Huerfano County, Colorado
Sefton Burial Ground

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The Sefton burial plot is located about 1 mile west of Badito on a hill. This cemetery was filmed during the summer of 2000.

Sefton, Henry T.
born 1833 died 1914

Henry Sefton was the engineer that laid out many of the roads in upper Huerfano County, and built the toll road over Mosca Pass. When he felt it was his time to die, he wanted to be cremated on the top of the hill. He hauled dry timber to the spot to build his funeral pyre and instructed his fellow men to cremate his remains there.

Henry Thomas Sefton was born in 1833 at Harrison, Hamilton County, Ohio. On 10-6-1878 in Huerfano County he married Mary Nelson, who was born in Georgia. Their first child, Sarah Catherine was born at Del Norte, Colorado; 2nd was Ora Mae, at Placer, Colorado; 3rd was William Cleveland born at Pueblo, Colorado; 4th was Henry Thomas Sefton Jr. also born in Pueblo; and last Stella Ethel Sefton born at St. Mary's, Colorado.

Obituary - La Veta Advertiser - August 28, 1914 - Another Pioneer Dies - there are a number of Alamosa people who remember H. T. Sefton, who in the early days, conducted a general store at old Placer, where one could buy anything from a drink of boose (sic) to red calico; and old “Baldy,” as he was known, was one of those big hearted men whose heart was as big as charity demanded. Sefton, in later years, moved over on the Huerfano Creek, 20 miles north of La Veta, and conducted a small store at St. Mary’s crossing until he became too old to look after his business. He was a thorough western character, rough and uncouth, but he retained a certain amount of refinement that really placed him in the category of an average bright man. But H. T. Sefton passed away last week, over in Huerfano at the advanced age of 80 years. Before the old man died he requested that his remains be buried in an old and almost forgotten cemetery on the Huerfano creek, near the Baxter ranch in which vicinity in the early days he had lived. He leaves four sons and one daughter and one step-son.

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