Huerfano County, Colorado
1918 Draft Registration Index

Contributed by Karen Mitchell
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NameDate of birthBirthplaceRace
Macconi, Silvo 25 Apr 1876White
Machlas, Joseph 25 Mar 1875White
Mack, Joseph Thos1 Mar 1891AustriaCaucasian
Mackenzie, Rodrick Kenneth2 Jul 1878White
Mackmore, Edward E1 Jul 1897Colorado
Mackmore, Walter Willard22-Jan-00White
Macy, Tom 28 Feb 1887Colorado Caucasian
Maday, Walter 1-Jul-00White
Madina, Augustine 16 May 1894Colorado Mexican
Madock, Louie 21 Jun 1884White
Maes, Delphine 10 Oct 1892Colorado Caucasian
Maes, Emilio 10 Jul 1885White
Maes, Fred 16 May 1898White
Maes, Jaun Pablo24 Jun 1881White
Maes, Joe 28 1900White
Maes, John Isidor15 May 1897Colorado
Maes, Juan Rosario8 May 1875White
Maes, Leandro 30 Oct 1892ColoradoCaucasian
Maes, Samuel 2 Dec 1894New Mexico Caucasian
Maes, Saul 28 Mar 1895ColoradoCaucasian
Maes, Urbano 25 May 1890Colorado Caucasian
Maestas, Alfonso 23 Jan 1880White
Maestas, Pedro Felix1881White
Maez, Aurelo 4 Apr 1896ColoradoCaucasian
Maez, Felix 29 Jul 1896Colorado
Maga, Pete 8 Sep 1875White
Magdaleno, Monico 4 May 1885White
Magee, Allen 7-May-00White
Magnani, Dionigio 11 Nov 1897White
Mahoney, Duke 31 Jan 1883White
Mahsman, Gus Werner17 Jan 1892New YorkCaucasian
Maine, Steve 25 Aug 1889Kentucky White
Majetich, Nick 6 Sep 1884White
Malano, Joe 6 Mar 1890ItalyWhite
Malano, Netre 2-Apr-00White
Malatiota, Joe 14 Oct 1884White
Maldonado, Amarante 2 Sep 1885White
Maldonado, Eloy 15 Jun 1894Colorado Caucasian
Maldonado, Rafael 24 Oct 1883White
Maldonado, Tobias 6 Mar 1889Colorado Caucasian
Malone, Thomas Edward3 Jul 1892Missouri
Maloney, John Joseph1 Jun 1879White
Manchego, Agepito 25 Jul 1891Colorado Caucasian
Manchego, Antonio Esa15 Jan 1893Colorado Caucasian
Manchego, Tobis 9 Oct 1898White
Mancoff, Steve 18 Oct 1892BulgariaCaucasian
Mandosia, Bill 16 Sep 1895GreeceCaucasian
Mangrum, Herman Stanley4 Aug 1893Tennessee African
Mangrum, John 13 Sep 1874Black
Mangum, Ceasar David15 Sep 1898Black
Mangunas, Antonio 30 Sep 1887ItalyCaucasian
Manik, Nicholas 27 May 1888Austria HungaryCaucasian
Manka, John Jr.13 Oct 1899White
Mankus, George 10 Dec 1885White
Manos, John 25 Dec 1892GreeceCaucasian
Manperi, Tony 2 Jul 1885White
Mansanarez, Feliciano 6 Nov 1893New Mexico Caucasian
Manzanares, Antonio Tiscio1 Jun 1880White
Manzanares, Benerito5 Aug 1882White
Manzanares, Jase Pedro29 May 1886White
Manzanares, Jose Presentacion15 Apr 1899White
Manzanares, Louis 28 Feb 1890New Mexico Caucasian
Manzanares, Marcos 21 Oct 1894Colorado Caucasian
Manzanares, Mike 8 May 1897Colorado
Manzanares, Pedro Y1 May 1877White
Manzanarez, Felix 4 Apr 1886White
Manzanarez, Guillumo 10 May 1884White
Manzanarez, Joe 28 Feb 1898White
Maralakis, Halil May 1891TurkeyCaucasian
Maranakes, G 1 May 1881Oriental
Marchbanks, Alpha 22 Jul 1884White
Marchbanks, Leonard B30 Aug 1894KansasCaucasian
Marchetti, Domenico 23 Oct 1893ItalyCaucasian
Marchioni, Angelo 13 Dec 1874White
