Huerfano County, Colorado
Badito Cemetery
AKA Huerfano Cemetery
AKA Pino Family Cemetery

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Badito Cemetery located at Badito, Huerfano County, Colorado
From Walsenburg take Hwy. 69 to mile marker 10, turn north and follow the gravel road till you cross the dry arroyo. At the top turn left at the wire gate. Please be sure to close the gate as you enter and exit. Section 1, Twp 27, Range 68.

As with all the cemeteries in Huerfano County, this cemetery has been, over time, claimed by a given family. This one has been named the Pino Family Cemetery by some members of the Pino family. But in the records of the churches and County Clerk's records, it is called the Badito or Lower Badito Cemetery. On two of the burials it is referred to as the Huerfano Cemetery. The original transcript of this cemetery was contributed by a member of the Pino family. It was then edited and added to from the church records and County Clerks records by Karen Mitchell. Photos were by Karen Mitchell on 5-25-2001 with permission of Savino Pino.

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Overall View

Overall View



unknown died 1925, age 85, MU CAR ARH AC

Aguirre, Eloy born 9-16-1921 died 4-6-1999 age 77

Aragon, Frederick born 1925 died 5-5-1932, no marker

Arellano, Jose Gorgonio born Abt. 1861 died 1-23-1944, no marker, County Burial Permit: Jose Gorgonio Arellano, died at Tioga, 1-23-1944, 85 years old, buried at Badito Cemetery.

Arguello, Juana buried 9-17-1878 residence: Badito notes: 80 years, St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Atencio, Maria Rosario died 06/29/1935 buried 07/01/1935 residence: Walsenburg notes: 72 years, born in N.M., dropsy, St. Mary's Death Records, no marker (Rosita Sancez Atencio died 6-30-1935, obituary)

Barnes, Rachel P. (Pino) born 7-5-1936 died 3-9-1984

Barnes, Robert born 1887 died 1973 (born 6-29-1887 Pleasanthill, Alabama died 12-30-1973, obituary)

Carrion, Jacinto died 1946 (Carrion, Jacinto died 07/18/1946 buried 07/20/1946 residence: Tioga, notes: 89 years, brother: Cresensio, old age, St. Mary's Death Records)

Carrion, Marina T. (Trujillo) born 1873 died 1946 (died 08/27/1945 buried 08/29/1945 residence: 211 Sproul notes: 72 years, husband: Jacinto Carrion, stroke, St. Mary's Death Records, headstone shows death as 1946). County Burial Permit: Marina Carrion, died 8-29-1945, age 70 years, buried at Badito Cemetery. (born 12-30-1874, obituary)

Duran, Barney born 7-9-1918 died 5-22-1961

Gabaldon, Jose D. J. born 1889 died 1982

Garbiso, Ella died 3-1-1937 (Garbizo, Della died 03/01/1937 buried 03/03/1937 residence: Walsenburg, notes: 24 years, daughter of Fabian and Prigida, append. Oper., St. Mary's Death Records)

Garcia, Antonio buried 6-26-1880 residence: Badito notes: husband of Maria Guadalupe Rodriguez, St. Mary's Death Records , no marker

Garcia, Ralph Jr. born 5-2-1934 died 9-22-1944, County Burial Permit: Rafael Garcia Jr. died at Walsenburg, died 9-22-1944, 10 years old, buried at Badito Cemetery.

Garcia, Raymond born 1929 died 1992

Garcia, Sotero born 4-22-1870 died 11-22-1941, no marker

Garcia, Yvonne Carol (Pino) born 7-16-1940 died 4-30-1983

Hortado, Lupe died 03/11/1928 buried 03/13/1928 residence: Badito notes: husband of Jeronima Sandoval, Sacred Heart Death Records, no marker

Hurtado, Gasper died 8-19-1929 at age 23

Hurtado, Geronimadied 05/23/1940 buried 05/25/1940 residence: Walsenburg notes: 62 years, daughter of Manuel Sandoval and Anita Chavez, heart, St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Hurtado, Guadalupe died 5-15-1927 at age 66

Jacques, Amalia died 8-14-1927

Jacques, Felipe Jesus born 12-6-1865 died 12-20-1939, no marker

Jacques, Maria Antonia Valdez buried 4-12-1879 wife of Jose Maria Jaquez daughter of Mariano Valdez and Maria Archuleta, St. Mary's Death records, no marker

LeDoux, Alfredo died 06/03/1953 buried 06/08/1953 residence: Tioga, notes: 60 years, Mrs. Jake Trujillo, cirhosis of the liver, St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Ledoux, Juanita (Duran) born 5-27-1897 died 02/22/1937 buried 02/23/1937 residence: Jackson notes: 40 years, daughter of Longino Duran and Marina, husband: Alfredo Ledoux, flue, St. Mary's Death Records , no marker

