Pueblo County, Colorado
B'Nai Jacob Jewish Cemetery

Contributed by Karen Mitchell, Billie Crump, and Floyd Kelling.
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If anyone has more information on this cemetery, can identify the unknown graves, or can add more data to the listing please contact Karen Mitchell . This cemetery is popularly known as the Jewish cemetery and is located at the Pioneer cemetery in Pueblo. More specifically it is on the northwest side of Pueblo between 23rd Street and Montezuma. Established by the Hebrew Benevolent Society in 1873. Expanded north to 23rd Street in the 1960s. Owned by the United Hebrew Congregation and is named for the B'Nai Jacob Congregation which was located on Sounth Union Avenue in 1908. Sexton is Jerry Roseblatt, phone number is 719-544-8523; or Jim Stiles phone number 719-369-9291

Main gate (Karen Mitchell

Overall (Floyd Kelling)

?, Mother born died (Karen Mitchell)

Abner, Jessie born 1897 died 1971 (Floyd Kelling)

Abner, Michael born 1895 died 1967 (Floyd Kelling)

Abrahams, Joseph born 1846 died 1900 BPOE No. 90

Adler, Sophia A. born no date died 4-14-1884 Notes: age 64y, wife of Alden (Floyd Kelling)

Arkush, Abraham born 1865 died 1882 age 17y, son of S and F (Floyd Kelling)

Arkush, Hannah no dates

Aronofsky, Bessie Frumie born 1899 died 10-9-1962 (Floyd Kelling)

Atlas, David born 2/6/1906 died 10/3/1998 age 92y Keeper of the law, David Ben Smuel Joseph Riuka Adrian Comer Mortuary (Karen Mitchell)

Atlas, Sally born 8/30/1905 died 1/6/1998 age 92y A woman of valor Adrian Comer Mortuary (Karen Mitchell)

Bain, Joseph born 1888 died 4-8-1950 (Karen Mitchell)

Bain, Sarah born 1894 died 11-23-1971 (Karen Mitchell)

Barnett, David no dates

Barnett, Mary born 4-19-1868 died 11-25-1917 Notes: wife of David (Floyd Kelling)

Barnett, Mary born 4-19-1863 died 11/25/1917 (Floyd Kelling)

Barnett, Scott M. born 8/25/1947 died 8/26/1975 (Floyd Kelling)

Baruch, Isaac no dates

Bearman, Stella R. born 8-23-1883 died 3/12/1907 wife of Harry (Floyd Kelling)

Bergida, Cecilie born 1907 died 10-17-1951 (Karen Mitchell)

Berkovitz, Anna M. born no date died 11/8/1933 Mother (Karen Mitchell)

Berkovitz, Mathis born 1864 died 9-25-1926 Father (Karen Mitchell)

Berkowitz, Aaron born 4/8/1915 died 4/8/1915 (Floyd Kelling)

Berkowitz, Harriet born 8/20/1913 died 3/6/1916 (Floyd Kelling)

Berkowitz, Samuel H. born 1-9-1877 died 9-1-1903 (Karen Mitchell)

Bernstein, Israel born 1861 died 6-21-1923 WOW (Karen Mitchell)

Bernstein, Louis born 5-25-1872 died 9/20/1930 (Karen Mitchell)

Bernstein, Morris born 1869 died 6/23/1916 (Karen Mitchell)

Bernstein, Nathan born 1897 died 4-7-1974 (Karen Mitchell)

Bernstein, Rose born no date died 8/22/1956 Beloved Mother (Floyd Kelling)

Black, Hannah Joan born 6/10/1908 died 1/24/1932 (Karen Mitchell)

Black, Max born 9-?-1880 died 9/3/1931 (Karen Mitchell)

Block, Rachel born no date died 5/6/1928 Notes: age 92y (Floyd Kelling)

Bloom, Ben R. born 8/21/1919 died 8/20/1944 Notes: Colorado 1st Lt 468 AAF 30M3 OP WWII (Karen Mitchell)

Bloom, Morris born 4-14-1895 died 12/8/1972 (Karen Mitchell)

Bloom, Sadie Tillie born 5-15-1898 died 12/12/1962 (Karen Mitchell)

Borinsky, Jake born no date died 8/3/1955 (Floyd Kelling)

Borinsky, Lena born no date died 9/26/1951 (Floyd Kelling)

Borinsky, Louis born 1/1/1911 died 7/5/1984 (Floyd Kelling)

Borinsky, Robert J. born 12/25/1925 died 7/18/1998 (Karen Mitchell)

Borinsky, Robert J. born died (Karen Mitchell)

Breetwor, Blanche R. born 11-24-1900 died 5-18-1973

Breetwor, Hannah born 1861 died 3-3-1926 (Karen Mitchell)

