Pueblo County, Colorado
Roselawn Cemetery

Contributed by Karen Mitchell
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Daedo, infant died 12-30-1912 Notes: child of Felix and Theresa Daedo both born Italy McCarthy Funeral Home

Daller, Yatcha died 5-12-1902 Notes: son of Andrew Daller, age 4y, McCarthy Funeral Home

Dallimore, Arthur N. born 1883 died 1976 (Sharon McCurry)

Dallimore, Georgie S. born 1895 died 1988 (Sharon McCurry)

Dallvissio, Saverio died 7-20-1902 Notes: age 20y 3m 4d, informant Joseph Dallvission, brother, McCarthy Funeral Home

Daly, Mary A. born 1884 died 1944 (Sharon McCurry)

Daniels, A.C. born 8-26-1857 died 7-16-1917 (Kay Medved)

Daniels, A.C Family Monument (Kay Medved)

Daniels, Howard A. died 12-16-1901 Notes: age 22y 3m 3d, son of Sydney T. Daniels, McCarthy Funeral Home

Daniels, Louise H.J. born 5-8-1880 died 4-27-1962 (Kay Medved)

Daniels, Susie born 5-3-1860 died 9-26-1901 Notes: Wife of A.C. Daniels (Kay Medved)

Daniels, William J. born 6-19-1865 died 12-6-1928 (Kay Medved)

Danner, Henry Kough born 4-20-1912 died 4-22-1912 Notes: son of Harry E. Danner and Olive M. Kough both born PA., McCarthy Funeral Home

Darroch, Fred born 4-24-1850 died 11-24-1921 (Floyd Kelling)

Dase, Charles born 1909 died 1980 (Sharon McCurry)

Dase, Theresa born 1911 died 1996 (Sharon McCurry)

Datz, John born 1886 died 1902 (Karen Mitchell)

Datzo, Colizia born 12-25-1910 died 1-13-1911 Notes: child of Tony Datzo and Mary Muzzo both born Italy, buried by relatives, McCarthy Funeral Home

Datzo, John died 2-17-1902 Notes: age 16y 1m 3d, died at Vineland, informant Jacino Dazzo, McCarthy Funeral Home

Daugherty, John died 10-28-1911 Notes: age 47y, died St. Mary's hospital, McCarthy Funeral Home

Dauth, Phillip died 12-2-1905 Notes: age 40y, single, farmer, sold to Louis Dauth, Denver, McCarthy Funeral Home

Davenport, W.H. died no dates Notes: Wagoner, Co C 5 Colorado Cav (Floyd Kelling)

Davenport, William H. born 1-31-1839 died 9-14-1899 Notes: Wagoner, Co G, 3 Colo Cav Civil War, buried 09-14-1899 age 60, male, Location 30 89 7, McMahon and Collier

Davey, Frances Forbes born 6-3-1860 died 8-1-1923 Notes: died age 63 buried 8-4-1923 Block, Lot, Space: 14 29 8 T.G. McCarthy (Kay Medved)

Davey, Mary M. born 1862 died 1950 Notes: died age 88 buried 1-21-1950 Block, Lot, Space: 30 206 1 Rouch (Floyd Kelling)

Davey, Sarah E. born 4-30-1857 died 10-18-1899 Notes: died age 42 buried 10-19-1899 Block, Lot, Space: 30 206 4 McMahon and Collier (Floyd Kelling)

Davey, Sarah E. died (Floyd Kelling)

Davey, Walter F. Notes: died age 74 buried 9-30-1935 Block, Lot, Space: 30 206 2 Rouch

Davidson, Edith B. born 3-22-1880 died 1-10-1911 Notes: born in New Hampshire, daughter of D.F. Dudley and Sarah Thurston, both born Massachusetts, paid by William Davidson, McCarthy Funeral Home

Davies Monument (Floyd Kelling)

Davies, Annie born 1839 died 1897 (Floyd Kelling)

Davies, B.W. Martin born 1836 died 1905 (Floyd Kelling)

Davies, Blanche S. born 1873 died 1953 (Floyd Kelling)

Davies, Charles C. born 1900 died 1936 (Floyd Kelling)

Davies, Henry E. born 1861 died 1937 (Floyd Kelling)

Davies, Jennie C. born 9-15-1874 died 12-21-1909 (Floyd Kelling)

Davis, Alice C. born 9-13-1872 died 6-18-1954 Also (Kay Medved)

Davis, Anna born 1882 died 1905 (Floyd Kelling)

Davis, babyNotes: infant of Mrs. buried 07-08-1898 age 0, female, Location 25 55 24, McMahon and Collier

Davis, Catherine born 1864 died 1939 (Floyd Kelling)

Davis, Charles infant of Notes: buried 06-16-1897 age 0, female, Location 25 58 24, McMahon and Collier

Davis, Daisy D. Notes: buried 02-21-1899 age 20, female, Location 26 74 4, McMahon and Collier

Davis, Hazel Notes: buried 04-21-1898 age 7, female, Location 25 36 3, McMahon and Collier

Davis, Effie M. born 1883 died 1969 (Floyd Kelling)

