Pueblo County, Colorado
Roselawn Cemetery

Contributed by Karen Mitchell

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Cabiba, Pasquala died 5/31/1901 Notes: age 9m 27d, child of Guiseppi Cabiba McCarthy Funeral Home

Cabol, Frances died 1/24/1900 Notes: age 1y 3m 29d, daughter of John Cabol McCarthy Funeral Home

Caffery, Agnes E. died 10/2/1902 Notes: age 15y 3m 13d, daughter of Oliver E. Caffery McCarthy Funeral Home

Cahill, George A. born 1878 died 1932(Floyd Kelling)

Cahill, Margaret M. born 8/19/1905 died 4/16/1907 Notes: daughter of George & Mary Cahill(Floyd Kelling)

Cairns, Robert E. born 1913 died 1932 (Floyd Kelling)

Calhoun, B.C. died 8/3/1900 Notes: age 35y, colored McCarthy Funeral Home

Calhoun, Joseph died Notes: Co D 19 Iowa Infantry

Callan, Marion B. born 1907 died 1994 (Floyd Kelling)

Callan, Marion B. born 1907 died 1994 Notes: MM1 US Navy WWII (Floyd Kelling)

Callan, Wilma R. born no date died no date (Floyd Kelling)

Calonna, Etelia died 9/6/1902 Notes: age 9m 8d, child of Sabatorio Calonna McCarthy Funeral Home

Cameron, Ethel K. born 1907 died 1983 (Sharon McCurry)

Cameron, Herbert A. born 1910 died 1972 (Dennis Reed)

Cameron, Herbert A. born 1910 died 1972(Floyd Kelling)

Cameron, Mary born 1851 died 1920(Floyd Kelling)

Cameron, Rebecca born 1906 died 1997 (Dennis Reed)

Cameron, Rebecca born 1906 died 1997(Floyd Kelling)

Cameron, Samuel born 2-8-1861 died 4/17/1907(Floyd Kelling)

Cameron, Samuel(Floyd Kelling)

Camp, Mary Frances died 12/19/1905 Notes: age 27y 10m 22s, married McCarthy Funeral Home

Campas, Thomas died Notes: born at NM age 52y, husband of Josephine Camapas, son of Bruno Campas and Juanita Ortiz parents born NM McCarthy Funeral Home

Campbell, Anna E. died 10/20/1900 Notes: age 31y 8m a6d, wife of Dr. William H. Campbell McCarthy Funeral Home

Campbell, C.N. born 4-12-1892 died 3/16/1940 (Dennis Reed)

Campbell, Don died 8/7/1904 age 17 buried 8/9/1904 location 24 142 8 McMahon and Collier Eden Train Wreck Victim

Campbell, Elmer L. born 1895 died 1984(Floyd Kelling)

Campbell, Frank H. born 1893 died 1966(Floyd Kelling)

Campbell, George born 7/18/1913 birthplace Pueblo died 7/18/1913 Notes:son of Sherman Campbell born Pueblo and Violet Gneut born Colorado, Roselawn records show Cambell.

Campbell, Hattie F. born no dates(Floyd Kelling)

Campbell, Hattie F. born 1863 died 1896 Notes: wife of John F.(Floyd Kelling)

Campbell, Helen M. born 4-8-1895 died 7/15/1987 (Dennis Reed)

Campbell, Herbert L. born 4/8/1923 died 10/13/1968 Notes: Colorado Tec5 960 Engineer Atn WWII (Floyd Kelling)

Campbell, John F. born 1862 died 1946(Floyd Kelling)

Campbell, Patrick died 5/17/1900 Notes: age 42y McCarthy Funeral Home

Campbell, Roger P. died 8/7/1904 age 52 buried 8/9/1904 location 24 142 7 McMahon and Collier Eden Train Wreck Victim

Campbell, Ruth F. born 1906 died 1997(Floyd Kelling)

Campbell, Stella L. born 1898 died 1979(Floyd Kelling)

Campbell, T.L. born 5/9/1916 died 1/21/1940 (Dennis Reed)

Candelise, Amelia died 1903 (Floyd Kelling)

Canonic, Peter died 12-9-1899 Notes: age 1y 7m, son of Morton Canonic McCarthy Funeral Home

Canova, infant born 7/3/1912 died 7/3/1912 Notes: born at Pueblo child of Joseph Canova and Antonia Joia both born Italy McCarthy Funeral Home

Caparina, Anna born 1852 died 8/20/1901 (Karen Mitchell)

Capitan, F.J. born 1846 died 1901 (Joy Trout)

Caponle, Rosa died no date (Floyd Kelling)

Caporicci, Ann born 1907 died 2002 (Sharon McCurry)

Caporicci, Michael born 1908 died 1990 (Sharon McCurry)

Capps-Capozolo Monument (Sharon McCurry)

Capps-Capozolo, Anthony Thomas born 1909 died 2001 (Sharon McCurry)

Capps-Capozolo, Theresa Harmon born 1913 died 1988 (Sharon McCurry)

Caranci, Pasquale born 5-15-1879 died 5/4/1903 (Joy Trout)

Caranci, Pasquale died (Joy Trout)

Cardillo, Frank born 1867 died 1908(Floyd Kelling)

Cardillo, John H. born 1886 died 1949(Floyd Kelling)

Cardillo, Juanita born no dates(Floyd Kelling)

Cardillo, Lulu M. born 1890 died 1944(Floyd Kelling)

Cardinale, Carlo died no date (Floyd Kelling)

Cardinale, Guiseppe C. born 1/20/1915 died 1/20/1915 Notes: born at Pueblo child of Joseph Cardinale and Mary Port both born Italy McCarthy Funeral Home

Carey Monument (Sharon McCurry)

Carey, Coralyn C. born 1862 died 1945 (Sharon McCurry)

Carey, infant son born 10/28/1912 died 10/28/1912 Notes: born at Pueblo son of James Carey McCarthy Funeral Home

Carey, James Joseph died 1/17/1902 Notes: age 28y 6m 12d, informant Charles Geiser brother-in-law McCarthy Funeral Home

Carey, Martin A. born 1859 died 1926 (Sharon McCurry)