Breetwor, Israel S. born 4-22-1896 died 8/16/1952 Rest In Peace (Floyd Kelling)

Breetwor, J. Moses born 6-10-1863 died 2/11/1921 (Karen Mitchell)

Brody, EdithYord born 11/9/1916 died 7/24/2006 (Karen Mitchell)

Brody, George born 2/18/1920 died 7/27/2002 (Karen Mitchell)

Bronstein, Oscar born 1-17-1896 died 10/20/1945 (Karen Mitchell)

Buckstein, Eleanor born 4/19/1911 died 12/20/1996 T.G. McCarthy Mortuary (Karen Mitchell)

Buckstein, Estelle Dorothy born no date died 7/4/1964 (Karen Mitchell)

Buckstein, Fanny born no date died 10-9-1921 (Karen Mitchell)

Buckstein, Jacob born no date died 1-12-1922 (Karen Mitchell)

Buckstein, Johanna born no date died 1/6/1926 Notes: age 55y (Karen Mitchell)

Buckstein, Joseph born 1869 died 12-8-1942 (Karen Mitchell)

Buckstein, Morris died 8/6/1944 (Karen Mitchell)

Buckstein, Sarah Bashe born 1871 died 1-20-1955 (Karen Mitchell)

Buckstein, Ted born 7-27-1908 died 3/15/2002 (Karen Mitchell)

Burstein, Sheldon born 1921 died 8-31-1975 (Karen Mitchell)

Carmel, Mae Jane no dates

Childs, Max no dates

Cimberc, Miron born 4-10-1915 died 9-26-1996 surname may be Tsiberg

Cohen, Abraham born 1904 died 10-25-1971 (Karen Mitchell)

Cohen, Ann R. born no date died no date (Karen Mitchell)

Cohen, Esel born 1904 died 11-30-1997 T.G. McCarthy Mortuary (Karen Mitchell)

Cohen, Fay Raich born 1913 died 8-10-2002 (Karen Mitchell)

Cohen, Harry born 1861 died 4-24-1954 Proverbs 9:32(Floyd Kelling)

Cohen, Julius H. born 1912 died 9-24-1986 (Karen Mitchell)

Cohen, Louis born no date died 9-29-1894 Notes: age 46y (Floyd Kelling)

Cohen, Mattie born 1869 died 3-6-1953 P{roverns 31:28(Floyd Kelling)

Cohen, Max David born 1908 died 10-3-1967 (Karen Mitchell)

Cohen, Morris born no date died 5/29/1940 (Karen Mitchell)

Cohen, Paula Colton born 1908 died 9-15-1966 Wife and Mother (Karen Mitchell)

Cohen, Sol born 5/19/1911 died 8/18/1911 Notes: McCarthy Funeral home, born in Denver, son of Sam and Dora Inger Cohen, both born Europe

Cohen, Tillie S. born no date died 9/7/1985 (Karen Mitchell)

Copp, Joseph born 1887 died 12-23-1932 (Karen Mitchell)

Copp, Max born 8-2-1919 died 2-4-1944 Notes: Killed in action (Karen Mitchell)

Copp, Sadie born 1893 died 10-13-1971 (Karen Mitchell)

Copp, Samuel born 9/15/1915 died 5/29/1998 Adrian Comer Mortuary (Karen Mitchell)

Copp, Selma born 1/7/1921 died no date (Karen Mitchell)

Coren, Edna B. born 6-21-1898 died 1/5/1984 (Floyd Kelling)

Cramer, William born no date died 6/25/1916 Notes: age 57y (Karen Mitchell)

Davinsky, Fannie born 1853 died 7-25-1925 (Floyd Kelling)

Davinsky, Jacob born 1851 died 10-2-1921 (Floyd Kelling)

Deikman, Eva born 1905 died 11-22-1983 (Floyd Kelling)

Deikman, Herman born 1900 died 4-25-1978 (Floyd Kelling)

Diamond, Max born 1895 died 1956 (Floyd Kelling)

Dobin, infant son born 8/13/1949 died 8/14/1949 son of Mr. & Mrs. Norman Dobin(Floyd Kelling)

Dobin, Jessie born 11-3-1893 died 9/2/1982 (Floyd Kelling)

Dobin, Max born 4-4-1889 died 8/27/1956 (Floyd Kelling)

Dobin, Samuel born 9-10-1884 died 2/1/1950 Father (Floyd Kelling)

Dobin, Yachna born 3-20-1885 died 8/30/1971 Mother (Floyd Kelling)

Dubin, David born 7/21/1922 died 10/21/2006 (Floyd Kelling)

Dubin, Esther Kolnick born 12/29/1930 died 10/18/1991 T.G. McCarthy Mortuary (Floyd Kelling)