Davis, Harriet born 1903 died 1920 (Floyd Kelling)

Davis, Henry born 1861 died 1939 (Floyd Kelling)

Davis, Henry A. born 1897 died 1918 Notes: Pvt. (Floyd Kelling) Also, Also (Kay Medved)

Davis, Howard H. born 1893 died 1977 (Floyd Kelling)

Davis, Howard Jr. born 11-15-1918 died 4-8-1995 Notes: Tec 5 US Army WWII (Sharon McCurry)

Davis, Howard Jr. born 11-15-1918 died 4-8-1995 Notes: married 4-21-1942 (Sharon McCurry)

Davis, J.S. born 1891 died 1966 Also (Kay Medved)

Davis, J.W. Notes: buried 06-07-1898 age 32, male, Location 26 75 3, McMahon and Collier

Davis, James E. born 1847 died 1910 Notes: James Evan Davis born 11-17-1846 in Wales, died 6-5-1910 at St. Mary's hospital, farmer, married, son of John Davis and Elizabeth Pollard both born Wales, sold to William J.R. Davis, 1 mi north of city - north of Woodcroft, 1st Baptist Church, McCarthy Funeral Home (Floyd Kelling)

Davis, Lewis H. born 7-9-1868 died 5-21-1911 Notes: born in W. Virginia, married, son of Meigs Davis born W. Virginia and Margaret Meyer born Baltimore, MD., paid by Mrs. Minnie Davis & Pueblo Lodge #19, McCarthy Funeral Home

Davis, Lourena born 1893 died 1976 (Floyd Kelling)

Davis, Mary A. born 1871 died 1942 (Floyd Kelling)

Davis, Pearl A. born 1893 died 1904 (Floyd Kelling)

Davis, Phebe born 1853 died 1917 (Floyd Kelling)

Davis, Vivian L. born 10-28-1924 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Davis, W.J. born 1-1-1853 died 10-6-1906 (Floyd Kelling)

Davis, William G. born 1857 died 1902 (Floyd Kelling)

Davis, William J. born 1886 died 1950 (Floyd Kelling)

Davison, Ruby Mae died 8-7-1911 Notes: student at Bisbee, Arizona and Pueblo, 16 years old, born at Silvercliffe, Co., daughter of Reuben A. Robinson born Nova Scotia, Can. and Mary Ryan born Chillicothe, ME., died at Tucson, Az., McCarthy Funeral Home

Dawson, Thomas died 8-7-1904 age 66 buried 8-19-1904 location 14 100 7 T.G. Mc Carthy Eden Train Wreck Victim

Dawson, Thomas died Notes: Co G 2 Ohio Heavy Artillary

Day, Charles W. born 1908 died 1994 (Sharon McCurry)

Day, Henry P. born 1869 died 1923 (Sharon McCurry)

Day, John T. born 1914 died 1937 (Sharon McCurry)

Day, Margaret Notes: buried 11-16-1899 age 56, female, Location 25 33 3, McMahon and Collier

Day, Margaret born 1873 died 1940 (Sharon McCurry)

Day, Margaret F. born 1904 died 1980 (Sharon McCurry)

Day, Ralph H. born 1901 died 1937 (Sharon McCurry)

Dayton, George H. Notes: buried 09-07-1899 age 2, male, Location 30 76 T8, West-Whiton

Dazza, Salvatore died 7-7-1902 Notes: son of A. Dazza, McCarthy Funeral Home

Dazzo, Carlo born no date died 7-13-1921 Notes: age 14 years (Sharon McCurry)

Dazzo, Luceo Notes: buried 01-20-1898 age 0, male, Location 57 242 24, McMahon and Collier

Dazzo, Maria died 2-6-1901 Notes: age 6m 4d. Daughter of Jacob Dazzo, McCarthy Funeral Home

Dazzo, Mary died 7-11-1899 Notes: age 6m. Daughter of Jacob Dazzo, buried 07-12-1899 Location 57 241 4, T.G. McCarthy

Dazzo, Samuel died 4-14-18989 Notes: age 1y 2m, son of John Dazzo, buried 04-15-1899 Location 57 241 9, T.G. McCarthy

Dean, Geraldine L. born 1931 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Dean, Ora O. born 10-3-1894 died 10-22-1918 Notes: Killed in action (Kay Medved) Also, Also, Also (Kay Medved)

Dean, Robert E. born 1927 died 1975 (Sharon McCurry)

Dean, Samuel died 1-4-1909 Notes: age 72y, married, black, county paid part, McCarthy Funeral Home

Deats, Charles Albert died 6-16-1902 Notes: age 27y 23d, married, informant Harry Deats. McCarthy Funeral Home

Decino Monument (Sharon McCurry)

Decino, Anthony born 1873 died 1963 (Sharon McCurry)

Decino, Dominic born 1914 died 1967 (Sharon McCurry)

Decino, Rosa born 1886 died 1938 (Sharon McCurry)

Decker, Ernest L., Rev. born 1896 died 1973 (Sharon McCurry)

Decker, Miriam C. born 1910 died 2003 (Sharon McCurry)

Decker, Miriam C. born 1910 died 2003 (Sharon McCurry)