Marchiori, Benimino Daniel18-May-00White
Marck, George 23 Apr 1879White
Marck, Pio 6 May 1887Tirol AustriaCaucasian
Mares, Carmel 3 Aug 1893ColoradoCaucasian
Mares, Marciso 9 Nov 1889ColoradoCaucasian
Marignoni, Angelo Pete28 Jun 1876White
Marin, Emilio 7 Aug 1889White
Marino, Ignazio 27 Sep 1876White
Marinos, Bill 1874White
Marion, Louis 19 Mar 1888ItalyCaucasian
Mariotti, Guilio 15 May 1885White
Marker, Evan Emanuel16-Mar-00White
Marker, Laurence E12 Mar 1895Colorado American
Marker, Nathan Duery20 May 1898White
Marketti, Louis 16 Jan 1887Tirol AustriaCaucasian
Markham, George Washington14 Apr 1882White
Markus, Ben 20 Jun 1885Russian
Marques, Joes Edras20 Oct 1888Colorado Caucasian
Marques, Jose Jues1882White
Marquez, David 20-MayWhite
Marquez, Fidel 24 Apr 1886White
Marquez, Grabiel 23 Jan 1879White
Marquez, Jose Eusebio17 Nov 1877White
Marquez, Silvereo 20 Jun 1884White
Marquis, Jose Filomemo4 Jul 1880White
Marron, Pablo 1884White
Mars, Sedro Tibas15 Jun 1892Colorado Caucasian
Marsh, William Isaac2 Feb 1883White
Marshall, Alexander Allison20 Nov 1874White
Marshall, Frederick Arthur23 Apr 1888IllinoisCaucasian
Marshall, Robert Allison24 Jan 1873White
Marshall, William 3 Jul 1888Colorado Caucasian
Martin, Carl Edward4 Dec 1892Colorado Caucasian
Martin, Charles Fenton15 Dec 1888Colorado Caucasian
Martin, Clarence Sumpter30 Jan 1899White
Martin, Harry C23 Sep 1893Colorado Caucasian
Martin, Henry Sumter20 Mar 1874White
Martin, John 16 Jan 1890Colorado Caucasian
Martin, John Albert4 Jul 1887Nevada Caucasian
Martin, John Westly Earl10 Jan 1891Oklahoma White
Martin, Luther Ferdnando1 Dec 1876White
Martines, Frutoso 12 Aug 1884White
Martines, Gabino Nov 1883White
Martines, Jaspar 2 Feb 1895Colorado Caucasian
Martines, Jose Elasia Q28 Mar 1879White
Martines, Juan Pablo14 Jun 1877White
Martines, Zacarias Jun 1882White
Martinez, Abedon 30 Jul 1892ColoradoCaucasian
Martinez, Abel 19 Apr 1899White
Martinez, Abel 19 May 1894Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Adelino Garcia21 Jun 1896Spain
Martinez, Albert Apr 1895New Mexico Caucasian
Martinez, Albert 4-Mar-00White
Martinez, Albino 18 Apr 1880White
Martinez, Amarante Nov 1894Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Amarante 2 Sep 1895Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Ambrosio 25 Feb 1882White
Martinez, Anastacio 18 Apr 1886White
Martinez, Andrew 31 Nov 1897White
Martinez, Andy 1893Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Ansebio 1894New Mexico Caucasian
Martinez, Antone Jun 1878White
Martinez, Antonio 20 May 1889MexicoCaucasian
Martinez, Antonio 12 Mar 1881White
Martinez, Antonio 27 Mar 1897New Mexico
Martinez, Antonio AFeb 1892ColoradoCaucasian
Martinez, Antonio Tercio27 Jan 1894Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Apolinar 8 Jan 1893MexicoCaucasian
Martinez, Aussincio Jun 1891Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Beas 10 May 1894White
