Huerfano County, Colorado
Speed Cemetery
AKA Butte Valley Cemetery
AKA Huerfano Cemetery
Listing and photos by Karen Mitchell.
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Speed Cemetery - 1 & 1/2 miles NE of Huerfano Butte, 1/4 mile N of Huerfano river. NW 1/4 of Sec 20 T26 R66. I found out about the little boy named Tobias and John L. from a Mr. Anderson who came by as I was filming. I found out about Mr. Speed from John Vucetich when I asked directions. There appears to be quite a few graves here that are unmarked. Mr. Anderson told me that in November 1999 there were about 12 stones here but they had been stolen.

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Overall View

?, Tobias --- --- small child, lost in winter found in spring

L., John --- --- maybe french surname

Lewis, Baby born 1892 died 1892

Lewis, Arthur died 1877

McMahon, Della died 10-25-1918 Obit online

McMahon, Edward died 9-20-1935, no marker Obit online

McMahon, Fred Sidney born 1902 died 1930 On stone with Helen

McMahon, Helen Matilda born 1909 died 1931 On stone with Fred Obit online

Proffitt, Alfred footstone died 9-27-1885 age 23y 11m 2d, son of W.L. & M.N. Proffitt (born Jose Elfido Proffitt, born Taos, NM)

Proffitt, Clara born 7-16-1866 died 12-1-1905 Obit online wife of John Proffitt, on stone with Rosa

Proffitt, Martha died 10-20-1873 age 1y 3m

Proffitt, Mary Nestora died 9-3-1903 Obit online no marker (Maria Nestora Gould, born Taos, NM, daughter of George Gould)

Proffitt, Rosa died 1-8-1895 Our daughter, age 5 years

Proffitt, William born 1-17-1824 died 4-25-1908 no marker Obit online

Speed, William born 1849 died 5-15-1931 Obit online His remains were moved to the Masonic Cemetery on 5-22-1953. Husband of Mary Frances Proffitt.

Note: Also possibly buried here: David Proffitt, son of William and Mary Nestora Proffitt. He was dragged to death when his foot was caught in a stirrup, and the horse bolted.

Corfell, Stephen died 7-22-1876, see obituary

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