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Hilda Letitia Allison

Typed by Karen Mitchell
Interviewed by Sandra Cason
Please note: We do not have this interview.

Hilda Letitia Allison
Date of Interview: 12-11-1979
Language spoken: English
Date of birth - 1-27-1903
Parents - Archibald Allison Sr and Leannie Curran
Maternal grandparents - James Curran and Leannine Curran
Paternal grandmother - Janet Allison
Ethnic group - Scotch
Family origin - around Glasgow
Date of family arrival in county - 1904
Location of first family settlement - Walsenburg
Kinship ties - Nine in country
Father worked 20 years in mines.
Photos and artifacts: Has scrap book to look through. Mostly school affairs. George Allison has them.

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