Deems, Joshua Baker born 3-20-1865 died 7-1-1910 Notes: born Washington County, Pa., GAR plot, son of Mark F. Deems and Margeretta Baker both born Washington County, Pa., sold to Mrs. J.B. Deems, McCarthy Funeral Home, Lieut Co B 22 Pennsylvania Cavalry

Dees, Lois Ferrol born 1896 died 1928 (Anthony Dees)

Dees, Merle Durwood born 1924 died 1943 Notes: Liska, Aleutians (Anthony Dees)

DeGolier, Carl F. born 9-10-1934 died 2-14-1974 (Sharon McCurry)

DeGrado, Antonia Notes: died age 79 buried 12-30-1903 Block, Lot, Space: 57 126 3 T.G. McCarthy

De Grado, baby died 1917 (Kay Medved)

DeGrado, Elizabeth Notes: died 10-15-1995 age 85 buried 10-18-1995 Block, Lot, Space: 49 4 5 McCarthy-Almont Pueblo, Co

DeGrado, Eric F. Notes: died 6-4-1997 age 32 buried 6-7-1997 Block, Lot, Space: 47 Ne60 2a T.G. McCarthy Pueblo, Co

DeGrado, Frances Notes: died 11-14-2008 age 95 buried 11-19-2008 Block, Lot, Space: 51 41 3 George McCarthy Pueblo, Co

DeGrado, Frank S. Notes: died 6-1-1998 age 77 buried 6-5-1998 Block, Lot, Space: 51 41 4 George McCarthy Pueblo, Co

DeGrado, Guiseppe died 1-5-1901 Notes: age 5y 28d, son of John DeGrado, McCarthy Funeral Home

DeGrado, James J. Notes: died 5-31-2003 age 61 buried 6-5-2003 Block, Lot, Space: 39 153 3 George McCarthy South Fork, Co

DeGrado, Jamie Lee (Twin) Notes: died 1-30-1969 age 0 buried 1-31-1969 Block, Lot, Space: 47 Ne60 2 T.G. McCarthy

DeGrado, Josephine Notes: died 11-2-1982 age 85 buried 11-5-1982 Block, Lot, Space: 47 59 8 T. G. McCarthy

DeGrado, Roy Lee (Twin) Notes: died 1-30-1969 age 0 buried 1-31-1969 Block, Lot, Space: 47 Ne60 2 T.G. McCarthy

DeGrado, Sammy James Notes: died 4-7-2012 age 60 buried 4-12-2012 Block, Lot, Space: 69c Angelus Pueblo, Co

DeGrado, Yolanda I. Notes: died 6-1-1998 age 46 buried 6-5-1998 Block, Lot, Space: 47 59 3 George McCarthy Pueblo, Co (Kay Medved)

DeHerrera, Concionita died 4-5-1905 Notes: age 30y, resident of Salt Creek, informants J.O DeHerrera & J.C. Chavez

DeHerrera, Juan G. born 12-20-1912 died 1-1-1913 Notes: son of Joseph DeHerrera born Alamosa, Co. and Donatillia Samora born San Luis Valley, McCarthy Funeral Home

Deiscoll, Daniel born 1848 died 1913 (Dennis Reed)

Deist, Ludwig died 5-12-1911 Notes: died at St. Mary's Hospital, age 45y, single, McCarthy Funeral Home

Deitch, Jennie born 1840 died 1905 (Floyd Kelling)

Deittaff, Lisette died 5-19-1902 Notes: married, wife of August Deittaff, McCarthy Funeral Home

DeJok, Frances born 7-15-1909 died 7-1-1910 Notes: single, female, daughter of Anton DeJok and Frances Maher both born Austria, McCarthy Funeral Home

Dejoy, Jack Thomas born 4-1-1953 died 8-4-2000 (Sharon McCurry)

Dejoy, Jack Thomas born 4-1-1953 died 8-4-2000 (Sharon McCurry)

DeJulio, Antonilla born 3-?-1865 died 11-15-1911 Notes: born in Italy, died at St. Mary's hospital, wife of Carmello DeJulio, daughter of Michael DeJulio and Philomena Massarott both born in Italy, McCarthy Funeral Home

Delacruz, Zachariah J. Gonzales Notes: died 1-7-2011 age 0 buried 1-13-2011 Block, Lot, Space: 50 4 5 Roselawn Pueblo, Co

Delahunty, Catherine born 1866 died 1904 Notes: wife of Philip Delahunty (Floyd Kelling)

Delap Monument (Floyd Kelling)

Delap, Ruby born 1-7-1847 died 7-10-1908 (Floyd Kelling)

Delap, Wesley born no dates Notes: Co D 22 Wis Inf (Floyd Kelling)

Delap, Wesley died Notes: Co D 22 Wisconsin Infantry

DeLellis, Mary Angela died 1914 (Floyd Kelling) Also (Kay Medved)

Dellaquadri, Anna born 1916 died 1921 (Joy Trout)

Delpapo, Gaetano born 1869 died 1936 (Sharon McCurry)

Demarco, Josephine born 1881 died 1925 (Sharon McCurry)

