Huerfano County, Colorado
1918 Draft Registration Index

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NameDate of birthBirthplaceRace
Gable, Steven 20 Aug 1889HungaryCaucasian
Gacconi, Giovanni 17 Aug 1883White
Gaconi, Sisto 18 May 1897Italy
Gaetti, Angelo4-18-1874Lago, Montefiano, Italy
Gagliardi, Ralph 8 Sep 1892ItalyCaucasian
Galasini, Domnick 12 Jun 1893IllinoisCaucasian
Galassini, Domnick P 21 Apr 1878White
Galassini, Joseph D 8 Sep 1888IllinoisCaucasian
Galassini, Maril 10 Sep 1897White
Gale, Charles William 23-Jun-00White
Gale, Thomas Jr.11 Dec 1880White
Gale, Willian 27 Aug 1878White
Galera, Antonio 18 Mar 1891SpainCaucasian
Galissini, Battisti 4 Feb 1886White
Gallagas, Isabel 2 Jul 1899White
Gallardo, Antonio 14 Jul 1881White
Gallegos, Abel D Jesus28 Mar 1882White
Gallegos, Amadeo28 May 1894Aguilar, Co.
Gallegos, Andres 22 Mar 1895ColoradoCaucasian
Gallegos, Armenio 4-Aug-00White
Gallegos, David 16 Apr 1886White
Gallegos, Delfido 3 Aug 1899White
Gallegos, Delfino 15 May 1896New MexicoCaucasian
Gallegos, Emerenciano Mestes 13 Jan 1884White
Gallegos, Jacob 15 Nov 1895New MexicoCaucasian
Gallegos, Jose 7 Feb 1888New MexicoCaucasian
Gallegos, Jose Manuel 4 Jan 1892ColoradoCaucasian
Gallegos, Jose Refugio 6 Aug 1890ColoradoCaucasian
Gallegos, Julin 1 Jul 1885White
Gallegos, Leandro 16 Mar 1892New MexicoMexican
Gallegos, Luz 4-Sep-00White
Gallegos, Manuel 1874White
Gallegos, Melquiades 7 Dec 1880White
Gallegos, Moises 15 Dec 1877White
Gallegos, Nagill 14 Feb 1890ColoradoCaucasian
Gallegos, Paul 3 Jun 1884White
Gallegos, Refugio B 7 Aug 1891ColoradoCaucasian
Gallegos, Thomas 9 Oct 1888ColoradoCaucasian
Galli, Albert 13 May 1890ItalyCaucasian
Galli, Tiodoro 23 Jul 1880White
Gallina, Michele 9 Jan 1892ItalyCaucasian
Gallina, Onofre 1875White
Gallion, George Young 6 Feb 1890TennesseeCaucasian
Galope, Lorenzo 15 May 1874White
Galovich, Mile 8 Sep 1889AustriaCaucasian
Galvadon, Juan 1892ColoradoCaucasian
Galvan, Frank Nov 1894New MexicoCaucasian
Galvani, Frank 29 Mar 1895ItalyCaucasian
Galves, Anselmo 25 Jul 1887ColoradoCaucasian
Galves, Max 10 Oct 1880White
Galvez, Amarante17 Mar 1884White
Garbeso, Rufino 1896ColoradoSpanish;American
Garbiso, Anastacio 24 Jun 1891ColoradoCaucasian
Garbiso, Candido 3 Oct 1898White
Garbiso, Canuto 1894ColoradoCaucasian
Garbiso, Pete 11 Jan 1899White
Garbizo, Mike 5 Jan 1885White
Garcia, Albert 6-Oct-00White
Garcia, Banefesio Sam 17 Apr 1872Mexican
Gayhart, Martin John Jr.2 May 1881White
Gazzotti, Emio 24 Jun 1888ItalyCaucasian
Gebeniri, Primo 2 Jan 1883White
Gekis, Pete 1895GreeceCaucasian
Gellico, Dinigio 7 Jul 1885White
Gendettie, Corlo 2 Jan 1874White
Gent, Clarence Robert 9-Feb-00White
George, August 12 Mar 1877White
George, Gus 15 Mar 1889TurkeyCaucasian
George, Guy Vern 15 Mar 1899White
George, Norman 1882White
George, Samuel Curtis 17 Feb 1873White
George, Tony Aug 1881White
Georgoff, Louis 7 Mar 1886White
Gerandn, Josef 13 Feb 1876White
Gerasimenko, Petero 12 Jun 1890RussiaCaucasian
Gerencser, Istvan 4 Mar 1897White
Gerli, Martin 12 Jul 1880White