Ledoux, Margaret died 01/17/1943 buried 01/19/1943 residence: Jackson, Co. notes: 15 years, father: Alfred, following oper., St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Lucero, Nemesio buried 9-17-1878 notes: husband of Barbara Lovato, son of Juan de J. Lucero and Maria Gertrudis Archuleta, St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Maes, Edward born 1871 died 3-3-1934 concrete marker

Maez, Eligio died 4-3-1930

Maez, Felix (dates unknown)

Maes, Fidela born 1881 died 5-13-1935 concrete marker

Maes, Nick born 1904 died 1961

Maestas, Carmelito died 11/18/1938 buried 11/19/1938 residence: St. Mary, notes: 93 years, son of John J. and Josepha, wife: Josefa Naranjo, old age, St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Manchego, David born 1853 died 12-13-1928

Manchego, Henry died 06/04/1925 buried 06/06/1925 notes: 6 months, enteritis, St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Manchego, Tomas de Aquino buried 5-17-1881 notes: husband of Luz Martin, son of Asension Manchego and Josefa Tafoya, St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Martinez, Alfred, County Burial Permit: Alfred Martinez died at Walsenburg 11-5-1944, 1 day old, buried at Badito Cemetery, no marker.

Martinez, Geniveive Joann born 2-22-1937 died 9-4-1940, no marker

Martinez, J. (dates unknown)

Martinez, Paul born 1883 died 1970

Martinez, William born 9-6-1947 died 9-6-1947, no marker. County Burial Permit: William Martinez, died 9-6-1947, age 5 hours, buried at Badito Cemetery.

Mestas, Carmel born Abt. 1845 died 11-18-1938, no marker

Montoya, Jesus Maria born 7-1-1843 died 7-14-1936

Montoya, Joe Jr. born 1923 died 1941 (died 01/27/1942 buried 02/02/1942 residence: Del Carbon notes: 16 years, born in Walsenburg, father: Joe, accidental gunshot wound, St. Mary's Death Records)

Montoya, Jose E. (Encarnacion) born 1879 died 1965

Montoya, Juanita Minora? born 11-19-1930 died 3-15-1931, no marker

Montoya, Maria Julianita (Sanchez) born 1-6-1864 died 7-26-1927

Montoya, Marinita (Garcia) born 1882 died 1963

Montoya, Sofia (Roybal) born 5-1924 died 7-1949 at age 23, no marker.

Montoia (Montoya), Vanola (dates unknown)

Moreno, Maria Eliza died 05/29/1924 buried 05/30/1924 notes: 16 days, pneu, St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Ortibez, Maria Cecelia born 6-28-1936 died 7-14-1936, no marker

Pacheco, Jose R. buried 07/07/1918 residence: Walsenburg notes: 2 months, enteritis, St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Pino, Anita Valerie born 6-9-1964 died 4-12-1971, no marker.

Pino, Enriques born 1920 died 1943

Pino, Estela born 1-2-1918 died 8-7-1937 (Pino, Stella died 08/07/1937 buried 08/09/1937 residence: Huerfano notes: 19 years, daughter of Michael and Telesfora Montoya, paralysis, St. Mary's Death Records)

Pino, Floyd Eugene born 9-23-1938 died 10-22-1943 County Burial Permit: died at Tioga 10-22-1943, age 5y 1m, buried at Tioga Cemetery, no marker.

Pino, Gail Lorraine born 5-1-1958 died 8-16-1958

Pino, Isabel (Aguirre) born 7-22-1910 died 10-22-1992

Pino, Jerry born 1951 died 1951

Pino, Joseph Henry County Burial Permit: died at Oakland, California, found dead 8-14-1943, age 23 years, 3 months 24 days, born 3-20-1920, Father: Sotero Pino born at Walsenburg, Mother: Lucy Valles born at Gardner, Spouse: Elizabeth, informant: Minnie Atencio, buried at Badito Cemetery, no marker.

Pino, Juan N. born 5-16-1860 died 10/06/1947 buried 10/09/1947 residence: 349 E. 5th notes: 87 years, daughter: Mrs. Moses Martinez, myocarditis, St. Mary's Death Records. County Burial Permit: Juan N. Pino, died 10-6-1947, 87 years, 5 months, 1 day, buried at Badito Cemetery.

Pino, Linda Renee born 1-5-1969 died 12-30-1984, no marker.