Carey, Martin A. born 1859 died 1926 (Sharon McCurry)

Cargile, Harrison born 8-31-1896 died 7/5/1902 (Floyd Kelling)

Caricato, Mary L. born 1906 died 1933 (Sharon McCurry)

Carleo, Angala M. born no date died 7/13/1913 Notes: N73M 10L R.D.M. (Floyd Kelling)

Carleo, Michael Anthony born no date died 10/24/1950 (Sharon McCurry)

Carley, Sarah Pauline died 11/4/1902 Notes: age 34y 2m 7d, wife of Lyman D. Carley McCarthy Funeral Home

Carlile, Walter B. died 9/27/1901 Notes: age 69y 10m 12d, married, informant James N. Carlile McCarthy Funeral Home

Carlino, Florence N. born 1905 died 1974 (Sharon McCurry)

Carlino, Frank born 1898 died 1982 (Sharon McCurry)

Carlock, Edward died 12/28/1912 Notes: born at Dodge City, Ks. age 19y, single, son of Joseph Carlock born Indiana, mother born Kansas McCarthy Funeral Home

Carlson, Annie born 1889 died 1899 (Floyd Kelling)

Carlson, August died 6/19/1900 Notes: age 50y McCarthy Funeral Home

Carlson, Christine M. born 1904 died 2000 (Sharon McCurry)

Carlson, Emil A. born 1899 died 1979 (Sharon McCurry)

Carlson, Georgia A. born 1914 died 1970 (Sharon McCurry)

Carlson, Ingeborg Nilsson born 11-21-1858 died 10-30-1898 (Floyd Kelling)

Carlson, Lawrence V. born 1908 died 1981 (Sharon McCurry)

Carlson, Marjorie born 1925 died 1976 (Sharon McCurry)

Carlson, Richard born 1923 died no date Notes: married 12-27-1942 (Sharon McCurry)

Carlton, Tressler died 8/6/1901 Notes: age 1y 8m, child of Richard B. Carlton McCarthy Funeral Home

Carman, George V. born 1874 died 1955 (Floyd Kelling)

Carman, James M. born 1881 died 1960 (Floyd Kelling)

Carmichael, David L. died 6/22/1900 Notes: age 75y, husband of Sarah Carmichael McCarthy Funeral Home

Carnahan, Walter died 8-21-1898 Notes: age 1y 6m McCarthy Funeral Home

Carnell, Peter died 6/11/1902 Notes: age 54y, died at Globe Saloon McCarthy Funeral Home

Carnelli, Mamie born 1912 died 1921 (Joy Trout)

Carpenter, Anderson Dillingham born 1-19-1845 died 3/7/1923 Notes: husband of Wilmoth Renfro Carpenter(Floyd Kelling)

Carpenter, Aubrey M. died 1/5/1931 (Floyd Kelling)

Carpenter, Wiltmoth Renfro born 1-30-1850 died 1/14/1933(Floyd Kelling)

Carr, Emily A. born 1871 died 1957 Notes: Mother (Sharon McCurry)

Carranza, Daufila born 1/1/1913 died 4/12/1917 Notes: born at Mexico daughter of Carita Carranza and Juana Lisn both born Mexico McCarthy Funeral Home

Carriotto, Rosario born 1857 died 1922 (Sharon McCurry)

Carroll, Arthur Percy died 8/11/1901 Notes: age 5y 9m 27d, son of Percy Carroll McCarthy Funeral Home

Carroll, Cephas C. born 4/16/1909 died 10/20/1996 Temple Emanuel (Floyd Kelling)

Carroll, Maria died 8-25-1898 Notes: age 29y, wife of P.J. Carroll McCarthy Funeral Home

Carroll, Maria E. born 7/25/? died 12/31/1910 Notes: born at Ireland age 45y, married, daughter of James Mulray and Anne Ruane both born Ireland, paid by Martin Carroll McCarthy Funeral Home

Carroll, Opal E. born 5/19/1901 died 10/14/1974 (Sharon McCurry)

Carroll, Thomas E. born 12/5/1902 died 6/12/1979 (Sharon McCurry)

Carrothers, Bryan born 1897 died 1900 Notes: Son of John Carrothers and Ida O'Brien (Margie)

Carsky, Joseph died 7/19/1906 (Floyd Kelling)

Carson, Charles L. born 1892 died 1976 (Floyd Kelling)

Carson, Marjorie E. born 1894 died 1963 (Floyd Kelling)

Carter, Andrew A. born 1897 died 1988 (Sharon McCurry)

Carter, Andrew A. born 1897 died 1988 Notes: WT US Navy WWI (Sharon McCurry)

Carter, Anna M. born 1899 died 1976 (Sharon McCurry)

Carter, Ella died 5/18/1909 Notes: age 50y, wife of William Carter, black McCarthy Funeral Home

Carter, Elza M., M.D. born 1875 died 1964 (Floyd Kelling)

Carter, Elza M., M.D. born 1875 died 1964 (Floyd Kelling)

Carter, George Neale born 9-14-1866 died 12-17-1892 Notes: born in Manchester, England (Floyd Kelling)

Carter, George Neale died (Floyd Kelling)

Carter, Jessie B. born 1884 died 1962 (Floyd Kelling)

Carter, Jessie B. born 1884 died 1962 (Floyd Kelling)

Carter, Thomas G. died 9/8/1931 (Floyd Kelling)

Cartwright, Emily R. born 1854 died 1934(Floyd Kelling)

Caruso, Catherine born 10-1898 died 5/9/1915 Notes: born at Italy age 17y, married, daughter of Giuseppe Mortillars and Vita Granete both born Italy McCarthy Funeral Home

Carver, Susan Leach born 3/29/1958 died 4/10/2000 (Sharon McCurry)

Cascio, Abenzio born no date died 3/22/1916 notes:age 26y (Karen Mitchell)

Cascio, infant born 5/31/1902 died 5/31/1902 Notes: born at Pueblo stillborn child of Leoni Cascio McCarthy Funeral Home

Cash, Theresa died 8-14-1899 Notes: age 1m 14d, daughter of Louis Cash McCarthy Funeral Home