Martinez, Benito Porfilio22 Mar 1890Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Benjamin 27 Dec 1898White
Martinez, Canutto 19 Jan 1881White
Martinez, Casio 1896New Mexico Caucasian
Martinez, Claude 25 Apr 1895Caucasian
Martinez, Clovis 16 Jan 1897Colorado
Martinez, Damasio 16 Jan 1898White
Martinez, Dan 15 May 1882White
Martinez, Daniel 24 Mar 1892ColoradoMexican
Martinez, Delfido 7 Mar 1884White
Martinez, Donaciano 28 Feb 1892Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Ed 11 Apr 1895Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Edward 6 May 1893Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Elias 10 Jul 1896Colorado
Martinez, Elisco 13 Jul 1875White
Martinez, Eloy 2 Apr 1896Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Emilio 7 Aug 1896Colorado
Martinez, Emilo 18 Apr 1883White
Martinez, Esequiel 15 Oct 1894Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Eusebio2 Mar 1893Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Eusevio 19 Feb 1899White
Martinez, Evaristo G8 Oct 1896Mexico
Martinez, Ezequel 30 Jun 1890Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Felesmino 5 Jul 1896Colorado
Martinez, Felipe Benavidez14 Mar 1874White
Martinez, Felipi Dec 1898White
Martinez, Felix 22 May 1882White
Martinez, Felix 15 Oct 1898White
Martinez, Francisco P2 Apr 1893Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Frank 4 Oct 1890Colorado Spanish;American
Martinez, Frank 31 Aug 1889Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Frank 2 Mar 1884White
Martinez, Geronimo 30 Sep 1878White
Martinez, Geronimo 30 Sep 1875White
Martinez, Grabiel 6 Feb 1899White
Martinez, Jesus 26 Aug 1890MexicoCaucasian
Martinez, Joe 19 Mar 1894MexicoCaucasian
Martinez, John 12 Oct 1898White
Martinez, John 12 Sep 1896Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Jose 30 Sep 1891MexicoCaucasian
Martinez, Jose Abelino27 Nov 1884White
Martinez, Jose Adan27 Oct 1894New Mexico Caucasian
Martinez, Jose Andres13 Jun 1873White
Martinez, Jose Aurrelio19 Apr 1888ColoradoCaucasian
Martinez, Jose Celedonio3 Mar 1889Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Jose Cipriano7 Sep 1877White
Martinez, Jose De La Cruz3 Sep 1898White
Martinez, Jose Encarnacion30 Jul 1898White
Martinez, Jose Eusequio14 Nov 1878White
Martinez, Jose Filadelfo13 Mar 1877White
Martinez, Jose Gillermo31 Mar 1877White
Martinez, Jose L20 Nov 1892Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Jose Nacario De Jesus22 Apr 1881White
Martinez, Jose Rosendo1 Mar 1882White
Martinez, Jose Savino10-Aug-00White
Martinez, Jose Silverio30 Jul 1873White
Martinez, Jose Solomon2 Nov 1887ColoradoCaucasian
Martinez, Jose Valerio22-Jul-00White
Martinez, Joseph Daniel23 May 1895Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Juan 30 Mar 1885White
Martinez, Juan 24 Jun 1889MexicoCaucasian
Martinez, Juan Andres5 Feb 1899White
Martinez, Juan Ba21 Jun 1881White
Martinez, Juan Lorenzo5 Aug 1884White
Martinez, Juan Senon23 Jun 1881White
Martinez, Juan Y6 Apr 1892ColoradoCaucasian