Demaree, Cyrus N. born 1862 died 1928 (Lynn Cowley)

Demaree, Iona M. born 1871 died 1965 (Lynn Cowley)

DeMartino, Thomas died 2-24-1902 Notes: died at Pueblo hospital, service Mt. Carmel Church, informants Sam Cabibi & C. Tuttoilmonda, McCarthy Funeral Home

Demekes, Mary died 1-11-1902 Notes: age 53y, informant James A. Demeke

Demperwolf, John M. born 12-1-1905 died 12-1-1905 Notes: son of Theodore F. Demperwolf, McCarthy Funeral Home

Denery, Catherine Clara born 10-4-1883 died 9-9-1910 Notes: single, female, born in Illinoisdaughter of Michael Denery born New York and Ella Seignal born Illinois, informant Michael Denery, other Mesa Baptist Church, McCarthy Funeral Home

Denning, Joe born 1876 died 1948 (Floyd Kelling)

Denny, Fred R. Notes: buried 12-05-1897 age 21, male, Location 25 62 3, West Brothers

Denoon, Emanuel died Notes: Corpl Co I 25 Ohio Infantry

Deny, James died 8-22-1898 Notes: age 38y, buried 08-23-1898 Location 25 66 12, T.G. McCarthy

DePatie, Agnes N. born 1876 died 1957 (Floyd Kelling)

DePAtie, Fred A. born 1878 died 1957 (Floyd Kelling)

Derby, Frank N. born 1886 died 1900 (Floyd Kelling)

Derby, George Jerome born 9-19-1853 died 7-3-1906 (Shirley Azvedo)

Derby, Loyd Paxton born 8-6-1883 died 12-21-1920 (Shirley Azvedo)

Derby, Zuloo D. born 1871 died 1918 (Shirley Azvedo)

DeRose, Elvira born 1911 died 1921 (Sharon McCurry)

DeRose, Emma born 1915 died 2001 (Sharon McCurry)

Derry, Willard died 9-16-1911 Notes: born Springfield, Illinois, paid by Angelo and Pete Feroney & friends, McCarthy Funeral Home

DesChamp, Betty born 1915 died 1973 (Kay Medved)

DeSanti, Rocco born 1879 died 1900 (Karen Mitchell)

DeSiato, Joseph born 9-15-1906 died 11-11-1907 (Floyd Kelling)

DeSpain, Eliza died 2-7-1907 Notes: age 68y 10m 2d, informant John J. Dunlap residence Smelter, Utah and James DeSpain, McCarthy Funeral Home

DeSpain, Grace born 1870 died 1912 (Floyd Kelling)

DeSpain, Grace died 7-26-1912 Notes: born at Ohio age 43y, married, died at Southern Colorado Hospital, father - Smith, mother - Hartley both born USA, McCarthy Funeral Home

Deter, Merrett died 3-21-1901 Notes: age 1y 5m 6d, son of Harry Deter, there is a second entry that says this child was shipped to La Grauga, Ind., but he is shown in the Roselawn Cemetery database, McCarthy Funeral Home

Deterding, George P. Notes: buried 04-18-1899 age 41, male, Location 12 39 3, McMahon and Collier

DeTienne, Ethel M. died 1989 (Floyd Kelling)

DeTienne, Harry G. Dr. born 1876 died 1933 (Floyd Kelling)

Deus, Peter died 12-9-1904 Notes: age 43y, deputy sheriff, died at Pueblo City Hall McCarthy Funeral Home

Devine, Daniel died 8-12-1898 Notes: age 33y buried 08-13-1898 Location 29 384 6, T.G. McCarthy

Devore, Eli Berry died 4-6-1901 Notes: age 19y, step-father George Berry McCarthy Funeral Home

Dewey, Edward Glen born 11-20-1874 died 2-16-1959 (Floyd Kelling)

Dewey, Prudence E. born 2-14-1876 died 1-26-1968 (Floyd Kelling)

Dexter, Charles died 5-?-1902 Notes: age 40y, informant Boone Best, Arlington, CO., McCarthy Funeral Home

Deyohi, Steve or Kate Notes: buried 04-26-1899 age 0, male, Location 57 243 3, T.G. McCarthy

Diadone, Grace born 7-18-1910 died 8-11-1910 Notes: born at Rockvale, Co. daughter of Frank and Sarah Serismonde Diadone both born Italy McCarthy Funeral Home

Dianisio, Cologero died 2-22-1908 Notes: born at Pueblo age 8m 10d, son of L. Dianisio born Italy McCarthy Funeral Home

Dickerman Monument born died (Sharon McCurry)

Dickerman, A.L. born died Notes: Musn. Co H 4 Vt. Inf (Sharon McCurry)

Dickerman, Julia E. born 1845 died 1907 Notes: wife of A.L. Dickerman (Sharon McCurry)

Dickson, Betty A. born 1932 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Dickson, Donald E. born 1930 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Dickson, Eliza S. born 3-16-1849 died 4-24-1924 (Floyd Kelling)

Dickson, Ricky Lee born 1953 died 1974 (Sharon McCurry)