Casias, Oliveras died 7/30/1911 Notes: age 35y, single McCarthy Funeral Home

Cass, James died 11/11/1911 Notes: age 7y McCarthy Funeral Home

Cassidy, infant daughter born 9/29/1910 died 9/29/1910 Notes: born at Pueblo daughter of Fred Cassidy born Pueblo and Lillian Maggie Bohlander born Pekin, Illinois, home made coffin McCarthy Funeral Home

Castellar, Henry died 1/12/1912 Notes: born at Germany age 54y, widowed, buried alongside wife, paid by Henry and Gus Castellar McCarthy Funeral Home

Castillo, Samuel Blanco born 7/19/1910 died 12/8/1910 Notes: born at Salida, Co. son of Samuel B. Castillo born Texas and Josephine Mondragon born Colorado McCarthy Funeral Home

Catalino, Salvatore died 10-13-1899 Notes: age 24y, informant Cologero Parlapiano McCarthy Funeral Home

Catalino, Stephen died 3/19/1901 Notes: age 2y 6m McCarthy Funeral Home

Catalinotta, Tony died 7/26/1912 Notes: born at Italy age 23y, single, son of Luca Corpia Catalinotta and Annie Schicle both born Italy, paid by Jack Provonzano McCarthy Funeral Home

Cate, J.A. born no dates died Notes: Lt Co B 11 ind Cav (Floyd Kelling)

Cater, Emer B. born 1892 died 1988 (Floyd Kelling)

Cater, Vera M. born 1909 died 2000 (Floyd Kelling)

Cates, Howard G. born 1888 died 1926 (Floyd Kelling)

Cates, Jennie born 1849 died 1940 (Floyd Kelling)

Cattanach, John William died 7/27/1909 Notes: age 4y 27d McCarthy Funeral Home

cave-in (Floyd Kelling)

Cavenaugh, Martin born 1-18-1862 died 3/6/1911 Notes: born at New York, Died at Red Cross Hospital, Salida, Co., son John Cavenaugh and Ann McDonald both born Ireland, M.J. McDougal attorney for estate, Mrs. Martin Cavanaugh, Iola, Kansas

Cebulski, Cypryan born 1843 died 1916 (Dennis Reed)

Cebulski, Elizabeth born 7-8-1896 died 8/3/1972 (Dennis Reed)

Cebulski, Hedwiga born 1855 died 1923 (Dennis Reed)

Cebulski, Jesse A. born no date died 1925 (Dennis Reed)

Cebulski, Stanley A. born 8-3-1890 died 3/26/1970 Notes: Colorado Pvt Co L 4 Infantry WWI (Dennis Reed)

Cellanto, Tuerino died 12/27/1900 Notes: age 12 days, son of Clementi Cellanto McCarthy Funeral Home

Cenerazzio, Attilio born 1883 died 1918 (Sharon McCurry)

Cenerazzio, Mary N. born 1893 died 1974 (Sharon McCurry)

Centa, Amelia born 1909 died 1990 (Sharon McCurry)

Centa, John P. born 1903 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Cercek, Michael born 1886 died 1908 (Floyd Kelling)

Cesar, Mary died 8/27/1908 Notes: age 10m 3d, daughter of Anton Cesar, Austrian McCarthy Funeral Home

Cevbak, Jaie died 11/1/1902 Notes: born at Pueblo age 6y, son of Jaie Cevbak and Carrie LaPomis both born Austria McCarthy Funeral Home

Chaffin, Hattie A. died 6/8/1902 Notes: age 7m, daughter of J.H. Chaffin McCarthy Funeral Home

Chalif, Dena born 1918 died 4-15-1967 Temple Emanuel

Chamberlain, Allen G.Jr. born 1930 died 1987 (Dennis Reed)

Chamberlain, Lenore Thatcher born 1903 died 1980 (Dennis Reed)

Chambers, Gertrude born 7-8-1878 died 12-5-1895 (Floyd Kelling)

Chamness, M.H. born no date died no date (Floyd Kelling)

Champion, Ida D. born 1863 died 1910(Floyd Kelling)

Champion, Ida D. died 11/3/1910 Notes: born at Germany age 47y, sold to J.W. Champion McCarthy Funeral Home

Champion, J.W. born 1845 died 1922(Floyd Kelling)

Champion, Joseph born 12-12-1823 died 8/7/1902(Floyd Kelling)

Champion, Joseph died 8/7/1902 Notes: age 78y 7m 25d, informant John W. Champion McCarthy Funeral Home

Chantala, Dorothy M. born 5/3/1925 died 7/21/2000 (Sharon McCurry)

Chantala, Frances M. born 1893 died 1982 (Sharon McCurry)

Chantala, Frank born 1890 died 1959 (Sharon McCurry)

Chantala, Louis J. born 7/22/1927 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Chapman, Myrl Edmund born 7/31/1930 died 8/22/1931 (Floyd Kelling)

Chappell, H. T. died Notes: Co E 2 US Colored Light Artillary

Charlo, Francisco born 1848 died 1921 (Sharon McCurry)

Chase, Otis W. born 1866 died 1927(Floyd Kelling)

Chaso, Frank died 12/6/1912 Notes: age 2y, son of Phillip Chaso both parents born Italy McCarthy Funeral Home

Chavez, Florico born 1829 died 7/16/1912 Notes: born at NM son of Jose Chavez and Ravenietta Cordova born NM, paid by James and Joseph Chavez McCarthy Funeral Home

Chavez, Pablo born 1-25-1836 died 12/12/1910 Notes: born at NM married, son of Frances Chavez, both parents born NM McCarthy Funeral Home

Chavez, Richard died Notes: see Rigardo Chavez McCarthy Funeral Home

Chavez, Rigardo died 9/5/1905 Notes: age 53y, married McCarthy Funeral Home

Chema, Nicholas died 9/16/1909 Notes: age 9m, son of Peter Chema born Austria McCarthy Funeral Home

Cherbac, Josephine born 3/18/1909 died 3/25/1909 Notes: born at Pueblo daughter of Joseph Cherbac born Austria McCarthy Funeral Home

Cherbak, Andrew Jr. died 12/29/1901 Notes: son of Andrew Cherbak Sr. McCarthy Funeral Home

