Taos County, New Mexico
Taos County Wills

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The following Taos County Wills and Letters of Administration were originally abstracted by Virginia Olmstead and Ann Mossman at the State Records Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico. The complete records are found in Will Book B-2, Taos County, Territory of New Mexico (1851 – 1861) The book is available for inspection at the Records Center.

Gonzales, Ignacio –Letters of Administration– 19 Apr 1851
Co-executors: Dionisio and Francisco Gonzales

Lobato, Maria Gracia –Letters of Administration– 20 Jan 1852
Executor: Jose Antonio Torres,
Sureties: Pedro Martines, Ramon Trujillo

Martin, Maria Manuela –Letters of Administration– 12 Feb 1852, page 5ff,
Executor: Juan Ignacio Martin,
Sureties: Ignacio Valdes, Juan D. Lobato,
Land given to: Maria Ignacia Lopez, Jesus Crespin Lopez, Salvador Medina

Gonzales, Maria Micaela –Letters of Administration– 12 Jan 1852, page 7,
Executor: Dionicio Gonzales,
Sureties: Antonio Jose Martines, Juan Manuel Lucero

Neir, William and Polly –Letters of Administration– 20 Apr 1852, page 8,
Executor: Lucian B. Maxwell,
Sureties: Carlos Beaubien, Juan Cristobal Garcia

Martines, Maria de la Crus – Letters of Administration – 1 Mar 1852,
Executor: Jose Domingo Montoya,
Sureties: Francisco Montoya, Felipe Sanches

Vigil, Maria Teresa –Letters of Administration– 10 May 1852, page 11,
Executor: Tomas Coca
Sureties: Juan Antonio Martin, Gregorio Vigil

Aragon, Lorenso –Letters of Administration– 5 June 1852, page 12,
Executor: Antonio Jose Vigil
Sureties: Jose Manuel Martines, Antonio Martines

Vigil, Manuel Antonio –Letters of Administration– 12 July 1852, page 13,
Executor: Juan de Jesus Trujillo
Sureties: Jose Aragon, Antonio Mondragon

Romero, Juan Felipe –Letters of Administration– 13 Sept 1852, page 15,
Executor: Juan Andres Romero
Sureties: Raymundo Cordova, Solomon Bentura

Mascarenas, Anna Ventura –Letters of Administration– 13 Sept 1852, page 16,
Executor: Jose Rafael Pacheco
Sureties: Joseph H. Walker, Pablo Bueno

Romero, Tomas – Will – 22 Sept 1852, page 17ff,
Family members mentioned: 1st wife: Encarnacion Cordova, deceased,
Son: Juan Felipe Romero
2nd wife: Maria Isadora Martines,
Children: Manuel Antonio, Maria Luisa, deceased, Jose Casimiro deceased, Maria Rosalia deceased, Francisco Antonio, Maria Estefana, Antonio Abo, Maria Silveria, Juan Felipe.
Witnesses: Inocencio Martines, Marcelino Vigil, Manuel LaFebre, Gabriel Lucero, Francisco LaFebre
Executor: Francisco Romero 28 Sept 1852
Sureties: Antonio Martinez, Jose Manuel Martinez

Romero, Maria Ascension – Will – 16 Sept 1852, page 20ff,
Resident of Chamisal
Family members mentioned: Husband Juan Jose Pacheco
Children: Jose Rafael, Jose Francisco, Juan Cristobal, Juana Gertrudis, Maria de la Crus, Maria Dolores
Witnesses: Romaldo Cordova, Manuel Romero, Antonio Sanches, Juan Domingo Lobato
Executor: Pedro Lopes 11 Oct 1852
Sureties: Rafael Pais, Juan Jose Varela

Lucero, Jose Manuel –Letters of Administration– 1 Nov 1852, page 23,
Executor: Jose Francisco Lucero
Sureties: Gabriel Lucero