Martinez, Julian 18 Aug 1883White
Martinez, Larkin 25-Jan-00White
Martinez, Leandro 9 Aug 1896Colorado
Martinez, Leas 17-Feb-00White
Martinez, Leonor 22 Mar 1894Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Lino 6 Jan 1872White
Martinez, Louis 1893MexicoCaucasian
Martinez, Luis 1 Aug 1892Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Macario 15 Apr 1886White
Martinez, Manuel 1 Jan 1876Mexican
Martinez, Manuel 5 Mar 1899White
Martinez, Manuel De Jesus2 Mar 1892ColoradoCaucasian
Martinez, Manuel Esteven1 Jan 1877White
Martinez, Manuel Jose27 Feb 1889New Mexico Caucasian
Martinez, Manuel Rafael24 Jul 1889Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Marcial 3 Jun 1879White
Martinez, Mathew Asclinlette24 Feb 1886White
Martinez, Melchor 12 Dec 1895ColoradoCaucasian
Martinez, Meliton 10-Mar-00White
Martinez, Moyses Elias15 Feb 1886White
Martinez, Nabor 9 Oct 1896Colorado
Martinez, Narceco 29 Oct 1886MexicoCaucasian
Martinez, Olegario 3 Jun 1884White
Martinez, Olegario 12 Feb 1885White
Martinez, Pablo 29 Mar 1884White
Martinez, Panta Leon22 Jul 1897Colorado
Martinez, Paulito 1890MexicoCaucasian
Martinez, Pedro Jese23 Oct 1877White
Martinez, Pedro Jose15 Apr 1882White
Martinez, Porfirio 28-Jan-00White
Martinez, Porfirio 26 Jan 1872White
Martinez, Prisciliano 4 Jan 1886White
Martinez, Rafael 28 Mar 1897Colorado
Martinez, Rafael 28 Mar 1897Colorado White
Martinez, Remondo 11 Feb 1884White
Martinez, Rogerio 12-Apr-00White
Martinez, Ruben Dec 1896Colorado
Martinez, Ruben 14 Jun 1899White
Martinez, Sam 6 Dec 1893Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Santiago 23 May 1892Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Santigo 15 Sep 1879White
Martinez, Satelo 22 Aug 1886Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Sigifredo 30 Mar 1892Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Sosten1885White
Martinez, Teofilo De Jesus29 Jul 1881White
Martinez, Theodore 3-Jun-00White
Martinez, Thomas De Aquino28 Feb 1876White
Martinez, Timio 25 Jul 1882White
Martinez, Tobias 19 Dec 1884White
Martinez, Tom 29 Oct 1889Colorado Caucasian
Martinez, Tomas 7 Mar 1895ColoradoCaucasian
Martini, Ben 15 Sep 1884White
Martino, Frank 21 Jan 1891ItalyCaucasian
Martinolich, Antonio John5 Apr 1877White
Martinolich, Ed Marcus30 Jun 1884White
Martinolich, Marcus Benjamin14 Oct 1889ColoradoCaucasian
Martucos, Chris 6 Aug 1889GreeceCaucasian
Maryucos, Nick 20 Oct 1890GreeceCaucasian
Marzlin, Anton 21 Nov 1878White
Mascro, Dominick Vincent2 Apr 1886White
Mase, Stephhen 17 Jun 1895Colorado Caucasian
Masinelli, Paul 25 Jan 1898White
Mason, Lawrence 29 May 1887New Jersey Black
Massey, Roy Valverde14 Feb 1884White
Masterson, Chas 1 Mar 1879Black
Mastorakis, Dimitrios H10 Sep 1879White
Masuris, Nick 25 Feb 1891GreeceCaucasian
Matajcich, Josip 19 Mar 1886White
Matas, Juan 27 May 1890SpainCaucasian
Mathew, Roy Hamilton28 Jan 1894Nebraska Caucasian
Mathews, James Eugene24 Nov 1899White