Cherbak, Annie died 2/27/1901 Notes: age 3y 4m 25d, daughter of Joe Cherbak McCarthy Funeral Home

Cherbak, Irene born 10/27/1909 died 7/22/1910 Notes: born at Pueblo daughter of Andy Cherbak and Annie Kovalik both born Austria McCarthy Funeral Home

Cherbak, Rosa died 9/20/1902 Notes: daughter of Joseph Cherbak McCarthy Funeral Home

Cherbak, Stephen died 6-23-1899 Notes: age 1y 4m, son of Joseph Cherbak McCarthy Funeral Home

Cherbak, Stephen died 1/16/1902 Notes: age 11d, son of Joseph Cherbak McCarthy Funeral Home

Cherma, Joseph born 1/?/1911 died 5/24/1911 Notes: son of Peter Cherma and Mary Dulok both born Austria McCarthy Funeral Home

Chilton, Laura P. born 1/28/1900 died 12/14/1918 (Floyd Kelling)

Chimento, Francisco died 8/7/1904 age 17 buried 8/17/1904 location 57 156 5 West-Whiton Eden Train Wreck Victim

Chimento, Luciano died 7/10/1907 (Floyd Kelling)

Chocon, Gertrude died 6/23/1910 Notes: born at Rocky Ford, Co. age 7m, died at Fairmount Sanitarium (Hope Cottage), daughter of Benjamin Chocon born England and Alvia Garcia born Trinidad, Co. McCarthy Funeral Home

Chopper, Israel F. died 8/7/1904 age 49 buried 8/25/1904 location 13 657 2 West-Whiton Eden Train Wreck Victim

Chorak, Anthony J. born 1916 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Chorak, Dorothy N. born 1919 died no date (Karen Mitchell)

Chorak, Elsie M. born 1914 died 2003 (Sharon McCurry)

Chorak, Helen born 1918 died 1983 (Sharon McCurry)

Chorak, Helen L. born 1920 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Chorak, Joseph A. born 1918 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Chorak, Mark born 1914 died 1973 (Sharon McCurry)

Chorak, William J. born 1913 died 1970 (Floyd Kelling)

Christensen, Mizella died 10-26-1899 Notes: age 2y 9m 23d, grandfather J.W. Miller McCarthy Funeral Home

Chunn, Ruth born 12/6/1900 died 2/2/1904daughter of B.O.? & Alice Chunn (Floyd Kelling)

Church, Charles C. born 1898 died 1974 (Floyd Kelling)

Cid, Manuel born 1900 died 1976 (Sharon McCurry)

Cid, Minnie born 1910 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Cigale, Francisco died 8/31/1909 Notes: age 19y 11m 15d McCarthy Funeral Home

Cikarilla, Fritz died 5/28/1900 Notes: age 37y McCarthy Funeral Home

Cirbo, Albert A. born 1903 died 1965 (Floyd Kelling)

Cisero, Janacio died 6/12/1902 Notes: age 1y, son of Sam Cicero of Vineland, McCarthy Funeral Home

Cisero, Joe died 6/17/1901 Notes: age 2y, Son of Samuel Cisero McCarthy Funeral Home

Cisero, Rosalio died 5-31-1899 Notes: age 22y, wife of Lee Cisero McCarthy Funeral Home

Clark, Albert died 1/28/1911 Notes: age about 28y McCarthy Funeral Home

Clark, Alfred B. died 11/5/1909 Notes: age 73y McCarthy Funeral Home

Clark, Charles Rubin died 12/4/1902 Notes: age 3m 21d, son of James Clark McCarthy Funeral Home

Clark, Dorothy Jean born died Notes: infant (Sharon McCurry)

Clark, Dugald born 1891 died 1938(Floyd Kelling)

Clark, Edith L. born 1895 died 1983 (Sharon McCurry)

Clark, Elizabeth born 4-18-1863 died 10/5/1907(Floyd Kelling)

Clark, Elvina T. born 1903 died 1960 (Sharon McCurry)

Clark, George W. born 1893 died 1955 (Sharon McCurry)

Clark, Gertrude Lenore born 1895 died 1926 (Sharon McCurry)

Clark, James died 4/17/1923 Notes: twin to John(Floyd Kelling)

Clark, James died 8/1/1901 Notes: died at Pueblo Hospital, informant Pueblo County Welfare, McCarthy Funeral Home

Clark, John died 4/17/1923 Notes: twin to James(Floyd Kelling)

Clark, Joseph died 12-28-1898 Notes: age 34y McCarthy Funeral Home

Clark, Julia died 1/20/1911 Notes: born at Ireland age 48y McCarthy Funeral Home

Clark, Lena Louise born 1912 died 2002 (Jean Griesen)

Clark, Lester Melvin born 1912 died 1982 (Jean Griesen)

Clark, Lorene died 5-26-1899 Notes: age 72y 9m 14d, wife of Silas Clark McCarthy Funeral Home

Clark, Malcolm J. born 1900 died 1982 (Sharon McCurry)

Clark, Mamie Bartholomew born 1892 died 1971(Floyd Kelling)

Clark, Oscar born 1890 died 1969(Floyd Kelling)

Clark, Robert born 10-12-1858 died 5/31/1908(Floyd Kelling)

Clark, Ruth Bartholomew born 1892 died 1971(Floyd Kelling)

Clayton, Arthur C. born 1879 died 1921(Floyd Kelling)

Cleary, infant son born 9/30/1910 died 9/30/1910 Notes: born at Pueblo son of John and Virgie Cleary, both born Illinois McCarthy Funeral Home

Clemence, Susan died 11-24-1898 Notes: age 38y, single, brother Louis Clemence McCarthy Funeral Home

Clemens, John Jr. died 8/19/1910 Notes: age 11y 7m 9d, son of John and Barbara Culig Clemens McCarthy Funeral Home

Clementi, Nellie born 12/25/1910 died 4/19/1912 Notes: born at Pueblo daughter of Thomas Clementi, both parents born Italy McCarthy Funeral Home

Clementi, Sheryle Marie born 10/13/1946 died 10/19/1946(Floyd Kelling)

Clifford, James Patrick born 8/13/1902 died 8/13/1902 Notes: born at Pueblo son of Daniel Clifford McCarthy Funeral Home