Dubin, male died 1938

Dubin, Michael Scott born no date died 9/23/1968 (Floyd Kelling)

Dubnick, Herman born 2/28/1918 died 11/17/1968 Husband, Father, Grandfather (Floyd Kelling)

Edelstein, Jane born 1897 died 9-24-1988 (Floyd Kelling)

Edelstein, Joseph born 1886 died 1-4-1967 Brother (Floyd Kelling)

Edelstein, Louis Herman born 1902 died 8-8-1960 Beloved Brother (Floyd Kelling)

Edelstein, Mary born 1861 died 12-19-1935 (Karen Mitchell)

Edelstein, Moses Gavriel born 1859 died 3-16-1939 (Karen Mitchell)

Edelstein, Samuel born 1884 died 1-24-1966 Brother (Floyd Kelling)

Ehrlich, Aaron born no date died 12/5/1976 (Floyd Kelling)

Ehrlich, Aaron born no date died 12/5/1976 (Karen Mitchell)

Ehrlich, Herman Benjamin born 1886 died 1916 (Karen Mitchell)

Ehrlich, Mollie born 5-30-1861 died 4/29/1941 (Karen Mitchell)

Ehrlich, Samuel born 1-25-1861 died 3/14/1938 (Karen Mitchell)

Einhorn, Fannie born 12-19-1879 died 9/27/1930 Mother (Karen Mitchell)

Einhorn, Morris born 1-10-1879 died 6/10/1945 Father (Karen Mitchell)

Eisen, Rose born 1913 died 1997 (Karen Mitchell)

Elgart, Paul born 5/22/1922 died 4/13/1995 T.G. McCarthy Mortuary (Floyd Kelling)

Entrance stone born died Notes: founded 1881 (Karen Mitchell)

Epstein, Molly born no date died 8/25/1917 Notes: age 80y (Karen Mitchell)

Factoroff, Eli born 1912 died 11-26-1976 Notes: Cpl US Army WWII (Floyd Kelling)

Fein, Rebecca born 1868 died 1959 (Floyd Kelling)

Feinberg, A. born 1860 died 1933 Father (Karen Mitchell)

Feinberg, Freida Rachel born 1857 died 1917 Mother (Karen Mitchell)

Fessler, Hans David born 1894 died 12-31-1955 Holocaust Survivor (Karen Mitchell)

Finkelstein, Isidor born no date died 9-3-1883 Notes: age 32y (Floyd Kelling)

Fist, David born no date died 3/27/1901 Notes: age 62y. Widowed, informant Julius Fist & Co., McCarthy Funeral Home

Fitterman, Goldie Martha born 1893 died 4-24-1965 (Floyd Kelling)

Fitterman, Isaac born 1916 died 11-8-1990

Fitterman, Max born 1891 died 3-18-1988 (Floyd Kelling)

Franklin, Simon born no date died 6/9/1900 Notes: age 83y 5d, married, resident of 316 W. 10th, age 83y 5d, died 6-9-1900 buried 6-10-1900, father of F.B. Franklin, Dr. A.L. Fugard, McCarthy Funeral Home (Karen Mitchell)

Franklin, Abraham born 1889 died 1921 (Floyd Kelling)

Franklin, Abraham B. born 4-12-1852 died 8/28/1903 (Floyd Kelling)

Franklin, Jette born no date died 2-18-1891 Notes: age 70y 6m wife of Simon (Floyd Kelling)

Franklin, Jette born no date died 2-18-1891 Notes: age 70y 6m wife of Simon (Karen Mitchell)

Franklin, Simon died 6-9-1900 age 83y 5d

Freedman, Gussie born 1883 died 7-28-1933 (Floyd Kelling)

Freund, Otto no dates

Friedman, Hyman born 1880 died 1913 (Karen Mitchell)

Friend, Alex born 1840 died 1926 (Karen Mitchell)

Friend, Bertha born no date died 5/8/1914 (Karen Mitchell)

Fryback, Besse born 1897 died 1979 (Floyd Kelling)

Gelman, Leslie Kark died 1-5-2006

Gerenreich, Mendel born 3/15/1924 died 2/11/1958 (Karen Mitchell)

Ginsburg, Barney born 1863 died 1928 (Floyd Kelling)

Ginsburg, Emma born 1877 died 1964 (Floyd Kelling)

Ginsburg, Sol born 9/5/1902 died no date (Floyd Kelling)

Glatcow, Joseph born 1898 died 1940 (Floyd Kelling)

Glatleider, Benjamin born 11-25-1885 died 3/26/1942 (Karen Mitchell)

Glatleider, Bessie Y. born 1882 died 7-18-1976 (Karen Mitchell)