Mathews, Jesse Glen24 Mar 1888Illinois Caucasian
Mathews, Leonard 18 May 1875White
Mathews, Paul Gerard16 Jun 1886Illinois Caucasian
Mathews, Thomas Baird1 Jul 1891Colorado Caucasian
Matich, Joe 4 Jan 1895Dalmatia AustriaCaucasian
Matijevich, Frank 10 Nov 1885White
Matkovich, Martin Dec 1877White
Matney, Lewis Burton17 Sep 1877White
Matoff, Chris 1889BulgariaCaucasian
Matsuo, Charls Matsuhei20 Nov 1884Oriental
Matteoni, Joe 13 Mar 1889ItalyCaucasian
Matteroli, Albert 6 Feb 1895Colorado Caucasian
Matteroli, John 25 Sep 1891Colorado Caucasian
Matteroli, Joseph 27 Mar 1895Colorado Caucasian
Matteroli, Pete 12 Jul 1898White
Matteroni, Manlio Mario18 Dec 1886ItalyCaucasian
Matthews, Eric Cosby8 Sep 1896Ontario Canada
Mattiri, Vigilio 26 May 1878White
Matukis, John 28 Dec 1884White
Maudasias, Gust NicolaonJan 1881White
Mauldin, Archie Mack7 Dec 1883White
Mauldin, Olaf Barnard29 Nov 1899White
Maull, Reedy 3 Mar 1894AlabamaColored
Maunelli, Joseph 27 Feb 1887ItalyCaucasian
Mauro, Felice Antonio Fortunato14 Feb 1886White
Mauro, Frank S21 May 1883White
Mavrogeorgis, George 5 Dec 1889GreeceCaucasian
Mavrogeorgis, Tom 15 Dec 1892GreeceCaucasian
Mavrokis, George Apr 1894GreeceCaucasian
Mavrokis, Steigh 11 Sep 1882White
Mayde, Louis 9 Jul 1886AustriaCaucasian
Mayes, George Alfred4 Apr 1876White
Mayfield, John Matthew29 Apr 1876White
Mayo, Charles Peter19 Oct 1882White
Mazzone, Charles Victor8 Dec 1877White
Mcalister, Andrew Jackson18-May-00White
Mcalister, Charles Aurther8 Nov 1898White
Mcarthur, Leslie Austin23 Dec 1890KansasCaucasian
Mcbean, James Andrew25 Nov 1875White
Mcbirnie, Alexander 17 May 1880White
Mcbrayer, John Louis4 Jul 1875White
Mcbrown, Otis 10 Aug 1884White
Mccamey, Joseph Allan2 Oct 1876Black
Mccargish, Edward Albert5 Sep 1882White
Mccartney, Thomas 2 Jul 1882White
Mccarty, John Leo13 Sep 1896Oklahoma
Mcclary, Joseph Franklin11 Sep 1892Kentucky Caucasian
Mcclure, Felix Edward9 Mar 1875White
Mcconaugh, William 12 Mar 1873White
Mccormick, Leo 29 Apr 1880White
Mccoy, Daniel Joseph2 Jul 1883White
Mccoy, James Frnncis9 Jul 1876White
Mccracken, Samuel 2 Jul 1895OklahomaCaucasian
Mccullouch, Forrest Davis3 Dec 1893Ohio Caucasian
Mccune, George 27 Jan 1895Missouri Caucasian
Mccune, James Alexander3 Oct 1893UtahCaucasian
Mccurdy, Earl Phillip18 Feb 1891Kansas Caucasian
Mcdaniel, Herman Isaiah29 Aug 1873White
Mcdermott, William Aloysius17 Jul 1893Colorado Caucasian
Mcdill, Samuel 23 Apr 1887White
Mcdonald, Malcolm Fraser26 Apr 1890ScotlandCaucasian
Mcdonald, Patrick 17 Sep 1872White
Mcevoy, William Gladstone11 Nov 1886Illinois Caucasian
Mcgaha, Dock Thomas23 Aug 1892Tennessee Caucasian
Mcgann, Leonard N9 Aug 1890White
Mcgarlin, Claud Carlton29 Aug 1881White
Mcgaurrugh, Alonzo Duane3 Jan 1888Iowa Caucasian
Mcguchan, Thomas 29 Mar 1876White
Mcguire, Walter 20 Sep 1878White
Mcintosh, Henry 8 Feb 1877White
Mcintyre, Burt 14 May 1896Tennessee Caucasian
Mcintyre, Robert 6 Feb 1887ScotlandCaucasian
Mcintyre, William 22 Nov 1879White
