Huerfano County, Colorado
St. Vrain Cemetery
AKA Santa Maria Cemetery
AKA Butte Valley Cemetery
AKA Sporleder Ranch Cemetery
AKA Huerfano River Cemetery

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St. Vrain Cemetery - 60 km S of Pueblo - NW 1/4 of SW 1/4 of SEC 25, T26S, R67W. North of Walsenburg on I-25 to Exit 60, go through gate on the Sporleder Ranch, about 75 yards turn right on dirt trail, follow the fence line, at fence corner turn south and go up hill. At next fence corner turn east through gate to cemetery. This cemetery was filmed during the summer of 2000.

Overall View

Armijo, M. Refugio died 06-10-1936 buried 06-11-1936 residence: Jackson notes: 86 years, informant: Rebeccca Trujillo, old age St. Mary's Death Records

Armijo, Rose buried 09-23-1919 residence: Sunnyside notes: 4 months, pneumonia St. Mary's Death Records

Casias, Reynaldo died 05-08-1941 buried 05-11-1941 residence: Gardner, notes: 39 years, son of Jesus Casias and Severa Atencio, died in State hospital in Pueblo, Sacred Heart Death Records, no marker

Cordova, Mateo Jr. died 02-12-1921 buried 02-15-1921 notes: 1 year, nephritis, St. Mary's Death Records


Deauerro, Seidney no dates At rest

Gomez, Clorinda G. born 02-02-1905 died 11-26-1936 (Romero, Clorinda died 11-26-1936 buried 11-30-1936 residence: Walsenburg, notes:30 years, daughter of Peter Gomez and Felicia Martin, husband: Thomas Romero, pneumonia, St. Mary's Death Records)

Gomez, Maria Isabelita Trujillo de born 5-10-1846 died 12-25-1900, Born in Fernando de Taos, N.M.

Gomez, Maria Rosario V. died 09-05-1921 buried 09-06-1921 residence:Santa Maria, notes: 50 years, wife of Pedro Jose Gomez, daughter of Pedro A. Vigil and Rosalia Sanchez de Vigil, Sacred Heart Death Records, no marker

Gomez, Pedro Jose born 1840 died 1920 (Gomez, Pedro Jose, notes: husband of Maria Rosario Vigil, son of Seledon Gomez, no other entries, Sacred Heart Death Records)

Gomez, Yvonne born 02-04-1940 died 11-04-1941 (daughter of Pedro Antonio Gomez Jr. and Pasqualita Olguin)

Guerrero, Gilbert Joseph born 08-09-1921 died 03-06-2000, Pvt US Army WWII

Guerrero, Maria de Jesus Vallejos born 05-17-1923 died 06-15-1983

Juan I.--- died 04-18-1913, no surname

Lucero, Emma--- --- At rest

Lucero, Orlando Bernard born 05-17-1934 died 10-14-1977, Sgt. US Marine Corps Korea

Lujan, Placido died 11-13-1941 buried 11-15-1941 residence: Gardner, notes:78 years, husband of Francisca Chavez, son of Antonio Lujan and Francisca Baca, buried at Rito Santa Maria, Sacred Heart Death Records, no marker

M.T.-- ---

Martinez, Maria Isabel died 07-06-1917 buried 07-07-1917 residence: Badito, notes: 5 years, daughter of Moises Martinez and Eulalia Pino, Sacred Heart Death Records, no marker

P Sor 9--- ---

Pacheco, Ida died 08-21-1943 buried 08-23-1943 residence: Avondale notes: 33 years, husband: Frank, tuberculosis St. Mary's Death Records

Papin, Jose Adolfo died 6-18-1899 no marker

Redmond, David H. born 07-18-1930 died 10-31-1997, GY Sgt. US Marine Corps Vietnam

Romero, Thomas Q. born 11-21-1895 died 06-27-1979 Father

Salazar, Maria M.

Sandoval, Luis--- died 06-10-1915

St. Vrain, Constance born 1883 died 1967

St. Vrain, Felix no dates,

St. Vrain, Manuel James born 1913 died 1977, PFC US Army WWII

St. Vrain, Pelegrina no dates, (daughter of Ceran St. Vrain, mentioned in his will)

St. Vrain, Vicente born 1875 died 1967

Trujillo, Angelita born 1909 died 1927

Trujillo, Francisco died 12-20-1924 buried 12-21-1924 notes: 4 months, bronchitis St. Mary's Death Records

Trujillo, Francisco--- died 03-26-1921

Trujillo, Jose dates,

Trujillo, Mariugia born 06-28-1912 died 03-16-1913


Valdez, Rosalia buried 01-03-1920 residence: Maitland notes: 24 years, tuberculosis St. Mary's Death Records

Vallejos, Clodoveo born 1898 died 1978, On stone with Elvira Obit shows Claude N. birth 2-11-1898 death 7-14-1978

Vallejos, Elvera born 1904 died 1969, On stone with Clodoveo

Vallejos, Epifanio buried 11-29-1918 residence: Del Carbon notes: 1 year, influenza St. Mary's Death Records

Vallejos, Ernest Roy died 09-02-1935 buried 09-02-1935, residence: Huerfano notes: 8 months, born in Walsenburg, diarrhea, parents: Claude V. and Elvira Martinez, St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Vallejos, Felomena born 6-5-1893 died 10-13-1914

Vallejos, Juan B. born 11-9-1895 died 10-29-1973, Pvt Colorado US Army WWI, SSDI shows death 10-15-1973

Vallejos, Juan C. born 1859 died 1935 (Vallejos, Juan C. 04-02-1935 04-04-1935 Huerfano Huerfano 75 years, born in N.M., pneumonia, St. Mary's Death Records)

Vallejos, Lillian M. born 1925 died 1975, Mother

Vallejos, Michael Anthony County Burial Permit: died at Walsenburg 2-1-1944, age 14 days, no marker.

Vallejos, Orlando J. born 12-20-1921 died 01-14-1984, PFC US Army WWII

Vallejos, Teodorita County Burial Permit: died at Walsenburg 2-9-1943, age 76y., Vallejos, Teodorita died 02-08-1943 buried 02-11-1943 residence: Walsenburg notes: 77 years, daughter: Jesusita Garcia, St. Mary's Death Records

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