Glatleider, Ida D. born 1906 died 6-24-1986 (Karen Mitchell)

Glatleider, Sam born 1913 died 7-9-1988 (Karen Mitchell)

Goldberg, Ari Leib died 8-20-1911

Goldman, Alex born no date died 3/18/1963 (Karen Mitchell)

Goldman, Bluma born no date died 6/29/1954 (Karen Mitchell)

Goldman, Ida Grinblum born 1886 died 7-31-1943 daughter of S.L. Grinblum (Floyd Kelling)

Goldman, Sylvia born 7-9-1913 died 4-3-1914

Goldsmith, Simon born 1869 died 12-29-1902 (Karen Mitchell)

Goldstein, Harry born 10-8-1860 died 10/11/1902 Notes: McCarthy Funeral home shows first name as Henry, age 40y 3m, buried Jewish part of Pueblo Cem. (Karen Mitchell)

Goodman, Helen Bergida born 1901 died 12-28-1981 (Karen Mitchell)

Goodman, Sylvia born 7/9/1913 died 4/3/1914 (Floyd Kelling)

Goodman, William born 1892 died 7-28-1963 (Karen Mitchell)

Gorbatsch, Rose born 1879 died 1945 (Karen Mitchell)

Gordon, David born no date died 1/28/1901 (Karen Mitchell)

Gotfred, Jake A. born 11/3/1909 died 1/12/1981 (Karen Mitchell)

Gotfred, Joseph born 1/2/1923 died 5/17/1993 Adrian Comer Mortuary Av 18 5706 (Floyd Kelling)

Gotfred, Joseph H. born 1888 died 8-15-1946 Holocaust Survivor (Karen Mitchell)

Gotfred, Larry born 5/15/1924 died 3/6/2001 (Floyd Kelling)

Gotfred, Mary born 1888 died 3-3-1969 Adar 13 5729 (Karen Mitchell)

Gotfred, NoreenDobin born 3/24/1932 died 8/23/1980 (Floyd Kelling)

Greenberg, Carrie born 9-27-1887 died 6/24/1938 (Karen Mitchell)

Greenberg, Irvin C. born 6/19/1917 died 12/17/2002 (Karen Mitchell)

Greenberg, Jean Bergman born 2/3/1922 died 3/14/1986 (Karen Mitchell)

Greenberg, Max D. born 1-19-1875 died 3/8/1967 (Karen Mitchell)

Greenberg, Minnie born 1880 died 3-4-1962 Mother (Karen Mitchell)

Greenberg, Moses born 1876 died 10-6-1932 Father (Karen Mitchell)

Greenberg, Paul born 6/8/1909 died 10/15/1914 (Karen Mitchell)

Greenberg, William born 1897 died 7-22-1981 (Karen Mitchell)

Greenburg, Ida born no date died 3/14/1940 (Karen Mitchell)

Greenburg, Samuel born no date died 6/1/1916 WOW (Karen Mitchell)

Greenstein, Annie born 1881 died 9-23-1917 (Karen Mitchell)

Greenstein, Manuel Rabbi born no date died 2/23/1981 (Karen Mitchell)

Greenstein, Yudis born no date died 2/20/1976 (Karen Mitchell)

Greinetz, Max L. born died (Floyd Kelling)

Greinetz, Max L. born 1/15/1900 died 2-23-1901 (Floyd Kelling)

Gross, Dave born 1888 died 1-14-1940 (Karen Mitchell)

Haberman, Matilda born 1877 died 3-3-1908 Beloved Sister (Karen Mitchell)

Hacht, David Aaron born 11-11-1884 died 11-24-1944 (Karen Mitchell)

Hacht, Helen born 1883 died 1-17-1964 Mother (Floyd Kelling)

Hatch, Lena Gottfred born 12/2/1911 died 12/16/1986 (Karen Mitchell)

Hatch, Meyer born 2/8/1911 died 7/4/1991 T.G. McCarthy Mortuary (Karen Mitchell)

Heitler, Joseph born no date died 2-16-1888 Notes: age 73y (Floyd Kelling)

Heitler, Karl died 1875 age 12y

Heller, Hannah born 1864 died 8/4/1927 (Floyd Kelling)

Herts, Bena Penter born 7-12-1898 died 6/10/1921 (Karen Mitchell)

Herts, Rose born 4-8-1894 died 12/10/1918 (Karen Mitchell)

Hilvitz, David H. born 1911 died 2-15-1974 (Floyd Kelling)

Hilvitz, Harry born 12-25-1877 died 8/28/1917 (Karen Mitchell)

Hilvitz, Ida born 10-25-1877 died 10/16/1958 (Floyd Kelling)