Fernandes, Maria Rosa – Will – 24 Oct 1852, page 24ff,
1st husband: Crus Venevides, deceased
Children: Maria Encarnacion, Maria Catarina deceased, Maria Ramona
2nd husband: Antonio Trujillo
Children: Jose Salome, Toribio, and the following who were already deceased: Maria Juana Pia, Antonio Jose, Maria Encarnacion, Maria Josefa, Maria Tomasa
Witnesses: Blas Mestas, Francisco Medina, Joaquin Cordova, Diego Medina, Pedro Medina
Co-executors: Juan N. Trujillo, Candelario Montoya 9 Mar 1853
Sureties: Juan D. Lobato, Jose Samora

Crus, Elias –Letters of Administration– 8 March 1853, page 32,
Co-executors: Manuel Lucero, Ramon Arellano
Sureties:Rafael Pais, Juan Cristobal Romero

Lucero, Jose Miguel –Letters of Administration– 8 March 1853, page 34,
Co-executors: Juan Cristobal Romero, Manuel Lucero
Sureties: Rafael Pais, Pedro Medina

Martines, Santiago –Letters of Administration– 14 March 1853, page 35,
Co-executors: Antonio Garcia, Benancio Cordova
Sureties: Manuel Cortes, Demas Vialpando

Gutierres, Jose Trinidad – Will – 26 March 1853, signed, page 37ff,
1st wife: Maria Juana Valerio deceased
Daughter: Maria Dolores deceased
2nd wife: Anna Maria Duran
Daughter: Maria Filomena
Father: Miguel Gutierres
Gifts to: Miguel Gutierres, Gabriel Santistevan, Juan Manchego,
Debtors: Jose de Jesus Vigil, Juan Maria Silva, Jose Duran, Miguel de Herrera, Jeus Romero, Felis Padilla, Lorenzo Sanches
Creditors: Jose Francisco Martines, Mariano Vigil, Miguel Cordova, Ramon Atencio
Witnesses: Jose de Gracia Samora, Simon Salasar, Antonio Ramon Medina, Miguel Martines
Letters of Administration 7 Apr 1853
Executor: Francisco Gonsales
Sureties: Jesus Gallegos, Dionicio Gonsales

Vigil, Maria Espiritu Santo –Letters of Administration– 7 Apr 1853, page 43,
Co-executors: Maria Ortega, Juan Ortega

Garcia (alias Lagos), Jose Manuel – Will – 17 May 1853, page 46ff,
1st wife: Maria Antonia Baca deceased
Son: Jose Vicente deceased
2nd wife: Maria Romero
10 children of 2nd marriage: Maria Amalita de los Dolores, Jose Francisco, Maria del Refugio, Maria Augustina, Juan Isidro, Jose Ignacio, Juan Miguel, Jose de Jesus, Maria de Nicanor, Maria Paula
Mentioned 130 varas land purchased from Francisco Vigil and Maria de la Lus Archuleta. Owned home in Arroyo Hondo.
Witnesses: Jose Isidro Medina, Jose Antonio Archuleta, Juan Jose Santistevan
Letters of Administration 2 July 1853
Co-executors: Antonio Ortiz, Jose Francisco Garcia
Sureties: Angel Vigil, Ricardo Vigil

Silva, Jose Maria – Will – 2 June 1853, page 51ff,
Wife: Maria del Carmen Tayes
4 deceased children not named
Living children: Maria Antonia, Juana, Maria Dominga, Jose Dolores
Granddaughter: Maria Paula Silva
Creditor: Fr. Antonio Jose Martines
Debtors: Jose Maria Labadilla, Jose Antonio Gonsales
Witnesses: Juan de los Ortega, Mariano Apodaca, Julian Apodaca
Wished to be buried in Cemetario de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe
Letters of Administration 4 July 1853
Executors: Fr. Antonio Jose Martines, Hermenegildo Trujillo, Miguel Antonio Lopes

Vigil, Juan de Jesus –Letters of Administration– 4 July 1853, page 56ff,
Executors: Ricardo Vigil, Juan Angel Vigil
Sureties: Antonio Jose Ortiz, Pascual Martines