Mckee, Jefferson Dewitt14 Sep 1891Mississippi Caucasian
Mckenna, Miles 9 Apr 1880White
Mckeown, Patrick 27 Dec 1879White
Mckinley, Ernest William22 Dec 1877White
Mcleod, Norman James22 Oct 1891Quebec CanadaCaucasian
Mcmahan, Fred Reynolds28 Nov 1891Illinois Caucasian
Mcmann, George Dewey2 Mar 1898White
Mcmorrow, James Harry20 Aug 1886Illinois Caucasian
Mcnally, Andrew Gibson22 Aug 1875White
Mcneal, John 3 May 1875Black
Mcneil, Cyrus Alexander1 Jan 1881White
Mcneil, Neil 24 Nov 1888ScotlandCaucasian
Mcphail, Wm Y9 Oct 1887Ohio Caucasian
Mcquade, John Paul16 Dec 1886Iowa Caucasian
Mcrae, Matt M3 Jan 1896Nebraska Caucasian
Mcrae, Orlo 11 Apr 1894Nebraska Caucasian
Mcshane, Thomas 4 Mar 1886White
Meade, Walter Ray26 Aug 1890Michigan Caucasian
Meador, Stewart 21 Mar 1879White
Meder, Alfred James4 Feb 1881White
Medina, Abel 25 Sep 1883White
Medina, Albert 23 Mar 1898White
Medina, Antino 22 Dec 1890Colorado Caucasian
Medina, Ausencio 18 Nov 1888ColoradoCaucasian
Medina, Ben 4 Jun 1889Colorado Caucasian
Medina, Candilaria 2 Feb 1893ColoradoCaucasian
Medina, Cirilo 9 Jul 1880White
Medina, Esequiel 13 Feb 1895ColoradoMexican
Medina, Exselso 18 Mar 1882White
Medina, Fedrico 21 Aug 1894ColoradoCaucasian
Medina, Henery 14 Aug 1883White
Medina, Isaac 28-Aug-00White
Medina, Isaias 22 Mar 1879White
Medina, Jose Abran6 Feb 1875White
Medina, Jose Eufelio7-Feb-00White
Medina, Jose Grabiel24 Feb 1883White
Medina, Jose Maria24 Dec 1899White
Medina, Jose Rufino1 Jan 1882White
Medina, Rodolfo 10 Aug 1882White
Medina, Santigo A25 Jul 1898White
Medina, Seledon 12 Apr 1880White
Medina, Tom 13 Mar 1885White
Medley, Lamuel Robue27 Feb 1876White
Medsker, Clarence Lee21 Feb 1899White
Medsker, Henry Hamilton14 Feb 1875White
Medvick, Mike 16 Jul 1882White
Mehan, George Washington29 Dec 1876White
Meiuneatte, Giovani 5 Feb 1888ItalyCaucasian
Mejia, Jesus 6 May 1885White
Melendres, Manuel 3 Jun 1880White
Melisaris, Thomas 5 Jan 1886White
Melles, Louis Feb 1891GreeceCaucasian
Melonas, George Demitre5 Apr 1890GreeceCaucasian
Melonas, Nik 5 Jul 1892GreeceCaucasian
Melsig, Otto Carl15 Jun 1883White
Melton, Jesse B14 Feb 1881Indian
Mendez, Juan 24 Jun 1882White
Menegatti, Quirino 12 Jun 1895Tirol AustriaCaucasian
Menghini, August 1 Sep 1876White
Meredith, Harry Glenn16 Sep 1878White
Merrett, Andrew Jackson9 Jan 1884White
Merrett, Edward 14 Oct 1873White
Merritt, Herbert 19 Aug 1881White
Merritt, William Alexander31 Jul 1873White
Meseni, Luigi 24 Mar 1879White
Messer, Lionard Dixon21 Sep 1885White
Mestas, Bennie 13 Feb 1894Colorado Caucasian
Mestas, Carlos 3 Sep 1894Colorado Caucasian
Mestas, Ezequel Mar 1885White
Mestas, Felix Balois16 Nov 1886Colorado Caucasian
Mestas, Jose Adan25 Dec 1879White
Mestas, Juan AndresFeb 1875White
Mestas, Juan Blas3 Feb 1875White
Mestas, Juan Dios8 Mar 1899White
Mestas, Juan E5 Aug 1887New MexicoCaucasian
Mestas, Juan Schedon28 Feb 1888Colorado Caucasian
Metherell, Fredrick 8 Dec 1877White
Metive, August 4 Oct 1874White