Clifford, Mary born 1880 died 1908 (Sharon McCurry)

Cloepfil, Mary A. born 1865 died 1952(Floyd Kelling)

Close, Charles Patrick born 3-19-1841 died 8/10/1911 Notes: born at Canada son of Patrick and Mary A. McMillan Close, both born Ireland McCarthy Funeral Home

Cloud, Samuel DeWitt born 3-31-1857 died 6/2/1910 Notes: Son of Samuel P. and Jane E. Eggleslost Cloud, f born Tenn., m born Hartford, Ct. McCarthy Funeral Home

Clutter, Loren C. born 1918 died 1923(Floyd Kelling)

Coat, Albert died 12/2/1902 Notes: age 26y McCarthy Funeral Home

Cochran, Charlie Price born 1886 died 1978 (Sharon McCurry)

Cochran, Ernest L. born 1904 died 1958 (Sharon McCurry)

Cochran, Pearl L. born 1905 died 1993 (Sharon McCurry)

Cochran, William Edwin born 1883 died 1962 (Sharon McCurry)

Coday, Edward J. born 1896 died 1960 (Sharon McCurry)

Coday, Grace S. born 1878 died 1964 (Sharon McCurry)

Coday, William A. born 1909 died 1930 (Sharon McCurry)

Coday, William A. Sr. born 1876 died 1951 (Sharon McCurry)

Coghill, Ella born 7-22-1854 died 11/27/1910 Notes: born at Illinois Daughter of William Brown born in Illinois McCarthy Funeral Home

Cohn, Harry Louis born 1901 died 11-22-1973 Temple Emanuel (Floyd Kelling)

Cole, Ada Maud Vanables died 1/9/1901 Notes: age 26y 4m 13d, wife of A.W. Cole McCarthy Funeral Home

Cole, G. Hattie born 1896 died 1918 (Floyd Kelling)

Colletti, Marguerita died 4/14/1911 Notes: age 14m, daughter of Sylvester Colletti, both parents born Italy McCarthy Funeral Home

Colletti, Mary died 8/13/1902 Notes: child, daughter of Sylvester Colletti McCarthy Funeral Home

Colletti, Rose Parlapiano born 1897 died 1922 (Sharon McCurry)

Colletti, Stephano died 6/9/1901 Notes: son of Joseph Colletti McCarthy Funeral Home

Colletti, Vincenzo died 3/29/1912 Notes: born at Vineland age 1y, Son of Joseph and Antoninio Genova Colletti, both born Italy McCarthy Funeral Home

Collie, Dale E. born 1923 died no date (Floyd Kelling)

Collie, Rose J. born 1917 died no date (Floyd Kelling)

Cols, Samuel died 2/6/1902 Notes: age 44y, died at Cripple Creek McCarthy Funeral Home

Colsada, Senobia born 3/11/1912 died 3/12/1912 Notes: born at Pueblo Daughter of Senobio Colsada born N.M. and Carmelita Lynch born Grey Creek, Co. McCarthy Funeral Home

Combs, Margaret died 1/8/1912 Notes: born at Pa. age about 40y, Wired: Wilson Hershey at 1328 Nowater St. Wichita and David Hershey, Karthus, Clearfield Co., Pa. no reply McCarthy Funeral Home

Comerford, James born 1851 died 1889 (Sharon McCurry)

Comerford, Mary born 1850 died 1923 (Sharon McCurry)

Comerford, Patrick born 1862 died 1942 (Sharon McCurry)

Comerford, Thomas born 1863 died 1933 (Sharon McCurry)

Compt, M. Carry died 7/16/1902 Notes: age 1m 27d, son of Byron L.E. Compt McCarthy Funeral Home

Compton, Anna C. born 1873 died 1952(Floyd Kelling)

Compton, Edna Mildred born 3/16/1902 died no date Notes: buried 10-6-1907, daughter of G.W. & Anna Compton(Floyd Kelling)

Compton, George W. born 1867 died 1934(Floyd Kelling)

Conde, infant born 10/21/1912 died 10/21/1912 Notes: born at Pueblo son of Venerando and Vinita Codaniz Conde McCarthy Funeral Home

Conde, Vernerando born 6/23/1910 died 6/23/1910 Notes: born at Pueblo son of Venerando and Venet Cardaris Conde both born Spain McCarthy Funeral Home

Conkle, J.S. died 2/11/1901 Notes: age 37y 6m 5d, husband of Mrs. J.S. Conkle McCarthy Funeral Home

Conklin, Ethel W. born 1903 died 1918 (Floyd Kelling)

Connelly, Susan May born 4/11/? died 8/19/1910 Notes: born at Pueblo age 19y4m, daughter of J.C. born Ireland and Mary Judge born N.M. McCarthy Funeral Home

Connelly, W.B. born 10-?-1916 died 1-?-1917 (Floyd Kelling)

Conner, John born 1867 died 1935 (Sharon McCurry)

Conner, Mary born 1876 died 1961 (Sharon McCurry)

Conner, Mary A. born 1841 died 5/28/1912 Notes: born at Ireland widow of Miles Conner, daughter of James McCreary and ? Lee, both born Ireland McCarthy Funeral Home

Connor, Morris died 12/25/1910 Notes: age about 75y McCarthy Funeral Home

Contesotto, Albino born 7/13/1911 died 3/1/1912 Notes: born at Italy Son of Louis and Amalia Pivota Contesotto, both born Italy McCarthy Funeral Home

Convey, Mary M. born 1864 died 1952 (Sharon McCurry)

Coogle, Bernice H. died 2/7/1902 Notes: age 16y 9m 19d McCarthy Funeral Home

Cook, Ernest E. born 5-1-1858 died 7/27/1910 Notes: born at Michigan died at Morenci, Az., son of Henry Cook and Elizabeth Howe Cook, m born NY McCarthy Funeral Home

Cook, Genevieve E. born 4-24-1876 died 8/2/1913 Notes: born at Ky. wife of Frank E. Cook, he moved to Portsmouth, Ohio, daughter of Isaac Middleton and Mary Sparks Middleton both born Ky. McCarthy Funeral Home

