notes: age 33y 8m 7d, died at Denver Hospital, husband, George H. Hutt born Rico, Co. McCarthy Funeral Home

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