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Colonel Albert Gallatin BOONE
Contributed by: Karen Mitchell

In memory of Edith Todd

By D.B. Sporleder & Benton Cannon

Colonel Albert Gallatin BOONE, the greatest single, outstanding figure in the history of the West - not even excepting CARSON.

"Albert BOONE came first to the Rocky Mountains in 1826, as a bookkeeper for a Fur Trading Expeditiion", so quotes Otis Boone SPENCER in a letter written recently to Miss Mary UNFUG whose mother was a niece of Colonel BOONE.

They followed Pike's route, passing over Denver's site, on up, and trapping along the banks of the Big Thompson, St. Vrain and Cache la Poudre - and I might remark, that he himself gave the name Cache la Poudre, because under its banks the expedition cached powder and other stores, while the main body of the company went on - into what was then known as Brown's Hole."

Mr. SPENCER further writes: - "My Grandfather, Colonel Albert Gallatin BOONE, has never received his due credit for his part in establishing and up-building this state.....He made the treaty (I think it was in 1861 or possibly in the 50's), whereby all the state of Clorado and some of the surrounding territory was acquired by the government of the United States. This treaty bears his name and is known as "Boone's Treaty" in the U.S. statutes at large. The treaty was made owing to his great influence and good repuation - gained through a life of contact with these Indians, great numbers of them who were his personal friends. He accomplished this feat - after many ineffectual attempts had been made by other government commissioners.

A story should be written, giving all the details of this remarkable man's life. The events of his thrilling and extremely interesting career among the Indians - would fill a good sized volume.

BOONE had a bit of the braggart about him - perhaps it is for this reason - that he never gained "popularity" - such as conferred upon men of the type of Will Bill Hickock.

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