Dickson, Thomas H. born 4-9-1843 died 4-17-1914 (Floyd Kelling)

Dicus, Winifred W. born 1903 died no date (Floyd Kelling)

DiFrani, Figlia died 4-25-1908 (Floyd Kelling)

Diggory, Benjamin Notes: buried 03-28-1899 age 45, male, Location 14 48 7, McMahon and Collier

Digrado, Antonia died 12-30-1907 Notes: age 77y (Floyd Kelling)

Diltz, John Ivan Glenn died 10-9-1901 Notes: age 2m 28d, son of William Diltz McCarthy Funeral Home

Dilulio, A. died 11-15-1911 (Floyd Kelling)

Dinan, James died 3-14-1901 Notes: age 38y 2m McCarthy Funeral Home

Dinunzio, Nicholo born no date died 1901 (Karen Mitchell)

Diodosio, Lucille J. born 1918 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Diodosio, Warren J. born 1915 died 1983 (Sharon McCurry)

Diones, Josephine born 8-8-1911 died 8-8-1911 Notes: born at Pueblo daughter of Charles and Vinceria Consenitto Diones both born Italy McCarthy Funeral Home

Dionese, John died 1922 (Joy Trout)

DiPasquale, Mariano died 6-5-1902 Notes: age 42y McCarthy Funeral Home

Dipella, Armenia died 8-7-1904 age 0 buried 8-31-1904 location 57 15 7 West-Whiton Eden Train Wreck Victim

DiSalvo, Enrico born 2-2-1906 died 10-20-1906 (Floyd Kelling)

Divelbiss, Ann Marie born 12-14-1810 died 6-1-1893 (Dennis Reed)

Divelbiss, Ann Marie born 12-14-1810 died 6-1-1893 (Floyd Kelling)

Divelbiss, Edward born 8-13-1852 died 1-22-1928 (Floyd Kelling)

Divelbiss, Edward H. born 8-13-1872 died 5-22-1928 (Dennis Reed)

Divelbiss, Flora Jane born 10-11-1852 died 12-24-1896 (Dennis Reed)

Divelbiss, Flora Jane born 10-11-1852 died 12-24-1896 (Floyd Kelling)

Divelbiss, George born no date died 2-5-1918 (Dennis Reed)

Divelbiss, George born died 2-5-1918 Notes: age 82y (Floyd Kelling)

Divelbiss, Harry born 6-29-187? died 3-29-1909 (Floyd Kelling)

Divelbiss, Harry born 6-29-1872 died 3-29-1909 (Dennis Reed)

Dixon, J.W. Mrs. died 7-25-1902 Notes: age 38y, died near Lake Minnequa in camp wagon, wife of J.W. Dixon McCarthy Funeral Home

Dixon, John Notes: buried 07-02-1898 age 0, male, Location 57 243 9, McMahon and Collier

Dockum, Warren C. born 1843 died 1921 Notes: Co H 121st NY Inf, Medal Of Honor (family)

Dodd, Jos. W. died Notes: Co I 16 Wisconsin Infantry

Dodds, Martha died 1-7-1909 Notes: age 63y, housewife, buried by friends and Salvation Army McCarthy Funeral Home

Dodge, Joseph D. died Notes: Co G 1 Wisconsin Heavy Artillary

Dolan, Anna Notes: buried 10-20-1897 age 71, female, Location 29 385 6, McMahon and Collier

Dolan, baby girl died 7-?-1909 (Floyd Kelling)

Dolan, Delia Maude died 4-2-1901 Notes: age 9m 10d, daughter of M.C. Dolan McCarthy Funeral Home

Dolan, James Notes: buried 10-28-1899 age 18, male, Location 29 385 4, McMahon and Collier

Dolan, John born 12-6-1912 died 12-6-1912 Notes: born at Pueblo son of John Dolan born Ohio and Nora Driscoll Dolan born Ireland McCarthy Funeral Home

Dolan, William James born 6-17-1892 died 10-4-1910 Notes: born at Pueblo died at Salida, Co., son of Thomas Dolan born England and Ellen Gannon Dolan born Ireland McCarthy Funeral Home

Doller, Yatha died 5-12-1902 Notes: son of Andrew Daller, age 4y, McCarthy Funeral Home

Domenico, Charles born 1932 died 1932 (Dennis Reed)

Domenico, Edward J. born 10-27-1930 died 1-6-2001 (Dennis Reed)

Domenico, Ethel M. born 8-10-1930 died no date (Dennis Reed)

Domenico, John born 6-21-1897 died 10-25-1980 (Dennis Reed)

Domenico, John born 1932 died 1932 (Dennis Reed)

Domenico, Mary died 7-10-1925 (Joy Trout)

Domenico, Mary born 1925 died 1925 (Dennis Reed)

Domenico, Melina born 2-4-1907 died 10-31-1994 (Dennis Reed)

Dominguez, Eddie Jr. born 1973 died 1995 (Floyd Kelling)

Dominguez, Eddie Jr. born 1973 died 1995 (Floyd Kelling)

Donahue, Ben born 1896 died 1962 Notes: Veteran WWI (Floyd Kelling)

