Huerfano County, Colorado
Pass Creek Cemetery
AKA Roger Cisneros Cemetery

Listing and photos contributed by Karen Mitchell.
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Filmed 4-8-2006. Our utmost thanks to Mr. Bob Alexander for his assistance in locating this cemetery, and to Marlene Monroe-He for additional listings. Also our thanks to Geri Vasquez Montoya for the information and story about Rebecca Vasquez.

There are approximately eight unidentified graves in this cemetery. Through research we have found names for a few. Southwest of Gardner, south of Malachite. Approximately 1 mile west of County Road 570 at about 37 degrees 42' N and 105 degrees 15' W.

Abeyta, Carolina Rosario Maria born 11 Aug 1943 infant, daughter of Charles & Rose (Cisneros) Abeyta.  
Cisneros, Conrad 19 Feb 1919 died 4 Jul 1928.   Fell off truck/ crushed  skull under the wheel of the truck, son of Max and Eloyda Cisneros.
Cisneros, Donaciana Naomi  born 9 Apr 1920 died 7 Oct 1925 of pneumonia, daughter of Max and Eloyda Cisneros.  
Cisneros, Robert born 24 May 1953 died 17 Dec 1953, fell out of car, infant son of Roger and Emma Cisneros.
Hollingsworth, Judy, died 1952 or 1953, infant daughter of Alvin Leon Hollingsworth and Clorinda Ann Fuentes-Cisneros.
Vasquez, Rebecca, sister of Dan Vasquez.

Grave of Rebecca Jocelyn Vasquez, born and died about 1947 - 1949. Child of Dan and Josephine Vasquez, sister to Danny Vasquez Jr.
Rebecca died from pneumonia. Dan built a tiny little coffin for the baby and walked over the hill to bury her. But due to the weather he couldn't dig the grave deep enough and had to return home with the little coffin to wait for the storm to pass. It was one of Dan and Josephine's last wishes that a decorative wrought iron fence be placed around the baby's grave. The work was done by Jerry Pinon, Jr. Rest in peace Grandma and Grandpa, your wish has been fulfilled. (contributed by Geri Vasquez Montoya, granddaughter of Dan Vasquez.)

This is the old well casing at the Pass Creek School. This is all that's left.

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