Pino, Lucia (Valles) born 1902 died 1927

Pino, Macedona (Gabaldon) born 3-7-1909 died 4-1981

Pino, Margarita (Gomez) born 1867 died 1938 (born 1-13-1858 died 3-4-1938 Pino, Margaret died 03/04/1938 buried 03/07/1938 residence: Walsenburg notes: 70 years, husband: John N. Pino, pneumonia, St. Mary's Death Records)

Pino, Maria T. (Telesfora Montoya) born 1-5-1878 died 8-22-1955 (born 1-5-1878 died 8-22-1955 Pino, Telesfora died 08/22/1955 buried 08/26/1955 residence: 304 E 6th notes: 78 years, died at home, husband: Miguel Pino, heart attack, St. Mary's Death Records) County Burial Permit: Maria Pino, died 8-22-1955, aged 77 years, buried at Badito Cemetery. concrete marker

Pino, Miguel Antonio born 11-23-1919 died 1924

Pino, Miguel Antonio born 1874 died 1960 (born 12-19-1874 died 5-16-1960)

Pino, Mildred County Burial Permit: born 3-20-1943 at Oakland, California, found dead 8-14-1943 at Oakland, California, age 3 months 24 days, Father: Joseph Pino born at Walsenburg, Mother: Elizabeth Martinez born at Walsenburg, Informant: Minnie Atencio, buried at Badito Cemetery, no marker.

Pino, Presentacion born 11-21-1895 died 1-30-1927 Colorado PVT Co L 49 Infantry WWI

Pino, Savino E. born 7-1921 died1924

Pino, Simon A. (Antonio) born 1900 died 1963 (born 1-17-1900 died 2-28-1963)

Pino, Sotelo born 1-12-1891 died 2-10-1930 wooden cross

Pino, Sotero born 4-22-1898 died 6-17-1993

Pino, Tomacita born 3-7-1913 died 6-25-1927

Purjue, J.T. born 2-16-1930 died 8-18-1937

Quintana, Edith Caral born 4-1-1937 died ?

Quintana, Erminda born 5-1-1925 died ?

Quintana, Ernest born 1919 died 5-27-1935 (Quintana, Ernest died 05/27/1935 buried 06/03/1935 residence: Badito notes: 14 years, son of Guillermo Quintana and Simona Pino, accident, Sacred Heart Death Records)

Quintana, Vicente died 10-18-1926 (died 10/21/1926 buried 10/23/1926 residence: Badito notes: 28 years, husband of Delfina Espinoza, Sacred Heart Death Records)

Ramirez, Fabian born 10-25-1933 died 6-16-1989 US Navy Korea, with Mother Andrea Garbiso

Rivas, ? born 1923 or 1925 died 5-9-1926

Roybal, Harry F. died 09/18/1944 buried 09/21/1944 residence: Tioga notes: 26 years, Manuel Roybal, accident, St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Roybal, Manuel born 1879 died 1959. County Burial Permit: Manuel Roybal, died 3-7-1959, age 79, buried at Badito Cemetery.

Salas, Madalena born 5-20-1923 died 6-10-1926

Segura, Beatrice born Abt. 1882 died 10-23-1928, no marker

Segura, Jesus Jose born 1875 died 09/16/1954 buried 09/21/1954 residence: Gordon 79 years, died at Gordon, daughter: Elea Archuleta , St. Mary's Death Records. County Burial Permit: Jesus Jose Segura, died 9-16-1954 at Gordon, 79 years, buried at Badito Cemetery, no marker.

Shafter, Mildred M. (Pino) born 7-28-1926 died 9-30-1998

Soto, Claudina Arnenta born 1876 died 1967

Stammen, William Delwin born 9-1-1932 died 4-24-1978 PVT US Army Korea

Trujillo, Marcellino born 10-20-1847 died 05/07/1940 buried 05/10/1940 Walsenburg, Buried at Badito Cemetery, 93 years, old age St. Mary's Death Records, no marker.

Trujillo, Rafelita A. (Armijo) born 1858 died 2-8-1940 (born 10-10-1858 died 02/08/1940 buried 02/10/1940 residence Loma Park buried at Badito Cemetery 83 years, husband: Marcellino, old age, St. Mary's Death Records)

Valdez, Pedro born 1851 died 1928 age 77

Vallegos, Mary born 1913 died 2-24-1942, County Burial Permit: Mary Vallejos of Tioga, died 2-24-1942, aged 27 years, 3 months 12 days, buried at Badito Cemetery.

Vallejos, Mike died 07/12/1923 buried 07/14/1923 notes: 3 months, enteritis, St. Mary's Death Records, no marker

Valles, Tony born 1914 died 1970

Vigil, Jake died 4-27-1925

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