Huerfano County, Colorado
1918 Draft Registration Index

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NameDate of birthBirthplaceRace
Pacarich, Louis 25 Dec 1882White
Pacheco, Abaristo 3 Nov 1891Colorado Caucasian
Pacheco, Abram 9 Dec 1879White
Pacheco, Antonio Laurino13 Jun 1876White
Pacheco, Armenio 5 Nov 1887Colorado Mexican
Pacheco, Daniel 28 Aug 1897White
Pacheco, Francisco 3 Dec 1888MexicoCaucasian
Pacheco, Frank 21 Nov 1880White
Pacheco, Jake 13-Feb-00White
Pacheco, Joe Louis17 Aug 1885Colorado Caucasian
Pacheco, Joe M18 Apr 1888Colorado Caucasian
Pacheco, Joe Ramon25 Oct 1879White
Pacheco, Jose Laerus17 Sep 1889New MexicoCaucasian
Pacheco, Jose Moises15 Feb 1882White
Pacheco, Jose Teodoro9 Nov 1873White
Pacheco, Juan 20 Mar 1882White
Pacheco, Moses 29 Mar 1888ColoradoCaucasian
Pacheco, Onesimo 30 Nov 1891ColoradoCaucasian
Pacheco, Onesimo Apr 1895Colorado Caucasian
Pacheco, Pablo 2-Mar-00White
Pacheco, Perfirio 18-Jan-00White
Pacheco, Pete 7 Aug 1885White
Pacheco, Sacarias 23 May 1895Colorado Mexican
Pacheco, Severo 25 Sep 1882White
Pacheco, Theodore 22 Oct 1895Colorado Caucasian
Pacheff, George 27 Sep 1881White
Pacheff, Mike 10 Aug 1894BulgariaCaucasian
Pacheo, Samuel 25 Jan 1882White
Packard, Charles Clyde14 Jul 1881White
Packard, George Addison24 Jul 1873White
Padia, Facundo 11-Nov-00White
Padia, Frank 19 Sep 1898White
Padia, Gravial 2 May 1898White
Padia, Masedonia S12 Mar 1886New Mexico Caucasian
Padia, Pedro F D23 Feb 1891New MexicoMexican
Padilla, Alfonso 31 Oct 1897White
Padilla, Antonio Lino10 Jan 1884White
Padilla, Ben 25 Jul 1888Colorado Caucasian
Padilla, Cristobal 11 Jan 1891Colorado Caucasian
Padilla, Dolores 15 Mar 1885White
Padilla, Estamlado 7 May 1888Colorado Caucasian
Padilla, Federico 30 Apr 1891Colorado Caucasian
Padilla, Jose Maria8 Sep 1879White
Padilla, Maxamiliano 24 May 1879White
Padilla, Pedro 7 May 1894Colorado Caucasian
Padilla, Pedro 1888Colorado Caucasian
Padilla, Salamon 12 May 1884White
Padilla, Seferino 15 Feb 1883White
Padilla, Tobias 12 Apr 1892Colorado Caucasian
Pagano, Samnie 2 Feb 1884White
Page, Eugene 9 Oct 1897Black
Pagnota, Ralph 12 Jul 1888ItalyCaucasian
Pagon, Laurenz 10 Aug 1879White
Pagonis, Nie 15 Feb 1896GreeceCaucasian
Pajk, Frank 11 Dec 1880White
Palamino, Jose 17 Aug 1893MexicoCaucasian
Paleo, Delfino 25 Dec 1892MexicoCaucasian
Paletti, Paul 13 Dec 1879White
Palfi, George 6 Jan 1880White
Palisano, Giorlando 27 Jan 1879White
Palisano, Joe 14 Feb 1874White
Pallis, Mike 14 Sep 1888GreeceCaucasian
Palmer, Russell 28 Jun 1895Iowa Black
Palmer, Webster Wilbert Albert28 Sep 1898Black
Palowski, Adolph 2 Dec 1874White
Palowski, Alois 14-Jun-00White
Panak, Joe 8 Dec 1895Pennsylvania Caucasian
Panamos, Pete 24 Dec 1886GreeceCaucasian
Pando, Jose Roman27 Nov 1890Colorado Caucasian
Pando, Victor 20 Feb 1898White
Panon, Frank 16 Oct 1888AustriaCaucasian
Panucci, Frank Pasquale14 Oct 1887ItalyCaucasian
Papadakes, Constantinos 6 Apr 1892GreeceCaucasian
Pappagioriacopoulos, George AndrewWhite
Pappakotas, Sam Sep 1890GreeceCaucasian
Pappas, Bill Mar 1886White
Pappas, Mike 10 Jun 1894GreeceCaucasian
Pappas, Mike Sep 1890GreeceWhite
Pappas, Nick Feb 1892GreeceCaucasian
Paris, Cristos Dimitrios20 Jul 1877White
Paris, John 27 Jul 1893SicilyCaucasian
Parise, Frank 18 Jun 1888Colorado Caucasian