Matthias, Frederick – Will – 22 Nov 1853, page 58,
Member of 1st U.S. Dragoons “II” Troops
His money in hands of Peter Josephs to “II” Troops, 1st Dragoons.
Residue of his effects to Sgt. William C. Holbrook, 1st Dragoons.
Witnesses: 1st Lt. J.W. Davidson, Sgt. William C. Holbrook, Pvts: John F. Hutchinson, Gordon R. Rennie, George Shirer

Salasar, Esquipula –Letters of Administration– 10 Aug 1854, page 59ff,
Executor: Jose Maria Archuleta
Sureties: Juan Antonio Ribera, Antonio Martines

Medina, Buenabentura –Letters of Administration– 12 Aug 1854, page 61,
Executor: Buenabentura Pacheco
Sureties: Juan Antonio Ribera, Antonio Martines

Aragon, Jose de Jesus – Will – 4 Sept 1854, page 62ff,
Wife: Maria de Jesus Vigil
Deceased children: Juan Maria, Jose Guadalupe, Donaciano, Jose Miguel, Maria Dolores
Living children: Maria Gertrudes, Jose Francisco, Jose Antonio, Juan Bautisto, Maria del Carmen
One unborn child at the time of the will.
Witnesses: Buenaventura Lobato, Francisco Antonio Mascarenas, Jose Antonio Trujillo, Manuel Gregorio Sanches, Miguel Ramon Gonzales, Francisco Antonio Trujillo
Letters of Administration 20 Oct 1854
Executors: Jose Dionicio Gonsales, Jose Domingo Mondragon
Sureties: Miguel Ribera, Marcelino Vigil

Mestas, Maria Eusebia –Letters of Administration– 20 Oct 1854, page 68
Husband: Manuel Sanchez
Executor: Manuel Sanches
Sureties: Antonio Jose Martines, Santiago Martines

Vigil, Maria Josefa –Letters of Administration– 7 Nov 1854, page 69,
Husband: Jose de Jesus Trujillo
Executor: Jose de Jesus Trujillo
Sureties: Francisco Gonsales, Jose Domingo Mondragon

Trujillo, Maria Gregoria –Letters of Administration– 30 Nov 1854, page 71
Executor: Victor Sanches
Sureties: Jose Miguel Martines, Urbano Tafoya

Martines, Jose Manuel - Will – 25 May 1854, page 73ff
Wife: Dona Juanailla Aragones
12 children: 5 men, 7 women, all living at this date
Daughter: Maria Gertrudes – have given land already
Sons-in-law: Hipolito Jose de Jesus Torres, Jesus Maria Cordova
Witnesses: Juan Crus Medina, Juan Jose Duran, Pedro Ignacio Duran, Jose Benedito Madrid, Ramon Duran, Eusebio Medina, Jose Rafael Pacheco
Letters of Administration 30 Nov 1854
Executors: Jose Francisco Martines, Jesus Maria Cordova
Sureties: Tomas Torres, Jose Maria Cordova

Jaramillo. Maria Josefa –Letters of Administration– 12 Apr 1855, page 84ff
Children: Francisco Trujillo, Juana Maria Trujillo, Maria Trinidad Trujillo, Maria Josefa Trujillo, Jose Guadalupe Trujillo, Donacio Trujillo, Maria Perla Trujillo
Executors: Mattias Garduno, Miguel Antonio Gonzales

Cordova, Mariano –Letters of Administration– 18 Apr 1855, page 84ff
Resident of Mora
Brothers: Joan Pablo Cordova, Miguel Cordova, Pedro Cordova
Executor: Pedro Cordova
Sureties: Juan de Jesus Romo, Jose Benito Vigil

Quintana, Maria Merced –Letters of Administration– 24 Oct 1855, page 87
Executor: Juan Jose Quintana
Sureties: Santiago Martines, Santiago Valdes

