Huerfano County High School Yearbook 1912



Page 1 Advertisement for; Huerfano Trading Company
Page 2 Advertisements for; E. W. Krier, J. B. Gittings,
The Morris Hotel, C. Victor Mazzone
Page 3 Advertisements for; Guaranty State Bank, Walsenburg Novelty Works and Garage, Oxford Hotel
Page 4 Advertisements for; Bernstine's Store, Walsenburg Livery Barn, The Otto Theater
Page 5 Advertisements for, The First National Bank of Walsenburg, Colorado
with list of Officers
Page 6 Title Page
Page 7 Dedication by the Class of 1912
to Sterling M. Andrews
Page 8 Thomas D. Baird, M.D.
Page 9 Salute by T. D Baird
President of Board of Education
Page 10 Contents
Page 11 Wahatoya Staff
Page 12 "Something Attempted; Something Done"
Page 13 High School Committee
Page 14 In Memory of Principal Geo. L. Harding
December 1909
Page 15 Faculty
Page 16 Seinors
Picture by; Ben Wright
Page 17 Seinor Organization:
Officers, Color, Motto, Flower
Page 18 History of Class of 1912
Page 19 History Continued
Page 20 Shakespeare's Potograph Gallery of the Seinors
Mary Elizabeth Tennant, Goodman L. Davinsky
Page 21 Maude E. Windsor, Alice D. Sherwood
Page 22 Edna Blanche Hanna, August Hebert Chatin,
Helen Sanchez
Page 23 Juniors Picture by Andrews
Page 24 Junior Organization;
Officers, Colors, Class History
Page 25 Class History Continued
Page 26 Pictures:
Charlotte M. Reuter, Thaddeous Andrews, Herbert Furphy, Samuel Dunford
Page 27 Sophomores Picture by Andrews
Page 28 Picture of the Sophomore Class
no names
Page 29 Sophomore Organization: Officers, Colors, Class History
Page 30 Sophomore Roll
Page 31 Picture Freshman by Andrews
Page 32 Picture of Freshman Class
No names
Page 33 Freshman Organization; Officers, Colors, In Memoriam Edward Harron, Freshman Class History
Page 34 Freshman Roll
Page 35 Athletics Picture by Andrews
Officers of Athletics Association
Page 36 Basketball Teams of 1912
Page 37 Pictue of Boy's Basketball Team of 1912 with Names wrote in
Page 38 Picture of Girl's Basketball Team of 1912
Page 39 In Appreciation
Page 40 In Appreciation Continued
Page 41 In Appreciation Continued
Page 42 Leauge Champions
Names of Boys' Team of 1910 and 1911
Names of Girls' Team of 1910 and 1911
Page 43 Picture of Boy's Leauge Champions of 1911
No names on picture
Page 44 Picture of Girls' Champions 1911
no names on picture
Page 45 Our 1912 Basketball Team
Page 46 Leauge Champions, 1910 - 1911
Page 47 Baseball
Picture by Atencio
Baseball Team, 1912 Members
Page 48 Baseball Continued
Page 49 Track
Page 50 Literary Department
Page 51 The Psychological Hearitage of the child
by Clara Joslyn Cagwin
Page 52 A Freshman's Troubles with the Baby
by Tom O'Neil
Page 53 A Sacrifice
by Florence Lillis
Page 54 Bushy
by Thad Andrews
Page 55 Society
Page 56 Editoirals by A. P. A.
Page 57 Alumni
Page 58 Exchange
Page 59 News
by August Chatin
Page 60 Picutres: "Speaking of the days of 64"
Page 61 Jokes
Page 62 Jokes Continued
Page 63 Jokes Continued
Page 64 Advertisements for; Walsenburg Light, Power and Ice Company, City Pharmacy, Shaft's Ice Cream
Page 65 Advertisements for; The Phipps Hotel, Anges & Kalmes Clothing and Shoes
Page 66 Advertisements for; Levy Grocery Company, C. W. Sours Photographer, The Walsenburg Cleaning and Dye Works, George Dick, Real Estate Agent
Page 67 Advertisements for; The J. B. Johnson Supply Co., Dry Goods, Kline's Confectionary and Novelty Store, Doc's Barber Shop
Page 68 Advertisements for; P. A. Espe, Painter and Decorator, J. M. Murry, Coal and Team Work, Heurfano Drug Company

This Yearbook is a group effort. The original scans are donated by Betty Anderson. They were sized and worked on by both Addie Morrissey, and Mary Ann Hetrick. We hope you enjoy this look at the "Wahatoya", the yearbook for Huerfano County High School 1912.

Thank you,
Karen Mitchell.

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