Hilvitz, Joseph born 12-25-1897 died 7/10/1978 (Floyd Kelling)

Hirschorn, Harry born 6-13-1892 died 3/31/1948 (Karen Mitchell)

Isaacs, Reuben J. born 3-28-1862 died 7-29-1894 At Rest (Karen Mitchell)

Israelite, Ruth no dates

Jacobs, Elizabeth born 5-3-1893 died 12/8/1985 (Karen Mitchell)

Jacobs, Isaac H. born 6-28-1887 died 12/17/1929 (Karen Mitchell)

Jacobs, Reuben born no date died 3-25-1899 Notes: age 55y (Karen Mitchell)

Kark, Hyman born 12/12/1914 died 11/16/1983 (Karen Mitchell)

Kark, Joseph born 10/20/1916 died 8/31/1970 age 52y 10m 10d (Karen Mitchell)

Kark, Louis born 1/14/1905 died 11/9/1988 Notes: California Pvt US Marine Corps (Floyd Kelling)

Kark, Mary born 1871 died 12-22-1938 (Karen Mitchell)

Kark, Morris born 1878 died 10-6-1926 (Karen Mitchell)

Kark, Rose Borinsky born 5/25/1913 died 10/3/2000 (Karen Mitchell)

Karsh, Sam born 1910 died 7-11-1964 Tamuz 1, 9724 (Floyd Kelling)

Karten, Milton born 7/1/1919 died 3-27-2012, age 92 (Karen Mitchell)

Karten, Mollie Ruth born 3/14/1920 died 9/27/1993 Adrian Comer Mortuary (Karen Mitchell)

Katz, Dora born 1889 died 2-26-1962 Menorah (Karen Mitchell)

Katz, Fannie born 1898 died 4-3-1952 Nisan 8, 5712 (Karen Mitchell)

Katz, Rafuil born 1887 died 1944 (Karen Mitchell)

Katz, Zedel born 1870 died 2/23/1946 (Karen Mitchell)

Kershner monument born died (Floyd Kelling)

Kershner, Morris born 1918 died 7-3-1957 (Floyd Kelling)

Kershner, Rachel Lena born 1910 died 1-15-1953 Menorah (Floyd Kelling)

Klein, Beile born no date died 4/27/1938 (Karen Mitchell)

Klein, Bertha B. born 6-4-1893 died 12/14/1989 (Floyd Kelling)

Klein, Clara born no date died 1-22-1916 (Karen Mitchell)

Klein, Isidore born 11-21-1892 died 11/23/1972 (Floyd Kelling)

Klein, Julius born 1892 died 1896 Baby (Karen Mitchell)

Klein, Morris born 1877 died 6-21-1900 (Karen Mitchell)

Klein, Samuel born 1910 died 1939 (Floyd Kelling)

Kogaff, Leo no dates

Kushner, Ethel born 1867 died 3-4-1933 (Karen Mitchell)

Kushner, Herman born 1867 died 6-29-1943 (Karen Mitchell)

Kushnir, David B. born 11/11/1910 died 8/30/1980 (Floyd Kelling)

Kushnir, Edward Lee born 8/26/1916 died 10/5/1994 Adrian Comer Mortuary (Floyd Kelling)

Kushnir, Jacob born 6/14/1908 died 6/30/1974 (Floyd Kelling)

Kushnir, Jennie L. born 5-15-1885 died 5-14-1945 Mother (Karen Mitchell)

Kushnir, Max born 6-2-1884 died 6-7-1957 Father (Karen Mitchell)

Kushnir, Melbourne Mickey born 1914 died 1-1-1986 (Floyd Kelling)

Lackner, Naftali baby died 4/13/1925 (Floyd Kelling)

Ledder, Benjamin Sholom born 1876 died 1-10-1913 (Karen Mitchell)

Lehman, Arthur born no date died 6-27-1875 Notes: age 6y 9m (Floyd Kelling)

Lehman, Louis born 4-5-1853 died 5-26-1887 Brother (Floyd Kelling)

Leiser, Helen Hanna born 11/26/1904 died 7/31/1906 daughter of Ben and Fannie (Karen Mitchell)

Leiser, Nathan born 9/1/1906 died 5/16/1907 son of Ben and Fannie (Karen Mitchell)

Levinson, Morris born 4/1/1919 died 11/15/2000 (Karen Mitchell)

Levinson, Shirley born 1/8/1926 died no date (Karen Mitchell)

Lindenbaum, George born 11/24/1909 died 3/20/1921 (Karen Mitchell)

Lipton, Tana A. born 5/6/1926 died 3/19/1996 T.G. McCarthy Mortuary (Floyd Kelling)

Litvak, Abraham born 12/25/1907 died 2/2/1965 (Floyd Kelling)

