Huerfano County, Colorado
Sand Arroyo Cemetery
AKA Chavez Cemetery

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Sand Arroyo Cemetery AKA Chavez Cemetery 19 km W of Walsenburg Located off Huerfano county road #29, 4 miles west of Hwy 160. Maybe 25 unmarked graves. Go about 7 miles southwest of Walsenburg on Hwy 160, then 4 miles west on Sand Arroyo Road, N side of road. NE 1/4 of NE 1/4 of SEC 27, T28S, R68W. This cemetery was filmed during the summer of 2000.

Overall View

Bustos, Mary R. born 1915 died 1947

Casados, Rogeria -------

Chavez, Alberto died 10/06/1922 buried 10/07/1922 notes: 8 years, typhoid fever, St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Chacon, Arnold born 3-14-1943 died ----- on stone with Theresa Chacon.

Chacon, Theresa born 9-26-1954 died 4-18-1997

Cravens, Christopher Douglas born 09/22/1973 died 06/13/1993 died in a roll-over truck accident,

Cruz, Florencia born 1901 died 1941 (Cruz, Florencia died 09/13/1941 buried 09/16/1941 residence: Laguna, notes: 40 years, born in Walsenburg, husband: Celestino, broken back, St. Mary's Death Records)

Cruz, Nora Laverne buried 12/31/1945 residence: 1202 E ?, notes: 9 months, father: Esequiel, pneumonia, St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Espinosa, Alex died 04/10/1923 buried 04/11/1923 notes: 3 months, pneu, St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Galvan, baby girl born 1969 died 09/11/1969

Madril, Camilo died 06/06/1935 buried 07/07/1935 residence: Sandy Arroyo, notes: 70 years, born in N.M., heart disease, St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Maestas, Jose Al. died 08/24/1935 buried 08/26/1935 residence: La Veta, notes: 75 years, born in N.M., peritonitis, St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Martinez, Susano died 06/19/1937 buried 06/21/1937 residence: Sandy Arroyo, notes: 14 years, son of Frank and Theodora Martinez, St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Medina, Onofre born 1907 died 1972 SSDI shows birth 9-19-1907 death 5-1972

Medina, Parjedes A. born 1909 died 1967

Montoya, Guadalupe died 02/16/1934 buried 02/17/1934 residence: Sandy Arroyo, notes: 25 years, born in Walsenburg, septicimia, St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Pineda, Alfonso J. born 8-29-1898 died 05/12/1990

Pineda, Clara M. Quintana born 04/24/1918, grand daughter of Jose de Jesus Quintana

Pino, Ursula buried 11/23/1917 residence: Cucharas, notes: 53 years, aortic regurgitation, St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Quintana, Bernice born 06/04/1912 died 06/23/1993

Quintana, Dolorita Arellano born 1862 died 1927 wife of Jose de Jesus Quintana

Quintana, Dora R. born 08/03/1920

Quintana, Elsie born 05/31/1939

Quintana, Ernest J. born 07/23/1935 died 12/25/1999

Quintana, Fermin J. born 11/28/1915 died 05/28/1986

Quintana, Fred born 10/06/1912 died 04/25/1993

Quintana, Hendry born 06/23/1918 died 08/16/1994 Pvt US Army WWII

Quintana, Jose C. born 08/22/1926 died 08/10/1996 PFC US Army WWII

Quintana, Jose de Jesus born 1855 died 1932 donated the land for this cemetery

Quintana, Jeronimo J. born 1888 died 1935 son of Jose de Jesus Quintana

Quintana, Juanita Roybal born 1894 died 1977 SSDI shows birth 9-27-1894 death 10-1977 wife of Jeronimo Quintana

Quintana, Maria Christina born 08/30/1944

Quintana, Mel born 01/07/1933 married 6-13-1959

Quintana, Rosalie Jo born 03/01/1950

Roybal, Candelario born 2-5-1871 died 07/21/1941

Roybal, Hope V. born 11/04/1925

Roybal, Martina B. "Mita" born 1888 died 1968 SSDI shows birth 1-30-1888 death 4-15-1968

Roybal, Santana born 1917 died 1935

Roybal, William J. born 02/10/1923 died 03/15/1981 married 5-20-1944

Sanchez, Jacinta born 1884 died 1973

Sanchez, Jose Dave born 1917 died 1935 (Sanchez, David died 10/24/1935 buried 10/26/1935 residence: La Veta notes: 18 years, born in Walsenburg, peritonitis, St. Mary's Death Records)

Sanchez, Librado died 09/25/1953 buried 09/29/1953 residence: Pueblo, notes: 79 years, wife: Hacintita Sanchez, St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Sanchez, Kimberly Ann died 1973, 8 months

Trugillo, Maria Antonia died 1938

Valdez, Barbara Jean born 8-1944 died 8-1944

Vigil, Alcarita born 6-27-1880 died 01/07/1946 (Vigil, Maria Alecaria died 01/07/1946 buried 01/10/1946 residence: 337 W. 9th, notes: 65 years, husband: Juan de Dios, arterio sclerosis hypertension, St. Mary's Death Records)

Vigil, Elvira County Burial Permit: died at Walsenburg 11-11-1942, age 2 months 22 days.

Vigil, Ernesto born 09/29/1927 died 11/20/1927

Vigil, Felipe

Vigil, Fidelia G. born 1882 died 1940 Mother

Vigil, Flora M. born 08/28/1937 died 07/08/1989

Vigil, Jose Ramon born 1931 died 1990

Vigil, Juan Antonio born 1877 died 1934

Vigil, Philip died 5-8-1935, 19 years old, from obit.

Vigil, Raymundo born 10/10/1900 died 09/14/1982

Vigil, Roger born 07/26/1936 died 05/04/1976

Vigil, Teresina born 07/30/1905 died 01/09/1979 SSDI shows birth 7-31-1905


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