Cook, Kezia C. born 5-14-1838 died 6/13/1905(Floyd Kelling)

Cook, Kezia C.(Floyd Kelling)

Cook, Laura M. born 12-20-1860 died 1/2/1912 Notes: born at Missouri widow, daughter of Samuel Bunce born Ohio and Mary Sanford Bunce born NY McCarthy Funeral Home

Cook, Octavia L. born 1894 died 1982 (Floyd Kelling)

Cool, Christine A. born 1915 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Cool, Dennis D. born 1/8/1946 died 11/16/2002 (Sharon McCurry)

Cool, Dwight B. born 1915 died 1985 (Sharon McCurry)

Cool, Hattie C. born no date died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Cool, William Dent born no date died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Cooley, Leon D. born 1922 died 1997 Notes: married 6-5-1948 (Sharon McCurry)

Cooley, Shirley J. born 1929 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Coon, Florence died 2/2/1901 Notes: age 7y 10m 7d, daughter of Mrs. Henry Coon McCarthy Funeral Home

Cooper, Abbie C. born 1909 died 1983 (Floyd Kelling)

Cooper, Charles R. born 3-6-1861 died 2/26/1903 (Floyd Kelling)

Cooper, Darnell A. died 1/21/1907 Notes: born at Pueblo Son of John Cooper McCarthy Funeral Home

Cooper, Edward E. born 1906 died 1976 (Floyd Kelling)

Cooper, H. Wayne born 1905 died 1961 (Floyd Kelling)

Cooper, Herman Wayne Jr. born 9/9/1931 died 2/24/1987 Notes: US Air Force (Floyd Kelling)

Cooper, Luther C. born 10-20-1856 died 1-14-1897 (Floyd Kelling)

Cooper, Luther C. died (Floyd Kelling)

Cooper, Marion D. born 1/4/1900 died 6/29/1900 (Floyd Kelling)

Cooper, Marion Dell died 6/29/1900 Notes: age 5m 25d, male McCarthy Funeral Home

Cooper, Mary F. born 1909 died 2007 (Floyd Kelling)

Coote, Charles C. born 6-4-1867 died 11/7/1904 (Floyd Kelling)

Coote, Lillie C. born 3-9-? died 11-22-? (Floyd Kelling)

Cope, Ruben H. born 10-30-1882 died 1/9/1907 (Floyd Kelling)

Copperhaffer, Wendell P. died 4/9/1902 Notes: age 28y 3m, Son of Nathan and Sarah W. McCarthy Funeral Home

Corbett, Mary Margaret born 5-10-1872 died 10/12/1912 Notes: born at Pueblo daughter of Henry Rupps, both parents born Germany McCarthy Funeral Home

Corbin, Mary Caroline born 4-13-1845 died 5/14/1911 Notes: born at Boston, Ma. widow, Daughter of ? Houghton born England and Clara Darling born Boston, Ma. McCarthy Funeral Home

Corcoran, Patrick died 2/14/1902 Notes: age 50y McCarthy Funeral Home

Cordaro, Frank born 2/14/1913 died 5/6/1922 (Sharon McCurry)

Cordova, Lucy died 6/2/1902 Notes: age 22y 9m 4d McCarthy Funeral Home

Corip, Charles born 4/10/1905 died 4/25/1911 Notes: born at Pueblo Son of Charles Corip born Missouri and Daisy J. Davenport Corip born Co. McCarthy Funeral Home

Cornell, Susan Holmes born 8/3/1915 died 5/14/1992 (Floyd Kelling)

Cornwell, Theo Elizabeth born 3-13-1894 died 1/8/1911 Notes: born at Salida, Co. single, daughter of L.F. Cornwall born North Milton, NY and Hattie S. Wright Cornwall born Oil City, Pa. McCarthy Funeral Home

Corriveau, Cecile M. born 1922 died 1992 (Floyd Kelling)

Corriveau, Joseph P. born 1914 died 1990 (Floyd Kelling)

Corsi, Agnes M. born 8/29/1918 died 9/3/1976 (Sharon McCurry)

Corsi, Gene L. born 9/17/1915 died 3/15/1986 (Sharon McCurry)

Cortes, Alejandra Marcial born 1881 died 1926 Notes: born Susticacan, Zacatecas, Mexico (Sharon McCurry)

Cortese Monument Notes: Sylvester & Tina married 6-12-1927 (Sharon McCurry)

Cortese, Annie born 1888 died 1904 (Floyd Kelling)

Cortese, Antonio died 5-17-1899 Notes: age 47y, brother-in-law John Dazzio, killed by falling rock McCarthy Funeral Home

Cortese, Elizabeth born 1914 died 1978 (Sharon McCurry)

Cortese, Sam born 1912 died 2003 (Sharon McCurry)

Cortese, Sarah born no date died 1931 Notes: 4 mo. old, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. S. Cortese (Sharon McCurry)

Cortese, Sylvester born 1901 died 1978 (Sharon McCurry)

Cortese, Tina born 1908 died 1981 (Sharon McCurry)

Cortisi, Salvatora born 10/20/1909 died 4/20/1911 Notes: born at Pueblo child of Anton and Antonia Cortisi both born Italy McCarthy Funeral Home

Cossallo, Mollie died 3/24/1912 Notes: born at Austria age 40y, both parents born Austria, died at the rear of Louis Russo saloon McCarthy Funeral Home

Costello, Mary Ann born 8-1860 died 5/16/1912 Notes: born at Ireland widow, Daughter of James and Anna Walsh Pendergast, both born Ireland McCarthy Funeral Home

Costello, Michael J. died 1/13/1911 Notes: born at Ireland age 59, died at Los Angeles, Ca., died while on a visit McCarthy Funeral Home

Cotter, infant born 8/22/1901 died 8/22/1901 Notes: born at Pueblo lived 11 minutes, child of Charles F. Cotter McCarthy Funeral Home

Cottingham, June M. born 1933 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Cottingham, Weldon F. born 1927 died 1993 (Sharon McCurry)

Cough, Isaac died Notes: Co E 2 Arkansas Infantry

Coulter, Fred H. Jr. born 8-4-1898 died 8-4-1898 Notes: born at Pueblo Son of Fred H. Coulter Sr., handmade coffin McCarthy Funeral Home

