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Huerfano World - August 9, 1990 Historical Building Restored in Aguilar A historical building at 125 Main Street in Aguilar, at one time the "Club Melody'' a night club in the 1945-47 era, has been restored by Joe and Bertha Grubelnik. It now has the name of ''Question Mark? Consignment Shop.'' Items may be brought into the shop but must be clean and priced to include a, 30 percent commission, with name and date on them. The items can be left for no more than 30 days. The store will be open on Tuesday afternoons from 2 until 5 p.m.; Friday, 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. This building also houses the "Berth's Petite Beauty Salon.


Huerfano World, 10-17-1991 CARD OF THANKS I WOULD LIKE to thank all my relatives and friends who prayed for me while I was in the hospital, those who lighted candles for me, sent cards and for the phone calls. Special thanks to Fr. Quinn, the Capuchina nuns from Amarillo, TX, my brother and nephews who were here to visit me. God bless all of you. Benny Frausto

Huerfano World, 10-17-1991 Card of Thanks A world of thanks to all my relatives and friends for the beautiful floral arrangements, gifts, cards, and calls during my recent illness. My special thanks to Dr. Alessi and Dr. Unrein for their care and concern, as well as the staff at Huerfano Medical Center where I received excellent care. Ida Boscia


Huerfano World - April 15, 1993 - VENERABLE VINZIE - Vinzie Scarafiotti, owner/operator of the Arts and Crafts Shop at 112 East Tenth Street, has been involved in business at that location since 1913. In that year, her father built the two-story brick structure for his grocery store, Joe Mosco and Sons. Formerly he had operated his business from his home, which filled up rapidly with produce and groceries, causing a need for more space. Coming from Italy to Las Animas County, Joe Mosco Sr. discovered he did not like working in the mines, so moved to Walsenburg in 1911 to work as a shoemaker. The cobbling business did not suit him either, being too sedentary, so he began peddling vegetables around the nearby coal camps, an inauspicious beginning to his 50 years in the grocery business. Vinzie, along with her two sisters, Ann and Mary, assisted her parents in the store, while their four brothers began delivering goods to the camps as soon as they were able to drive. Her brother, Joe Jr., became manager of the store around 1920. After her marriage to Joseph F. Scarafiotti in 1934, Vinzie moved to New Mexico. Joe died in 1943, leaving her with two small daughters. She returned to Walsenburg and the grocery business, helping her father after her mother's death in 1944. While working in the store, Vinzie raised her daughters and became involved in all their activities at school, plus Girl Scouts, 4-H and other clubs. With the death of her father at age 91 in 1964, Vinzie took over the grocery store.

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