Gomes, Santiago –Letters of Administration– 6 Nov 1855, page 88
Executor: Domingo Sanches
Sureties: Carlos H. Beaubien, Jose Francisco Cortes

Quintana, Maria Josefa – Will – 6 Oct 1855, page 90ff
Husband: Juan Ignacio Trujillo
Deceased children: Miguel Antonio, Gertrudes Maria Rosa
Living children: Manuel Antonio, Juan de la Crus, Jose de la Incarnacion, Julian Deluviano
Witnesses: Juan Bautista Gracion, Juan Matias Garduno
Letters of Administration 3 Dec 1855
Executor: Manuel Antonio Trujillo
Sureties: Ramon Arellano, Jose Maria Cordova

Barclay, Alexander –Letters of Administration– 2 Feb 1856, page 93
Executor: William Kroenig
Sureties: Robert Cary, Lucian Steward
Only heir: George Barclay of England, brother of deceased

Casados, Julian –Letters of Administration– 31 May 1856, page 95
Executors: Jose Manuel Casados, Guadalupe Lujan
Sureties: Buenaventura Martines, Francisco Antonio Quintana

Garcia, Maria Francesca –Letters of Administration– 7 June 1856, page 95
Executor: Francisco Fernandes
Sureties: Pascual Martines, Jose Manuel Martines

Sanches, Jose Miguel – Will – 14 June 1856, page 99ff
1st wife: Maria Soledad Baca
14 children; 7 living
2nd wife: Maria Candelaria Vigil, still living
5 children, 2 living
Children mentioned by name: Maria Manuela, Maria Encarnacion, Jose Antonio, Joaquin, Victor
Creditors mentioned: Gabriel Lucero, Carlos Beaubien, Jose M. Martines, Guilermo Blanco, Gregorio Rodrigues Vigil
Witnesses: Cornelio Coca, Manuel Sisneros, Pedro Antonio Montoya, Florencio Chaves, Francisco Espinosa, Francisco Medina, Jose Leon Medina
Letters of Administration 8 July 1856
Executor: Victor Sanches
Sureties: Jose Montoya, Hipolito Tafoya

Fernandez, Maria de la Cruz – Will – 25 Oct 1856, page 102ff
Husband: Francisco Cordoba
Son: Juan Cristobal
Other children: Maria Victoria, Maria Eugenia, Jose Rafael, Francisco Zavier, Jose Tomas, Maria Gregoria
Deceased children: Antonio Jose, Ramon, Jose Tomas, Juana Catarina
Witnesses: Manuel Samora, Diego Espinosa, Felipe Cordova, Juan Jose Nicanor Vigil, Juan Antonio Martinez
Letters of Administration 29 Oct 1856
Executor: Juan Cristobal Cordova
Sureties: Santiago Martinez, Ignacio Valdez

Trugillo, Maria de la Luz – Will – 16 Sept 1856, page 108ff
Husband: Don Fernando Trugillo
Children: Jose Felix Lontin, Maria Rosa Lontin, Maria Justa Lontin, Jose Pablo de los Dolores Sandoval, Maria Diluvina Sandoval, Juan Augustin Trugillo, Maria Virginia Trugillo
Creditors: Maria Rosalia Baca, Cosme Trugillo, Don Santiago Gallegos, Leonor Bobian
Witnesses: Miguel Ribera, Juan Salvador Mestas, Jesus Maria Gomes, Juan Isidoro Esquibel, Juan Cristobal Martin, Luciano Jaramillo, Gabriel Lucero
Letters of Administration 4 Nov 1856
Executor: Santiago Gallegos
Sureties: Gabriel Vigil, Agapito Fresquis

Bergeret, John –Letters of Administration– Nov 1856, page 111ff
Administrator: James D. Quinn

Gonsales, Jose –Letters of Administration– 18 Dec 1856, page 113ff
Died intestate
Executors: Francisco Barela, Felipe de Jesus Baca, Carlos Beaubien, Pedro Valdez