German, John 24 Sep 1894AustriaCaucasian
Gerolomo, Posliglia 18 Feb 1881White
Gerten, Joseph John 24 May 1899White
Gerten, Nick 17 Aug 1874White
Getchell, William Stewart 6 Sep 1875White
Ghella, Francesco 11-AprWhite
Ghiardi, Paul 10 Jul 1875White
Giallonardo, Ascenzo 30 Jun 1899White
Gianakos, Ioanio Sep 1886GreeceCaucasian
Gianni, Lawrence 19 Mar 1897Italy
Gibas, Albert 7 Mar 1879White
Gibbons, Eugene Victor 5 Sep 1873White
Gibson, Johnie B 5 Sep 1882Indian
Gievara, Apitacio White
Gigli, John Battisto 4 Apr 1881White
Gihardi, John 11 Nov 1883White
Gikas, Demitrios 26 Jan 1880White
Gikas, James 12 Jun 1883White
Gikas, Xanofon Honey 26 Sep 1883White
Gilando, Louis 10 Jul 1877White
Gilas, Nick 14 Feb 1895AustriaCaucasian
Gilbert, Francis Charles 16 Jan 1890MinnesotaCaucasian
Gilbert, Karl 4 Jan 1886White
Gilescoff, Atanos 18 Feb 1888BulgariaCaucasian
Gilescoff, Evan 7 Jan 1890BulgariaCaucasian
Gillen, Benjimen Martin 8 Dec 1879White
Gillen, Peter Martinez 6 Jul 1898White
Gillen, Santana 1895ColoradoCaucasian
Gillies, Robert L 23 Jun 1897Kansas
Giocomozi, Guiseppe 28 Dec 1875White
Giovana, Fugnani 24 Jul 1880White
Giovani, Avi 18 Jun 1877White
Giro, Matt Jr.23-Mar-00White
Giuseppe, Piguatti 24 Apr 1881White
Glia, Caselli 17 Jul 1873White
Glinsky, John Joe 14 Jan 1890New YorkCaucasian
Glovan, Frank 17 Apr 1886White
Glubenich, Steve Oct 1876White
Glynn, John Joseph 19 Jan 1893PennsylvaniaCaucasian
Goemmer, George Adolph 7-May-00White
Goemmer, Gustavus Adolph 28 Jul 1877White
Goemmer, John Peter 6 Oct 1876White
Goemmer, Julius 13 Dec 1888KansasWhite
Goff, Arthur Franklin 24 Sep 1885White
Goffo, Carlo 15 Aug 1885White
Goggin, Daniel 5 Mar 1890ColoradoCaucasian
Goich, Eli 5 Feb 1878White
Golobe, Nick 11 Feb 1894ColoradoCaucasian
Gomez, Abdenago 22 Oct 1885White
Gomez, Adelaido 16 Dec 1899White
Gomez, Antonio M 26 Sep 1878White
Gomez, Jesus 18 Jun 1884White
Gomez, Jose D 25 Feb 1881White
Gomez, Jose De La Cruz3 May 1884White
Gomez, Pedro Antonio 23 Apr 1879White
Gomez, Sistos 28 Mar 1881White
Gonforti, Tony 14 Jan 1880White
Gonsalas, Elias 5 May 1884White
Gonsalez, Juan 24 Jun 1888White
Gonsalez, Juan D 8 Mar 1877White
Gonsalez, Manuel 17 Jun 1886White
Gonzales, Castulo 22 Mar 1893ColoradoCaucasian
Gonzales, Cornelio 23 Jan 1885White
Gonzales, Daniel 20 Jan 1886White
Gonzales, Ezequel 27 Jun 1891ColoradoCaucasian
Gonzales, Jose Antonio 31 May 1873White
Gonzales, Jose Primitivo White
Gonzales, Juan B 21 Sep 1884White
Gonzales, Juan Estaben 2 Sep 1884White
Gonzales, Ladisloa 27 Jan 1877White
Gonzales, Luciano 15 Jan 1885White
Gonzales, Manuel 1889MexicoCaucasian
Gonzales, Miguel 15 Oct 1894New MexicoCaucasian
Gonzales, Porfirio 22 Sep 1896Colorado
Gonzales, Ramon 8 Aug 1884White
Gonzales, Rudolph 1 Jan 1891ColoradoCaucasian
Gonzales, Salvatore 19 May 1890MexicoCaucasian
Gonzales, Samuel 7 Sep 1889ColoradoCaucasian
Gonzales, Santos Loredo 1 Nov 1879White
Gonzales, Tony 26 Mar 1896ColoradoCaucasian
Gonzalez, Alfado 15 Nov 1894White
Gonzalez, Amadeo Fernando 30 May 1878White
Gonzalez, Ambrosie 8 Nov 1890White
Gonzalez, Claudio Antonio 17 Feb 1878White