Litvack, Anna born 1-5-1881 died 1/15/1958 Menorah (Floyd Kelling)

Litvack, Jennie Silverman born 3/15/1909 died 5/14/1989 (Karen Mitchell)

Litvack, Jennie Silverman born died (Karen Mitchell)

Litvack, Maurice Isadore born 5/2/1929 died 2/12/1992 (Karen Mitchell)

Litvack, Nathan born 7-13-1882 died 8-16-1965

Litvack, Rose born 3/6/1910 died 6/5/1981 (Floyd Kelling)

Litvack, Sam born 3/15/1909 died 2/10/1992 Adrian Comer Mortuary (Karen Mitchell)

Litvack, Sam born died (Karen Mitchell)

Maier, Isabelle born 1898 died 1943 (Floyd Kelling)

Makovsky, Elsa born 1888 died 1-8-1981 (Karen Mitchell)

Makovsky, Isadore born 2/6/1925 died 12/13/2003 (Karen Mitchell)

Makovsky, Jacob born 1882 died 10-10-1936 (Karen Mitchell)

Makovsky, Sarah born 6/30/1926 died 10/9/1998 age 92y Chaim Jacob Adrian Comer Mortuary (Karen Mitchell)

Mariampolsky, Samuel born no date died 6/19/1915 (Karen Mitchell)

Mell, Gertrude born 1909 died 10-19-1964 (Floyd Kelling)

Messer, Irving born no date died 12-29-1920 Notes: age 22y (Floyd Kelling)

Meyer, Herman died 1940

Meyer, Jacob born no date died 3/12/1942 (Karen Mitchell)

Milstein, Dorothy L. born 12-20-1917 died 2-10-2000 age 82y T.G. McCarthy Mortuary (Karen Mitchell)

Milstein, William M. born 8-22-1914 died 7-28-2007 (Karen Mitchell)

Miron, Cimberc born 4/10/1915 died 9/26/1996 (Floyd Kelling)

Miron, Cimberc born 4/10/1915 died 9/26/1996 (Karen Mitchell)

Miseles, Edward A. born 1906 died 12-13-1961 (Karen Mitchell)

Miseles, Evelyn born 1909 died 1985 (Karen Mitchell)

Nathan, Anna born 1834 died 1917 (Floyd Kelling)

Nathan, Leal no dates

Nathan, Simon born 1824 died 1906 (Floyd Kelling)

Oliver, Victoria no dates

Oppenheim, Hyman died 5-30-1942 age 94y

Oppenheim, Mina born 4-8-1861 died 1/2/1924 (Floyd Kelling)

Osborne, Thea born 5-31-1942 died 4-13-2007

overall born died (Floyd Kelling)

Pahostkin, Faye K. born 1897 died 7-9-1963 Mother Tamuz 17 (Karen Mitchell)

Pahostkin, Louis born 1897 died 10-21-1976 (Karen Mitchell)

Pepper, Abe J. born 6-1-1892 died 6/4/1963 Father (Karen Mitchell)

Pepper, Cecil Leah born 8-13-1899 died 12/8/1985 (Karen Mitchell)

Pepper, Murray M. born 6-4-1924 died 12-1-1957 Son

Peretsky, Alex born 12/22/1917 died 10/9/1990 Notes: US Army WWII (Floyd Kelling)

Peretsky, Eva born 11/19/1924 died no date (Floyd Kelling)

Peretsky, Rhonda L. born 1953 died 1953 Infant daughter (Floyd Kelling)

Peretsky, Stuart Alan born 8/20/1949 died 12/6/1989 (Floyd Kelling)

Perry, Albert D. born 2/26/1918 died 5/13/1927 (Karen Mitchell)

Perry, John William born 1891 died 7-11-1959 (Karen Mitchell)

Perry, Rebecca M. born 1893 died 9-9-1974 (Karen Mitchell)

Puterman, Rebecca born 1869 died 7-6-1931 (Karen Mitchell)

Raich, Abraham, Rabbi born 10-25-1922 died 10-27-2006 (Karen Mitchell)

Raich, Adelyn Strait born no date died 9-22-2000 (Karen Mitchell)

Rashofsky, Jacob born 1859 died 4-8-1933 (Karen Mitchell)

Reiner, Esther B. born 1843 died 2-16-1937 (Karen Mitchell)

Reiner, Hyman born 5-15-1890 died 10/17/1944 (Karen Mitchell)

Rogaff, Leo born 1905 died 1960

Rosen, Isadore born 1886 died 12-25-1954 Father (Floyd Kelling)

Rosen, Nettie born 1892 died 1930 Mother (Floyd Kelling)

Rosen, Robert Sidney born 1924 died 1999

Rosenberg, Abraham born 4-17-1874 died 2/5/1952 Father (Karen Mitchell)