Cordova, Maria Antonia – Will – 18 Nov 1856, page 115ff
Husband: Brigido Gonsales deceased
Two children deceased
Bequests: Domingo Cordoba, Felipe Cordoba, Pablo Cordoba brother, Rita Cordoba sister, Maria T. Cordoba sister
Creditors: Francisco Trujillo, Juan Julian Martines, Juan Gonsales, Rafael Cordova, Jose Armenta, Juan Jose Garcia, Ventura Medina, Feliz Maes, Jose de la Cruz Quintana, Domingo Cordoba, Pablo Cordoba, Juan Julian Trujillo
Debtors: Maria de la Luz Quintana, Ramon Sanches, Francisco Martin, Maria Jesus Espinosa, Domingo Archuleta, Miguel de Herrera, Gertrudes Abeyta, ? Marques, Maria Antonia Romero, Felipe Cordoba, Senior ?
Witnesses: Maria Antonia Cordoba, Domingo Archuleta, Ramon Sanches, Juan Archuleta
Letters of Administration 7 Feb 1857
Executors: Antonio Jose Valdez, Juan Isidro Valdez
Surety: Juan de Jesus Valdez

Garcia de Noriega, Rafael – Will – written 2 June 1856, signed 20 Feb 1857, page 126ff
Wife:Maria Cestina Salasar deceased
Children: Maria Dolores, Juan Bautista, Maria Peregrina, Maria Veneranda, Maria de la Luz
2nd wife: Maria Juana Mascarenas
Living daughter: Maria Estefana Garcia, four deceased
Servant: Jose Antonio
Debtors: Juan Domingo Gomez, Juan Ignacio Mires, Ramon Varos, Juan Duran, Rafael Duran de Guadalupe, Marcelino Pacheco
Witnesses: Trinidad Lopes, Pablo Valdes, Julian Mes, Faustin Beita, Antonio Jose Belarde, Juan Andres Quintana, Antonio Garcia
Letters of Administration 26 Feb 1857
Executors: Jose Maria Valdes, Miguel Mascarenas

Trujillo, Juan Cristobal –Letters of Administration– 2 May 1857, page 134ff
Son: Jose Tomas Trujillo, minor
Guardian: Jose Francisco Trujillo
Executor: Jose Francisco Trujillo
Sureties: Francisco Gonsales, Juan Garcia

Martines, Gertrudis no date, page 136
Name only, Will incomplete

Abeyta, Tomas Jesus, Priest – Will – 18 July 1859, page 137, 213
Ordained: Bishop Antonio Zubia, Catholic in Durango, Mexico
Desired burial at Church of San Jose de las Trampas
Two page list of possessions
Letters of Administration 13 Sept 1859
Executors: Juan Sanches, Jose Dolores Duran

Romero, Francisco Antonio – Will – 2 Nov 1857, page 140ff
Desired burial: Cemetery of our Savior of Guadalupe
Wife: Maria Miquela Martin
Creditors: Juan LaTapie, Pedro Valdez
Debtors: Sr. Sanbran, Juan Pablo Gallegos, Juan Luis Areas, Aniceto Valdes, Miguel Mares, Rafael Duran, Antonio Vigil, Jose Cordova, Rafael Sandoval, Augustin Sandoval, Juan Bautista Padilla
Witnesses: Juan Cristobal Salazar, Esquipula Ruibal, Ramos Mestas
Executors: Ricardo Branch, Antonio Martines
Sureties: Francisco Armijo, Gabriel Lucero

Medina, Diego –Letters of Administration– 3 May 1858, page 146ff
No living children
Executor: Petrolino Medina
Sureties: Julian Duran, Rafael Tenorio

Ortega, Antonio Encarnacion –Letters of Administration– 5 May 1858, page 149ff
Executor: Miguel Antonio Lopez
Sureties: Santiago Martines, Juan Felipe Cordova

