Pueblo County, Colorado
Imperial Cemetery

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Iacabone, Mary born 1922 died 1998 Notes: Pieta

Iacabone, Pascal born 1912 died 1992 Notes: Pieta

Iles, Charles H. born 1880 died 1952 Notes: Vesperland

Iles, David Bracley Sr. born 1903 died 1967 Notes: Singing Tower Section

Iles, Nellie Rose born 1907 died 2002 Notes: Singing Tower Section

Imes, Betty M. born 1908 died 1992

Imes, Roy R. born 1899 died 1964

Ingraham, Delmar R. born 1930 died no date Notes: Section A

Ingraham, Wilma E. born 1930 died 1990Notes: Section A

Ingram, Darrell W. born 1/5/1900 died 9/28/1963 Notes: Resthaven Section

Ingram, Harry B. born 1904 died 1976 Notes: Singing Tower Section

Ingram, Icyle J. born 1910 died 1965 Notes: Singing Tower Section

Ingram, Zella "Tillie" born 6/18/1898 died 4/20/1989 Notes: Resthaven Section

Iniguez, Ralph C. born 1889 died 1969 Notes: Via Crucis

Inkster, Robert J. born 1880 died 1949 Notes: Resthaven Section

Inman, Hazel L. born 9/16/1912 died 7/12/1978 Notes: Vesperland

Inman, Marchel T. born 8/16/1910 died 8/29/1979 Notes: Vesperland

Ireland, Ernest born 1921 died 1996 Notes: Pieta Section

Ireland, Mary Jane born 1926 died no date Notes: Pieta Section

Ireland, Richard J. born 1959 died no date Notes: Pieta Section

Irizarry, Carmen born no date died no date Notes: Vesperland

Irvin, Jordan L. born 8/12/1913 died 10/30/2003 Notes: Tec5 US Army WWII Singing Tower Section

Irvin, Naomi M. born 9/26/1915 died 2/12/2004 Notes: Singing Tower Section

Irvine, Bessie M. born 1910 died 1994Notes:Section B

Irvine, James R. born 1906 died 1999Notes:Section B

Iverson, James J. born 1929 died 1993 Notes: Pieta Section

Ivey, Anna M. born 1898 died 1987 Notes: Singing Tower Section

Ivey, Annie born 7/04/1881 died 12/25/1960 Notes: Sunrise Section

Ivey, Edith M. born 1910 died 1988 Notes: Sunrise Section

Ivey, George W. born 1887 died 1974 Notes: Singing Tower Section

Ivey, Harry L. born 1903 died 1956 Notes: Vesperland

Ivey, James H. born 1867 died 1958 Notes: Vesperland

Ivey, Jessie born 4/02/1877 died 4/22/1953 Notes: Sunrise Section

Ivey, Lassie born 1870 died 1964 Notes: Vesperland

Ivey, Maurice J. born 1910 died 2002 Notes: Sunrise Section

Ivey, Stella M. born 1901 died 1985 Notes: Vesperland

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