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Asa Wilcox

Scanned by Dick Chenault
Edited by Dick Chenault
Date of Interview - May 1979
Interviewed by - his grand-daughter Penny K. and Rosalyn McCain

Asa Wilcox
Date of birth - 1893
Parents - Richard Wilsox and Elizabeth Rickard
Family origin - England
Location of first family settlement - Starkville
Profession - Miner, rancher, school janitor

I interviewed Asa Wilcox, my grandpa. He has lived in La Veta for forty-four years. While living here be became a rancher. Before Asa moved to La Veta he lived in Trinidad and worked in the coal mines.

The coal mines are what brought Asa's parents to this area.

Asa remembers many things that use to happen in La Veta. He said that La Veta was a booming town. It had three hotels, two hardware stores, three drug stores, four grocery stores, four restaurants, a theatre, a cheese factory, and a box factory. One other remembrance was the Railroad. There was a round house, where they loaded engines with coal. Asa also remembers the people were friendlier and a lot more sociable. Every one went down town every evening, they sat on the sidewalks and talked. They had a great time.

Asa lived in Trinidad as a child. He had eight brothers and sisters, six boys, and two girls. Three kids wore born in England the other five were born in Trinidad. Asa is the youngest and only one living out of his family.

During the depression cattle were cheap, and everyone made their living on small ranches.

The culture has differed in that we don't get as much rain and snow as in the earlier times. Everyone had water, there were no water rights.

Asa's parents were attracted to this area by the coal mines.

Asa remembers when he was a child and visitors came to his house, the children had to go to the other room. His family never quarreled as Asa can remember.

La Veta is a pretty good place to live and Asa likes this town very much.

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