Coulter, Mrs. Fred died 8-5-1898 Notes: age 28y, wife of Fred H. Coulter McCarthy Funeral Home

Courney, Claude E. born 5-27-1889 died 1/11/1982 (Sharon McCurry)

Courney, Katherine L. born 5-9-1892 died 11/26/1965 (Sharon McCurry)

Courtney, infant born 12/4/1910 died 12/4/1910 Notes: born at Pueblo age 2 hours, child of Pierce Courtney and Hazel Tennant Courtney both born Pa. McCarthy Funeral Home

Covert, Horace H. born 8-26-1851 died 4/26/1907(Floyd Kelling)

Cowden, Bobby E. born no date died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Cowden, Sally J. born no date died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Cowen, David Robert born no date died 1946 (Sharon McCurry)

Cowles, Eliza J. born 1831 died 1910 (Sharon McCurry)

Cowles, Eliza J. born 6-29-1831 died 12/9/1910 Notes: born at England widow, daughter of John Wilcox, both parents born England McCarthy Funeral Home

Cowles, Helen M. born 1875 died 1910 (Sharon McCurry)

Cowles, Helen M. born 10-27-1875 died 12/23/1910 Notes: born at Golden, Co. single, daughter of Ezra L. Cowles born Conn. And Eliza J. Wilcox Cowles born England McCarthy Funeral Home

Cowles, Robert born 1863 died 1918 (Sharon McCurry)

Cowley, Adelaide Elizabeth died 4/5/1901 Notes: age 4y 6m 5d, daughter of William H. Cowley McCarthy Funeral Home

Cowley, Adelaide F. born 7-29-1896 died 4/5/1901 Notes: daughter of W.H. & A.M Cowley (Floyd Kelling)

Cowperthwaite, C.D. born no date died no date Notes: (Cora buried 12-8-1916 age 43y) (Floyd Kelling)

Cowperthwaite, E. born no date died no date (Floyd Kelling)

Cowperthwaite, E.E. born no date died no date (Floyd Kelling)

Cowperthwaite, L. born no date died no date (Floyd Kelling)

Cowperthwaite, Lehman born 9-9-1826 died 2-15-1878 (Floyd Kelling)

Cowperthwaite, Lehman(Floyd Kelling)

Cox, David Jesse Burdge Funeral Home Records, Glenwood Springs, Colorado Cox, David Jesse (book 4, page 182), residence: Pueblo, Colorado. Charged to Elizabeth Cox, Pueblo, Colorado. Order given by State Compensation. Death: April 1, 1938, Born: Dec. 17, 1871, aged 66 years, 4 months, 16 days. Services at Pueblo, Colorado.

Cox, Edward E. born 1884 died 1961 (Floyd Kelling)

Cox, Edward E. born 1884 died 1961(Floyd Kelling)

Cox, Edward E. born 1884 died 1961 (Floyd Kelling)

Cox, Frederica E. born 1882 died 1961 (Floyd Kelling)

Cox, Frederica E. born 1882 died 1961(Floyd Kelling)

Cox, Frederica E. born 1882 died 1961 (Floyd Kelling)

Coy, Alexander R. born no date died 4/30/1916 (Floyd Kelling)

Cozzatto, John born 11-19-1819 died 4/9/1912 Notes: single, son of Michael and Rosa Vetira Cozzatto both born Italy McCarthy Funeral Home

Cpwen, Joseph S. born 12/14/1931 died 3/14/1983 Notes: A1C US Air Force Korea (Sharon McCurry)

Craddock, Marion C. born 3-17-1838 died 11/18/1912 Notes: born at Louisville, Ky. widow, daughter of Christian Corel born Philadelphia and Mary A. Moore born Louisville, Ky. McCarthy Funeral Home

Craig Hunsaker Monument died (Floyd Kelling)

Craig, Brant E. born no date died 4/30/1966 (Sharon McCurry)

Craig, Minnie Burton died 2/4/1900 Notes: age 9d, daughter of James H. Craig McCarthy Funeral Home

Craig, Willard born 12-27-1849 died 7/15/1907 (Floyd Kelling)

Crater, Mary J. born 8-1-1856 died Notes: born at Indiana died about 7-22-1912, married, daughter of Jeremiah Hogan and Elizabeth Powell Hogan both born Ireland McCarthy Funeral Home

Crawford, Mildred Ione born 1889 died 1892(Floyd Kelling)

Crenshaw, J. Roy born 7/17/? died 7/11/1911 Notes: born at Missouri age 32y, died at West Dome Mines, Porcupine, Ontario, single son of J.H Crenshaw and Harriett Edger, both born Illinois McCarthy Funeral Home

Crews Monument (Floyd Kelling)

Crews, Charles W. born 1862 died 1923 (Floyd Kelling)

Crews, Kate D. born 1862 died 1954 (Floyd Kelling)

Crews, Leida born 1854 died 1902 (Floyd Kelling)

Cristelli, Frank Mauro born 1915 died 1921 (Sharon McCurry)

Cristiano, Catherine Z. born 1886 died 1955 (Sharon McCurry)

Cristiano, Frank born 1911 died 2002 (Sharon McCurry)

Cristiano, Frank Sr. born 1879 died 1942 (Sharon McCurry)

Cristiano, Jeanne born 1917 died no date (Sharon McCurry)

Cristiano-Marion, Victoria A born 1907 died 2000 (Sharon McCurry)

Cristiano-Marion, Vincent T. born 1918 died 1995 (Sharon McCurry)

Crockett, Jane died 8/3/1918 Notes: born at Ky. age 53y, colored, married McCarthy Funeral Home

Croft, Lander died 6/23/1910 Notes: born at Georgia age 32y, both parents born Ga., sold to his friends Mr. and Mrs. Theo Practrof McCarthy Funeral Home

Crone, Mary V. died 3/14/1900 Notes: age 41y 1d, married, informants Mrs. Barbur and Mrs. Mary V. Crone McCarthy Funeral Home

Crook, James died 12/17/1910 Notes: born at Illinois age 65y, single, paid by C.A. Crooks, Paysin, Ill. McCarthy Funeral Home

