Huerfano County, Colorado
Picketwire Canyon Cemetery

Contributed by Carol Lombard.
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The Southeastern Colorado Graves are south of LaJunta and east of Walsenburg - the Forest Service isn't sure (when I called them this morning) whether the 'cemetery' is in Huerfano County or Otero county. It is at the northern edge of Pinon Canyon - just another reason to keep the Army out of there! - Carol Lombard.
Our thanks to Michelle Stevens of the National Park Service for this information
Headstone information on the Dolores Mission and cemetery headstones

Examination of the headstone revealed that only six of these have legible writing. Most of the tombstones are those of young children. Below are the inscriptions as read followed by English translation:

Lopes front illegible / Lopes

Meliton Abila, Murio el dia 16 de Sep el ano 1896 / Abila Meliton, died Sept. 16, 1896

Lucita Goodrich, Setiembre 8 1900 / Lucita Goodrich, Sept. 8, 1900

Abeyta Maria de Lagrus, Murio El dia 26 de Frebero de 1895 / Maria de Lagrus Abeyta, died Feb. 26, 1895

Eugenio Padilla, Nacio A 7 de Nobre/Murio A 14 del Mismo Mes de 1899 / Eugenio Padilla, born Nov. 7, Died the 14th of the same month of 1899

Juanito Padilla Nacio y Murio _____ / Juanito Padilla born and died _________

In addition there is a metal grave plaque marker with the inscription missing. Association of the gravestones with actual grave locations is not certain. There are obvious graves in the area that do not have gravestones associated. The number of graves in the cemetery is unknown.

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