Gonzalez, Gabriel 18 Mar 1884White
Gonzalez, Juan Andres 4 Feb 1885White
Gonzalez, Pedro Antonio 8 Dec 1880White
Gonzalez, Ros Ela 6 Mar 1897Colorado
Gonzalez, Santiago 20 Sep 1887White
Gonzalez, Secundino 1 Jul 1890New MexicoCaucasian
Goodwin, Lawsen 8 Oct 1882Black
Gordon, John George 22 May 1882White
Goss, Byrl Scott 20 Sep 1884White
Gostovich, Dan 18 Jun 1894AustriaCaucasian
Gostovich, Stojan Oct 1894AustriaCaucasian
Grabnei, John 2 Apr 1879Slavish
Grado, Cesilio 4 Nov 1895ColoradoCaucasian
Grados, Antonio 8 Oct 1896Colorado
Graham, George Earl 4 Jul 1876White
Graham, James O 11 Oct 1894PennsylvaniaWhite
Graham, Titus 19 Feb 1894ColoradoWhite
Grandi, Vincenzi 15 Apr 1887ItalyCaucasian
Grandjean, Horton Isaac 21 Oct 1895New YorkWhite
Grandy, Edward Arthur 11 Dec 1882White
Gravelle, Ivor 26 Jun 1894WalesGreat BritainCaucasian
Graves, Harvey Milford 25 Dec 1892MissouriCaucasian
Grays, John 5 Mar 1893GeorgiaBlack
Greear, Vall W 22 Mar 1891MissouriEnglish
Green, Jay C 6 Mar 1881White
Green, Leige 8 Mar 1888OklahomaCaucasian
Greet, James Richard 14 Oct 1894ColoradoCaucasian
Gregory, George William 5 Jun 1884White
Gregory, James Thomas 25 Sep 1897White
Gregory, William John 29 Aug 1899White
Greten, Nicholas Edward 10 Jul 1876White
Grgich, Pete 1894Bosnia and HerzegovinaAustriaCaucasian
Grguriel, Tony 24 Apr 1897Austria
Griego, Guillermo 10 Feb 1882White
Griffin, Joe 1 Apr 1887Black
Griffis, John Brown 2 Feb 1887KansasCaucasian
Griffith, William John 20 Sep 1877White
Griffiths, William Rees 16 Dec 1888ColoradoWhite
Grigg, Thomas 23 Aug 1893IllinoisCaucasian
Griglione, Joe 25-Dec-00White
Griglione, John 11 Dec 1874White
Grissom, Maurice Mack 18 Aug 1890MissouriCaucasian
Gross, Barthon 22 Jul 1887ItalyCaucasian
Gross, Henery 10 Sep 1876White
Gross, Pete Eugene 30 Nov 1894ColoradoCaucasian
Gruber, Ludo Carl 25 Feb 1883White
Gsigcunakil, Horalapno Feb 1887GreeceCaucasian
Guadagnoli, John 27 Sep 1897White
Gualandri, Attilio 3 Feb 1883White
Gualandri, Frank 31 Aug 1886ItalyCaucasian
Gualandri, Pietro 29 Jun 1874White
Guellen, Remegio 1 Oct 1885White
Guerra, Francisco 2 Apr 1894White
Guerra, Gregoreo 9 May 1894ColoradoCaucasian
Guerras, Jose 27 Jun 1879White
Guerrero, Alejo M 12 Sep 1882White
Guerrero, Daniel 9 Jul 1880White
Guerrero, David Bravo 14 Aug 1896Mexico
Guerrero, Rafael Bravo 24 Oct 1893Old MexicoCaucasian
Guerrero, William 21 May 1894ColoradoCaucasian
Guileppe, Carairi 16 Mar 1886White
Guillen, Jose De La LuzApr 1891ColoradoCaucasian
Guinn, Jasper 7 Sep 1897White
Guis, Erman 20 May 1885White
Guiteros, Caudido 2 Feb 1893White
Guitieraz, Blas 14 Feb 1891New MexicoCaucasian
Guman, Jesus 1889Old MexicoCaucasian
Gunther, Frank Earl 5 Feb 1885White
Gureca, Jose 19 Mar 1881White
Gursmetkis, John Jun 1884Greek
Gust, Gust 22 Jun 1897Greece
Gustyn, Charles 4 Mar 1889RussiaCaucasian
Gutierres, Daniel 18 Dec 1873White
Gutierrez, Carlos R 1891New MexicoMexican
Gutierrez, Henry Cleo 4 Jul 1873White
Guzowsky, Michael 4 Nov 1880White
Gwrmetakes, Nick Feb 1885White

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