Sanchez, Jose Antonio – Will – 20 July 1858, page 152ff
Wife: Juana Soledad Lopez
Children: Deceased: Concha Nasarena, Juana Maria, Maria Juana,
Living Children: Antonia Rosa, Jose Andres, Maria de Jesus, Maria Soledad
Grandson: Juan Antonio Gutierres
Creditors: Fr. Gabriel Ussel, Juan Antonio Cruz, Maria de Jesus
Witnesses: Jose Maria Archuleta, Manuel Quintana, Juan Manuel Fernandez, Antonio Cordoba, Juan Jose Arguello, Lorenzo Martines
Will registered: 8 Sept 1858

Gomez, Mateo –Letters of Administration– 13 Nov 1856, page 155ff
Heirs: Maria Juana Gomez of San Miguel County, Maria Manuela Gomez and Manuel Gregorio Gomez, both of Taos County
Executor: Manuel Gomez
Sureties: Santiago Gallegos, Carlos Beaubien, Juan Antonio Espinosa
His complete will is recorded on page 158ff, dated 13 June 1857
Burial desired: Church of San Francisco de Assis
1st wife: Maria Sylveria de Jesus Martin, deceased
Children” Seven, three living: Maria Juana, Maria Manuela, Manuel Gregorio
2nd wife: Maria Desideria Trujillo, no children by her
Previus owners of land mentioned in Will: Maria de la Luz Cortez, Francisco Montoya, Andres Arreras, Anieto Quintana, Andreas Martines, Basilio Martines
Friends mentioned: Miguel Atencio, Mariano Cortez, Manuel Cortes, Miguel Antonio Maestas
Older brother: Diego Gomez
Indian servants: Maria Antonia and Juan Francisco
Other servants: Valentin Cordova, Juan Garcia, Miguel Trujillo y Pando, Ramon Martin y Chavez, Jose de Jesus Cortez, Vicente Ferrer Rodrigues, Diego Martin, son of Santos Martin, Rafael Garcia son of Juan Garcia
Witnesses: Geronimo Martines, Andres Martines, Raimondo Cordova, Benito Cortes, Luis Maria Trujillo, Pedro Antonio Trujillo, Jesus Cordova
Final settlement: 11 Feb 1859

Aguilar, Juan –Letters of Administration– 26 Jan 1859, page 174ff
Executor: Guadalupe Salasar
Sureties: Juan Santistevan, Pedro Sanches

Mascarenas, Juan Maria –Letters of Administration– 29 Jan 1859, page 177ff
Executor: Jose Maria Valdez
Sureties: Juan Isidro Valdez, Julian Ledux

Garcia, Maria Estefana –Letters of Administration– 28 Feb 1859, page 182ff
Daughter: Maria Estefana Garcia, age 3
Court appointed guardian: Bernardo Salasar
Executor: Bernardo Salasar
Sureties: Juan Sanchez, Miguel Mascarenas

Montoya, Jose Fernando – Will – 2 Feb 1859, page 190ff
Refers to his marriage of 38 years.
Ten children: Maria Loreta, Antonio Nerio, Maria Ignacia, Juan Santos, Juan de Dios, Maria Guadalupe, Luis Gonsaga de Jesus, Juan Francisco, Juan Bautista, Jose Bicente Montoya
Granddaughter: Maria Gregoria Gallegos
Grandson: Juan de Dios Montoya
Son-in-law: Juan Manuel Gallegos
Debtor: Matias Martines
Creditors: Fernando Montoya, Don Geronimo Jaramillo, Maria Teresa Martin
Desires burial: Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Conejos
Witnesses: Antonio G. Galves, Jose Benito Atencio, Felipe Lucero
Filed: 5 May 1859
Executors: Antonio Nerio Montoya, Lorenzo Trujillo
Sureties: Pedro Antonio Trujillo, Manuel Gregorio Martinez

Gonzales, Dionicio –Letters of Administration– 7 March 1859, page 197ff
Wife: Maria Gertrudes Aragon
Children: Maria Paula, Maria Ascencion, Jose Leandro, Maria, Jose Severo Gonzales
Executor: Felipe Vigil
Sureties: Francisco Gonzales, Antonio Gonzales