Rosenberg, Chana Liba died 8-14-1914

Rosenberg, Hannah born 4-8-1883 died 2/8/1942 Mother (Karen Mitchell)

Rosenblatt, Reva Factoroff born 3/7/1914 died 11/15/1961 (Floyd Kelling)

Rosenblatt, S. Beral born 1855 died 4-1-1937 (Karen Mitchell)

Rosenblatt, S. Mollie born 1857 died 1-29-1908 (Karen Mitchell)

Rosenblatt, Sadie H. born 1890 died 6-13-1938 (Karen Mitchell)

Rosenblum, Adolph born 4-?-1862 died 9/3/1935 (Karen Mitchell)

Rosenblum, Bess K. born 8/9/1904 died 3/29/1991 Adrian Comer Mortuary (Floyd Kelling)

Rosenblum, Harry born 1/16/1901 died 12/10/1954 (Floyd Kelling)

Rosenblum, Lena born 1876 died 6/30/1923 (Karen Mitchell)

Rosenthal, Pearl born 1879 died 2-12-1933 (Karen Mitchell)

Roth, Jack B. born 4-14-1898 died 11/13/1964 (Karen Mitchell)

Russack, Julius born 1851 died 1901 (Karen Mitchell)

Ruthkofsky, Eli born no date died 6/1/1917 (Floyd Kelling)

Ruthkofsky, Jacob born 1900 died 2-11-1962 (Floyd Kelling)

Ruthkofsky, Morris born 1872 died 1922 (Karen Mitchell)

Sabel, Arnold born 9/11/1934 died 3/26/2003 (Karen Mitchell)

Sakofsky, A. born 1876 died 7-27-1918 (Karen Mitchell)

Schneebaum, Eisig born 1912 died 3-29-1959 (Floyd Kelling)

Schwartz, Irving born 3/6/1920 died no date (Floyd Kelling)

Schwartz, Ruth born 1911 died 1967 Sister (Floyd Kelling)

Schwartz, Samuel S. born 1872 died 1928 (Floyd Kelling)

Schwartz, Shirley Vassar born 1/15/1925 died 11/10/2004 (Floyd Kelling)

Seidenberg, Jack born 1885 died 3-26-1967 (Floyd Kelling)

Seidenberg, Rose born 1892 died 10-30-1958 (Floyd Kelling)

Sher, Sam born 1886 died 3-3-1922 (Karen Mitchell)

Silbowitz, Abe born 1876 died 11-24-1917 Father & Husband (Karen Mitchell)

Silbowitz, Freda Myrel died 9-13-1913 (Karen Mitchell)

Silbowitz, Freda Myrel died 9-13-1913 (Karen Mitchell)

Silver, Freda Meriel born 10-31-1916 died 10-6-1978

Silver, Irving J. born 1/11/1913 died 10/7/1957 Brother & Uncle (Karen Mitchell)

Simmons, Allan David born 12/26/1935 died 8/11/1982 (Floyd Kelling)

Simon, Morris born 1863 died 1959 (Floyd Kelling)

Singer, Bertha Factoroff born 7/22/1909 died 2-24-1997 T.G. McCarthy Mortuary (Karen Mitchell)

Singer, Fanny born 4/5/1905 died 1/30/1962 Menorah (Floyd Kelling)

Singer, Jack born 1938 died 1941 (Floyd Kelling)

Singer, Julius born 3/25/1910 died 10/5/1982 (Karen Mitchell)

Singer, Minnie born 1908 died 8-14-1976 (Floyd Kelling)

Singer, Philip born no date died 10/23/1943 (Karen Mitchell)

Singer, Rebecca born no date died 1/1/1947 (Karen Mitchell)

Singer, Sylvia born 12/13/1915 died 2/24/1939 (Floyd Kelling)

Slansky, Minnie Hase born 4-12-1860 died 3/5/1907 (Karen Mitchell)

Smidt, Ida born 1848 died 6-17-1933 (Karen Mitchell)

Smidt, Mary Bernstein born 12-5-1875 died 10-6-1969

Smith, Sarah Rebecca Black born 6-7-1889 died 11/9/1980 (Karen Mitchell)

Speken, David born 7/28/1908 died 5/10/1962 (Karen Mitchell)

Speken, Herman born 1900 died 3-16-1984 (Karen Mitchell)

Speken, Jessie E. born 1901 died 4-2-1986 (Karen Mitchell)

Speken, Ralph born 1872 died 2-28-1934 (Karen Mitchell)

Speken, Rose Levy born 1900 died 1979 (Karen Mitchell)

Speken, Samuel Paul born 2/10/1905 died 12/7/1964 (Karen Mitchell)

