Taos County, New Mexico

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NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more cemeteries please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Cemeteries in Taos County: If you have ancestors in any of these cemeteries, please contribute the listing by sending them to me and I will add them into the proper cemetery. You can contribute by sending the listings to kmitchweb@gmail.com

Burials outside of Taos

Burials in unknown cemeteries

Abeyta Cemetery Canoncito

Amalia Cemetery aka Santo Nino Cemetery Amalia

Andronico Roybal Cemetery

Archuleta Cemetery Pilar

Arguello Family Cemetery

Assembly of God Cemetery Taos

Arroyo Hondo Cemetery Arroyo Hondo

Arroyo Seco Cemetery Arroyo Seco

Arroyo Seco Morada Cemetery Arroyo Seco

Barela Cemetery Rio Lucio

Cantonment Burgwin Post Cemetery

Black Lake Cemetery

Buen Pastor Cemetery Questa

Calvary Cemetery

Canon Brethren Cemetery, Taos Lat 36.388N Long 105.555W

Canon Protestant Cemetery

Carson Cemetery Carson

Cerro Cemetery Cerro

Cerro Protestant Cemetery Cerro

Chama Cemetery

Chamisal Cemetery, Chamisal

Chamisal (Lower) Cemetery, Chamisal

Chamisal Presbyterian Cemetery, Chamisal

Colonias Cemetery, Taos Lat 36.451N Long 105.614W

Culebra Cemetery

Descanso Cemetery, Ranchos de Taos Lat 36.354N Long 105.602W

Dominguez Cemetery

Eagle Rock Cemetery Taos

El Prado Cemetery El Prado

El Valle Cemetery, El Valle

Eretz Shalom Cemetery Taos

Gorman Family Cemetery Near Las Colonias, Taos

Graham Cemetery, Taos Lat 36.395N Long 105.594W

Griego Family Cemetery, Penasco Lat 36.179N Long 105.690W

Hartt Cemetery, Ranchos de Taos Lat 36.363N Long 105.612W

Kit Carson Cemetery, Taos Lat 36.408N Long 105.569W

Koiwa Ranch Cemetery, San Cristobal 36.24478 -105.34214

LaLoma Cemetery, Taos Lat 36.411N Long 105.577W

Lama Cemetery, Lama

Las Cruces Cemetery
, Taos Lat 36.405N Long 105.564W

Latir Cemetery, Cerro Lat 36.808N Long 105.575W

Llano de San Juan Nepomuceno Morada Cemetery Taos, New Mexico

Llano de San Juan Nepomuceno Catholic Cemetery Taos, New Mexico

Llano Largo Cemetery aka San Acacio Cemetery Llano Largo

Llano Quemado Cemetery, Llano Quemado

Llano de la Yegua Cemetery, Penasco Lat 36.149N Long 105.664W

Los Cordovas Cemetery

Los Dolores Cemetery, Taos Lat 36.386N Long 105.557W

Maqbara of Murshida Questa

Mascarenas Cemetery Penasco

Miera Cemetery

Morada Cemetery, Penasco Lat 36.142N Long 105.683W

Mormon Cemetery

Mosquero Cemetery

Norsworthy Cemetery Amalia

Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe Cemetery, Taos

Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno Cemetery Ranchos de Taos

Ojo Caliente Cemetery, Ojo Caliente Lat 36.301N Long 106.045W

Pacheco Cemetery, Taos Lat 36.393N Long 105.596W

Penas Negras Cemetery, Los Cordovas Lat 36.392N Long 105.629W

Penasco Cemetery aka San Pedro Cemetery Penasco

Picuris Cemetery

Pilar Cemetery aka La Cieneguilla Cemetery Pilar

Placitas Cemetery

Pueblito Cemetery, Questa

Purisima Concepcion, Ranchitos

Questa Cemetery, Questa

Rael Cemetery, Arroyo Hondo Lat 36.540N Long 105.672W

Ramon Sanchez Cemetery, Penasco Lat 36.179N Long 105.700W

Ranchos Cemetery

Red River Cemetery, Red River

Cemetery near Red River

Rio Colorado Cemetery

Rio Lucio Cemetery, Penasco Lat 36.184N Long 105.706W

Rivali Cemetery

Rivera Cemetery

Rodarte Cemetery

Romero Cemetery

Roybal Cemetery

Sacred Heart Cemetery, Costilla

San Antonio Cemetery aka Valdez Cemetery, Valdez Lat 36.707N Long 105.596W

San Cristobal Cemetery

San Fernando Cemetery

San Francisco Cemetery, Ranchos de Taos Lat 36.352N Long 105.601W

San Geronimo Cemetery, Taos Pueblo

San Jose de Gracia Cemetery aka Trampas Cemetery, Trampas Lat 36.131N Long 105.759W

San Pedro Cemetery, Penasco Lat 36.176N Long 105.685W

Santa Barbara Cemetery, Penasco

Santa Cruz Cemetery, Penasco Lat 36.163N Long 105.741W

Sierra Vista Cemetery, Taos Lat 36.416N Long 105.568W

Sunshine Valley Cemetery, Sunshine Lat 36.865N Long 105.641W

Talpa Cemetery, Talpa Lat 36.344N Long 105.589W

Taos Presbyterian Cemetery

Tiendites Cemetery, Tiendites

Tiera Amarilla Cemetery

Tres Piedras Cemetery, Tres Piedras

Tres Rios Cemetery

Turkey Mountain Cemetery

Vadito Cemetery

Vallecitos Cemetery

Veterans Cemetery, Questa Lat 36.706N Long 105.579W

Vidal Maestas Cemetery

Vigil Cemetery

Virgilio Trujillo Cemetery, Penasco
Lat 36.143N Long 105.680W

Youngberg Family Cemetery

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