Huerfano County, Colorado
St. Mary's South Cemetery

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St. Mary's South Cemetery - South of town on US 85/87 (SW1/4 Sec. 10 & NW1/4 Sec. 15, T28S, R66W, 6th P.M.)
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Listing and photos contributed by Karen Mitchell and the Huerfano County volunteers.

Udisher, Annie buried 12-16-1894, notes: child, daughter of Andrew and Annie Udisher Nuestra Senora de los Siete Dolors Death Records, no marker

Ugolini, George 1906 1977 SSDI shows birth 7-9-1906 death 11-1977

Ugolini, Guiseppe 1875 1928 Section 2

Ugolini, Hannah 1906 1955 (Ugolini, Hannah died 01/29/1955 buried 02/04/1955, residence Walsenburg, notes: 47 years, died in St. Mary Hospital, Rochester, Minn., daughter: Bernadine Ugolini, blood clot St. Mary's Death Records)

Ugolini, John 1858 1932 Margaret (Ugolini, John died 01/25/1932 buried 01/28/1932, notes: 73 years, pneumonia St. Mary's Death Records)

Ugolini, John 1880 1962 Section 2

Ugolini, Josephine 1907 1963

Ugolini, Margaret 1864 1938 John (Ugolini, Margaret died 11/22/1938 buried 11/26/1938, residence Walsenburg, notes: 73 years, daughter of John Coutri, son: Thom, paralysis St. Mary's Death Records)

Ugolini, Thomas 1896 1956 (Ugolini, Thomas died 06/07/1956 buried 06/11/1956, residence 324 E 7th, notes: 59 years, died at Pueblo, wife: Minnie Ugolini, heart attack St. Mary's Death Records)

Ugolini, Umberto 4-1-1891 11-1-1917 (Ugolini, Umberto buried 11/01/1917, residence Walsenburg, notes: 27 years, crushed in mine St. Mary's Death Records) Section 2

Ugolini, William 1898 1943 (Ugolini, William died 10/14/1943 buried 10/19/1943, residence Walsenburg, notes: 44 years, wife: Anna, stabbing St. Mary's Death Records) County Burial Permit: died at Walsenburg 10-14-1943, age 44y 9m 26d.

Ukushpania, Tuodpeceva --- --- Baby

Ulasky, George buried 07/25/1912, residence Rouse, notes: 5 months, son of John Ulasky and Anne Lozinski, gastro enteritis St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Ulisse, Annie buried 10/25/1911, residence Oakview, notes: no age given, St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Underaime, Baby buried 06/09/1918, residence Walsenburg, notes: 2 minutes, prolapsed cord St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Unger, Mary Ann 1866 1928 Mother (Unger, Mary Ann died 11/13/1928 buried 11/16/1928, notes: 62 years, cancer St. Mary's Death Records) Section 2

Unterciner, Eugenio buried 08/04/1911, notes: 8 months, son of Luigi Unterciner and Emma Folgereiter St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Urbancich, Paulina 2-5-1922 11-26-1922 Baby (Urbancich, Pauline died 02/06/1923 buried 02/08/1923, notes: 2 months, pneu, St. Mary's Death Records) Section 1

Urodzona, Irena G. 1919 1922

Ussel, Gabriel Rev. 1839 1909 Also

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