Donahue, Ben H. born 1896 died 1962 (Floyd Kelling)

Donahue, Edna L. born 5-16-1891 died 5-11-1892 (Floyd Kelling)

Donahue, Ida R. born 1871 died 1958 (Floyd Kelling)

Donahue, Lois E. born 7-10-1920 died 5-27-2002 (Sharon McCurry)

Donahue, Nina M. born 1898 died 1994 (Floyd Kelling)

Donahue, James Notes: buried 11-25-1897 age 46, male, Location 57 136 5, McMahon and Collier

Donahue, Thomas Mrs. Notes: buried 09-06-1897 age 29, female, Location 57 137 7, Bustin and Fritz

Donaldson, Anna L. and infantborn 1873 died 1898 Notes: died 8-28-1898 Notes: died age 25 buried 9-1-1898 Block, Lot, Space: 14 29 6, age 28y, wife of C.H. Donaldson T.G. McCarthy (Kay Medved)

Donaldson, Baby Notes: Infant of C.H. died age 0 buried 9-1-1898 Block, Lot, Space: 14 29 6 T.G. McCarthy (Kay Medved

Donaldson, Benjamin Notes: died age 21 buried 8-21-1925 Block, Lot, Space: 12 320 1 Udv

Donaldson, Carolina V. Notes: died age 70 buried 8-31-1909 Block, Lot, Space: 12 320 2 West- Whiton

Donaldson, Charles Notes: died age 25 buried 6-27-1910 Block, Lot, Space: 12 295 7 McMahon and Collier

Donaldson, Dora Mae Notes: died 6-13-1995 age 71 buried 6-16-1995 Block, Lot, Space: 44a Montgomery Steward Pueblo, Co

Donaldson, Edith A. Notes: died 2-19-1975 age 83 buried 2-22-1975 Block, Lot, Space: 44 9 5 Rouch

Donaldson, Ezra Notes: died age 16 buried 1-30-1907 Block, Lot, Space: 27 19 7 Linkins and Vories

Donaldson, Giles Notes: died age 85 buried 4-25-1909 Block, Lot, Space: 12 353 4 Udv

Donaldson, Harrison Notes: died age 26 buried 11-22-1900 Block, Lot, Space: 12 345 7 West Whiton

Donaldson, James W. Notes: died age 79 buried 8-24-1918 Block, Lot, Space: 12 320 3 Udv

Donaldson, John O. Notes: died 1-20-1990 age 95 buried 1-25-1990 Block, Lot, Space: 44 9 6 Rouch

Donaldson, Lena Anna Notes: died age 57 buried 1-27-1927 Block, Lot, Space: 12 320 6 Davis

Donaldson, Leroy E. Notes: died age 7 buried 9-6-1899 Block, Lot, Space: 12 320 5 West Brothers

Donaldson, Margaret died 5-9-1910 Notes: died age 63 buried 5-11-1910 Block, Lot, Space: 14 100 4 born at Ireland age 65y, daughter of James and Ellen McCandles Irwin both born Ireland, housewife, expenses by Mrs. Isabelle Dawson, Pueblo, Brother Rev. James Irwin The Manse Windsor, Belfast, Ireland, family in Colorado Springs and Emporia, Kansas T.G. McCarthy

Donaldson, William A. Notes: died 6-27-1999 age 81 buried 7-1-1999 Block, Lot, Space: 44a Montgomery-Steward Pueblo, Co

Donaldson, William Leroy Notes: died age 57 buried 9-11-1922 Block, Lot, Space: 12 320 7 Udv

Donato, Dewey born 5-10-1916 died 6-17-1978 (Sharon McCurry)

Donato, Lillian born 4-20-1924 died 7-22-2003 (Sharon McCurry)

Donegan, John died 3-26-1908 Notes: age 66y, married McCarthy Funeral Home

Dongella, Frank Notes: buried 11-22-1899 age 37, male, Location 57 144 4, McMahon and Collier

Donelly, J. infant of Notes: buried 07-22-1897 age 0, female, Location 57 244 12, Bustin and Fritz

Donnelly Monument (Sharon McCurry)

Donnelly, Delia born 1859 died 1942 (Sharon McCurry)

Donnelly, Mathew C. born 1865 died 1919 (Sharon McCurry)

Doney, J.W. Notes: buried 04-05-1899 age 69, male, Location 24 69 7, McMahon and Collier

Doose, Dorothy M. born 1917 died 1982 (Floyd Kelling)

D'Orazio, Filippo born 1883 died 1909 (Floyd Kelling)

Dorcy, Mary born 7-15-1837 died 5-22-1906 Notes: wife of John Dorcy (Floyd Kelling)

Dornan, W.J. born 8-11-1876 died 4-12-1909 (Sharon McCurry)

Dorsey, Franklin born 11-19-1910 died 11-19-1910 Notes: born at Pueblo son of Frank Dorsey born Ohio and Leta Ostrander Dorsey born Nebraska McCarthy Funeral Home

Dorst, infant son born 5-10-1910 died 5-10-1910 Notes: born at Pueblo son of Ralph L. and Lillian N. Jackson Dorst, f born NY m born Colorado McCarthy Funeral Home

