Pueblo County, Colorado
Imperial Cemetery

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Ueland, Anna Ruth Irwin born 1907 died 1984Notes:Section B

Ueland, Richard Sylvester born 1901 died 1986Notes:Section B

Uhernik, James Anthony born 9/26/1929 died 3/22/1997 Notes: US Army Calvary Section

Uhl, Joan M. born 1917 died 2004 Notes: Pieta

Uhls, Inez C. born 1892 died 1964 Notes: Vesperland

Uhls, Willis S. born 1887 died 1959 Notes: Vesperland

Ulch, Frank J. born 9/02/1892 died 2/22/1953 Notes: Sunrise Section

Ulibarri, Anthony “Tony” born 1904 died 1974 Notes: Mt. Olivet Section

Ulibarri, Anthony A. born 5/18/1938 died 5/18/1983 Notes: Mt. Olivet Section

Ulibarri, Lee born 1888 died 1977 Notes: Calvary Section

Ulibarri, Lucy M. born 1905 died 2004 Notes: Calvary Section

Ulibarri, Margeret born 1917 died no date Notes: Mt. Olivet Section

Ulibarri, Peter Alex born 1922 died 1977 Notes: Pvt US Army WWII Calvary Section

Ulibarri, Selestino born 3-28-1893 died 5/12/1944 Notes: Mt. Olivet Section

Underhill, Benjamin M. born 1906 died 1962 Notes: Resthaven Section

Underhill, Jeannette V. born 1916 died 2001 Notes: Resthaven Section

Underhill, Mamie E. born 5-?-1919 died 12-?-1969

Uppendahl, Henry A. born 1914 died no date

Uppendahl, Lucile born 1914 died 1983

Urban, Robert L. Jr. born 10/22/1946 died 10/22/1946 Notes: Sunrise Section

Urbina, John M. born 12/27/1921 died 1/6/2005 Notes: Chapel of Angels Mausoleum

Urbina, Margaret born 1920 died 1991 Notes: Pieta Section

Urbina, Margaret M. born 5/15/1920 died 3/29/1991 Notes: Chapel of Angels Mausoleum

Urbina, Marguerite born 1953 died 1989 Notes: Pieta Section

Urenda, Lydia born 1908 died 1999 Notes: Via Crucis

Urenda, Petra born 1889 died 1969 Notes: Via Crucis

Urenda, Pilar born 1882 died 1971 Notes: Via Crucis

Urenda, Senon Sr. born 1909 died 1979 Notes: Calvary Section

Utley, Florence R. born 10/6/1918 died 8-06-1970 Notes: Calvary Section

Utt, Dorothy M. born 1912 died 2001 Notes: Singing Tower Section

Utt, James A. born 1909 died 1985 Notes: Singing Tower Section

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