Parker, Sidney Edward10 Feb 1891New Mexico Caucasian
Parra, Rito 18 Sep 1896White
Parras, Hignio 2 Jan 1886White
Parry, Arthur 29 Mar 1874White
Parsons, John Andrew24 Oct 1889Colorado Caucasian
Pascoe, Ben 6 Feb 1883White
Pastoria, Batista 7 Jul 1877White
Patarini, Antonio Valentine13 Jun 1884White
Patterson, Isaac Carl24 Aug 1882White
Patterson, Joseph Hunter15 Mar 1888Colorado Caucasian
Patterson, Josh Newton16 Aug 1884White
Patterson, Nat Samuel29 Oct 1877White
Patterson, Russell 25 Sep 1894Texas Caucasian
Patyralski, Joseph 27 Apr 1894Colorado Caucasian
Paulovsky, Nicolas 15 Jun 1873White
Pavell, William 21 Sep 1879White
Pavlovich, Samuel 1 Mar 1888SerbiaCaucasian
Payne, Earnest Lee28 Jun 1893Colorado White
Payntor, Robert Thomas11 Jan 1876White
Paz, Lauro 26 Feb 1895MexicoCaucasian
Pazar, John 15 Nov 1876White
Pchk, Frank 9 Apr 1876White
Pedrini, James 25 Jul 1874White
Pelant, James Winfrey6 May 1891Tennessee Caucasian
Pellonice, Frank 28 Oct 1890ItalyCaucasian
Pelmer, Thomas 25 Aug 1885White
Pena, Ramon 20 Mar 1887New Mexico Caucasian
Pendergraft, Grover Cleveland22 Jun 1889KentuckyCaucasian
Pendrak, Paul 25 Mar 1879White
Pene, John Robbert7 May 1894Colorado Caucasian
Pene, Mike Mark20 May 1899White
Pene, Tony Frank9 Nov 1896Colorado
Penn, Charles Marshall27 Jun 1898White
Penn, Earnest Reason27 Mar 1875White
Penn, William Finney2 Oct 1895Iowa White
Peralta, Bisinte White
Peralta, Francisco
Peralta, Jose SolomonWhite
Perdue, Marvin Franklin25 Oct 1893Missouri Caucasian
Perez, Felipe 25 May 1897White
Perez, Francisco 16 Jul 1894White
Perez, Francisco 29 Jan 1896Mexico
Perez, Manuel 25 Dec 1882White
Perez, Miguel 29 Sep 1890MexicoCaucasian
Perez, Rafael 24 Oct 1879White
Perra, Santana 25 Jul 1887Colorado Caucasian
Perrino, Michael 15 Aug 1892Colorado Caucasian
Perrino, Mike Tomblin28 Oct 1898White
Petcher, Harry 23 Dec 1897White
Petcovich, Chris 17 Oct 1885White
Peterson, August Albin1 Mar 1898White
Petla, Jacob 10 Dec 1877White
Petrash, John 29 Oct 1882White
Petrecich, Eli 1881White
Petroff, Chris 22 Aug 1882White
Petrucha, John 21 Nov 1884White
Pfoffenhensen, Michael 31 May 1876White
Philipps, David 4 Dec 1877White
Phillip, Steve
Phillipps, Thomas Garland17 Nov 1891Georgia Caucasian
Phillips, Anton 1 Nov 1894AustriaCaucasian
Phillips, James Harry26 Jun 1874White
Phillips, Joe 23 Aug 1890AustriaCaucasian
Phillips, Robert Oliver6 Mar 1897ColoradoCaucasian
Phillips, Steve 13 Jun 1880White
Phillips, William Pless8 Dec 1879White
Philpot, Claud 9 Sep 1894Virginia White
Phipps, Charles Houston14 Sep 1892Missouri Caucasian
Phipps, George Jr.27 Sep 1889ColoradoCaucasian
Phipps, James 26 Jun 1885White
Picillo, Tony 25 Apr 1884White
Pickens, Andrew McNamarra6 Sep 1877White
Pickens, Cary Burk16 Dec 1888IowaCaucasian
Pickens, Charles 31 Mar 1880White
Pickens, George T26 Nov 1890Colorado American
Pickens, John Joseph10 Feb 1875White
Pickens, Percy Ralph17 May 1899White
Pickens, William 17 Jul 1897Colorado
Piec, John 31 Jan 1880White
Piefutti, Pietro 21 Sep 1887ItalyCaucasian
Pierce, Harold 22 Jan 1895Kansas Caucasian
Pierce, Stanley Charley11 Jan 1878Black
Pierson, Charles Oscar12 Oct 1891Colorado Caucasian
Pierson, William Albert15 Apr 1898White
Piffer, Dan 14 Jun 1878White
Pilia, Joe 22 Jan 1888ItalyCaucasian
Pilipovich, Joe 21 Feb 1894Bosnia and Herzegovina AustriaCaucasian