Dotts, John died 1-1-1892 Notes: age 35y 10m 17d (Floyd Kelling)

Doty, Marilla M. born 12-16-1832 died 1-30-1910 Notes: born at New York, widow, sold to Mrs. Franklin H. Doty and Mrs. J.W. Brewer, McCarthy Funeral Home

Doughterty, E.S. Mrs. Notes: buried 05-13-1897 age 23, female, Location 30 163 2, McMahon and Collier

Dougherty, Thomas died 2-3-1915 Notes: born at Illinois age 47y, widower McCarthy Funeral Home

Douglass, Edwin F. born 1853 died 1911 (Floyd Kelling)

Douglass, Effie F. born 1890 died 1892 (Floyd Kelling)

Douglass, Robert C. born 1898 died 1903 (Floyd Kelling)

Douglass, Susan V. born 1838 died 1920 (Floyd Kelling)

Downer, E. Clevie died 7-14-1894 Notes: age 9y 7m 25d, son of E.C. & Etta Downer (Floyd Kelling)

Downer, E. Clevie (Floyd Kelling)

Downey, Mary Julian Notes: buried 10-16-1898 age 56, female, Location 14 106 6, West Brothers

Downing, Carrie B. died 8-7-1904 age 28 buried 8-10-1904 location 22 175 5 McMahon and Collier Eden Train Wreck Victim

Downing, Eliza died 8-7-1904 age 65 buried 8-10-1904 location 22 175 6 McMahon and Collier Eden Train Wreck Victim

Downey, Margie born 1910 died 2004 (Sharon McCurry)

Downey, R. Frank born 1933 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Downey, Roy E. born 1907 died 1982 (Sharon McCurry)

Downs, Kid Notes: buried 10-28-1899 age 28, male, Location 25 33 8, McMahon and Collier

Doyle, Kenneth J. born 1909 died 1987 (Sharon McCurry)

Doyle, Mary F. born 1908 died 1999 (Sharon McCurry)

Doyle, Patrick died 3-26-1904 Notes: born at Pueblo age 4m 25d, son of Luje Doyle McCarthy Funeral Home

Doyle, Sarah died 4-23-1905 Notes: age 7y 8m 2d, daughter of Luke Doyle McCarthy Funeral Home

Dozzio, Guiseppe Leonardo born 1915 died 1920 Notes: erected by Mother (Joy Trout)

Dozzo, John Notes: buried 10-15-1899 age 1, male, Location 57 28 14, McMahon and Collier

Drakulich, baby died age 0 buried 8-17-1921 Block, Lot, Space: 21 6 13 McCarthy Brown

Drakulich, Joe died age 0 buried 9-3-1955 Block, Lot, Space: 68 42 3 George F. McCarthy

Drakulich, John baby girl of died age 0 buried 4-30-1920 Block, Lot, Space: 21 7 16 T.G. McCarthy

Drakulich, Joseph died 8-15-1922 (Kay Medved)

Drakulich, Mike died age 0 buried 9-6-1911 Block, Lot, Space: 26 46 19 McMahon Collier

Draper, Lola born 12-8-1882 died 1-11-1918 (Floyd Kelling)

Draper, William W. born 5-15-1839 died 6-8-1911 (Sharon McCurry)

Dressor, Charlotte born 1880 died 1958 (Floyd Kelling)

Dressor, Fred H. born 1874 died 1900 (Floyd Kelling)

Drew, Elvena M. born 5-1-1906 died 1-14-1995 (Sharon McCurry)

Driscoll, Anna born 1891 died 1976 (Dennis Reed)

Driscoll, Anna born 1875 died 1906 (Dennis Reed)

Driscoll, Dan born 5-27-1928 died no date (Dennis Reed)

Driscoll, Daniel born 1848 died 1913 (Dennis Reed)

Driscoll, Elizabeth M. born 1901 died 1973 (Dennis Reed)

Driscoll, Leo D. born 1893 died 1936 (Dennis Reed)

Driscoll, Louise born 5-24-1929 died no date (Dennis Reed)

Driscoll, Margaret born 1857 died 1907 (Dennis Reed)

Driscoll, Vance J. born 1891 died 1936 (Dennis Reed)

Drobnick, Albert J. born 1924 died 2002 (Sharon McCurry)

Drobnick, John born 11-4-1924 died 4-26-2002 Notes: GM3 US Navy WWII (Sharon McCurry)

Drobnick, Mary V. born 1928 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Drobnik, Adeline born 1917 died 5-23-1995 Temple Emanuel (Floyd Kelling)

Drobnik, Frank W. born 1912 died 11-6-1988 Temple Emanuel (Floyd Kelling)

Drusenne, Alec birthplace Pueblo died 3-29-1909 Notes:age 1y 6m 17d, son of Chris Drusenne, T.G. McCarthy Funeral Home. Roselawn records shows Duesenne

Ducy, Clement A. born 12-7-1911 died 8-23-1982 (Sharon McCurry)

Dudra, Paul died 2-10-1911 Notes: born at Austria age 55y, died at Colorado Springs, Co. McCarthy Funeral Home

