Huerfano County, Colorado
Yellowstone Cemetery

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Directions: Yellowstone Cemetery - Hwy 69 west to Badito. Up the hill on C.R. 520 about 2.5 miles. Turn west on C.R. 530 where there are two old tires on the cornerpost. About 4 miles on this road you will see the old church on the left. Keep going past that until you come to a cattle gaurd. Right before the cattle guard turn right. Follow the road around the hill. The cemetery will be on your left side on top of the hill. This cemetery was filmed during the summer of 2000.

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Agirres, Frances L.--- 08/01/1935

Aguirres, Franciscita1802 1935

Aguirres, Procopio1876 1950 (Aguirres, Procopio died 10/12/1950 buried 10/16/1950 residence: Walsenburg notes: 76 years, St. Mary's Death Records)

Aguirres, Ramonda1902 1933

Aguirres, Ramona1902 1933

Castro, Jose Filap--- 11-15-1896

Castro, Cipia--- 09/04/1927 F.A. on stone

Castro, Sofia L.--- 12/26/1919

D.M.--- ---

ELE S--- ---

B.M.--- --- (Martinez, Basilio died 5/27/1943 buried 5/29/1943, 71 years, wife: Ramoncita, cancer, St. Mary's Death Records

Martinez, Cordilia06/23/1929 05/04/1930

Martinez, Daniel11-15-1891 age 23

Martinez, Heriastio08/27/1921 09/02/1927

Martinez, Jose A.--- 05/31/1928

Martinez, Julian died 6/3/1924 buried 6/5/1924 38 years, killed in mine, St. Mary's Death Records

Martinez, S.J.--- 06/06/1920 M.O. on stone

M.N. stone under tree, could not get photo

M.V.--- ---

Santistevan August Jr. County Burial Permit: died at W. 5th Street, 2-22-1943, age 7 hours, no marker.

Santistevan, Mary Alice 9-25-1943 10-13-1943 Our Baby, County Burial Permit: died at Tonopah, Nevada 10-13-1943, age 18 days.

P.S.--- ---

M.S.--- 03/02/1910

S.D or S.B. --- ---




3 unmarked graves

unknown--- 07/22/1939 Pio902a101 bado hru

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