Pilligrino, Bassi 24 May 1884White
Piloski, Bruno 5 Dec 1887White
Pimento, Mike 29 Sep 1885White
Pineda, Amarante 15 Feb 1877White
Pineda, Jose Adolfo29 Aug 1883White
Pineda, Jose Alfonso29 Aug 1898White
Pineda, Jose Domeiano19 Jan 1890Colorado Caucasian
Pineda, Jose Vitor4 Jun 1880White
Pineda, Patricio 11 Mar 1894Colorado Caucasian
Pineda, Premetuho 18 Nov 1895ColoradoCaucasian
Pineda, Samuel 1 Mar 1894Colorado Caucasian
Pino, Alex 6 Apr 1886White
Pino, Antonio SimonJan-00White
Pino, Candido 1890New MexicoCaucasian
Pino, Felix 15 Aug 1894Colorado Caucasian
Pino, Guadalupe 12 Dec 1899White
Pino, Miguel Antonio16 Dec 1875White
Pino, Plineo 20 Oct 1897White
Pino, Presentacion 21 Nov 1895Colorado Caucasian
Pino, Procopio 4 Jan 1882White
Pino, Soloman 23 Aug 1892Colorado Caucasian
Pino, Sotelo 12 Jan 1891Colorado Caucasian
Pino, Sotero 22 Apr 1898White
Pisorczyk, Albert 23 Apr 1874White
Platzek, Frank 2 Aug 1882White
Pleasants, George Emlin13 Jan 1880White
Pleones, John Nick15 May 1885White
Pllegrini, Nick Dominic7 Aug 1882White
Plplotis, Jim 26 Oct 1884White
Plummer, Robert Francis5 May 1882Black
Pogus, George 14 May 1876White
Polak, Frank 9 Sep 1879White
Poli, Alpheria 31 Mar 1875White
Poli, Leon 5 Sep 1892Illinois White
Polich, Frank 3 Dec 1878White
Polich, Gabriel 19 Mar 1889Croatia AustriaCaucasian
Pollino, Nick 23 Jan 1885White
Ponian, John Jan 1874White
Ponian, Tony Dec 1882White
Popovich, Mike 26 Aug 1877White
Popper, George 20 Sep 1883White
Portas, Joe 10 Dec 1887SpainCaucasian
Porter, Talmage 21 Feb 1893Illinois Caucasian
Pospis, John 23 Sep 1893Austria HungaryCaucasian
Postiglion, Thomas 16 Oct 1879White
Potralsky, Zigmont 24 Sep 1899White
Potts, Homer Oscar18 Aug 1881White
Powell, Charles Rutherford2 Oct 1876White
Powell, Frank Berger19 Dec 1878White
Prator, Charles 11 Nov 1882White
Prator, Walter Leonard14 Jun 1889Colorado Caucasian
Prator, William Arthur10 Sep 1881White
Pratt, Charles Oliver2 May 1896ColoradoCaucasian
Prazza, Rosalino 30 Aug 1882White
Predovich, Peter 29 Jun 1879White
Prewitt, Charles Richard11 Aug 1895West Virginia Caucasian
Price, Arthur 6 Jul 1890KentuckyBlack
Price, David 21 Nov 1891Colorado Caucasian
Price, Edward 22 Dec 1896Colorado
Price, John Clarence27 Apr 1873White
Price, Jonnie William15 Aug 1888Kentucky Black
Price, William 17 Aug 1889Ohio Caucasian
Pridemore, Charles McKinley18 Jun 1887TennesseeCaucasian
Pristove, Tony 27 Jan 1883White
Pritchard, George 22 May 1892Colorado Caucasian
Pritchard, James Garfield26 Feb 1876White
Proffitt, John David24 May 1889Colorado Caucasian
Proffitt, William Lee28 Apr 1886White
Prosser, Archie 5 Aug 1875Black
Prosser, Thomas 17 Feb 1880Black
Proud, John 2 May 1881White
Proud, Matthew 16 Jul 1883White
Prow, Mike 10 May 1892RussiaCaucasian
Pruner, Mahlon D27 May 1891NebraskaCaucasian
Pruner, Robert Q31 Oct 1896Kansas
Pudlik, Frank 14 Oct 1885White
Pudrga, Marko 1 Oct 1878White
Pugnetti, Angelo 3 Oct 1881White
Pugnetti, Bartolo 10 May 1877White
Pulvalich, George 6 May 1877White
Purainen, Matt 3 Nov 1886FinlandCaucasian
Pusek, Egnas 31 Jul 1881White
Pusuddu, Raemondo 2 Jan 1891ItalyCaucasian
Puzich, Nicholas 19 Jul 1877White
Pydock, George John Jr.15 Apr 1892Austria HungaryCaucasian

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