Dudrik, Joseph born 2-26-1872 died 12-4-1910 Notes: born at Austria married, son of Joseph and Susannah Barana Dudrik both born Austria McCarthy Funeral Home

Dufft, Hellen Notes: buried 11-11-1899 age 65, female, Location 57 145 6, McMahon and Collier

Duffy, Caroline Teresa died 7-4-1898 Notes: age 3m 14d, daughter of Patrick Duffy McCarthy Funeral Home

Duffy, Catherine Notes: buried 07-05-1898 age 3, female, Location 57 242 17, T.G. McCarthy

Duffy, Julia M. Simala born 1897 died 1920 Notes: Daughter (Kay Medved)

Dumato, Josephine died 9-28-1917 Notes: died age 1 buried 9-29-1917 Block, Lot, Space: 57 2 14 23 T.G. McCarthy (Kay Medved)

Dumato, Mary Notes: died age 6 buried 11-17-1914 Block, Lot, Space: 57 2 10 30 T.G. McCarthy

Dunbar, Patrick died 1-21-1902 Notes: age 1y 23d, son of Dominick Dunbar McCarthy Funeral Home

Dunbeck, Louisa Notes: buried 07-03-1897 age 0, female, Location 25 58 7, McMahon and Collier

Duncan, Johnsel L. born 11-3-1887 died 12-13-1912 Notes: born at Alabama married female, daughter of John and Virginia Clayton Watts both born Alabama, colored McCarthy Funeral Home

Duncan, Sarah A. born 1858 died 1-27-1912 Notes: born at New Jersey McCarthy Funeral Home

Dunn, James born 1921 died 2000 (Sharon McCurry)

Dunn, James born 10-1-1921 died 7-5-2000 Notes: Cpl US Marine Corps WWII (Sharon McCurry)

Dunn, Margaret born 7-8-1918 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Dunn, Mary E. born no date died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Dunn, R.H. Notes: Dr. buried 07-05-1898 age 56, male, Location 14 53 8, McMahon and Collier

Dunn, Rhad. H. born 1842 died 1898 Notes: Major 3 East Tennessee Infantry 1 Brigade 2 Division 23 AC and Doctor

Dunn, Theron E. born 1-5-1918 died 2-21-2004 (Sharon McCurry)

Dunn, W.W. Notes: buried 04-24-1898 age 42, male, Location 14 51 6, McMahon and Collier

Dunnington, Danice V. born 12-12-1890 died 12-2-1938 Notes: died age 47y, buried 12-6-1938 Block, lot, space 20 51 3 George F. McCarthy (Kay Medved)

Dunnington, Millie born 8-24-1883 died 11-3-1918 Notes: died age 35y, buried 11-7-1918 Block, lot, space 20 51 7 Udv (Kay Medved)

Dupps, Annie Louise born 9-6-1864 died 2-22-1962 (Floyd Kelling)

Dupps, Anton born 1843 died 1921 (Floyd Kelling)

Dupps, Catherine born 1862 died 1959 (Floyd Kelling)

Dupps, Frank W. born 1890 died 1892 (Dennis Reed)

Dupps, Frank W. born 1890 died ? (Floyd Kelling)

Dupps, Frank W. born 1890 died 1892(Dennis Reed)

Dupps, Joseph born 6-7-1865 died 2-23-1911 Notes: born at Germany married, son of Karl and Mary Dale Dupps both born Germany, expenses by Frank J. Dupps McCarthy Funeral Home

Dupps, Lillian Louise born 5-26-1926 died 5-12-1932 (Floyd Kelling)

Dupps, Louis C. born 8-11-1885 died 1-12-1930 (Floyd Kelling)

Dupps, Theresa died 8-17-1892 Notes: age 55y (Floyd Kelling)

Dupps, Theresa died (Floyd Kelling)

Duran, Avelina died 8-7-1904 age 22 buried 8-23-1904 location 57 156 6 McMahon and Collier Eden Train Wreck Victim

Duran, Dan Burdge Funeral Home Records, Glenwood Springs, Colorado Duran, Dan (book 2, page 24), April 13, 1925. Mexican, New Castle, Colorado. Aged: 46 years. Shot. Shipped to T. G. Mc Carthy, Pueblo, Colorado. For C. J. Crawford. Note: Daniel Duran was buried in Roselawn Cemetery in Pueblo, Colorado.

Durkin, Elizabeth born 1898 died 1918 (Sharon McCurry)

Durkin, Mary E. born 1856 died 1939 (Sharon McCurry)

Durkin, Michael D. born 1851 died 1924 (Sharon McCurry)

Dustin, Blanche born 1892 died 1904 (Floyd Kelling)

Dustin, Luke born 1845 died 1905 (Floyd Kelling)

Dustin, Rose died 8-7-1904 age 33 buried 9-2-1904 location 30 167 5 McMahon and Collier Eden Train Wreck Victim

Dustin, Rose Etta born 1869 died 1964 (Floyd Kelling)

Duthie, John died 4-6-1901 Notes: age 24y 5m 17d, died at Cripple Creek, Co., wife of F.W. Kimmet McCarthy Funeral Home

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