Metkoff, Kosta 15 Feb 1890BulgariaCaucasian
Meyer, Fred Cristopher27 Feb 1877White
Meyer, Henry Thomas15 Nov 1882White
Mezek, Frank Oct 1887Austria EuropeCaucasian
Micek, Richard 22-Mar-00White
Micek, Valentine 7 Feb 1873White
Miceli, Santo Domenico1874White
Michff, John 15 Sep 1881White
Mick, Joe 12 Dec 1885White
Mickeli, Achile 16 Oct 1878White
Micor, John 24 Oct 1890Galicia AustriaCaucasian
Miers, Clinton 15 Mar 1894Oklahoma Caucasian
Mihelich, Louie 16 Oct 1888Austria HungaryCaucasian
Mihilchi, Lawrence 1885White
Mike, John 20 Mar 1873White
Mikelcich, Paul 15 Jan 1894Croatia AustriaCaucasian
Mikelich, Steve Jul 1885White
Milania, Steve 30 Jul 1877White
Miliaj, Kirs 1887HungaryCaucasian
Miliech, Steve 12 Oct 1883White
Miller, Aloyouis Clarence Nicholas21 Jul 1898White
Miller, Andrew 4 Jul 1873White
Miller, Archie 13 Feb 1896Colorado Caucasian
Miller, Benjamin Dewey1 Jan 1899White
Miller, Edward Hayden6 Mar 1878White
Miller, Gabe 13 Dec 1881White
Miller, Garfield 18 Jan 1892Colorado Caucasian
Miller, George 25 Apr 1873White
Miller, Irwin J10 Sep 1894Minnesota Caucasian
Miller, James Roy24 Apr 1892Colorado Caucasian
Miller, Lincolm Arcadio19-Jul-00White
Miller, Onea Seaforse20 Jun 1896Colorado
Miller, Peter Garfield14 Apr 1882White
Miller, William 20 Dec 1873White
Miller, William Hanford20 Aug 1880White
Miller, Willie 15 Apr 1899White
Millican, Ira 9 Aug 1897Oklahoma
Millican, Nathaniel Walter20 Feb 1888Texas Caucasian
Mimmovich, John 28 Jun 1898White
Minear, John Manassa4 Apr 1876White
Miner, Frank Benjamin23 May 1894KansasCaucasian
Minnatte, Fortunatte 26 Nov 1891ItalyCaucasian
Minnovich, Mike 16 Jun 1893Colorado Caucasian
Minoff, Pana 14 May 1888BulgariaWhite
Miranda, Adolpo 21 May 1897White
Miranda, Isabel 8 Dec 1878White
Miranda, Jesus 18 Aug 1891White
Miranda, Pedro 29 Jun 1886White
Miranda, Silco 9 Jul 1896White
Mirilovich, Yandre 2 Jan 1888AustriaCaucasian
Misko, John 15 Mar 1876White
Miszkiel, John Anthony1 Jun 1884White
Mitchell, Roy 6 Oct 1892New Mexico White
Mitz, Mart 8 Feb 1884White
Mlakush, Martin 31 Oct 1884White
Moday, Walter
Molnar, Steve 8 Sep 1879White
Molner, Peter 2 Feb 1873White
Moltrer, Roman 1 Jan 1885White
Monnie, Jesse Frankie21 Dec 1896Colorado
Monnie, Sherman Hope9 Sep 1898White
Monson, Charles 25 Dec 1874White
Montague, Joe Benjamin20 Aug 1885White
Montano, Candido 25 Sep 1877White
Montano, Daniel 7 Jun 1882White
Montano, Demetio 16 Feb 1877White
Montano, George 26-May-00White
Montano, Leo 4-Jun-00White
Montenegro, Rosendo 1 Mar 1883White
Montez, Demosthnes 11 Mar 1899White
Montez, Eloy 24 Jun 1890Colorado Caucasian
Montez, Eusebio Antonio14 Sep 1889New MexicoCaucasian
Montez, Jose Salome22 Oct 1888ColoradoCaucasian
Montez, Jose Samuel21 Jan 1879White
Montez, Tanislac 13 Nov 1896Colorado
Montgomery, Jess Hayden24 Aug 1896MissouriCaucasian
Montgomery, Melvin 27 Feb 1889Illinois Caucasian
Montgomery, Walter Lewis22 Apr 1872White
Montoya, Albert 1890Colorado Caucasian
Montoya, Amos 19 Mar 1898White