Crooks, Charles L. born 1868 died 1954 (Sharon McCurry)

Crooks, Isabella born 1882 died 1960 (Sharon McCurry)

Croovers, Edward died 7/15/1902 Notes: age 52y, informant Mrs. M.E. Young McCarthy Funeral Home

Crossley, R. T. died Notes: Co F 10 Wisconsin Infantry

Croswhite, Pearl C. born 1878 died 1970 (Floyd Kelling)

Crow, Wade Lawrence died 5/14/1902 Notes: age 25y, accident, son of John H. Crow, McCarthy Funeral Home

Crowley, Edward died 5/26/1900 Notes: married age 45y 3m 22d, informant wife of J.F. Skrivars McCarthy Funeral Home

Crowley, Francis Joseph died 5-31-1899 Notes: age 2m, son of James Crowley McCarthy Funeral Home

Cruncleton, Irene born 1896 died 1975 (Floyd Kelling)

Cruncleton, Roy P. born 1887 died 1971 (Floyd Kelling)

Cucchiara, Aghita born 3/2/1906 died 3/4/1910 Notes: born at Louisiana daughter of Salvatore and Rosalia, both born Italy McCarthy Funeral Home

Culbertson, Lulu L. born 2-21-1883 died 1/13/1908 Notes: Wife of Perry A. (Sharon McCurry)

Culbertson, William N. born 2-2-1849 died 10/21/1911 Notes: Woodmen (Sharon McCurry)

Culbertson, William Newton born 2-2-1849 died 10/21/1911 Notes: born in Ohio, married, son of William B. Culbertsonand Sarah Jewel, both born in Ohio, informant Perry R. Culbertson.

Culig, Adam died 9/15/1900 Notes: born at Pueblo, age 9m 12d, son of Joseph Culig, McCarthy Funeral Home

Culig, Emil died 8-3-1899 Notes: born at Pueblo, age 1y 1m 24d, son of Joseph Culig, McCarthy Funeral Home

Culig, infant born 7/9/1901 died 7/9/1901 Notes: born at Pueblo, child of Joseph Culig, McCarthy Funeral Home

Cullen, Richard J. born 5/18/1918 died 2/10/1991 Notes: Sgt US Army WWII (Sharon McCurry)

Cullings Monument born died (Sharon McCurry)

Cullings, Albert Louis born 1863 died 1927 (Sharon McCurry)

Cullings, Amanda Maria born 1836 died 1908 (Sharon McCurry)

Cullings, Andrew born 1818 died 1894 (Sharon McCurry)

Cullings, Jay born 1865 died 1902 (Sharon McCurry)

Cullings, Kenneth Lee born 1901 died 1903 (Sharon McCurry)

Cullings, Mary Dora born 1859 died 1916 (Sharon McCurry)

Cullings, Ruby H. born 1878 died 1964 (Sharon McCurry)

Cunning, Ambros F. born 1866 died 1901 Notes: Ambrose F. Cunnings, died 7-12-1901, age 34y 9m, husband of Ora F. Cummings, McCarthy Funeral Home (Floyd Kelling)

Cunning, baby boy born 8/18/1897 died 8/26/1987 (Floyd Kelling)

Cunning, Ora M. born 1874 died 1954 (Floyd Kelling)

Cureton, Infant son born 9/8/1911 died 11/2/1911 Notes: Born at Blunt Ranch, died near Vineland, son of Allen B. Cureton born in Ohio, and Lottie Smith, born Kansas, McCarthy Funeral Home.

Curless, Grant R. born 1905 died 1981 (Sharon McCurry)

Curless, Rachel K. born 1906 died 1976 (Sharon McCurry)

Curran, Clara B. born 1876 died 1963 (Floyd Kelling)

Curran, Herbert T. died 1904 (Floyd Kelling)

Curran, Mary E. born 1892 died 1951 (Sharon McCurry)

Curran, Samuel A. born 1871 died 1950 (Floyd Kelling)

Curran, Samuel A. Jr. died 1902 Notes: died 5-31-1902, son of Samuel A. Curran Sr., age 5m 15d, buried in Mr. Glasgyer's lot, McCarthy Funeral Home (Floyd Kelling)

Curran, Thomas J. born 1887 died 1944 (Sharon McCurry)

Curren, Mary died 7/31/1900 Notes: age 82y, no friends, no relatives, buried by McCarthy Funeral Home

Curtis, Fred H. born 1860 died 1930 (Floyd Kelling)

Curtis, Fred H. Jr. born ? died ? Notes: buried 5-24-1932 age 17y (Floyd Kelling)

Curtis, Oliver T. Humphrey Mortuary Records, Alamosa, Colorado Oliver T. Curtis, died on August 21, 1942; residence 503 State Ave.; male, white, married to Flora Curtis; born on August 13, 1858 in Oregon, Missouri; died at age 84 years, 8 days; hotel owner; Father: J. S. Curtis, born in Virginia; Mother: Lanor Irwin, born in Indiana; Informant: Flora Curtis, Alamosa; attending physician: Dr. C. A. Davlin; buried in Roselawn Cemetery, Pueblo, Colorado; Wife: Flora Curtis; Sons: Herb Curtis, Spencer Curtis; Grandsons: Oliver, Walt.

Cury, John died 2/12/1902 Notes: age 30 y, informant Pueblo county McCarthy Funeral Home

Custer, Thomas M. born 4-16-1840 died 6-4-1896 (Floyd Kelling)

Custer, Thomas M. died (Floyd Kelling)

Cuthbertson, Alexander S. born 1857 died 1942(Floyd Kelling)

Cuthbertson, Ida May born 1869 died 1955(Floyd Kelling)

Cuthbertson, Lulu L. born 1889 died 1965(Floyd Kelling)

Cutter, Carl Kerk died 2/27/1911 Notes: age 62y, born in Vermont, son of W.E. Cutter, McCarthy Funeral Home

Cvanigo, Theresa born 1876 died 12/6/1902 Notes: born in Austria, daughter of John Mikalich born in Austria, half paid by Alter Society of St. Anthony Church rest by John Cvanigo, Ramah, Co. and Mrs. Mark Rehar, McCarthy Funeral Home

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