Speken, Tillie born 7-14-1880 died 11/10/1963 (Karen Mitchell)

Spitzer, Belle born 1885 died 1961 (Floyd Kelling)

Stark, Ernestyne R. born 4-22-1888 died 1/19/1919 (Floyd Kelling)

Stark, Lillian born 1889 died 1914 (Floyd Kelling)

Stark, Murray baby died 10-5-1897 (Karen Mitchell)

Stark, William born 1889 died 1914

Steiner, S. Alvin Dr. born 1912 died 1966 (Floyd Kelling)

Steinfeld, Edith born 10-28-1896 died 5/27/1923 Mother (Karen Mitchell)

Steinfeld, Sarah born 10-2-1897 died 7/27/1915 Notes: age 17y 9m 25d, born Hungary, died St Mary Hospital, single, daughter of Henry Steinfeld and Rose Fisher both born Hungary, buried 7-28-1915, Dr. Stranburger, cost $52.00

Steinfeld, Jennie born 5-10-1923 died 8-16-1923

Sterling, Harry born 1881 died 4/5/1921 Father (Karen Mitchell)

Sterling, Sadie born 1888 died 1-26-1919 Mother (Karen Mitchell)

Stevens, Sam born 1/1/1926 died 5/11/1984 (Floyd Kelling)

Stiller, Alfred born 9/22/1920 died 2/10/1985 (Floyd Kelling)

Stone, Sam born 1896 died 1923 (Karen Mitchell)

Stone, Slatha born 1870 died 1925 Mother (Karen Mitchell)

Strait, Harry born 1899 died 7-22-1969 Mishnah Ned Arem 3:4 (Karen Mitchell)

Strait, Rose born 1902 died 6-11-1990 (Karen Mitchell)

Streltzer, Sadie born 1898 died 1966 (Floyd Kelling)

Streltzer, Sadie born 1898 died 1966 (Karen Mitchell)

Studzarski, Julius born no date died 2-25-1881 Notes: age 25y In peace rest his ashes (Floyd Kelling)

Susser, Julius born 2/13/1923 died 8/23/2004 Holocaust Survivor (Karen Mitchell)

Susser, Lili Cukier born 3/19/1927 died no date Holocaust Survivor Yehuda Ben Chaim (Karen Mitchell)

Tobias, Esther died 3-21-1979

Tsiberg, Myron died 9-24-1996 T.G. McCarthy Mortuary

Unger, Charles born 1853 died 1930

Unger, Johanna born 1856 died 1920 WOW

unknown (Floyd Kelling)

unknown (Floyd Kelling)

unknown (Floyd Kelling)

unknown (Floyd Kelling)

unknown, Feivildied 1-13-1917 (Floyd Kelling)

unknown (Karen Mitchell)

unknown Notes: Father (Karen Mitchell)

unknown born no date died 8/14/1914 Notes: Mother (Karen Mitchell)

unknown born no date died 8/14/1914 Notes: Mother (Karen Mitchell)

unknown (Karen Mitchell)

unknown, Sheraga Feivil died 7-11-1914 (Karen Mitchell)

unknown (Karen Mitchell)

Urbansky, Milton born 8/9/1910 died 9/11/1919 Lamb, Our Son (Floyd Kelling)

Vassar, Elsie born 1898 died 4-17-1987 (Floyd Kelling)

Vassar, Max born 1891 died 1-18-1973 (Floyd Kelling)

Vassar, Rena Lee born 1/7/1927 died 7/14/1989 (Floyd Kelling)

Walpensky, Aaron born 1865 died 12-14-1918 (Karen Mitchell)

Wanger, Charles J. born 4-23-1907 died 9-18-1995

Wanger, Freda born 7-22-1908 died 3-9-2001

Warner, Henry born 1859 died 1934 (Karen Mitchell)

Waroshill, Alexander M.D. born 1891 died 12-16-1963 Masonic emblem (Floyd Kelling)

Wedgle, Sam born 1913 died 1956 (Floyd Kelling)

Weindling, Ben no dates

Weindling, Jacob born 1884 died 9-12-1949 (Karen Mitchell)

Weindling, Rebecca born 1894 died 8-12-1970 (Karen Mitchell)

Weindling, Shirley no dates

Weiner, Adele born no date died 1946 (Floyd Kelling)

Weisberg, Harry born 1882 died 1959 (Floyd Kelling)

Zagon, Louis born 1890 died 8-18-1962 (Karen Mitchell)

Zeiger, Leslie born 10-25-1912 died 2/28/2001 Notes: Sgt US Army WWII (Floyd Kelling)Jewish Registry lists date of birth as 4-12-1852

Zigman, Pete born 1885 died 1935 (Karen Mitchell)

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