Montoya, Anastatio 12 Dec 1877White
Montoya, Antonito 1893Colorado Caucasian
Montoya, Bencez L22 Nov 1880White
Montoya, Bidal 1893Colorado White
Montoya, Daniel 22 Aug 1883White
Montoya, Daniel 26 Jun 1896Colorado Caucasian
Montoya, Donicano 1886Colorado Caucasian
Montoya, Dubegen 6 Oct 1879White
Montoya, Encarnacion 18 Mar 1879White
Montoya, Epifanio 20 Oct 1879White
Montoya, Erineo 13 May 1899White
Montoya, Frank 22 Dec 1883White
Montoya, Guadalupe 12 Oct 1891New Mexico Caucasian
Montoya, Henio Jose14 Jul 1884White
Montoya, Isaic 5-Aug-00White
Montoya, Jesus 7 Apr 1884White
Montoya, Julian Jan 1881White
Montoya, Manuel 28 Nov 1878White
Montoya, Victor 25 Jun 1896Colorado
Moore, B C25 Mar 1880Black
Moore, Walter A17 Feb 1886White
Moore, Zebulon Howard9 Jan 1896Colorado Caucasian
Mora, Lino 1890MexicoCaucasian
Morales, Cleofas 22 Sep 1893MexicoMexican
Morales, Cruz 3 May 1886White
Moran, Frank 29 Jun 1894Austria HungaryCaucasian
Moran, James Michael10 Jul 1881White
Moran, Targe 1873White
Morandi, Bonecelli 24 Dec 1882White
Morandi, Joseph 28 Jan 1888ItalyCaucasian
Morandi, Luigi 21 Apr 1891ItalyCaucasian
Morehead, Paul 9 Jul 1891West Virginia Caucasian
Moreno, Joesph 24 Jun 1893MexicoSpanish
Moreno, Jose 24 Feb 1889MexicoCaucasian
Moreno, Prisciliano 4 Jan 1876White
Moreno, Theodor 9 Nov 1885White
Morgan, William Thomas1 Jun 1879White
Morgulski, Joseph 4 Mar 1899White
Morimitsu, Ikichi 10 Sep 1875Oriental
Morlock, Henry Nelson14 Feb 1880White
Moros, Jun 16 Aug 1890GreeceCaucasian
Morovidas, John 10 Oct 1886White
Morris, Harry Earl8 Aug 1884White
Morris, William 1 Jul 1884White
Morrison, William 11 May 1888Colorado Caucasian
Moruzzi, Erailio 5 Nov 1896ItalyCaucasian
Mosco, Angelo 31-Mar-00White
Mosco, Salvator Dec 1881White
Moscogianis, Stavros 15 Aug 1890GreeceCaucasian
Moscoiani, George 15 Aug 1895GreeceCaucasian
Moser, Edwin Daniel10 Jun 1895Iowa Caucasian
Motley, Lester A13 May 1889Virginia Caucasian
Moutino, John 27 Apr 1878White
Moya, Jose Orturo4 Feb 1877White
Mrvosh, Blaggaya 24 Mar 1892SerbiaCaucasian
Muhovich, John 1872White
Muhovich, John Jr.27 Sep 1895ColoradoCaucasian
Muir, Alexander 8-Jan-00White
Muir, Dave C22 Nov 1895Colorado Caucasian
Muir, David E10 Apr 1885White
Muir, Jim 5 Dec 1876White
Muir, John T20 Jun 1892ColoradoCaucasian
Mulkey, Homer Lee3 Mar 1897Alabama
Mulkey, James Samuel6 Apr 1874White
Munez, Eluterio Feb 1885White
Munig, Chris 17 May 1896ColoradoCaucasian
Munn, James Johnson23 Aug 1887EnglandCaucasian
Muraka, Paul 18 Jun 1887White
Murgatroyd, Thomas Samuel22 Feb 1898White
Murillo, Jose Masias4 Feb 1883White
Murnik, Andy 25 Nov 1889AustriaCaucasian
Murray, Claud Loomis22 Feb 1896Texas Caucasian
Murray, Douglas Brewer25 Jul 1896Virginia
Murray, Hugh 26 Sep 1873White
Murray, James Scott29 Aug 1882White
Murray, John Louis22 Feb 1895Colorado Caucasian
Myers, Louis Merton7 May 1877White
Myers, Thaddeus Beverly16 Jul 1876White

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