Quintana, Maria Concepcion – Will – 27 May 1859, page 200ff
Husband deceased: Jose Manuel Torres
Two daughters: Maria Josefa Torres Deceased wife of Rafael Montoya, no living issue; Maria Teodora Torres, wife of Pedro Antonio Vigil
Desires burial at Church of San Francisco de Asisi beside husband
Witnesses: Ignacio Martines, Pedro Antonio Aragon, Ramon Martin
Filed: 23 June 1859

Trujillo, Pedro Antonio – Will – 16 Aug 1859, page 203ff
Wife: Maria Rafaela Quintana
Six children: all living, Juan Andres, Maria de Jesus, Jose Meliton, Maria Rumalda, Jose Teofilo, Maria Rita Trujillo
Sons-in-law: Jose Mares, Necesario Gallegos
Witnesses: Jose Atencio, Geronimo Jaramillo, Jose Gabriel Atencio, Jose Lion Trujillo, Fernando Montano
Filed: 27 Aug 1859

Valdez, Maria Encarnacion –Letters of Administration– 1 Oct 1859, page 203ff
One daughter living and of age
Executor: Tomas Apodaca
Sureties:Vicente Romoer, Vital Trujillo

Ortega, Antonio Encarnacion -Letters of Administration– 13 Sept 1859, page 210ff
Owned land in Taos and Rio Arriba Counties
Brothers: Hilario Ortega, Maria del Carmel Ortega, Jesus Ortega
Executor: Pedro Antonio Lobato
Sureties: Jesus Velasquez, Santiago Sanches

Abeita, Tomas Jesus, Priest, - Letters of Administration– 13 Sept 1859, page 213ff
Executors: Juan Sanchez, Jose Dolores Duran

Cordova, Maria Gertrudis – Will – 1 Nov 1859, page 215ff
Husband: Juan Domingo Tafoya, deceased
Eight children: Marta, Pedro, Maria Dolores, Brigida Tafoys deceased, Juliana, Maria Soledad, Ramona, Jose Dolores Tafoya, living
Son-in-law: Francisco Estevan Martines
Statements about grandchildren: Brigida was married and had 5 children, Maria Dolores had two children – one living, Pablo had 7 children, 1 deceased
Debtors: Jose Dolores Martines, Juan Gallegos
Witnesses: Francisco Duran, Julian Jaramillo, Jose Cortes, Julian Zamora, all used marks for signatures
Executors: Jose Dolores Tafoya, Francisco Estevan Martines
Sureties: Santiago Valdes, Pedro Sanches


Trujillo, Juan de Jesus 28 Feb 1859, page 185ff
Minor, age 6
Living mother: Maria de la Cruz
Guardian: Ignacio Trujillo
Sureties: Juan Trujillo, Andres Trujillo

Valdez, Jose Rafael age 10 28 Feb 1859, page 187ff
Valdez, Jose Antonio age 7
Valdez, Andrea age 3
Guardian: Aniceto Valdez
Sureties: Juan Isidro Valdez, Lino Trujillo

Trujillo, Antonio aka El Tabesi 18 Oct 1859, page 221ff
Minor age 15
Guardian: Felipe Ledoux
Surety: Julian Ledoux

The following unusual item was the final entry in Taos County Will Book B-2:

Administration of the estate of two unknown Americans assassinated at El Rayado. Joseph Pley was appointed as administrator with Moritz Bulschowsky and Antonio Leroux as sureties.
This happening occurred within the County of Taos. The two bodies of middle aged Americans were found on the Rayado River about two miles below the Plasa, on the 26 or 27 of September 1859, a day or two after their deaths. It was said that they were passing through the Territory going to Pikes Peak. With the bodies were found 3 sacks of flour, 100 pounds each, also a pair of oxen, together with small articles of little value. No mention was made of who found the bodies.

This concludes the items in Will Book B-2, County of Fernando de Taos, Territory of New Mexico. The State Record Center also has a will book for the following ten years.

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